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Dear Elaine,
I agree with you. We are entering the Aquarian age by precession, and leaving the piscean age. The affects that are being felt are obvious. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, and Uranus. It has been said that as we move toward the Aquarian age, the vibrations of Saturn and Uranus will slowly be felt by mankind. Also, as we leave the piscean age, the piscean banking system,court system, and collective mindset will slowly be dismembered. The entire babylonian ediface is breaking down. I think you are the posterchild for the coming age. Technologically advanced(affect of uranian vibration), Agrarian and self sufficient(affect of saturnine vibration), Independant, and revolutionary(uranian vibration).So, as you can see, not only are the affects of the new age affecting you. They are affecting all of us, in our own ways. We are evolving. This blog of yours is so massively powerful. You are providing such a tremendous and useful tool for mind and soul growth. Please dont ever stop the writing. Keep up the good work. The rewards and benefits from your writing are obviously affecting alot of people. Look at the debates you stimulate in your comments. YOU RULE!!! THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE HELPING TURN THE TIDE, FOR THE BETTER!!!


"But the 'thinkers' of this vast US/EU/UK imperium have forbidden even thinking about tariffs and barriers!"

So you'd say that we need tariffs and barriers to keep other countries' products out of our economy - just as they need tariffs and barriers to keep our products out of their economies?

"Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, and Uranus. It has been said that as we move toward the Aquarian age, the vibrations of Saturn and Uranus will slowly be felt by mankind."

That's heavy, man, heavy. Pass the bong!


Pass the bong? maybe you should stop hitting it. Wake up buddy. Times are changing fast. Read the Rosicrucian cosmo conception for some stimulation of your mind.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hitting bongs breaks them, man! Don't do it! Yah! Pass that joint.

Hmmmm......back when I was a hippie, I used to collect old silver coins. People didn't care if their money came from 1969 or 1963 so I would ease away the 63 coins. Heh. And then sell them for their silver content.

Live and learn.


We should not hoard gold because some government (ours) will repossess it?

We should not hoard food because this will drive food prices higher?

We should not speculate on commodities because this will also drive prices higher?

It is time for the wise to evaluate what an INVESTMENT really is.

Gold: the blind, deaf and dumb regulator of the alchemists attempts to create endless wealth and life. It is our gift to negate the psychotic efforts those who refuse to yield to the value of a single individual's right to freedom of choice.

Do we believe in self-determination - or are we going to implode into the traps of this wretched generation? These "Boomers" who delighted in passing all debts to the next generations?

When we freely choose to consume beyond our means we have destroyed the fruits of our children's future labour, thus causing them to have no security, no value to their labour, no structure of hope..... we have become CANNIBALS.

Gold is the mechanism to arrest this disgusting display of greed and power which is quite plain to see..... for those with the wisdom to look.

The mad quest of something for nothing always results in destruction. We all need faith.... maybe a horse with wings will suffice?


Good work again - we need to revisit the WWI-Depression era often to clarify where we are currently headed.
I absolutely agree with your powerful concerns regarding the devaluing dollar and the trade deficit. However I do not believe these are the result of an absence of tariffs, but are the inevitable outcome of the desire and ability of American government, business, and households to spend more than they earn and finance that spending by borrowing from foreigners. The ability to borrow from foreigners entirely depends upon the willingness of those foreigners to lend, so we have to make the tough choice to either cut back our lifestyle drastically or continue to survive at the mercy of others with a sinking dollar. Tariffs can only enter this issue as a band-aid applied to the American debt wound after the fact, and at best it could provide a temporary but false sense of relief by "taking control" of our trade. At worst, and typically, here's what would happen:
1. Prices for everything slapped with a tariff would go up, quickly. Inflation would then accelerate.
2. Shortages of products we now primarily import (tariff-free) would appear, with hoarding and other domestic distortions.
3. A free-for-all would commence among our domestic producers to get tariffs placed (and raised ever-higher) on their specific products or commodities. Just as auto and textile manufacturers, steel producers, and agribusiness have sucessfully lobbied in the past (and present) for tariffs to raise the price of their products, so would EVERYONE who could do so under a tariffs-are-the-answer regime. I know the oil companies would like tariffs on foreign oil imports, likewise the copper, forest products, and other producers. How much are Americans willing to pay for a gallon of gas? $50 a gallon? The wealthiest capitalists seeking profit-enhancing tariffs band together and buy politicans to favor their products, so that they can get even wealthier and buy even more politicians. THAT'S HOW TARIFFS GET ALLOCATED.
4. All the exporting countries who lose out because of our tariff regime retaliate ("protect their industries" as we put it). Our own exports go down the tubes. The exporting countries who hold trillions in U.S. Treasuries start dumping them - they don't need them any more, since they're not selling us anything on credit like they used to. The dollar is dumped. World trade shrinks, world economic activity shrinks, world depression begins.

This is so much like the WWI-Depression era events that you are looking at that I know you understand how tariffs at that time helped destroy American agriculture, the auto industry, etc. We started the tariff wars and we paid the price just like everyone else when it got out of hand.

So, when looking for solutions to the trade and currency problems, I recommend we keep the focus on the underying (potentially fatal) credit/debt disease rather than on tariff medicine (also potentially fatal) to try to alleviate the symptoms.


Michael, I accept all your criticisms on tariffs, however you are dealing with people who do not play fair. The reason they do not play fair is that they believe they are fighting for survival.

In Australia, our trade surplus disappeared when we started to undo our tariffs.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bokonon is right. The proof is in the pudding. At NO POINT in time since we embraced 'free trade' have we had anything approaching a trade balance, much less a German or Japanese style surplus.

Nay! It gets worse and worse and worse! So what if our exporters can't export! They are a FAILURE. Utterly and totally, a failure for us.

No, that isn't a solution. Indeed, the idea that we can run trillion dollar deficits forever is pure madness. And the Chinese plan to end this game one fine day when they force us into bankruptcy like we forced Russia into bankruptcy. Period.

The US didn't have a giant trade deficit in 1929. But England was struggling to flood the world with her goods and by then, most of the other parts of the world couldn't buy this stuff and England couldn't lend them money to buy like Japan is lending to us.

For you see, England was BANKRUPT. As we are today. Quite literally.



NO ONE plays fair with tariffs - they aren't about fairness, but the opposite - favoritism (favoring pet industries, no matter how inefficient, wasteful, and non-competitive they are) to help your own capitalists get richer than they already are (and in the hope the workers will get some more jobs or better pay out of it). Within a country trade restrictions to favor capitalists are called monopoly; in international trade they are called tariffs. For example, when OPEC sets a limit on the international sale of oil we call it a cartel, but functionally it's actually an export tariff regime (they call it a "production limit" but they don't limit domestic production and consumption, only international sales). Everyone always sets import or export tariffs to advance themselves at someone else's expense. The extreme form of tariffs is an embargo, which is intended to stop all trade with someone. Embargos, like tariffs, are strictly political devices that make no economic sense. Of course here is no such thing as "free" trade, and I don't advocate that fantasy as a panacea; but the absence of "pure" free trade is not an argument for erecting more tariffs to solve a society's debt, inefficiency, and shortage of resource problems.

The reason the U.S. uses corn (a vital foodstock for the world) to make ethanol instead of (much cheaper) sugar imported from Brazil and other countries (including Cuba) is because tariffs and embargos keep cheap foreign sugar out to insure high priced sugar in our country so as to enrich the American Sugar Lobby capitalists.

To illustrate how destructive tariffs can be, the American Civil War was almost fought - and barely avoided - four times before it actually started, because its real cause (sorry, not freedom for the slaves any more than the Iraq War was about freedom for Iraqis) was that the Northern industrialists wanted (and suceeded in getting) import tariffs on manufactured goods from Europe (to increase their profits, which raised prices for Southern planters. This battle was fought politically for decades before military conflict broke out. Tariffs always lead to conflict, and it's not always international in nature.



Let me say again: The trade deficit is only one of several symptoms, not the disease. The disease is DEBT, INEFFICIENCY, RUNNING OUT OF RESOURCES, OVERCONSUMPTION, DEBT, DEBT, AND MORE DEBT. Trying to cut off (or drive the price up) on imports will not solve any of these problems and will introduce a pandora's box of DRASTIC unintended consequences.

Jim Smith

AMEN, Michael!


Good article Elaine....... ..except for this: "All the gold in Europe was seized, often very violently, by the Nazis. They even wrenched gold fillings from victim's mouths in a medieval search for wealth."

I am so sorry, but I have to say this: It is strange to me that someone who knows many of the fallacies regarding the Jews and the Nazi era and how an entire industry has sprung up around the tale, would repeat such tired, worn out tales, that in fact have never been proven. But with the help of the 'machine' they keep getting repeated over and over. Sorry example of falling into the trap of repeating "the big lie".....you give our hidden enemies more power...and we end up looking like children who, as you know....get no respect.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Germans took the gold out of Russian teeth, Jewish teeth, Gypsy teeth, Polish teeth, they were VERY intent on this and it is NOT a myth. Gads. My dad was there. And I lived with actual German Nazis after WWII.

Many online groups have worked very hard to deny these sorts of crimes. People can believe any stupid thing they want. But reality is reality. And when it comes to Nazis, I know their damn history.

There are many alternative belief systems out there in cyberspace. Like the refusal to believe that big cement structures can turn to dust like we saw on 9/11 or the Chinese earthquakes last week, there is a counter belief system being built out there that denies the horrors of ethnic cleansing. Both Jewish ethnic cleansers and Holocaust deniers are two sides of the same ugly coin.

This is a very severe historic force that is building insidiously. It basically wants to resume ethnic cleansing/looting and so it twists reality. For example, the beginning of Zionism wasn't due to Jews, it was due to the Czar of Russia suddenly announcing he was going to expel all the Jews and if no other nation took them in, he would allow mobs to murder them!

Zionism was born out of Russian ethnic cleansing. The Jewish ethnic cleansing in Palestine will give birth to yet another ethnic cleansing of the Jews in other nations. I am 100% against all of this, totally and completely.

About tariffs: like any tool, it can be used in a smart way or a stupid way. Rich people bribe politicians to do only the stupid way. The masses have to join together to stop this. Life is a struggle for power and no one can get lazy about this or they become life's victims.

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