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RE - Army Forclosures

This is rubbish. No serving member of the US military can be foreclosed on. Its the law and has been for a long time.
Not only that but this report http://www.armytimes.com/news/2008/05/military_foreclosure_protection_050908w/ shows that many will get an additional 1 years protection after demob.
A high level of forclosures in towns near army bases does not mean they are 'Army foreclosures'. Most likely support and service industries.
Recycling this sort of nonsense from the Drudge report is crappy blogging.

You've got the story arse about face; joining the military will be the only option for many facing foreclosure.
Now.... I Wonder what the US will do with a hugely extended military and a faltering economy....

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, it was from BLOOMBERG NEWS. Not Drudge. I never ever visit the D site.

Do click on my links in the future before arguing, please.


Maybe the ones being foreclosed on are the
ones that finally get out. The non-serving ones. Due to emotional damage, inablilty
to get a job while going to school,physical disibilty,or divorce, they lose a house.

And as the military keeps getting cut, the
contractors do a Wall Mart on their expendables, er , employees

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Quite possibly, Gary.

Robert Sczech

In biology, more than 50% of all living organisms are classified as parasites. That classification presumably applies also to the individual members of the human society. The fiat monetary system with its build in drive towards indebtedness is a perfect example. Money is created out of thin air by the federal government by issuing treasury bonds (which are promises to tax the future income of US taxpayers). The money so created is loaned to the commercial banks which in turn loan it to their customers. The customers of course like the idea of spending money before earning it (that what loans are about). In order to service the loans, that is, to pay interest and principal, people must work for money. However, once they "earn" money, they need to pay taxes. That fact reveals the ultimate purpose of fiat money and the associated debt structure. It is a tool designed to efficiently tax the work of people. The taxes as well as the interest paid to the financial system (which is just another tax), serve the purpose of keeping alive a huge number of parasites. (The military industrial complex is only one of the many examples).

There is only one escape out of this "debt slavery". We must learn to work without being paid. That is the only way to escape taxation. We are not taxed on the work we do, we are only taxed on the money we receive as compensation for our work. We can escape slavery as long as the government does not charge us taxes for the work we do without pay.

In order to illustrate the above short description of our economic system, consider the following situation. You wish to repaint your kitchen. One option is to do the work yourself. However, since your neighbor happens to be a professional painter, you ask him whether he could do the job for you. He is more than happy to do the work for you if he in turn can afford with the money earned to invite his wife for a $100 Dollar dinner in a French restaurant. Assuming that the marginal tax rate is 40% for you and for the painter, the question is, how much money do you need to earn in order to pay your as well as your painter's income taxes so that after all taxes are paid, the painter can spend $100 in a good restaurant?

The answer is: you need to earn close to $300 in order for the painter to get $100 income after taxes. Indeed, 40% income taxes on your $300 in earnings produces $180 spendable income. If you pay your painter $180 for painting the kitchen, he will have to pay 40% tax on the $180 earnings leaving him with $108 in spendable income.

By paying somebody to do a $100 Dollar job, the government collects in effect $192 Dollars in taxes. Think about this example and you will understand why we have fiat money, why more than 90% of all the money in existence is in form of electronic checking account money and why further accumulation of large debts is so highly desirable for the prosperity of the government (and the people depending on the handouts of the government).

It is all very very simple indeed. Much of the economic discussion in the media has only the purpose of suppressing this simple truth.

Robert Sczech

An addendum to my previous post: The Soviet Union collapsed not because communism is an inferior economic system. No, it collapsed because the Soviet Union lacked the sophistication of the US in taxing people. The Soviet Union collapsed simply because of lack of tax revenue. The greatest shortcomings of communism is the the lack of income taxes.

Royal Dutch

Bullshit, the soviets were INFERIOR. AND SO WAS THEIR SYSTEM.

And Elaine, when did MONEY MATTERS turn into a political rant?

Im sorry you and your old man are going through tuff times, but Obama is not the answer and neither is simply raising interest rates. Our economy is a cruel hoax and has been since before YOU were born.
All I have read here in the last two weeks is bloomberg reruns and bitchin about republicans! You know what, fuckem. The gop and democrats! They cant fix a flat tire, the sumbitches are so greedy that they are just plain wicked to the bone. Lets get back to how these villans are sucking the country dry! This crisis is 99% psychology, its only going to be as bad as WE make it.

Royal Dutch

CSA - been fightin terrorism since 1861(wink)


Boy, if you want to see the life drained out of the USA, look at this video on the SPP SUPER HIGHWAY designed to cut the US in half and bring in floods of cheap Chinese good with Mexican truckers.

This bit of treason was negotiated without congress.

This is video from C-Span hearing in the house by Rep Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, Toledo.


Bear of Little Brain

So politics has nothing to do with money? That's novel.

And this is NOT a rant?:

"Bullshit, the soviets were INFERIOR. AND SO WAS THEIR SYSTEM.

You know what, fuckem. The gop and democrats! They cant fix a flat tire, the sumbitches are so greedy that they are just plain wicked to the bone. Lets get back to how these villans are sucking the country dry!"

Anyway, it's Elaine's blog, she can post whatever she likes as far as I'm concerned. I don't have to read it.

GK: I saw that. A must-see. Don't expect anyone to do anything about it, though. Your job is to pay the taxes to support this kind of thing, worldwide.

Bear of Little Brain

Soviet Russian joke:
"They pretend to tax us. In return, we pretend to work."

Bear of Little Brain

The official view of the PTB on the military:

'In a 1973 White House conversation between Kissinger, the national security adviser, and Al Haig, then Nixon’s chief of staff, Kissinger said military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.
The quote is found in “Final Days,” a book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Kissinger has never disputed it.'

War heroes or cannon fodder? You decide. Trained killers, either way.

Robert Zimmerman's view?

"Today, Medgar Evers was buried from the bullet he caught.
They lowered him down as a king.
But when the shadowy sun sets on the one
That fired the gun
He'll see by his grave
On the stone that remains
Carved next to his name
His epitaph plain:
'Only a pawn in their game.' "

Bob Dylan, "Only a Pawn in Their Game"

And in relation to this war criminal (Kissinger), the Devil has many faces, has no tail, and wears a suit:
"Before joining the Treasury, Mr. Geithner worked for Kissinger Associates, Inc."
Timothy Geithner biography, from Fed Res Bank of NY website.


"They pretend to tax us. In return, we pretend to work."

I first heard that joke as "they pretend to PAY us...".

"Lenders of first resort..."

I suppose this is a god time to quote my grandafther's sage advice: "If you can't afford it, then don't buy it!"

"There is only one escape out of this "debt slavery". We must learn to work without being paid."

In a barter economy one spends an enormous amount of time negotiating deals. There are those for whom such "horse trading" is an enjoyable activity; I'm not one of them. I'd much rather just pay for goods and services and have some spare time left, thanks very much.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Dark Ages were 'moneyless' years and look at what it produced: absolute poverty. Money was buried in the ground, not circulated.

Money by itself is NOT evil. Nor are loans. Nor are interest rates. These things all have an honorable potential when one resists the temptation to run things to infinity.

This is where temperate self control steps in. The history of money is all about finding a way of stopping infinity. Infinity is easy. Self control is very hard.

We go into debt when young but we pay it off as we age just as we have children when we are young and they slowly take over as we age. Just as we cannot go into hysteria over the business about money, ruling elites, etc, so we have to be judicious and reasonable when talking about cures.

The example is gold: it is not money nor an investment, it works best as a barrier and regulator of debt creation. This prevents bankers, governments and businesses from ballooning tremendously. Taxes spread the wealth if they are judicious. If they are not, they strangle the poor.

But taxes by themselves are NOT evil, either. When the rich got their taxes cut drastically, they went on a binge of giving themselves huge bonuses while the workers in these organizations got their wages cut. High taxes on the rich prevents this. Spreading the wealth means a sane, healthy society.

Outright welfare is bad because of the 'idle hands/devil's work' business. People who can goof off all day tend to do increasingly stupid things. I remember the fifties when women stayed home with the kids. The mothers who worked all day to keep a very clean house and guide the children were very proud of this. But I noticed, the more a woman had servants, the more she ended up drinking, taking drugs and screwing around. Except for women who had activities like fox hunting, tennis, etc.

Since rich people fall apart when not working, it is no wonder poor people on the dole would also fall apart. Except, since they have no servants, they keep filthy houses and are slovenly.

About the elections: I keep pointing out that there are THIRD PARTIES. And I have voted third party in the past and think is is VERY HEALTHY to support and engage third parties! But we have to face the truth here: there are three choices right now. None of them are my preferred choice. But two of them are outright war criminals who want WWIII. So I have to point this fact out.

Obama could do the same, of course. But he is less likely. WWIII is far, far worse than a banking collapse. It is the worst thing that can happen aside from a massive meteorite strike or the sun blowing up.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

By the way, many web sites that try to examine things are falling apart during the hyper-emotionalism of a political campaign. This is NORMAL. I try to straddle the line by always discussing multiple choices. Note my rising dismay with the media pushing the voters towards PRO-WAR candidates.

Obama was not pro-war and the media is rapidly frog marching him towards a warlike stance. Note the rage when he talked openly about using diplomacy! It was not his problem, it was the MEDIA'S problem. They hated this talk. They hammered on him until he retreated somewhat. The media is very much a war mongering entity has been for over 100 years, ask the Cubans about that!

I worry the most about WWIII and am disgusted with Hillary's war mongering. McCain is outright insane. And we have to choose a leader. This is life and death, literally. We are trapped in this horrible imperial matrix and no candidate is really willing to talk about this.

Ron Paul, for example is NOT a man 'on fire'. He is more than willing to go along with a GOP that is driving us into bankruptcy and WWIII. If I were him, I would have quit the party long ago.

And we do have to discuss all of this. It is very important. It will ruffle feathers just like discussing the bizarre responses to 9/11 on all sides is still relevant.

Keeping a sane, steady head in this maelstrom is very, very difficult. Just like understanding gold, for example, is very important.

I will note that many a believer in the 'gold will save us if we hoard it' side has hammered me mercilessly about my analysis.

Anyone can accept or reject what I say. I am still interested in people's opinions. If nothing else, in a rather inhuman way. I am constantly amazed at how the human brain interacts with the psyche. We are truly conflicted, quarrelsome creatures.


"In a barter economy one spends an enormous amount of time negotiating deals"

I've been mulling this over. Instead of viewing it as a 'barter economy,' it is a 'barter community.' One example of a barter community that doesn't live on the welfare and social security dole and barter as part of daily living are the Amish. The closed community structure lives by their own code of religious law; ""Be ye not conformed to the world," that is practiced in daily living. Another religous sect that practices community bartering are the Mormons. They have a foot in both worlds and also care within the the community structure of the members; "Emphasizing family self-reliance, the Church Welfare obligation begins with the teaching of principles of provident living, encouraging the use of appropriate community services, and then filling in with Church assistance when other resources prove to be inadequate."

Many immigrant communities within the USA practice bartering. In Chicago the Polish, Indian, and Mexican communities work within their own enclaves and organizations to provide assistance to each other. Louisana has a large Arab community and so on.

Taxes, in part, replace the once self reliant small community structure functions of caring for their members. Especially in large cities and towns, taxes are a necessary evil to provide infrastructure, social services, welfare, social security,medicare, libraries, firemen/equipment/houses/ambulances, libraries, schools, state/city/county hospitals, museums, parks, public buildings, police/courts/prisons, water services, streets and sanitation garbage pickup, animal control, public officials; governors, mayors, national armed forces, etc...

Conclusion, taxation is a covenant amongst its paying members and elected government representatives to provide services and infrastructure and spend the money 'judiciously.' If not, throw the bums outta office. Frankly, I rather enjoy the city service of weekly garbage pickup versus rat infestation and disease. I prefer calling my city alderman and mayor and complaining when they fail to provide. It works everytime and they do follow thru.

Robert Sczech

Elaine: "gold: it is not money nor an investment".

J.P. Morgan: "Gold is money and nothing else."

(in testimony to the Pujo hearings in 1913 - the year the fiat Dollar was introduced)

Alan Greenspan: “Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world. Fiat money, in extremis, is accepted by nobody. Gold is always accepted.”

(during a congressional hearing in 1999).

Bear of Little Brain

You're right, I got the joke wrong. Didn't feel quite right when I wrote it. Ho, hum. (Red face). All the best.

Bear of Little Brain

"We are truly conflicted, quarrelsome creatures."

With our split brain, it's a wonder we function at all.

Bear of Little Brain

My neighbour has started shouting at himself lately, his mind is truly splitting. Mostly, you don't hear minds fracturing.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

JP Morgan and Greenspan: HAHAHA. Both had little interest in holding gold. Both worked hard to increase DEBTS. For they both know perfectly well, seizing FUTURE LABOR is real wealth. Going back in time, all rulers discovered the real wealth that made their palaces so lovely were the labor of the peasants. In the form of taxes, holding of harvests in temple storehouses, making the peasants build roads and pyramids: this was power. And slaves: this is true wealth. And understanding this is life and death.

Gold's value is how it regulates the making of wealth. It has value but it is NOT MONEY. Otherwise we would see everyone totting gold around. If I haul gold to a store, they would not accept it and we would have to HAGGLE over its real value.

But if I show up with paper IOUs issued by the government, they accept this. And the price variation is 'inflation' or 'sales'. Up or down depending on many forces. None of which is based on gold value.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bear of Little Brain, isn't that horrible. I have lived near people like that in the past. They often open a window or go outside to do this. They can't do it privately.

Doug from Reno

A couple of comments:

First, keeping soldiers in the military, be it by force or by ensuring that the incentive for leaving (subsidized education) is diminished, benefits the warmongers and profiteers among us because it forestalls the need to implement the DRAFT. Now who benefits from not having a draft and what might happen should there be a serious push to reinstitute it?

Second, on the topic of 50's stay at home moms who, when rich enough to have servants, became alcoholics, drug abusers and adulterers, I have what I (modestly) call "Doug's Theory of Problems". I believe that human beings are problem solvers at the core of their being. When actively involved in problem solving people are on the road to self actualization (thanks Maslow) and see themselves as powerful and competent within the environment of their lives. This creates a positive feedback loop and the foundation for happiness. The great myth shared by so many is that it is possible to have a life without problems, that avoiding problems is an acceptable (if not desirable) pattern for life. FALSE!! When one acquires wealth (servants) and escapes the forced mandate to solve problems for survival's sake, then the false goal of a life without problems seems appealing. Here is the catch, because humans are by their nature problem solvers they are unable to exist without them and into the vacuum rushes the mind's ability to manufacture neurotic problems to fill the void. Unfortunately, neurotic problems are not real problems and, thus, they do not have solutions! Then, of course, comes the escape into drugs, alcohol and self indulgent behavior. I believe that to be healthy one must seek to stay occupied with solving real problems in the world around them. Doesn't it always seem that it comes down to choices and self discipline?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Many a rich person has dealt with this by taking on causes that require them to go out and do something active that doesn't create wealth. I know that rich families that do this are mentally healthier than the ones that roll in the money. This is why all those pop stars die so hideously and sports heros run through all their wealth and end up bankrupt: the excess wealth creates mental rot, indulgence and chaos.

I come from a background that stresses reasonable wealth and reasonable labor and to get some balance. The intellectual/spiritual/emotional being has to be kept in good order by being reasonably close to Nature and thus, danger. This is how I managed to live in a tent complex for ten years. It was frankly, FUN! Seriously, I remember it fondly and it is a source of memory wealth. The memories, that is, make me feel good about myself and the world. It also taught me many lessons.

One of which, heh, is---you ALWAYS know which direction the wind is blowing. Seriously, that is something.


contradictificationer, actually the "protection" afforded to active military service members is not any protection at all. Those who are behind on their payments will have one year of protection from foreclosure--that is, one year to fall further into debt and further away from a solution. Instead of being months behind on their payments, they could conceivably be years behind on their payments. After the one year of protection is up, the mortgage companies can indeed institute foreclosure proceedings. The protection is temporary, not permanent as you suggest. In addition, the same publication you cite has several articles about a Reservist serving in Iraq in 2004 who was desperately trying to stop foreclosure proceedings. Obviously, a serving member of the US military can be foreclosed on. And even the more recent legislation, as I said, does not prevent foreclosure; it merely delays it.

Foreclosure story here.

Buffalo Ken

If a "rich" person wants to take on a cause, then they shoud just watch desperate housewives - you no - u no what i mean ? do you - do you pretent little queen - do you - because you don't no what you think you might cause you haven't really experienced it. none of us have and i don't want to....

do u?

Buffalo Ken


Look straight ahead, there is nothing but blue sky....I can see clearly now.......

its gone a be a bright sunshiny day.....

I will think this to my end....and that makes it so true....

Buffalo Ken

I won't play around anymore. I want blood. I suppose I am not different than most, but the blood I want has been a long time coming. A long, long, time.

Long like planes and plates if you know what i mean. I am not playing around and the plates probably need to shake around. We need to shake. We all need some help.


Speaking of Kissinger brings to mind a Time magazine article I read in 1970/71, wherein the Saudis wanted a long term contract to supply us with oil at $1.25 per barrel. Kissinger nixed that deal.

Later, with the help of David Rockefeller at Chase Bank, a contract was signed with the Saudis for oil at $4.25 per barrel.

Buck Johnson

Good article,they don't want to do anything that would make life easier for their soldiers or the american people. If your a corporation or big business, they bend backwards to do everything they can to help you. But if your little old soldier or little old civilian, they find excuses and they don't have the time etc. etc. etc..


Somebody has to say it:

The function of the U.S. military is to suck enormous resources from the productive sectors of the U.S. economy for the benefit of the military-industrial complex, while giving egomaniac politicians the chance to frighten and/or destroy people in other societies who won't do what we desire (in the case of American Indians it was Give Us Your Land; in the case of Canada - War of 1812 - it was Give Us Your Land; in the case of Mexico it was Give Us Your Land; in the case of Spain in was Give Us Your Colonies; in the case of Hawaii it was Give Us Your Land; In all the other military actions it has been Replace Your Government With One We Can Control.

Many millions of people have died, been maimed, and had their societies shattered by the U.S. military.

The only "unprovoked" military attack on the U.S. occurred in 1941, and that was directed EXCLUSIVELY at U.S. military equipment (ships and planes) whose explicit function was to militarily dominate the entire Pacific Ocean. No foreign military has every attacked our civilian population, or tried to use force to change our government, although we have all been brainwashed since birth to believe that the function of our military is to "protect us" and "keep us free."

The militaries of the world, all of whom are glorified by their politicans, religions, and populations, have made the world a more dangerous and destructive place with the passage of every generation, and there is no end in sight. Elaine is right: WWIII is inevitable one day, because it requires constant war or the plausible threat of war, to justify giving the highest priority at all times for the society's finest resources to the military.

Military conscription is involuntary servitude, which is prohibited by the Constitution. The government judicial system has decided that the military holds such an exalted position in our society that it can have an exception to the Constitution and make people soldiers against their will.

It is only from political uncertainty, not legal protections nor basic human rights, that we have a volunteer military right now - and that can change in a minute.

I have no reverence for the profession of killing other people and destroying their societies. I have no admiration for those who voluntarily join the military, whose ony function is the destruction of human beings and their property to advance someone's political agenda.

I have no pity for people who volunteer to become soldiers knowing that the purpose of the profession they are entering is to kill, maim, and destroy. If they can't keep up with Joneses financially in the military, they should get out. If they don't want to be killed or maimed or go crazy, they should get out. Neither poverty nor desire for G.I. benefits (including education), nor a desire for revenge (9/11 brought lots of enlistments), nor a love of your country are an excuse for killing, maiming, and destroying the lives of others.

If you want to help people in the military, help them get out.


Michael said, "The function of the U.S. military is to suck enormous resources from the productive sectors of the U.S. economy for the benefit of the military-industrial complex"

Why limit the great sucking sound to the military-industrial complex!

Heaven forbid the value of the dollar and money supply should remain constant, causing productivity gains to be passed along directly to the people.



Since WHEN do banks follow the letter of the law? And if they do, are they CAREFUL to ensure that they actually ARE following the law? Or just ASSUME that they are?


"I believe that human beings are problem solvers at the core of their being. When actively involved in problem solving people are on the road to self actualization (thanks Maslow) and see themselves as powerful and competent within the environment of their lives."

Actually, Doug... that's a damn fine theory!

"Long like planes and plates if you know what i mean."

I have no idea what you mean. Is your mind splitting, Buffalo?

"Somebody has to say it:"

You're by no means the first.


"Since WHEN do banks follow the letter of the law?"

Since when does ANYONE follow the letter of the law? Remember: the law's for thee and not for me.

Buffalo Ken

My mind has split but I don't think it will again. Sometimes it comes close though!


Elaine Meinel Supkis

I used to belong to the "Break a law a day' club in college. We researched odd, stupid, DEAD laws and trust me, there are many such things, and then proceed to break it. The reason we did this [one of our members became a lawyer and another, a prosecutor] was to illustrate the 'dead' laws and to provide an amusing comment on them.

Many of these old frontier laws in Tucson concerned horses...


"My mind has split but I don't think it will again."

That's good - but the question isn't 'did it split' - the questiion is, did it stay split?

"I used to belong to the "Break a law a day' club in college."

I frequently broke more than one law a day in college. And they weren't odd, stupid, dead laws either - they were new, fresh, up-to-the-minute laws.

Buffalo Ken

JSmith - it is nice of you to care. Some questions have no easy answer.

Anything dealing with the mind is a bit of a mystery.

Don't you think?


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Once, in college, during the Banana Crisis [yes, there was a banana shortage back in the early seventies!] I and some friends drove cross country and stopping every few hours to ask, 'Can I have a banana split' and when told, 'No', we would sing, 'Yes, I have no bananas'.

In California, we finally got the banana split. To the amazement of the owner, we broke out into song and dance to thank him for it. It was part of a student movie we were making.

Gary W

Michael, well said. It is a peculiar world when "defence" actually means "global intimidation" and "nation destruction", and the whole process is a, what do you North Americans call it, a boondoggle.

But I reckon the Mexicans, the Hawaiians, the Spanish and the Filipinos, the Canuckistanis, the Panamanians and the Grenadians and the Chagosians and the Okinawans and the Vietnamese and the Lebanese and the Iraqis and the Afghanis, and even the Natives, will be having the last laugh.


The loss of homes is only the beginning for Americans who fought in the name of evil and committed terrible injustices on believing people.

I wish they lose everything, their families, their minds, their futures and their souls, already destined for hell.

God damn them.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I damn no one except the level pullers in the world. ALL people try their best and fall into traps set by others who know better. Most people, by definition, do NOT know better. Anyone who thinks they know better are deluding themselves.

I have to tangle with that truth, too. I act as if I know better but do I really know anything? Indeed, this is the ultimate problem: when we think we know something, we should be in the greatest doubt!

As for hell: there is no hell.

There is the Guardian at the Gates of Death. She is Libra. She holds the scales in Her hand and you can't fool Her because She is also inside our minds and can read everything all the way into the past and can read our desires.

She is older than ANY of the modern religions! She is very,very old indeed. Almost as old as the Great Square and Orion both of which are from before the Ice Ages....30,000 years ago.


Hi Elaine, here is a definition of Hell. The removal of net neutrality and the restriction of web access to only 'approved' commercial sites like cable.


Request to escalate the threat of this attack on the internet and most certainly eventually Elaine's site.

"06/01/2008 - Every significant Internet provider around the globe is currently in talks with access and content providers to transform the internet into a television-like medium: no more freedom, you pay for a small commercial package of sites you can visit and you'll have to pay for seperate subscriptions for every site that's not in the package."


Hello Elaine, my comment was prompted by an emotional documentary video that revealed systematic rape practiced by American soldiers on Iraqi women in jails. Abu Ghraib/Guantanamo, it seems, are only the tip of a very ugly iceberg yet to reveal itself.

While I do not regret the words, I do regret posting them here, a blog I have great respect for this blog. Apologies all.

Elaine, you are right, technically, that hell does not exist. It will be created, however, once the great cycle(s) of life finally ends.

The Libra that you talk about, sounds very much like God, or his/her servant, for the concept of scale of deeds, all-knowingness and eternity are attributes of a monotheist God.

Scales represent a separation/comparison of two entities, only supporting the concept of justice that the idea of heaven/hell propose. If there is no hell, there is no justice, and no separation of one entity from another, no selection or differentiation in the universe, - therefore there are no scales.

We Muslims, of course, do not believe that God started a new religion with Islam, but rather completed a long series of revelations, that could've well started tens of thousands years ago. I have a suspicion that Akhenaten, Buddha and Zarathustra have all originally been the messengers of the very same God.

note: If there are any Buddhists here, as a Muslim I apologize for Taliban's actions against the temples. The fact that this event was followed by their sudden downfall is food for thought. Buddhism, after all, in the better times of Islamic rule was consider a religion of "people of the book".


Muslim - you have nothing to apologize for. Not to me, anyway. The horror visited upon the people of Iraq/Afghanistan by the occupation troops appalls all people of good conscience. I am occasionally strongly affected by emotion when posting here too, and end up apologizing when there is no need.

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