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as you are quite adamant in your assertions re Israel, Zionism, etc (and I have no basis for arguing-still learning), I wonder if Chris Floyd's comments re "the tail (Israel) does not wag the dog" (see his blog www.chris-floyd.com 6/27) is saying the same thing you are, in a different way, or is it substantially different? You and Chris, and Arthur Silber, seem to be among the few willing and able to articulate the sins of the Empire. Don't need you all to agree, just looking for clear understanding.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is very complex. Israel's Zionist SUPPORTERS in the US are wagging the dog. They do this via two ways: Media ownership making propaganda and via bribing politicians via AIPAC.

The Israelis themselves do no have media censorship and they can debate all issues openly. But they depend on Jews supporting them in America to get richer. They have an American standard of living over there.

Understanding why our media lies to us goes to the heart of this relationship. Since many Jews have, since the beginning of banking, been enrolled in the position of bankers to the ruling elites, the intersection of money and media is very strong in the Jewish community.

My former father in law, for example, was a Jewish publisher in NYC. Nearly all of his fellow publishers were Jewish, I knew them all.

I also knew that talking about all this was strictly verboten and being an 'outsider' they were nervous around me and worried if I would talk about all this.

They had nothing to fear. The censorship levels in the US media are nearly total now and I can't get published in most places now even though the NYT and WP for example used to publish me!

I am not the only one locked outside.

The war with Iran is one that many people want but the US is the one they want to push into this war. The Saudis were happy to encourage Saddam to attack Iran after the revolution there. It came as a shock when Saddam turned on them and attacked Kuwait.

The games being played today are like the ones in the past: everyone has mixed feelings, mixed motives and devious dark undersides to their activities which have to be detected and talked about. Our nation is led by people who adamantly refuse to do this. We are in the grip of forces that are working against each other and this is like a buzzsaw or a tornado: we can't fight it, we must work around it and to do this, we must understand it.

Lying about war costs and the costs of empire are very much tied to keeping us guarding rich people in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. WE NOW GAIN NOTHING FROM THIS. We are increasingly in debt and losing our industrial base.


In the 1970's we dropped the Dollar/Gold peg to solve the mega inflation from the Vietnam war.

Now now we will drop the Dollar/Oil peg to solve the giga inflation from Iraq/Afghan war.

The only remaining question if we are going to a peg of:


I think the most aggressive NWO plan is to use the IMF to rip the Dollar/Oil peg from the US and give it to their ONE WORLD CURRENCY the SDR.

Then we will have world peace.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

GK, hate to confirm you are probably right, alas.

Paul S

Elaine: You describe the Israel/Zionist lobby's influence through AIPAC and so on. But doesn't Saudi Arabia provide plenty of counterbalance to this? The Saudis after all have the oil trump card and they have--and always have had--the Bushes in their pockets. From my understanding, the Saudis have PLENTY of influence in Washington DC and members of Congress are always open to graft.

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