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If hoarding Gold is not the answer. What can one do to protect whatever wealth they have? Banks pay 0% interest,the dollar is being debased, and inflated away, foreign currency is debt based fiat as well, hoarding oil in ones yard is too messy and big, hoarding food is good I suppose, but it can go bad. Political change is impossible at this point. Government debt is rampaging higher every second. What are sovereign wealth funds going to buy with their forex? They hold less than 3% of their assets in Gold. If they move to even a 5% allocation Gold will soar. Please suggest an answer. Americans for the most part cannot live off the land and create mountain hideouts such as yourself. What are us mortals to do? Help please. your guidance and prowess is much appreciated. May God bless you.

Phil the thrill

you can buy gold not domiciled in the US.

Crimson Ghost

If you like gold you should love silver.

Silver usually moves about twice as fast as gold in both directions.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks to the lack of a gold standard EVERYTHING is fluctuating in value all over the place, often with little or no warning.

So buying gold today can 'protect' money but if they drive down the price of gold, all that money vanishes just like it can vanish vis a vis property, food, fuel or whatever. We are in a state of deliberate flux.

What is missing is stability. We need some stable center point so things go smoothly, not this violent rocking of the boat. I know many web sites promote buying and holding gold, etc.. But we must realize, this is NOT a nostrum without any hazards.

For example, if you bought gold the day it hit $1,000 an ounce, it lost almost $200 of its purchase price and still is far from that high. You may have to sit on it for a month, a year, a century, YOU CAN'T TELL. This is not like putting money in a good bank backed by say, gold reserves. Then it grows slightly faster than inflation which is just fine.. If one is looking for huge profits, one has to turn to capitalist manufacturing profits, not hoarding or saving something.


We now have steel pennies, and soon steel nickels. How long will it take until our coinage is gone and the smallest demoninated note has Grants face on it? Kindly respond. Thanks

Paul S

You need only to review the posting on TJIS wwebsite to get good info on this topic. This is the link: http://elainemeinelsupkis.typepad.com/money_matters/2008/02/washington--you.html
The title is "You're Fired!" Very valuable to listen to Mr. Griffin's lecture on the Fed. I liked the part where Mr. Griffin gives the Fed their "report card" on what their alleged and ACTUAL objectives are.

ad mike

our new chinese overlords will save us.submit to them. death to imperialist scum!
the man enslaved to wealth can never be honest.
there is no limit to human greed and folly.(tm)
well.! it just doesnt seem that anything or anyone will save us, even including obama.
expect food shortages. fuel shortages, rolling national brown outs. race riots.
soon very soon. because we all sat on our asses and sed,"what can you do?"
answer...nothing. and look what happened.
enjoy nascar and uhmerikan idle while you can.
stuff your face with cheeze doodles and and tater-tots.these are the good old days.
what are going to do when your meds wear off?


The problem is that the Federal Reserve does not want to admit that "labor" is the wealth of a nation. In a swift keystroke the Fed adds electronic 000,000,000.000's to insolvent banks, investment houses, pick a scam etc.... They pretend that people who are the labor of every nation, need not exist to create wealth. Greenspan & Clinton's NAFTA and WTO policies, Greedspan & Bush's & Clinton's deregulation of the financial sector and sending US industries overseas to our past "enemies" now our shark loan godfathers, gave USA enemies wealth in labor production. The USA labor/wealth has been eroded and we became the world consumers of resources. US incomes are expotentially dwindling per year due to rampant devaluation of the dollar and outsourced labor to China, Japan, India, Vietnam, etc... Which Elaine eloquently rages upon;The Trade Deficit.

These Sovereign countries are generously supporting and abetting our addictions to cheap material goods, cars, and electronics... Due to the loss of incomes Greenspan and GWB colluded with the real estate market and artificially increased house values. People foolishly believed that their homes were a ATM machine. HA HA! The funny money has disappeared as house/land values mysteriously readjusts to correct levels. So what's left for these thieves to steal....Social Security and Medicare. Both are set in stone in payroll deductions until unemployment rises to astronomical levels.

What Is The Real Story?
by Ronald R. Cooke


What's with all the despair, Raphael? We are always at the tipping point. We live in a system operating at the edge, as Elaine so clearly shows time and again. Just like the mighty Soviet Union collapsed with a relatively small push from American aided Afghans, it is not only wars that start with a little push. So can system changes, regime changes.
I suspect we lack the patience of the Chinese, of the Muslims. Probably because we're secular individualis and want to enjoy the fruit of our efforts in our own lifetime. But this is only possible if we are not hasty. Impatience leads to despair. Look at Bin Laden. he played a role in, and witnessed the collapse of the USSR and (if he's still alive) he may still contribute to the collapse of the other mightiest empire on Earth's history. Must be feeling mighty smug in his cave! And all that with a few determined men and the willingness to wait. Then, paradoxically, things happen quicker that seemingly possible. There is a presumptuousness in pessimism. We don't really know all the mechanisms operating in history, all the elements at play, their interaction, relative strength, the very last relevant flap of the unknown butterfly. Since we don't know, and since most factors seem to be already partial to change, often sudden and in any conceivable and inconceivable direction, we might as well be optimistic and push forward regardless.
A single human lifespan has witnessed the improbable revolt of the oppressed black and, within a generation, the audacity of a black man as favorite to the highest office of the land. What wise man in the 50's predicted either? And yet we predict, confident and gloomy, more of the same; or chaos; or fascism. But fascism, and communism, were new once. Other realities are possible. Otherwise there would be no need for this insistence that we live in the only possible world. We need to be convinced, because only then will it be so.
Ironically, those running the show know this. They, as someone has mentioned here, make things up as they go, audaciously. The know that uncertainty is the norm, but are confident they can use it to their benefit. Their only concern is to keep the "sheeple" in a state of stupor, feeling safe in the illusion of predictability.
Those fighting against them need the same confidence and the patience to allow the sleeping to wake up from the American Dream (great term for both an idealist and a cynic!).Milton Friedman said (I read it in Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine) "Only a crisis produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around". Time to spread new ideas around.


GET WITH PRIMITIVE ECONOMICS. You have a comprehensive economic system, then you have real wealth. That can PRODUCE! You have only a military-industrial base? DING! You Lose. So Sorry.



What can be done to protect yourself under current unstable economic conditions? Obviously, no one can predict the future (though many claim to, and some are luckier at guessing than others). However, there are some actions YOU could take that are guaranteed to improve YOUR personal financial security, regardless of the changes in inflation, recession/depression, employment, war, world trade, the value of the dollar, gold, oil, or food. All the power you need to control your own destiny is already in your own hands:
1. If you have debts, pay them off. If you don't have debts, don't acquire any. The main function of debts is to get something today that you can't afford today but think you will be able to afford (as obligated payments) tomorrow. This makes you completely vulnerable to changing external economic conditions and takes money out of your pocket for the privilege of renting money. Debt is the American way, and the "American Dream" is debt-funded (starting with the Revolutionary War). The single biggest problem right now of the U.S. government, U.S. business, the U.S. financial system, and U.S. households is debt. DEBT IS THE CAUSE AND NATURE OF THE CURRENT UNSTABLE WORLD SITUATION!! But it doesn't have to be YOUR problem! Every dollar used to pay down the principle on your debts earns money for YOU at the rate of interest you owe on the debt - this is the only guaranteed earning in the entire universe. Throw away your credit card if you don't have the willpower (or means) to pay off your balance every month. Don't think of credit as a tool to get what you need or want, think of it as A DEADLY DISEASE THAT IS VERY HARD TO GET RID OF AND MAY KILL YOU. It may take years to pay of your existing debt, but that's no excuse; if you don't take control the years will pass anyway and you will continue at the mercy of inflation/recession, etc, forever.
2. Change your lifestyle (and perhaps your aspirations) to match your income. You don't have to live off the land to be financially self-sufficient. You just have to limit your expenditures to match your income (minus saving). Most Americans have it backward (because the American Belief is that Debt is Good): they start by wanting a certain level of consumption (in school it's IPods, clothes, cellphones, etc; later it's bigger cars, bigger houses, fancy appliances, nicer vacations, etc; along the way there's cigarettes, drugs, booze, make up, junk or restaurant food, CDs, DVDs, etc) and then seek the income/debt necessary to achieve it. You take control of your life by choosing your means of livelihood (income) for self-fulfillment or to make a contribution to others (or both), then develop a lifestyle that your income can support without debt. People like Elaine are doing exactly that - the country life is only one possible chosen lifestyle - and it requires a conscious choice and self-discipline. But the chosen, self-sustaining lifestyle is powerful no matter what the financial-trade-political system does, while the pursuit-of-affluence lifstyle is weak and vulnerable to every twist and turn of the system.
3. SAVE, SAVE SAVE. Make a monthly budget (or cash your check and put the bills into envelopes marked "rent/housepayment", "food", "gas', etc). Use a budget line (or an envelope) for SAVINGS. Every time you get non-monthly income (a tax refund, Mom's birthday check, the proceeds of your garage sale) don't think "Now I can buy that..."), add it into your savings. NO MATTER HOW LITTLE YOU MAKE, YOU CAN ALWAYS SAVE!! I started out making $1.50/hr, and I have always saved a portion of my income. Think of it as a Tithe to your own security (and a good avenue to upgrade your lifestyle). 10% of your income for saving is a great figure, but even 2% is better than nothing (it's like sleep and exercise - more is better, but any is better than none). If you want, you can buy stuff with your savings - Ipods, cars, houses, whatever - or you can let it grow (Einstein said that compound interest is the most powerful expansive force in the universe) for emergencies, retirement, etc. It's your money, your power, your life.
4. O.K. I know, this seems too prosaic. You wanted to know how to prepare for drastic inflations, dramatic shortages and crises, the destruction of the American economy. What if you actually succeed at becoming debt-free and accumulate savings? How do you prevent runaway inflation from making it worthless, or economic/political disaster from eliminating your income? First of all, what a wonderful dilemna to have: "I have no debts and I'm accumulating savings, how do I invest?" Only 10% of Americans can ask that question, so you are in the top 10% already!! There are many techniques for hedging against inflation, and I'm not going to play investment advisor; if inflation's your concern, study the alternatives and make a choice (all choices involve trade-offs); if deflation/depression/unemployment is your concern there are very safe low-return investments available (and in this scenario you will be praising God you became debt-free and have some savings). Buy gold of you want, buy crude if you want, buy reposessed real estate, antique stamps, junk bonds, certificates of deposits, whatever. In any scenario, THERE IS ALWAYS OPPORTUNITY FOR SOMEONE WITH NON-BORROWED CAPITAL (SAVINGS) TO INCREASE THOSE SAVINGS. THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE DEBTS WHERE THEY SHOULD HAVE SAVINGS.
Hope this helps.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Everyone here is correct.

No nation that has a people who never save, no such nation can thrive in the future. If we look at history, we can see clearly the need to balance military power with finances. Nations that do this via endless debt, lose power in proportion to the accumulating debt. But having no military leads to being looted by other military powers.

Figuring out this balance is very difficult. But it is OBVIOUS to see that running deep in the red like the US is doing, is utterly fatal.

ALL great changes in history had antecedents but ALL changes also happened in a flash. Very often, one small, little event explodes in everyone's faces as all the systems suddenly collapse around this event. For example, despite wild overspending on war by Germany, France and England during WWI, all managed to limp along just fine until October, 1929 when an overheated US stock market crashed.

No one imagined this would usher in a total collapse of world banking and world trade! Or the assassination of a middle aged prince of Austria. No one sane thought this would lead to both WWI and then WWII, the greatest global wars in human history! Impossible!

But it did. No one imagined letting Lenin into Russia secretly would lead to 75 years of international communist struggle for global domination! The Germans thought he would simply rouse a little trouble and thus, keep Russia occupied hammering their own serfs and workers rather than fighting Germany.

Then, this force nearly took over Germany after WWI. The efforts to prevent this led directly to Hitler for he was hired to spy on the communists and other socialist radicals and this is how he discovered and took over the Nazi party! Which was very small.

History is full of such tales. We don't know what small group, what force will be the next great power change. I am guessing, between rising Russian and Chinese nationalism, the foolish destruction of Western liberalism in the name of Zionist colonization of the Middle East, and the collapse of true capitalism in the West, I am guessing the forces of history which came mostly from Europe for 500 years is going to switch to coming from Asia.

This period we are in is a very powerful change in massive forces. Changing from Europe spreading out across the planet and taking over power everywhere to the reverse: this is a HUGE historic change. Almost mind-boggling. How we cope with this is very important.

Perhaps this is why I sound like I am supporting the Chinese view so much: aside from having Chinese as well as Jewish members in my family, I can 'project' my thoughts to be like someone else. So I strive to 'see' the world from the point of view of say, the Chinese.

In the case of the Jews, I fear the Apocalypse tremendously. My fury that AIPAC and the top Jewish leaders are embracing Christians who plan for this to happen: MY GOD. Help! NO! But when I walk into that fight and explain that ethnic cleansing is unholy hell for the Jews, I get attacked as if I am an anti-semite. Any Jewish person who does what I do, is also attacked.

This is another historical force we seem helpless to stop: Zionism will destroy the Jewish people. The 'safe haven' concept of the Zionists is really the opposite: a death trap.

And all of this intertwines with money. Which is why I talk about that strange place, the Cave of Death so much. For locating the point of power, the true point of power, we must look straight at the heart of the matter: the intersection of human desires, religion and the dynamics of the Outer Darkness where wealth is created. That place where all things can suddenly merge into One or flip and become the Other in a flash. The place where infinity meets instantaneous destruction.

So, in the end, this is all really about the next religious force. For the Age of Pisces is fading. Always, when humanity sees the stars 'shift' as the earth wobbles on its axis, the stars we see at night rise and fall at the 'wrong' times in the calendar, there is great fear. And this always resolves itself, once the stars are obviously 'not right' in the form of religious revolutions that suddenly overthrow the older religions!

This happens every 2,000 years or so. We are on the cusp of such a change. And isn't that crazy? It is certainly crazy.


Thank you Elaine,

you hint and allude to so much in this comment ("this happens every 2,000 years or so. We are on the cusp of such a change. And isn't that crazy?"). My inclination is to read philosophy and non-duality blogs, but you broaden and deepen my understanding if so many other critical ways. I agree, a broad, multi-dimensional view of sufficient perspective (as is yours) does inspire hope, if one is detached and aware. It would appear the fundamental problem is one of identity, for which we look to the lies of the other elites-the priest-caste of past religions. Which is why the one religion that is new and attempts to address this crisis facing humanity-the Baha'i Faith- prohibits a priest or minister class.
Hopefully, this is all the growth-pains of a maturing humanity. But for now, some ancient Chinese wisdom applies: "To understand the mystery of this One-essence is to be released from all entanglements." (Seng T'san, "Hsin Hsin Ming")


Buy gold and ignore what Elaine says


Karma is getting angry. If Elaine is wrong, then go away. I'd buy gold and still read what Elaine has to say. How about you try that?

Buying gold is a selfish desperate act that will destroy the system. But I'm buying gold too. Why? Because if "the system" betrays you, what else are you to do?

The people at the top have become human rats without the ability to see the system as a whole. They just keep feeding on the capital built by others. Those who see the system as a whole are marginalized by the human rats. This begets barbarism. Barbarism is our future. Hoarding gold is a sign of barbarism. John, in small way, symbolizes this.


I learn more about finance and history here than in college. A one blog liberal arts degree! Funny how, in my "International Economics" class, all we do is study how wonderful free trade is, always and everywhere. Most of the lessons are prepared answers to the doubters. Reminds me of Catholic Sunday school. "Is there a true Market? Yes!". "Why is it superior to protectionism? It is superior to protectionism because all sides are better off, always and everywhere". And so on. Religion and trade! Trade as religion.. One cannot underestimate how much those preaching unrestricted flow of capital, goods and people actually believe in it. This deception is self deception. I guess it's just the way the human mind works: we cannot live in a contradiction for long. The emotional attachment to a system that makes you rich and gives you all that pleasure and power must be very strong. That's probably why prophets come from deserts or mountains!


Silk and tea trade worked for at least 2 thousand years and is proof that global trade exists and works. The Romans, Persians and the Chinese work damn hard to keep the trading routes open and free.

The current Western model of free trade is suspect. It is based on the Roman model which had failed and so it will fail again because the foundations were flawed to begin with. Perhaps the ME and Oriental models might prevail as they are based on a more sustainable footing..time will tell.

Meantime, it looks like a reversion to the norm...ME & China gets all their wealth back and the rest of the world is stuck.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, B.A. HAHAHA...I went to a Lutheran school as a child and we were taught 'yes, the Pope really is the devil'! And married...a Catholic who was an altar boy.

About buying gold: yes, it makes sense in a world where we must hoard to survive! It is just, while doing this, one must recognize the lurking dangers and the difficulties. #1 of which, the government always ends up stealing all this gold from private citizens. Be forewarned!

And this was done when we had no gun control laws. The NRA's pretense they are giving us power is silly. Power grows out of the barrel of a only organized militias! Which was clearly recognized by our Founding Fathers who gave MILITIAS the right to bear arms.

Then came the Civil War....

Paul S

I grew up Lutheran. I never heard any anti-Pope comments. I know Luther called the Pope the Anti-Christ, but that was a long time ago. Re the Free marketers: IMHO most of them KNOW they are shoveling BS. They are just members of the propaganda ministry getting paid really well to spout the big business, corporate, party line. Topping the list: corporate fascists like Limbaugh and Hannity. How guys like this get away with their propaganda is a mystery to me. Of course, you can always tell when these guys like L. and H. are getting nailed by a caller. They break off the call because they are out of time, caller veering off subject, etc. It just astounds me to hear folks call in and say 'Sean you're a great American', 'Dittos Rush',etc. These guys positively are NOT friends of the little guys. The Limbaughs abd Hannitys will NOT rest until the average wage in the USA is 80 cents an hour. We're getting there.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hey, were you Norwegian Lutheran? Heh. The high holy days are celebrated with jello and marshmallows.

You are right, Paul, about Rush and company. I used to be on the radio and they would turn off the sound and rattle away while I was locked out, of course. They can't win real arguments.

Paul S

Jello...haha! No kitchen worthy of the name has less than 6 jello molds. But don't forget about the tater tot casseroles!! And ya won't see any of that Demon alcohol at a REAL Lutheran get-together. Yeeha! But seriously, I can NOT believe the lies that come out of the talk fascists like Limbaugh abd Hannity. I should stop listening to them. They just make me angry, but it's like a bad habit. You know it's wrong but you do it anyway. Maybe there's a patch I can wear to ease away from the habit.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yeah, wear earplugs. Heh.

Paul S

Hi Elaine: Have to disagree with you about the talk radio morons. Sure they are whores for the groups that pay them AND they do nothing but lie. All that is true, BUT I believe it's important to know what the bad guys are up to. It's sort of like a war; you want to get good intel on the bad guys. That said, I don't recommend others waste their time listening to Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and their ilk. Getting a root canal is more pleasant.

Gary W

Talking about labour always reminds me of an old Soviet joke: "we pretend to work, they pretend to pay us." This must be the ultimate crisis of capitalism: when the wage slaves spend all of their income, and possibly more, on the basics: food, shelter, and energy.

Thanks again to Elaine for her inexhaustible elucidations!

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