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Dear Elaine,
What will happen after the olympics? Will the chinese ever tell us to drop dead, and stop lending us billions? Hyperinflation is happening right now, what will happen if China deserts us? Im concerned that our blatent disrespect to China will have grave consequences in the future. Please respond if possible. Thank you so much. I love your writing. You have helped me learn so much.


George W. Bush: Bachelor's degree in history from Yale. MBA from Harvard.


My dear raphael,

The answer to your question is, as you certainly now suspect, obvious.

Buffalo Ken

The US needs to learn how to take care of ourselves. Being kind and helpful to China would probably be a good way to do this (for us and for China). We cannot rely on other countries to take care of us. These other countries are taking care of themselves as they should.

If our so-called "leaders" can't take care of the citizens, then perhaps it is time for a change.

Don't you think?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Couple all this with the open insults slapped on our dear leader in Saudi Arabia and we see the future perfectly clear. Pull down our pants and clutch our ankles. We are screwed.


I cannot help but feel that there is something unseemly about offering "aid" in the form of "dollars" to China since all of our foreign aid is borrowed from... China!

I have never heard of anyone going to the local bank to borrow money so that they can donate it to the bank's owner after his home burns down. If I were the banker, I would be insulted by this.

You cannot feed the person who feeds you.


So true, DeVaul.

What the US can offer is Search and Rescue teams with dogs to sniff through all the rubble. Nothing like rolling up the sleeves and getting our hands dirty to show some respect for fellow human beings.


That would be a very nice gesture or better yet, to offer real goods such as tents, medicine, and other equipment instead of pieces of paper borrowed from the person who is in need of help.

Unfortunately, our rescue teams are full of CIA spies and informants. We overplayed the spy game on the world stage, and now no one trusts us. I sure wouldn't. What a shame.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup, as I said, we send in help you can bet, spies will be a good part of this help.


Burma did not want the CIA/American Aid workers that come with american disaster aid.
Can't say as I blame them for not wanting them.
Likewise the Chinese. The USA do have some spectacularly inane people working in it's disaster response teams.
Meanwhile, yours truly has the distinct pleasure of having to replace his heating system this week. The 40 year old Columbian furnace was leaking sievelike and could no longer be nursed along through another winter. Out with the old boy and in with a sparkling new Budurus boiler, external water tank and logamatic control box. German engineering, german cast iron, unfortunately also Euro based pricing. The promise is a 50% reduction in fuel oil consumption. If that is correct, payback period is under 4 years at current oil prices and usage...over 25% ROI...beating current inflation at least. It isn't solar, it isn't wind ( there are legal restrictions on windmills and solar panels here...mustn't put those things where other folks might see them. But the Budurus rep did say that they do solar and can install it properly.


Ok I spelled it wrong ( and pronounced it improperly when speaking with the rep) he became a wee bit testy at the mispronunciation.
It's Buderus and here is their solar link:

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have a Japanese system which is extremely efficient and run by a sophisticated computer system whereby I can control the water to an amazing degree.

But 90% of my heating is now primitive firewood I collect in the forest. It is super-cheap, of course.


You should keep an eye on the order which China accepted aid from foreign countries - Taiwan, Korea,Japan, Russia and Singapore and those countries whose offer of aid are rejected...

It is very revealing as who the dragon considers as close friends...and who is not.


Heil meil 胡锦涛 and Heil meil 温家宝 for their excellent Führung. Meine Geliebten Führer! We will give everything to defend 中國.



@Elaine: I envy you your wood supply. Which Japanese system did you install?
@OC: The Chinese were the first to aid Burma. No restrictions on the aid, no meddlesome secret agency spys necessary.


I've also been somewhat surprised by the claim that China doesn't want outside help. I've seen pictures of rescue teams from all over the world, including that breakaway province called Taiwan! I'm also surprised that American politicians seem completely oblivious to the amount of goodwill that could have been generated both in China and at home. China's one-child policy along with collapsing schools have meant that whole generations have been wiped out in some towns. That really hits a nerve in China. And I'm sure ordinary Americans could have empathized with the Chinese parents. Yet the politicians twiddle their fingers! "Here's some chump change, please don't feel insulted".

On Japanese car sales I think there are two forces at work. One is that they have a tax policy that makes it very expensive to drive cars older than five years. This is essentially a hidden subsidy to automakers since it destroys the used car market. Except now it's biting them in the ass because people don't really see a point in going repeatedly into debt just to buy a car every five years. The other reason is that the population is graying fast and they can't really afford such profligacy with their pensions. Not that I'm too critical of the tax, seems to me that it serves a useful purpose as the environmental tax the politicians disingenuously touted it as.

I was fairly sure that France would show solid growth but I was less sure about Germany since their economy relies on exports and the Euro has been so strong. A pleasant surprise, though somewhat spoiled by the perennially gloomy Germans throwing up yet another "woe is me" confidence poll. Europe should be further buoyed by decent growth in the Benelux and Nordic countries. Unfortunately a much more mixed picture in Central Europe. Some countries have definitely entered a bust, such as Estonia dropping from 11% growth in 2006 to what will probably be negative growth in 2008 (ouch!).

Regarding heating, you could try small scale geothermal energy. Sufficiently deep under ground the temperature is at constant cool levels, representing a temperature differential with the surface that can be exploited with surprising efficiency.


China has 1.5 trillion dollars in savings (foreign reserves). Why in the hell would the US, who is basically broke, give them a cent? China can more afford to rebuild than could the USA after Katrina.

And, the CCP is evil. Flat out evil.

Paul S

Note re CIA: they have folks placed in various positions at the State govt. level. One of my home state's former governors was recently interviewed on the radio and confirmed this. He said the current governor knows this to be true as well. Kinda makes you wonder why they do that. Especially with the CIA's record of GROSS incompetence. President Kennedy was right; we should have smashed the CIA into a thousand pieces. Re "Dubaya's" latest meeting with his masters in Saudi Arabia:"Dubaya" should be grateful the Saudis didn't spit in his face. I read "Dubaya's" solution: we need to explore for oil domestically. Does our ruling class have absolutely NO shame? (Rhetorical question. I know the answer.) No talk of getting off the oil habit, no talk about alternative fuels, just find a new source of price gouging for the oil companies. I note in passing how difficult it has been to even raise the CAFE standards for domestic cars. And of course, no talk of stopping the oil companies from buying any alternative energy source and then burying it so the oil profits keep flowing.

Crimson Ghost


Here is a blog you should follow.


Your blog and this one are on the same wave length to put it mildly.

It has unearthed pig men scams that even you have missed.


And, the CCP is evil. Flat out evil.

Posted by: Brock | May 17, 2008 at 12:11 PM
Hahahaha.... Look who is talking! Yeah, apparently CCP wasn't evil enough to wipe out almost the entire native Indian populations. (People like you were in their country and you called the Indians the savages) CCP wasn't evil enough to enslave the Africans. (People like you enslaved human beings and you call the blacks the Black terrorists) CCP wasn't evil enough to go other countries to over throw governments and cause genocides. (People like interfere in other people's internal affairs and you call them the natives left leaning communists) AND APPARENTLY CCP isn't evil enough to cause millions of innocent Iraqis displaced and killed. (People like you cause genocides in Iraq and you call the Iraqis the Al-Qaedas) Hahahaha..... For every accusation you make against the CCP, I will show you an example that proves you are 10 times worse. What do you have to say about that? Hahahaha..........

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You are correct, visitor. But the history of humanity is all about blood, warfare and enslavement! Curiously, the only reason the Mongols didn't kill all the Chinese peasants in 1200 was because a Chinese official explained how one could get great wealth taxing the labor of these fine, oppressed people!

The Mongols seriously wanted to eliminate them!

American Indians made poor slaves. This is because they believed in the warrior ethic and itched to fight back. But Africans who fight just as hard at home, were displaced and their tribes broken up and so they didn't have the unity of tribal interrelationships to forge fierce fighting guerilla warriors.

The machine gun, by the way, was invented to kill American Indians AND African warriors in Africa! The brutal suppression of stone age or copper age people was ferocious and a crime against humanity that we still refuse to repay.

Royal Dutch


Elaine Meinel Supkis

I guess I just had a revelation tonight concerning how we humans have to deal with our situation today. Arg. It is rather sad, actually.

I suspect the Chinese might do it. Use gold as the Great Regulator again. If they do this, they take over international currency rules.

Gary W

They're welcome to those rules, since everyone else has borked them profoundly. It might be all right if they don't confiscate all the gold like the US did for the Lesser Depression.

Re the Mongols: didn't they kill everyone, from Central Asia to Eastern Europe, because they didn't want to see farms and cities and people going about their business, they wanted to see endless grasslands for their livestock. Hmm?


I read the coverage of the earthquake in China in the Wall Street Journal. It was sickening. They could not find enough room to criticize nearly everything the Chinese were doing to help their citizens. Of course, no real mention of Katrina or New Orleans.

The Chinese mobilized over 100,000 soldiers in less than two days. Can we do this?

They proceeded to the collapsed schools first because they had orders to save children first and elderly last. Is this a crime against humanity?

Chinese troops "parachuted" into the epicenter as soon as the clouds cleared. They then carried survivors out on their backs to the nearest refugee camp 9 hours a way. Did we do this in New Orleans?

China's leader was on the scene in less than 24 hours. Neither he nor any other official claimed not to know that people were starving, stranded, or dying of thirst.

I could go on, but that is enough. If I was outraged by reading the WSJ, then I can only imagine the reaction of the Chinese leadership, who I know also read the same articles.

I do not think China will stay its hand for much longer. I wouldn't.


The Mongols were bloodthirsty but not genocidal. If they were the kind of people you imagine then there would be a large depopulated swathe of land from China through Russia into Mesopotamia and India (It does tickle my fancy to imagine pagan Lithuania repopulating the Russian steppes). The Mongols did pillage cities that failed to resist sieges, but that was sadly enough acceptable behavior through much of the world.

Phil the thrill


this isn't by accident!

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