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Dear Elaine,

When Paulson became TS, GS stock was in the high 140's, around 147 I think. It immediately took off, almost at the moment the announcement was made and it never looked back until recently. I remember this clearly and thinking how brilliant of an idea buying GS on the news would have been. This can be seen in your chart.

Take care,



Over at Mish's site (http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com
/2008/04/ponzi-financing-at-citigroup.html) it notes that Citi is lending money for private equity firms to by their leveraged loans - making them 'seem' to be worth 90 cents on the dollar (this keeps everyone waiting for Gordot still :-)

"Citigroup Inc's (C) plan to sell $12 billion of loans and bonds made to private equity firms is seen as a positive for the bank and the loan market, but the deal will leave the largest U.S. bank with exposure to those private equity firms even after the sale.

"That's because Citi is financing much of the sale itself, according to a person familiar with the deal. It is lending some money to the private equity firms, which will combine it with some of their own money to purchase the debt."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Rob. Isn't it splendid? If only we can lend to ourselves infinite money, the Derivatives Beast won't ever show up!

And my latest article talks even more about all this. Mish is a doll and I am glad he is working in the same cotton fields I am trying to fight those bollweivels are in.


Somebody compiled various food riot news across the globe. Good anecdote.


Here's a timeline of food riots since 2007:

January 2007 - Mexico riot over the increasing price of tortillas.
September 2007 - Indians in West Bengal riot over food shortages and public corruption.
February 2008 - Cameroons angry over high fuel and food prices.
February 2008 - Protesters in Burkina Fasso attacked government offices and burned, shops, cars and petrol stations.
Marchh 2008 - Senegalese citizens are beaten following protests against the high cost of living.
April 2008 - Haitians riot over rising food prices.
April 2008 - Yemenis riot as the price of wheat has doubled since February, while rice and vegetable oil have gone up 20%.
April 2008 - Egyptians riot over the price of bread.


So when did Bush, Cheyny, Gates and Condolezza Eice, Petraeus and Crocker convert to Judaism? And just for the record I detest my namesake for his hawkishness, not his religion,

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Lieberman, your name is a lovely name: loving man. Do cherish it!

You know, many names like yours were forced upon your family by the writ of the Austro-hungarian Emperor. In my own family, the Cohens refused to change their name to a German name so the imperial officials named them 'Katz'.

Which actually is interesting since cats were one of the first gods in Egypt. Heh.

Bear your name with pride!


I have a question here. Everyone seems to know who is or is not Jewish by their name, but I cannot figure out how they know this. Their names are mostly German (I studied in Germany), so how can one say that a person with a German name is Jewish? Even the Jews seem to know who is or is not Jewish by their name (which never looks Jewish to me).

Is there some list of names somewhere that everyone has been consulting? I am mystified by this and have been all my life.

Would appreciate any info on this matter.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

DeVaul, the nature of the names is the give away. 'Katz' is an insult so it was forced upon the Cohens in Vienna. My German name means 'It is all mine! HAHAHA!' because it was a baron's name. Just like my English name, Steele, was earned via the sword. But the cruel officials in Austria put names that mean 'coward' or 'fool' or 'sneak thief' in German on the names of innocent Jewish people.

Others obeyed the orders from above and gave themselves 'golden names' like Goldschmidt or Goldwasser, or Gelder, etc. 'Rich man' and 'money maker' etc were chosen.

So it is quite possible to tell who is who. Germans with family names were mostly peasants and had names NO Jew could have like 'Bauern' or 'Muller' etc. No Jews could be farmers or millers, etc. Nor could they be named after villages or regions.

So anyone who is native to the region before Hitler and his evil gang came along, everyone knew who everyone else was due to names.


Which is why families of my surname are rare in Germany as well as the US. When my father made business trips to Berlin, he found only one family with the same surname. And they pronounced the "i" and not the "e," just like most people here. Probably so people woudn't think they're assimilated Jews. Which my ancestors probably were.


Oh yeah. Reverse the "i" and the "e" and you get "Meissner," who came from Meissen and were porcelain makers.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Jewish people had to hide themselves in order to survive. The history of vicious discrimination against them comes to a horrible climax in 1933 to 1945.

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