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How many of these multimillionaires made their fortunes investing in factory farming?



A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation takes you behind the closed doors of one of California’s largest egg factory farms, exposing the hidden cost of egg production - cruelty to animals.

Hidden camera video recorded in early 2008 at Gemperle Enterprises in Merced County, California, a supplier to NuCal Foods Inc. - the largest distributor of shell eggs in the Western US - reveals:

* Rotting carcasses in cages with live hens still laying eggs for human consumption.
* Birds suffering from untreated broken bones, open wounds, infections and prolapses.
* Workers brutally killing sick hens by grabbing their heads and swinging their bodies around to break their necks, or through neck-twisting, often resulting in a prolonged, torturous death.
* Workers roughly and forcefully handling birds, resulting in injuries, such as broken bones and blunt trauma.
* Hens covered in excrement, confined five to seven per cage the size of a file drawer, unable to stretch their wings, move freely or exercise.
* Crippled hens left to languish in cage aisles without access to food, water, or veterinary care.

The findings of MFA's new investigation are similar to those documented at numerous egg farms across the country in recent years - illustrating that animal neglect and abuse are the egg industry standard, not the exception.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

GK, all my long life, even in the city, I raised chickens for their healthy eggs. I only eat home reared chicken eggs. The happy hens are all very, very tame and follow me around like puppies. They come when called and if I ask them to squat for me, i can pick them up. They have a house to live in and run loose late in the day to eat bugs. Yummy bugs!


They are utterly disgusting. And raising chickens, for example, is easy. If you have 20 hens you have enough good eggs for an entire neighborhood, for example!

Elaine Meinel Supkis



The gas tax charade was a clincher for me as well. Obama rejected the pathetic pandering at the expense of passable roads. Maybe not momentous, however in a time submerged in unadulterated lies, the slightest stand on truth and principle is all the clue I need. Of course Volcker's endorsement is very heavy. Chris Cox, you pathetic spectator to the dismantling of the last integrity of our finance, don't let the door hit you on the way out. You wimpish clown.

Blunt Force Trauma

Speaking of Obama....you may want to research S.2433

Here is a start, in case you missed it.



Here in Western Massachusetts, most towns are littered with abandoned brick factory buildings. A big tomato at a mom and pop store could cost $2.00. The cracked sidewalks and bridges look like they have not been refurbished for 200 years. Our sort-of liberal governor wants to spend $3 billion for some repairs. He thinks the revenues from three big gambling casinos would be helpful. Phooey.

The horror of Burma's cyclone and the Chinese earthquake is too much for me to contemplate. At least it seems that China can afford to provide help.

I too have been watching the crackles and pops along the Ring of Fire. The entire West Coast is severely threatened, though California looks the scariest. I am asking myself, what if the West Coast gets pounded like a cookie under a sledgehammer? Can our disintegrating economy repair it? Remember New Orleans. We have actual refugees from there here in Massachusetts! The snow and coldness must have messed them up big time.

Suppose the West Coast crumbles? (About on the day our dear leaders attack somebody, and oil goes up to $15 a gallon.) We will not be able to afford to fix that, so everybody in California will migrate to the East Coast! I suppose people here will be asking why these folks ever stayed in a place where new faults are discovered every week.

Lyndon LaRouche says the British are out to destroy the US by getting us involved with disastrous conflicts. Maybe. When will the propaganda media organs acknowledge that half of us are basically operating in disaster mode already? Terrorists? We are terrorizing ourselves by not addressing our own awful problems!


Perhaps this info belongs under "funny money":). I wonder how many of the pending provisions will be removed prior to approval.

Highlight of war spending bill
(today) hours, 40 minutes ago | AP Online

Highlights of a House bill to pay for military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan into next spring. The bill would set aside $183.7 billion and provide an additional $62.9 billion over 10 years to extend unemployment benefits and bolster the GI Bill. Lawmakers will cast separate votes on three components: war money, Iraq war policy restrictions and unrelated domestic add-ons......

And onto the discussion of the possibility of a California earthquake. I remember back in the 70's there was great fear of this happening as well. Is there a collary between energy spiked recessions and generated fear of the "big one" in California? If California, one of the top 10 largest world economies, did have a gigantic earthquake what would be the impact on the US economy, ports, food productivity and availability, resources, etc...? Just wondering how interwoven a disaster of great magnitude would affect other regions of the US and World.

High-Tech Quake May Shake More Than Silicon Valley (April 17, 2008 )
Analysts Believe Temblor Could Spell Financial Trouble for Troubled U.S. Economy
There is a major earthquake lurking in Silicon Valley's future, and when it hits, the aftershocks will be felt far beyond California.
(AP/ABC News)The San Andreas Fault, which runs along the western edge of the Silicon Valley,....

And the next big question is the availability (or lack thereof) of the National Guard per state. I'm unsure when this article was printed whether GWB absconded with larger percentage of National Guard for his last surge.

How ready is your state's National Guard?

Most representatives from National Guard units across the USA say they are ready to handle whatever domestic disaster comes along. Some, however, are concerned about equipment missing due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the need to replace aging equipment.
Correspondents from across the USA spoke with governors, National Guard commanders and public affairs officers to determine each unit's equipment and preparedness levels for dealing with national disasters. The highlighted percentages listed are the estimated percentage of domestic equipment available to the National Guard in that state, provided by those sources.....

California: 50% California's National Guard may be short more than 1,550 pieces of equipment, but the state is still prepared for earthquakes, fires or any other disasters, said Maj. Gen. William Wade. Most of the equipment is 30 to 40 years old, which he says is "typical" for the National Guard nationwide. Any "new" equipment he gets is still 8 to 15 years old. He's also short 800 Humvees, 700 medium tactical vehicles and 50 heavy lifter trucks.

Paul S

I guess what amazes me the most is how the neo-cons and other warhawks are STILL using the same propaganda to justify the war: "Fight them in Iraq or fight them here","Every day an al-Qaida operative wakes up and prays for the destruction of the good ol' US of A"..etc. etc. WHERE is our media in all this? Good question. Congress also has abdicated ITS role in all this too. Meanwhile, profits at Haliburton and KBR are going through the roof.


Last comment on the "what if" California earthquake. Would the US government institute the University of Chicago Milton Friedman's "new world order" economic policies as examined in Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" book?

Friedman's Chicago Boys policies are in full swing in New Orleans. And the current administrations deliberate failure of FEMA was enacted. Bush was sincerely proud of Brown's policy of intentional ineptitude performance; "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job."

GWB's deliberate "failures" are the new world orders successes. Remember what he said and did about social security as he tried to privatize it. In fact, GWB's remarks in 2005 were based on Greenspan's premeditated economic policies, (such as the 1999 repeal of the Glass Steagall Act of 1933). The current financial meltdown and the ramped up dollar devaluation is attributable to Greenspan. The only saving grace of social security is the ongoing soc sec payroll deductions until the job sector declines and unemployment becomes rampant. Maybe it's part of the new world order plan:

Mr. Bush also alluded today to the "so-called security trust," calling it "a bunch of filing cabinets with I.O.U.'s in them" and adding that "it's frankly not a very encouraging sight." In fact, those interest-bearing Treasury securities are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government, which has never defaulted on Treasury securities.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

OK: The San Andreas WILL blow out some horrid day. The middle section WILL shift northwards by at least 55 feet in one microsecond.

We don't know when.

800 Humvees? HAHAHA. Almost ALL the water keeping LA and all the huge cities around LA alive must cross the San Andreas where it will blow out. There are over 20 million people needing to be saved. And that is around one Humvee per 100,000. I have called the coming tragedy there 'The Death March To Mexico'. People can't walk to Arizona. The desert there is very nasty. I grew up in that desert. Virtually no water unless you are a desert person and know how to produce water [hint: put down plastic in a hole in a dry river bed and collect the dew at dawn].

Also people strip in the desert. Instead of covering up like Arabs. I ran around the desert all my childhood while wearing billowing capes, etc. Tight clothing is death from loss of moisture.

Most people have few hard survival skills. Particularly in the desert. Africans have this perfected thanks to the harsh mistress, the Sahara.


Those hens look like mine...I have Aracana hens. Of course now they call them "Americana" and they have been genetically altered so that some now lay brown eggs instead of the wonderful blue and green eggs that I like. The Aracana chicken is the only chicken indigenous to the Americas. I am angry that they have polluted its bloodline.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, my hens are Aracanas. And these chickens came via probably the oceangoing Polynesian people around 8,000 years ago. They are a unique genetic line of chickens coming from the ancient Jungle Fowl who also lay blue/green eggs.

Our customers love our egg colors. They are very pretty. Also, these chickens are famous for their sweet tempers.


FYI, the actual monthly increase in the price of gasoline Y-O-Y was 7.5%. They subtracted 5% of that as a "seasonal adjustment" (an arbitrary, but annually repeated ritual), to get a "net" inflation of "only" 2.5%.
Regarding Volcker: I agree he's the best Fed chairman we had during my lifetime (starting 1943). This is because he did take the courageous action in 1980 to raise interest rates above the rate of inflation (it took 20% rates to do so by then!) at the cost of a massive recession in 1981-1982 that "reset" the economy for positive growth at a lower rate of inflation. I also admire that he is openly criticizing destructive Fed action now. HOWEVER, it is a mistake to characterize Volcker as different from Greenspan and Bernanke regarding bailing out corrupt banks with taxpayers money. Do some research into the Continental Illinois mess and other Volcker bailouts. In fact, the practice of REGULARLY bailing out banks that mismanage their affairs has occurred since the origin of the Fed (including during the Great Depression), and was one of the primary reasons for the creation of the Fed as a "banker to the banks" or "lender of last resort" (you have pointed out many times that the Fed was created BY THE BANKS, OF THE BANKS, AND FOR THE BANKS). The main difference pre-1960 and post-1960 in Fed bailouts is the number of them (greatly increased), the depth of the bailouts (much greater inflation-adjusted taxpayer money involved), and the many new kinds of institutions being bailed out (Long Term Capital Management hedge fund, Mexico, etc). It is this novel extension of Fed bailouts to non-banks that Volcker is now complaining about - specifically the extension of bailout privileges to investment houses in addition to traditional commercial banks. He's right, of course, it's a bad idea and barely legal. As Minsky pointed out back in 1986, EVERY new extension of the bailout priviledge has become a permanent part of our government free insurance policy for irresponsible risk-taking (in the lust for profit) by capitalists, with the inevitable acceleration of future irresponsible risk-taking. And that pattern includes Arthur Burns, Paul Volcker (he extended Fed bailouts to the overseas non-FDIC insured accounts of U.S. banks - all those bad loans made with petrodollars), and Alan Greenspan. Helicopter Ben is just maintaining the capitalist system for the benefit of the capitalists, like all his predecessors.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You are correct, Michael. I simply use Volcker as a standard to show how far we have fallen.

Volcker saved those banks but he also saved SAVERS. Since his days, savers have VANISHED. We are net non-savers. Except for the Great Depression, have we ever gone this deep into the hole.

This is why the banking system is collapsing. And dropping interest rates while creating worse inflation hammers savers. To death.

This cannot go on! They MUST raise rates to a level that attracts savings. Right now, savers tend to hoard since saving in a bank means losing value due to inflation.


An 8.0 earthquake will certainly make life here more "interesting". I wonder what effect it might have on our local volcanoes? At least we are far above sea level, 1325', so we won't get soggy. I don't plan on going anywhere in the meantime.

Love the chicken photo. I have a pet Aracana hen who lives in the house (with hard-surface floors). She is a great friend, and used to lay green eggs. She is mischievous- she has "tp-ed" my house, and once swallowed part of a roll of white plumber's tape, and had a gleeful look when I found her - the result was not fun.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Chickens are very attracted to things that look like white worms. My hens always try to get into the house. They will fly up onto the deck and poke their heads in the door.

I used to have ducks, They used the cat door to get in by sliding on their bellies which were very slick and slippery. The cats did not like this at all. The ducks would run into the kitchen and beg my son for goodies. He always gave them something, he being a kid back then.

Paul S

About the wealth of our honorable Congresspersons--and others: don't you folks know this stuff is put in "blind" trusts??HAHA!! Note the free pass our objective media gives Hillary. She won't release her tax returns. What if anything is she hiding? We'll never know. Re Califorinia: I was wondering why those commercials are on the air telling us to move to California. You know the ones where 'Ahnold' says at the end, "When can you start?" I'm thinking, hopefully you'll start BEFORE the Big One hits. I also recall seeing a bumper sticker last time I was in Montana and Wyoming visiting Glacier Natl Park and Yellowstone. It read: "Californians: enjoy your visit, but please don't move here."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yellowstone is by far and away, the most geologically dangerous and unstable and deadly spot on earth. I have written about it in the past. It heaves and snorts and struggles underground: the mightest volcanic dragon on earth!

It will utterly annihilate everything within a 500 mile radius if it explodes again and it has exploded many times. The damage can reach for over a thousand miles, by the way. It can trigger ice ages.

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