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Blunt Force Trauma

As of 9:41 am on this April Fool's Day; gold is 896, oil is 99.83 and the Euro is 1.56 U.S. Both the Nikkei and Dax are up and the DOW is heading north as well. Whack-a-Mole is in full effect.

The fools are running amok indeed under the guise of 'all-is-well'. Temporarily, Elaine; you're right.


The yen is down around 2% today alone against the dollar and the dollar is up against many foreign currencies. Huge amounts of money is flowing into US stock market from Japan and from the rest of the world. Yet Japan has inflation and the War Lords are basically taking food out of the mouths of their own people.......for the short term at least. The message today at least is that foreigners want more of our jobs and more outsourcing.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes. as I warned all bears: the Empire must strike back. But they also struck out.

The status quo is unsustainable. Totally. And will collapse. But ONLY after it destroys all the savings of the bears. This is true of ALL depressions. This is why depressions are uglier than mere recessions.

BOTH bears AND bulls are destroyed in these epics.


Elaine said: “So long as our biggest banking houses act like little children or inmates in psycho wards, nothing will be fixed and the collapse will continue. When reality bites, acting like an infant is stupid. But then, look at the governments involved here! 'Infantile' is being generous. 'Fetal' is more like it.”

So true and a perfect example of late-stage corporatist cultures sipping the same Kool-Aid they once brewed to perfection. The garbage peddled to the consumer by in-house psychologists and ad agency manipulators now have the Lehmans’ and others believing their own voodoo. However, now you can’t jump ship and run off to start a hedge fund. The big boys are looking after themselves and grabbing what they can. Picking up another bonus and all the perks by saving the firm requires wave after wave of fake rallies and stock and bond issuances.

In circumstances like these even the companies don’t realize that they are doomed. Employees are kept in the dark while last rites are given. The Fed is no better than a mortuary cosmetologist. These schemes only get the insiders out by keeping the corpse looking fresh.


April Fools Joke

Has anyone else noticed that whenever there is some really nasty news, the gold futures market dumps and the Dow futures market soars?

How hard would it be for the PPT to dump massive gold sells and put money into massive Dow buys?

Using the futures market to control the actual market is the favorite little trick these pricks learned.

But alas their operations are secret and we will never know.

Elaine also mentions the single most important fact at the center of all the rolling disasters and looting: THE FEDERAL RESERVE OWNERSHIP IS A SECRET.

If you are a citizen of the USA and do not understand the importance of this act of TREASON you are DOOMED to a life of debt slavery.

I wonder if anyone is brave enough to submit a FOIA request to find out who owns the ability to issue Federal Reserve Notes.

Elaine, have you ever submitted a FOIA?

I will pay anyone $10,000 USD to anyone who can give me a verified list of the ACTUAL NAMES of PEOPLE who own the Fed. I am tired of dancing around this subject.



I read a comment somewhere that all this financial bad news makes them feel like they were "Gang Bankstered" by the Wall St Boyz

Elaine Meinel Supkis

GK, the Feds and I are at odds. Big time. Like, since my youth. No, they will not honor any requests I make. On the other hand, they don't have to give even Ron Paul this information!

You see, the Fed is NOT part of our government! So the FOIA doesn't apply to them. But if you go the the Bilderberger meetings that are secret and heavily protected by rings of tropps and cops, you can ask THEM! HAHAHA.

While the cops taser you to death. But then, we are supposed to think people talking about these owners are insane or stupid or conspiracy theorists.


Margin requirements are being increased for trading commodities at the exchanges, while in the real world there is a shortage of grains, eg, countries in the far east placing curbs against the export of rice, while Argentina places a tax on grain exports. Will the US place a tax on exports of food? Yet margins requirements for trading the mortgage fraud debt instruments are being reduced to negative infinity.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I amended the news above. UBS is $37 billion in the hole! Shareholders heckled the chairman who has resigned.


Oddly enough, the US/EU/UK isolation of Iran is forcing them to build up their own manufacturing processes!
There was a story about four years ago on NBC news and it showed who was building the nuclear reactor in Iran.Guess who it was? Halliburton. After they are finished looting this place they are gonna fire bomb it.
To GK: I believe the the book called THE WORLD ORDER list who owns the fed. I cannot remember for sure tho.


GK??? Does this qualify?? I could certainly use some money....

** Source: Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence. Staff Report,Committee on Banking,Currency and Housing, House of Representatives, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, August 1976.



Also found this link of top 50 corporations who own Fed reserve as of 12/31/00 but they don't give a source http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_fed03.htm

Elaine Meinel Supkis

There is no OFFICIAL list. And getting it is like pulling shark teeth.


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