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Elaine, You're on my daily read list because you are one of the few talking about Asia. It amazes how the alternate media neglects coverage of Asia. Anyway, I'm sure you heard of Benjamin Fulford. He sure seems like a crackpot but I was forwarded this link, http://tinyurl.com/3upt32 If this doesn't work, try googling "Bix Wier Maestro Greenspan."

Look towards the end for "What would it take to take down the Big People." Besides making similar points as you in his "Roota" series, why would David Rockefeller grant this Fulford guy an interview.

Looking forward to your opinions...


I have mentioned, from time to time, that the concept that a person can own unlimited wealth is totally non-sustainable. At least it is incompatible with democracy. If 1% own 99% of everything, and the other 99% share the remaining 1%, will that be a democracy? People need to pull their heads out of the sand.

I just read that 18% of Americans think the sun revolves around the earth. I don't know if that's true, but it seems possible. But even people who are grossly "educated" seem to be trapped in so much stupid dogma. You would think that a creature born with a brain would really use it once and awhile.

Elaine, I think you hinted at this a post or so ago, and I came up with the same thing a few decades ago. Human beings have been "bred" over millennia by ruling masters to be blinkered, to avoid asking obvious questions. So maybe some of us have failed to bear this genetic trait. Our bad luck!


Rockefeller vs. Fulford

I can't believe I just was able to watch this actual interview on Youtube between Benjamin Fulford and David Rockefeller!

Rockefeller NEVER gives these types of interviews.


Basically it looks right now that Japan is in the process of deciding whether to dump Rockefeller ownership of their banks and switch to a partnership with China, as Elaine has discussed in the past.


"The 10,000 illuminati are now outnumbered by the humans they want to enslave by a ratio of close to 700,000 to one. With non-controlled humanity gaining in economic, military and intellectual power, the illuminati feel extremely scared and vulnerable. Cultures not under direct illuminati control now account for 83% of the World’s population and over 60% of its wealth.

To deal with this situation, David Rockefeller and the descendants of J.P. Morgan and Averil Harriman (including the Bush family) cooked up an incredibly horrendous scheme to slaughter billions of the world’s free people and then take advantage of the trauma of slaughter to enslave the rest.

The plan calls for an artificial armagedon to be launched that would start with a never ending “war on terror,” followed by plagues, famine and possibly even a fake, and very lethal, alien invasion fleet.

The plan was so evil that it provoked a split in the illuminati ranks. A rebel group, centered around Jay Rockefeller and most of the Rothschilds, tried to take power from David Rockefeller and his clique with a so-called war on Global Warming. The plan was to neutralize one of the David Rockefeller clique’s main sources of power: their control over oil. The Rothschilds also refused to finance the war in Iraq. Since their headquarters are in Europe (the BIS) they decided instead to try to turn the EU into a Babylonian style world monarchy.

To finance David’s insane campaign, the Japanese people have been forced to work harder for lower pay. To maximize tribute payments from the Japanese, David Rockefeller also forced the Japanese government to hand him control of their entire banking system. The Japanese government tried to refuse and were threatened into submission with a new array of high-tech weaponry, including, if you can believe this, a weapon that caused an earthquake in Niigata Japan.

However, despite Japanese money, the plan is coming apart at the seams and threatening to end the entire illuminati long-term campaign to enslave humanity. The war in Iraq turned into a disaster. People caught on that 911 was an inside job. Vladimir Putin kicked them out of Russia.

The David Rockefeller faction now only really control North America and England."


Backdoor trading room that nobody can see what's going on. (aka, minimizing market impact)

I love Enron Economy. haa haa...

just shove the funny money trading behind the door. Nobody will notice.

IMF is going to have to revise their global asset for sure when this is done. Maybe China and Japan will simply buy IMF and outsource the entire office in an office in Bombay.


You come out of your mother-"plop"-and there`s some guy waiting there for you to tell you "how it is".

You have to be a very curious person to escape from this influence, because there`s a long line of these shamans who will accompany you through your life all the way to your "personalized" hole in the ground at the end.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Good grief.

Dear Mother Nature is the Great Destroyer. She and She alone can utterly crush civilization. In the darkness of outerspace, there are many a Death Star lurking, tumbling towards us.

Our planet may be missed by these. One recently fell into Jupiter and caused tremendous changes there which we could plainly see!

Mother Nature can take the ocean and send it onshore in a huge rush! Mother Nature is the cause of ALL the 'Great Quakes'. Not humans although we try our best to imitate Her. Already, after great efforts, we are able to do 1/10th of her destruction abilities.

Still, if Yellowstone, say, blows up which it does like clockwork, this will cause an Ice Age. It will wipe out most humans in half of the US. It will change history, to say the least. And lord help us if a rift suddenly opens and tremendous amounts of lava flow! This happens, too.

Buffalo Ken

how many shapes can you get when you cross three lines? Or even two for that matter.

Is it the same or not when you do 2 versus 3. Somebody tell me.

Buffalo Ken

sorto depends on the thickness of the lines doesn't? Kind a like whether you have strings or ropes. Then their might be a solution. I don't know. I just thought of it.

Buffalo Ken

Elain, I promise I won't post again today, but one more question: How many ways (different shapes) could you flip toe clippers that you are holding in your hand. The beginning shapes consist of the hands and the clippers.


I doubt they will be arrested, I understand the desire for justice though.

Screaming for their arrest, is like being a peasant in England in the 1600's, and screaming that the King and royals, should be arrested for being corrupt.

Until the masses stand up, their will be no justice.

One thing I doubt though is that the Japanese model will work in the USA due to the fact that deep in Japan's culture, the peasants were always subservient to the ruling Samurai.

The USA is chock full of guns and gangs, and although the masses are sleeping now, we have yet to see how they will react when under extreme duress.


Elaine, you are actually letting this black box trading lie pass unscathed? This is a lie, not an obfuscation. Selling or buying a big block does not move prices. This is the lie that the hedges want you to accept. A limit order meets a limit order and the price does not move. A hedge will want to sell or buy a big position off exchange for one reason. Friends and family hold a position in the shares and have margin hanging on it. Then real money gets involved when the margin is called. The word for this is price manipulation and the SEC is supposed to prevent that.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, that is possible.

Royal Dutch

Anything on the Amero and socializing North America? The mexicans raised their interest rates, will we see an equilibrium with the currencies of mex, can, and the US? as with the reunification of the two germanys?


Have you ever seen this website Economy in Crisis?

It documents the $2 TRILLION of US companies that have been lost to foreign ownership and documents the high degree of control of certain industries by foreign powers.



The declines in some manufacturing sectors have more in common with a country undergoing saturation bombing during war than with a super-economy that is "the envy of the world." Communications equipment lost 43 percent of its workforce. Semiconductors and electronic components lost 37 percent of its workforce. The workforce in computers and electronic products declined 30 percent. Electrical equipment and appliances lost 25 percent of its employees. The workforce in motor vehicles and parts declined 12 percent. Furniture and related products lost 17 percent of its jobs. Apparel manufacturers lost almost half of the work force. Employment in textile mills declined 43 percent. Paper and paper products lost one-fifth of its jobs. The work force in plastics and rubber products declined by 15 percent. Even manufacturers of beverages and tobacco products experienced a 7 percent shrinkage in jobs.

Kevin McKern

The monster that stalks us is only our lust for cheap power unburdened by any concern for the planet. It will seek us out and swat us unless we acknowledge its existence, just like it did Dr. Edward Morbius. All this talk of Illuminati is silly. The elites are just actors in history like us all. I personally will be happy to pay my carbon taxes knowing I'm advancing local empowering technologies that will, in the end, flatten all heirachies. Your elites, having lost their raison detre in such a world, and their choke hold on energy, will fade away, as disintermediated as a bank teller.

All empires end because they are organisms and all organisms die, finding fault at the top is just peoples way of dealing with it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The ruling elites want to enjoy this planet. They don't want the parts they inhabit to be polluted. Yet they need money. So they try to keep the pollution as far away as possible. China is far away. The Chinese elites don't want to get stuck with the planet's pollution, either, in the long run. So they will shove it elsewhere, too.

The Illuminati sort of stuff is important because the money world intersects via the interior of the human brain with all sorts of dark, nasty stuff we call 'magic' for a better word.

Since wealth and civilization have been very connected with religion since day one, understanding this process is very important, Kevin.

You can't fight what you can't see very easily!

The people who have a lot of power over us are very interested in occult powers. This way, they use technology, financial devices and military fire power to force humans to do what they want which is to live forever in a Garden of Eden of their own choosing.

We ignore this, we won't be able to stop it. So far, every time it looks as iff 'all heirachies' are flattening, they don't flatten, they get worse.

Example: when the US empire took over the planet after WWII, the 'flattening' system was still going on. That was launched back in 1776.

When the US became the ruler of the Seven Seas and the UK empire merged, the gap between rich and poor began to widen. It is now wider than it was before the Great Depression! The rich are MUCH richer and far, far more powerful than the masses!

Example: all of Congress and the Presidents are 99% owned by rich people! Worse, they are increasingly rich people, themselves. Multi millionaires. Many of them belong to secret societies which the media studiously ignores WHILE THE MEDIA OWNERS PARTICIPATE! Once people see this horrible truth, then the question is, what next?

Well, the US business of 'flattening heirarchies' began in a revolution in 1776. In France, this collapsed into a dictatorship and wild wars on behalf of a crazed new Empire. In Germany, it created Hitler. In Russia, Stalin. In China, Mao.

Humans can't bear flattening social spreads, it seems. It is deeply buried in our minds. It is part of our evolution, I would guess.

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