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Blunt Force Trauma

Sorry. This is off topic but this describes what has happened to a website that has a similar format as Elaine's. 'They' may be silencing those that disseminate and inform to stop the spread of truth and information. Someone just like Elaine. Scary stuff indeed.

More at this link:

Judicial-Inc Shut Down by "Military Order"


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Looks like the gag order was lifted. Yes, we can all vanish in a flash! I have been repeatedly 'vanished'.

This happens during all wars, you know.


Most people aren't aware that they can get earthquake insurance. It is inexpensive here in the Northeast USA. The deductible is high ($10,000), but it will replace my house. Do you have it Elaine? It is not as important where you are, but it is a must in the Boston area. Big earthquakes have happened here before. Oddly, volcanic eruption coverage is included in my policy also.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Dgh, I built and designed my own house. It is as close to impervious to earthquakes as possible. It is very strong with lots of rebar, lots of triangulation in the design so it isn't rectangular in any corners like 99% of houses built today. And everything that is important is tied into each other part with steel strapping or other systems that are very strong. It is possible to build a house like this but it costs money.

When 90 mph gusts hit the house in winter, we hear a faint flexing sound of the glass but it doesn't shudder or even budge. It is very strong and the walls are thicker than normal houses, too. The floor boards, for example are 2" thick. The floor joists are 2"x12" not 1 !/2X6 or 8 inches.

Building for the environment is important. A very ancient fault line runs north to south along Rt 22 just a stone's throw from my mountain hideout. But this is a very inactive fault, the Renssalaer plateau heaves straight upwards from the valley, it is one of the steepest roads in NY, my road, Plank Road that climbs this sheer face.

A famous accident was when a propane truck lost its brakes on this road and flung itself into Berlin and blew up a number of houses here.


Honestly, If I had the Mao Power, my very first move would be to move California, with all its industries to Inland North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

In the meantime, California, and the rest of the West Coast should seriously consider buying up as many used firetruck tankers as they can find, and housing them in various relatively safe locations. They should be stockpiling bulldozers and temporary bridges, etc. at these locations as well. Just my two cents.

rockpaper scizzors

"The most powerful earthquake in China since 1950 shows the nation's insurance industry is decades behind....most Bay Area property owners don't have insurance policies that will protect them"

IMHO, this could a promo ad touting the "what if" fear and anxiety for and by the insurance companies. How quickly did the insurance companies respond to Katrina? How long did home owners wait for reimbursement or had to settle claims in court? How many insurance companies are tied into the derivatives game? CDO, CDS, and SIV's losses? What percentage of the premiums are tied up in Wall Street's Wild West Show?

Home, health, and car insurance should be government; state and federally owned and streamlined entities.

To quote a past relative; "Charity begins at home."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Rock. Getting insurance from a big disaster is like pulling teeth of a shark using a pair of pliers.

Royal Dutch



Sounds like a good job on your house. 20 years ago I had a roommate who was a structural engineer. He said that one of the biggest business areas of the firm he worked for was reinforcing existing buildings for earthquakes. Unfortunately, many buildings here are made of brick and rest on soft ground. They will be rubble if a big one hits.


Dear Royal Dutch,

I think this is the real source of the "VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY" ploy:


(Search down to " WE BEGIN PLAYING HARDBALL ")

That site features little gems like:

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, US Secret Service, US Marshalls Service [U. S. Marshal Service], US Capitol Police, US Department of Justice, New York City Police, New Jersey State Police Office of Counter Terrorism and others repeatedly investigated Turner after those killings - and numerous other killings, beatings, arson attacks and bomb incidents. They lament, "He's coated with Teflon; nothing sticks to him. We KNOW he gets his audience to commit violence and intimidation, we just can't prove it."

That point was driven home emphatically after Turner personally beat the hell out of the Deputy Mayor of Jersey City, NJ, sending the guy to the hospital by ambulance. The local court was forced to find Turner NOT GUILTY because there were no witnesses and Turner's high-priced lawyer made a good argument for self defense!

You gotta see it to believe it. I cannot believe this individual can pull all this nonsense, or probably, fabricate all this bullshit, without being the actual agent of some sting outfit. He says he took over the "pro-White" movement after its former leader had a bomb placed under his car. Just the right m.o. for an agency!!!

Royal Dutch

Interesting, I found the link over at marketicker, I thought it a grand idea!

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