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Elaine Meinel Supkis

Royal Dutch:

By the way saw Hillary on Tv tonight, she was talking like she already KNEW she was gonna win!

An interesting link I posted above I read all this guys posts in the archive, and he is right on the numbers. The USA is going to turn into a GIANT money machine, even larger than japan. Fascinating, we are actually going to finance every country in the world with UNLIMITED money. the largest recipients are 1 India 2 Brazil 3 China. Amazing , absolutly amazing. The little guy here will die a slow death, not die really , just fade away. What if they held a depression and nobody knew it. Very wicked indeed.

Elaine Meinel Supkis


Prey tell what camera did you choose?
Looks like a Digital SLR, Nikon perhaps? I've got a thing for Pentax myself.

Elaine Meinel Supkis


``I don't believe people are realizing how many benefits Nafta has brought both to the U.S. and to Mexico,'' Calderon said. Nafta ``has generated growth, it has generated jobs and it is decreasing the flow of immigration.''
``There is prosperity on both sides of the border, and a lot of that has to do with trade,'' Bush said before a bilateral meeting "

Yeah, the sorta trade that keeps the economy running.... kidnapping and extortion. Gotta find a copy of NAFTA and reread it.

Kidnappings soar in Mexico as drug gangs seek new income
...Corporate security experts estimate that drug gangs are now responsible for 30 to 50 kidnappings a day in Mexico and that ransoms often run to $300,000 if the victim is returned alive. They often hold several victims at a time.

"It's a pretty darn good side business."

The phenomenon is spilling over into the United States. Phoenix police investigated more than 350 kidnappings last year, a 40 percent increase from the year before. Most are tied to crackdowns in Mexico, said Detective Reuben Gonzales of the Phoenix police department.

The rise in kidnapping helped prompt a recent warning from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City about the dangers Americans might face as they travel in Mexico. "Dozens of U.S. citizens were kidnapped and/or murdered in Tijuana in 2007," across from San Diego, according to the advisory, which was issued April 15. "Public shootouts have occurred during daylight hours near shopping areas."

Violence in Mexico deterring tourists
The number of Americans kidnapped while in Mexico doubled in 2007 from the previous year.

So, who's playing hardball with the Chinese?

Turned away, Chinese weapons for Zimbabwe head home
BEIJING — A Chinese ship carrying weapons for Zimbabwe's security forces that's been blocked from unloading in four African nations headed home Tuesday with its cargo still aboard.

The return of the vessel, the An Yue Jiang, is an embarrassment for China in Africa, where it has growing trade and political influence, and signaled new woes for Robert Mugabe.
The ship, reportedly carrying 3 million rounds of ammunition, 1,500 rocket-propelled grenades and 2,500 mortar rounds, was turned away from South Africa and Mozambique before heading toward Angola and Namibia, where it also apparently was denied entry.

Jiang lashed out at reports that the Bush administration had pressured Zimbabwe's neighbors not to accept the An Yue Jiang in their ports, saying that China's weapons trade is miniscule compared with that of the United States.

"China takes only a small portion of the world's weapons market," she said, noting research that the United States is ranked as the world's No. 1 arms merchant, Britain No. 6 and China No. 9. "Last year, we accounted for only 2 percent of world exports while the U.S. took 30 percent, so the U.S. is the world's biggest exporter."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Paul S.

Good Article Elaine. I find it very difficult to understand how the American people could be so gullible as to elect the Bush crime family to public office (personal note: I was one of the gullible myself, so I was as foolish as the rest). Not just once, but numerous times. No one in the Bush family should be elected dog catcher let alone to high office. I think it boils down to marketing. The Republicans market themselves as the 'anti big government' party. This is a sick joke because NOTHING could be further from the truth. They are the party of the monied, corporate interests. HOW can folks who are seeing their living standards go down STILL vote for the Bush's and their ilk? Is it going to take 4000 MORE deaths in Iraq? Is the national debt going to have to double AGAIN before people wake up? How many checks are the American people going to let Bernanke write before there is a voter revolt? Of course, the system is rigged because--mostly--there isn't much difference between Repubs and Dems. This explains why Bush and Congress are neck and neck in the "popularity" polls. Voters are alienated by BOTH parties. Are there currently alternatives? No. The elites aren't worried. Hopefully someday soon they will start--AND before it's too late.

Royal Dutch

People were not gullable, the election is a fraud, little boots and his pedophile pop with billary were forced on the americans. Just remember , there is someone who watches the watchers, strengthen what remains.

Royal Dutch

Another note these last two republican presidents are not republicans, NO republican ever led us into a war, save these two jokers.


NAFTA bankrupted the Mexican farmers who subsisted on small lots of one or two acres, result of competition from the industrial agro business, the people whose shares are now ripping on the exchanges. POT and MON have become the momentum crowd's favorites and are trading at dot bomb multiples. When shares trade at triple digit multiples, that is a sign of asset inflation. However, with the moeny flowing out of the real estate asset sponge, orphan trillions need a new place. Hello commodities. It's all fun and games until food becomes unaffordable. On financial entertainment tv, some gnome posited that MCDonald's food was more economical than going shopping, explaining the killer burger's stellar quarter. He was not allowed to elaborate, as this was red flag territory. However it is easy to understand that only huge wholesale buyers can now access food at 'cheap' prices. No more need for evil clowns or sneaky burger thief commercials, just the prices please.


US stocks fell today on oil's relentless march higher, raising the specter of yet even higher inflation that would lead consumers to cut back their discretionary spending, as well as the possibility that the Federal Reserve will not keep lowering interest rates.

Sectors falling the most were airlines, -11%, on UAL's disappointing earnings report, followed by retail, XRT, -3.5%, semiconductors, SMH -2.9%, and Consumer Discretionary, RCD, and PEZ, -2.5%.

Japanese stocks, EWJ, fell -1.9%, as Nippon Steel announced a 40% increase in the price of its product that you referred to in your article; wht is interesting is that these stocks have a trading pattern that is identical to the Russell 2000, IWM.

The greatest factor driving the financial sector lower with today's collapse of the commercial lenders, CIT, IX, BKCC, GCA, ADVNB, NEWS. These credit providing companies are "credit poor"; they simply do not have the funds to lend out; their plight is exemplified, by CIT, which sold shares to raise some capital, but in doing so diluted the value of it's stock.

So a situation is developing where neither these companies, nor the banks will have lending capital, at a time when corporations in the U.S. and Europe must repay $1 trillion in debt maturing this year, that you reference in your article.

Things are progressing quickly from "credit crunch" to "credit gridlock" where there will be no credit available at any price.

The Yahoo Finance six month chart shows that the agriculture ETF, DBA, has a wave structure similar to that of the gold ETF, GLD, suggesting that gold is going to be following agriculture, much higher as money comes out of government bonds and into commodities.

The greatest investment risk is that one may not have full access to one's brokerage account, money market fund accounts or cash accounts when the 'financial emergency' strikes, I strongly recommend that one 'dollar cost average' buys of gold at BullionVault.com even though gold could easily fall to $875 or $850 before it is driven higher by a continually falling US dollar, and by default on the Level 3 Assets of the top eight investment bankers and banks which now stands at $600 Billion.


Richard, good to see you posting. I enjoy your blog. The euro/jpy is getting to a breaking point. I am surprised that european manufacturers have allowed this absurdity to reach these levels again.

Paul S

Sorry, but I can't resist this one. "Dubaya" was sharing his beliefs about NAFTA yesterday. He said that NAFTA has been a smashing success. And really, I hate to admit it, but "Dubaya" is right. It HAS been a stunning success--if the interests you are a slave to are a multinational corporations and your overriding goal is cheap labor. NAFTA proponents have been proven right; we do not have an illegal immigration problem in the US. I recall Ross Perot saying something about a giant sucking sound. THEN, on Hannity, that great advocate of free markets was telling his listenenrs what a fabulous legacy Dubaya will leave: courageously sticking to his guns in Iraq (although "Dubaya" evaded the draft himself), HUGE job creation and low interest rates in the domestic economy. I thought it was very big of Sean to admit that, sure, there have been SOME bad things business has done like Enron, but overall, the free market a la Hannity is the perfect system. It's always those LIBERALS who want to destroy the economy with their "nanny state". For some reason, Sean forgot to mention that "Dubaya",THE most financially irresponsible President in history, nearly DOUBLED the national debt. IMHO this is a minor oversight. I'm still waiting for Sean to come out against corporate welfare! HAHA! There is NO limit to how outrageous guys like Hannity can get. Guys like hannity, limbaugh and the like continue to just stun me with what they say.

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