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Kudos on the cogent research.

However, I hope that you are not encouraging people to pick up their guns, in the last paragraph. I do not think you understand the violence that would unleash on every member of society. What gives me pause is that I have already seen one member suggest that a database be compiled, listing the names of people working in high finance. While this would have been technically a laughable suggestion only ten years ago, it is no longer, making it frightening. Then another poster who seems to relish the possibility of gangs and firearms coming out to settle scores. You keep calling these people traitors, and I agree that high finance has enriched itself at the expense of the good of the country with the insane free trade. However does that mean that these people should be strung up, the historical punishment for treason. Please do not enflame anyone to violence in a society that is already steeped in it with its gore in films and video games and nightly news and glorification of crime. There are swaths of this population, much worse than any biker or drug gangs, organized and armed and filled with hatred for 'the system', ready to rebel and just waiting for something to set off the bloodshed. I know that this is not what you want.


Arms are simultaneous both our only hope of protection against a state gone wild, but also our downfall when we break out our outdated weapons and they use that as an excuse to unleash their DARPA terminator robots like BIG DOG.


Not Student

Elaine why have you not reported on the China-US talk? the US and China has reached an understanding an the current phase of crisis is over. :)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am puzzled, Not Student. I certainly covered the talks by the Chinese. I even explained that it was NOT covered in American news and WAS covered heavily in Chinese news! The US was forced to do this because of the talks between China and Japan! Everything in Asia is moving in China's direction.

Also, there are recurring peasant uprisings in China. VERY VIOLENT. Lots of rage. This is a sign not that China is weakening but is getting stronger. For the people there are full of energy and life and contending for power. The US encouraged the Tibetan riots.

But not the peasants in China's other Han provinces. We cannot take glee from this for the US is quiet due to the same thing that silenced the Japanese workers: everyone has lost heart and is giving up and dying.

It is totally bizarre that the far right wingers in the Supreme Court trot out and for the first time, amplify the rights to bear arms to resist the State! For this was the whole point of the Second Amendment along with the Freedom of Speech talking about revolution!

These two provisions have been suspended several times: during the Civil War, during Jim Crow for the blacks and other minorities, during the Indian Wars and afterwards for the Indians and during WWI, WWII and Katrina.

Yes, they seized guns! The government is increasingly Soviet and it is legal to talk about guns and uprisings in America. I am NOT calling for this, the Supreme Court is calling for this! Isn't it funny?

The US calls for the people of Iran to rise up against their ELECTED government. We called for Tibet to do this. We call for ALL minorities and radicals in ALL nations we wish to destroy to rise up. We give them the permission and we pay them to buy guns to do this.

But we don't want it here! We want the Indians, the blacks, religious groups to be disarmed and silent. We crush anyone who bears arms against minority suppression and exploitation. While screaming for this in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. We do NOT want this in South or Central America! There, we arm the governments to suppress what we encourage in Asia and the Middle East!

This double standard is going to bite back in the end. Just as the Brits encouraged uprisings the exact same way only to get it in the ass from the Irish who took their uprising to the heart of London.

If our government wants peace, the rulers running DC must listen to the people. I hear a lot of screams of pain out here due to high fuel costs and inflation. Only this week, is all this being directly connected to the US/Israel/EU embargo of Iran! Once this takes off, the price of oil will go to the heavens. And Bloomberg news has broken the media silence on this TODAY! As I will talk about in the news.

But I find, going into the past is very useful to illuminate today. It also clearly shows how a huge pile of utter hogwash was piled upon the truth by the Fed and an army of economists who are liars and fakers! They tried hard as hell to erase what caused our collapse from 1974-1982. It was oil prices coupled with war costs hammering us with rampant inflation that just would not stop.

Paul S

Calvino: We live in a violent society. No one is going to have to encourage ANYONE to pick up their firearms. I don't endorse violence: it's just going to happen. If people ever do see the light, they are going to be angry--REALLY angry. The Ruling Elites will get their chance to prove they are Masters of the Universe--I imagine they assume their money will buy them private--and armed--security and living in gated communities is going to protect them.Time will tell. Power flows from the barrel of a gun: history shows this to be true. Another truism is hungry tummies feed revolutions. I believe that sooner or later, the truth will come out and the crooks won't be able to weasel. I see some rays of hope. As I monitor the talk radio fascists--you will hear callers directly challenging the corporate slimeballs like Limbaugh and Hannity. People are starting to figure it out.


It was/is the Violence (mostly psychological/economic) of the relentless
class warfare of the elites, since the days of Saint Reagan, that will lead, and is leading, to the violence of the lower classes. The higher orders of society are much like the lower orders in love of violence--as well as sexual tastes. If the upper class typically resorts to violence externally (overseas) then there will be plenty of violence internally as the lower orders will pick up on subconscious cues
of behavior coming from the top.

Only the middle class believes in respectability and work. This is why its SO FUCKING IMPORTANT to have a huge middle class and to have a safety net for the lower class--and have in place programs to help the lower class attain the middle class. Not welfare bones as the liberals tossed to them, but true "workfare" with living wages paid.

Och, were this not so !! But as Boz Scaggs would sing, "its the sad old truth the dirty
low down"

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thank you, Paul and Gary, you are both right. And I love the concept of moving the 'working class' into the 'middle class'. Happy workers make a strong nation! Patriotic workers who feel rewarded for their labor make for a strong nation. Patriotic workers who have national health care, free college education and social security is the Bismark dream for Germany that caused Germany to sail swiftly past England which is why we had WWI.

The US was much weaker when it didn't have the Bismark reforms. Once we got this by 1945, we ruled the earth. Then, we decided, like Germany, to go to war all the time. This killed our ability to pay for our empire. Like it did in Germany.

Isn't that really ironic? How can we build a healthy society with a strong middle class that is patriotic and NOT end up trying to rule the planet? This is a key question.

Buffalo Ken

who wants to rule the planet?????

what a pain that would be.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, all work and no play. But the gnomes get pretty goddesses in bed this way.

Buffalo Ken

im speechless!

Paul S

I recall David Stockman's book, "The Triumph of Politics". Stockman recounts how, on his first budget, Ronnie Reagan, that champion of smaller government, was presented with two choices: Reagan could cut spending OR raise taxes $100billion. Reagan actually chose neither; he just put the $100billion on the taxpayer credit card. Stockman quotes Reagan as saying, "Well (reducing the sixe of government spending) was just a goal anyway." It's nice to have goals. Thanks for the $2.6 Trillion dollar debt you left us, Mr. Reagan.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

David Stockman was like a whole host of GOP supporters who were shocked into reality and turned. Craig Paul Roberts is another. There are many.

They ask for us to forgive them after they willfully destroyed us. They still won't understand why they became tools in the first place.


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