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Most of my colleagues still think outsourcing makes sense---even the ones whose jobs were and are impacted the most.They brag about the cheap tools they get from
Harbor Freight (W.Coast Chain) and brag about going to the Millionaire Club and hiring down and outers for next to nothing in
order to get some distastful yard labor done.

"Under the spreading Chestnut tree
I sold you
and you sold me"....Geo Orwell


Bernanke thinks decimating Americans living standards will thwart inflation. I disagree. I agree with you Elaine, its so over for Americans. The days of living large and producing zero is ending so fast. How will the youth take this? Can a 60's repeat of peace and love happen? Can you please comment on what a post dollar situation in America will look like, after the hyperinflation, and total economic chaos? Thank you. Ralph


I support Ralph's request. Please try to describe for us, if you will, what are the most likely scenarios.


Ralph, Ron you can read something similar on http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=9437

Elaine Meinel Supkis

What, you want either the Bataan Death March II or do you want 'Cockroaches Are People Too'? How about 'Vote For The Solyent Green Party'?

Or 'The Sun Rises In the West' choreographed by Madame Mao?


bataan death march

Buffalo Ken

bataan death march 2 - yeah only seems fair to me...


My understanding is that Haiti has sent out "feelers" to America and Japan and some other countries about the possibility of exporting millions of mud cookies to satisfy future demand. Some Haitians have already bought up all the stock in a trucking company that brings the mud down from the high plains to be made into cookies by local workers near the coast.

Perhaps someday we will be obliged to recognize "worms as people too".

Buffalo Ken

of course this time, the ones marching are going to be different that last time...

Buffalo Ken

ain't it grand!


Buffalo Ken

Hi DeVaul...bye DeVaul

Buffalo Ken

Somewhere elso somebody said something to me about "four one-liners in a row", and here I am doing it again...shall i stop for awhile? Yeah. I guess i ought to....

Buffalo Ken

Hey Elaine,

I hope you won't kick me off this site like they did at the other one....

Buffalo Ken

OK, sorry for distracting from the "conversation"....i'll be shutting up for awhile....ken



I'm just curious. Do you smoke?



Paul S

Speaking of outsourcing/downsizing, I recall the story I read in The Wall Street Journal. It was about this manager who was tasked with reducing headcount in his department. He thought he was gonna get himself a gold star for suggesting that HIS position could be safely eliminated. SURPRISE!! They booted him out the door without so much as a "Thank you" let alone a big job promotion. Oh well, at least the investors are happy, and really, that's all that matters. Gotta keep that stock price up.


That is unbelievably idiotic! Thanks for sharing that story.

I wonder if anyone learned anything from that?

Buffalo Ken

DeVaul - yes I do. In fact, I have a sign up in my office saying as such. All who enter ought be informed.

Stock prices are neglible compared to derivatives----who plays with those? I wanna know.

Buffalo Ken

who like in ACTUAL names....you know...we need names to start coming out so that the dust can eventually settle

Buffalo Ken

He did ask a question so I had standing. Any more questions?

Buffalo Ken

Good, then I really need to go, but you should know I will be checking in.

Local Bufflalo Ken of the "trignitillion" (easier to spell this way....)


Well, thanks for letting us know, and yes, you had "standing" to answer the question.

Using the return key could save you some time, but whatever makes you happy -- go for it!


Buffalo Ken

what return? I hadn't seen much of that lately at least when it comes to investments...all I've ain't nothing but a bunch of spoiled "elite" few and getting fewer gambling. I'm tired of it. What about you - I guess you are too....why else would you be here?

Buffalo Ken

To be clear: I'm tired of the so-called elite gambling with The People. "Of, by and for" was said after a wrenching battle - this means something to me.



Things that will ends this funny money party:

1. Saudi un-peg Real
2. China decide to flip the switch on their exchange rate regime
3. Japan moving from zero interest rate
4. We actually has sane fiscal policy.

... ok. none of them might happen anytime soon. so party on people.


"Depression Japan model is our template"
Squeezing the internal consumer market to fuel their export market, while suppling the credit markets with cheap liquidity to finance the purchasing of their exports - it works for Japan, but how is it to work for the US with nothing but guns and butter to export?

Buffalo Ken

Jojo - good one. In the US I know of several plants that used to make something but now are shuttered. I think they could re-open -- locally from the get go.


I have a feeling that our trees, our coal, our water, our grain, and our food will be what we export, unless we declare bankruptcy and then use our nukes to hold off our creditors.

If we do that, then we will become an international pariah and be isolated, but we might survive as a country with people and not an environmental wasteland like Haiti.

A lot also depends on how we handle the top 1% of Americans who are betraying us and who owe no allegiance to anyone but themselves.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We could export all our lawyers, bankers and economists. And Congress and the President. Exile them to China and Russia. Then both empires will collapse.

Only they won't do that. They will put them in a zoo or something. Let's hope there are no aliens watching us. We might be their 'reality show.'

Phil the thrill

The US is totally fked: the inputs costs are too high now with our weak currency to compete with the chinese.

You don't see Argentina leading the way in manufacturing, do you???


"ARREST THEM ALL!!!!!"..... a recurring theme here. I'm trying to get situated for the big correction with a new vocation and was wondering: what are the qualifications for said arresting job? And, is it a growth industry?


Arrest Obama before he can screw us with the "audacity of
hope" ! Charge him with Pre-Crime like "Minority Report" (based
on a Phillip K Dick sci-fi novel)

He's already said he was just BS'ing us Yahoos by saying NAFTA was a bad thing. He's loaded up all his advisors with neo-liberal/cons and warmongers. He's now one of the Pod People. The old Obama was taken out and dumped in the garbage.

Screw Americans....they are beyond the audacity of hope


The Lichtenstein Chronicles continue. Have pepto bismol on hand as the journalists, and I use that word loosely, have injected a compassionate side to the tax cheats and uber rich.

Secret Lives of the Super Rich
By John Goetz, Conny Neumann and Barbara Schmid

Prosecutors and tax investigators are once again going after millionaires who have hidden their assets in foundations with Lichtenstein's LGT Treuhand in what has become the biggest tax-evasion scandal in German history. After years of hide-and-seek,
....In their latest series of raids in Munich, investigators focused on several "especially hard nuts to crack." The names on the list are not part of the Bavarian capital's flashy jet set, but instead belong to the more dignified, inconspicuous old-money aristocracy (off with their heads! screamed the Proletariate)

...But Karl Michael Betzl, the Bavarian government's commissioner for privacy protection, can expect to face a more lengthy investigation. Betzl, one of the most respected senior government officials in Bavaria, is alleged to have hidden about €700,000 in assets in a family foundation under the LGT Treuhand umbrella. (Tsk, tsk, a government official that took bribes?, I'm shocked!, pass the popcorn.)


As the MSM blacks out news of Iraq from the mainstream, Der Spiegel reports a surge of Iraqis seeking asylum in Europe.

EU Countries Move to Stop Flood of Iraqi Refugees
The ongoing terror in Iraq is driving an increasing number of refugees to Europe. Now the EU is being forced to make some tough decisions: Who will be allowed to stay in Europe, and will Iraqi Christians have greater chances here than Muslims?
More than 2 million Iraqis have already left the country. One in ten refugees flees to other parts of Iraq, such as the north, which has remained relatively calm until now. The scale of the Iraqi refugee crisis already dwarfs the number of Palestinian refugees created by the Israeli war of independence in 1948. According to a UN report published last week, last year saw a record number of people fleeing from violence and war worldwide. The number of refugees increased by 15 percent over the previous year, to 11.4 million, mostly as a result of the conflicts in Afghanistan and especially Iraq.
...Last year, one in 12 of close to 650,000 applications for asylum came from an Iraqi refugee -- a 98-percent increase over the previous year. This puts Iraq at the top of the list of countries producing refugees, ahead of the troubled East African countries of Somalia and Eritrea.



"Of course, the traditional banking system that requires reserves and savings won't pay a decent return on savings if interest rates are artificially low."

I'm afraid the traditional banking system that requires reserves and savings is long gone.

It has been replaced by casino banking, a form of gambling in which the "bank" borrows capital (from other banks, not from you) and leverages it an unlimited amount of times so that any returns are hugely magnified. They can't do this with capital obtained from traditional savings deposits, because the FDIC insurance on those deposits restricts their capacity to leverage. So, they raise capital outside the old-fashioned savings deposit route - they manufacture and sell their own bonds and derivatives of other people's leveraged junk loans (including bad mortgages), and derivatives of the derivatives. This has the added benefit of providing enormous fees for all the processing they do.

And one of the best features of this "modern banking" is that they get to conduct all this gambling without writing any of it on their official banking account books, because it's NOT traditional reserve-based deposit banking and thus exempt from such finicky requirements as transparent accounting.

Sure, it's enormously risky, like all gambling, but when the s**t hits the fan and they lose money by the billions, they simply borrow more from the Fed.

When they're forced by someone (one of their commercial lenders, not the FDIC or the Fed) to bring their worthless loans and derivatives back onto their account books and everybody's screaming for them to "raise capital" they simply either 1)print and sell more common stock 2)go to the arabs and sell them preferred stock or 3)merge with another bank that has (at the moment) more capital - getting the Fed to put its own money up to safeguard the deal, if need be.

This "modern" banking model has been replacing the "old-fashioned" banking model for 25 years. It has resulted in hundreds and hundreds of bank failures, bailouts, and forced mergers. There are now 1/10th as many commercial "banks" in the U.S. as there were in 1982. In another 25 years there will be 1/10th as many "banks" as there are now.

The banks disappear, and the casino capitalists just keep getting richer; why would they ever want to go back to the old way? In other words, do not expect reserve and savings based banking to EVER return as a genuine economic force in this country.


In other words do not EVER expect reality to return to this nation.
Do not expect Americans to ever re-gain their emotions and rebelliousness. Do not ever expect Americans to understand the
world at large anymore.

As Jean Baudrillard said we are now "entering the simulation that
is more real than reality it replaced. That is the unconscious desire of our system.
To replace reality itself with a more sanitized, safe,and deathless version. This new "reality" is surrounding us so well that we have lost the points of reference that have in the past given us the ability to criticize things.
It is surrounding us so well that we can no longer step back and view it from a distance. It smothers us. It has hemetically sealed us off. Its impossibe to understand things when you cant have the ability to find a gap, a critical distance, moments of silence etc. to reflect on things. We run about doing our shitty little jobs much like termites in a mound on the savannah.

"Welcome to the Desert of the Real".....Jean Baudrillard quote which was lifted into the movie, "Matrix"


I screwed up that quote

Jean Baudrillard said, "we are now entering the simulation that
is more real than the reality it has replaced"

A very interesting book by him is simply called, "America"

Baudrillard is at first quite hard to read. But if you give up on trying
to understand every point he makes. If you realize that what he is
talking about is so different that he has to make up some new
vocabulary, then he is quite an incredible read.

He passed away last yr I think. A great post-modern philosopher


Why even bother arresting them? When the shit hits the fan, find them, and put a bullet in their heads.

Buffalo Ken

JZ - that sounds a bit harsh even though I suspect it is warrented.

Lets just start the trials. Convict, convict, convict.

If you are "afraid" you might be convicted, maybe you should just help the convictors! You probably will be forgiven this way.

Thats what I'd do if I was inside, but I'm just hanging out here on the sidelines. What a show.


What is this captial thing anyway? Check out


Seriously, Elaine, do it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Throughout history, capital was the profit left over after paying land taxes, labor and cost of materials and wear and tear on machines. Today, profits have displaced capital. For capital is labor and infrastructure. Now, it is currency advantages and credit.

The confusion of credit with capital is at the heart of our economic collapse. and this is due to the concept of a floating currency.

By the way, thanks for all the comments. Lots of thoughts there that need to be digested.


The coming Sci-Fi financial reality based on meta-money will soon be our destiny. All desires will be fulfilled by virtual expenditures of self-generated non-real capital, labor will be executed by non-wage robots and artificial intelligence after the last of the poor perish from the plagues of poverty.
The financial crisis we are now in is only part of the evolutionary process. Our future heirs on this earthly plane will chuckle in their synthetic well-medicated cocoons at our present archaic methods of groveling for money to satisfy our desires.
Now don't we all feel a tad bit better seeing the big picture?

Paul S

Terminate them? No one should mourn the loss of these banking thieves, but there is a more effective solution. Throw 'em in Attica or San Quentin or some other max prison for thirty years. I love the thought of these guys in prison orange. And make sure their "roommate" in prison is 'Big Daddy' or some such type. I bet they stop thinking they are Masters of the Universe REAL quick.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

But the temptations remain. It isn't just a matter of punishing people, it requires understanding the temptations and then figuring out how to prevent these. For example, the need to raise money to run for office and to appease the mainstream media corrupts all politicians totally. Fixing this is hard as hell.


We have already seen the courts are not a way that works. Enron was quickly forgotten by starting a profiteering war.

The new elite tactic is food and energy hording

Could the patriots in 1776 simply arrest the British, try them, and throw them in Jail?

Could the Jews do same with the Nazis?

No, it does not, and will not work that way.

If it did, it would be already done.

Paul S

"Temptations remain..." To borrow a phrase from the 60's: Right on! The REAL problem in Washington is a nearly total lack of ethics and/or integrity amongst our elected representatives. To reform this,we as a nation have to be willing to embarass ourselves--and endure the spectacle of seeing our elected reps being sent to prison, up to and INCLUDING the President if warranted. (We have such low respect in the world community as it is, this won't be too tough.) JZ is correct: the system as currently configured will NOT allow this to happen. We need a new model. Also: we as a nation need to spend less time worrying about Angelina Jolie's baby collection and be more educated about our pols in Washington. Example of what I mean about people needing to raise their knowledge: people who call in to Limbaugh's and Hannity's "shows"saying stuff like, "mega dittos, Rush!" Sheesh, are you kidding me? I have to marvel at how easily these guys, Limbaugh and Hannity, can bunch multiple lies in one sentence and do it consistently. Apologize for continuing to bring these morons up in posts. It's just they are perfect example of what is wrong with this country.

Buffalo Ken

JZ - I'll be the first to admit that "I don't know". But I think there could be a relatively "bloodless" revolution. That would be preferable.


i remember avacados at 10 for a buck not more than 13 years back ands now one for a buck, and have planted those seeds for years and did hundreds of seedlings in at 2 feet tall and have a few more at two feet now, whats with chestnut seedlings?


i see how one could starve with compound rapid inflation like that...what of 10 d0llar an avacado? like 200,000 housing averages........


burley tobbaco seeds are available thru the internet and oddly enough they are farmable in berlin n.y. if placed properly////

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