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Bear of Little Brain

"Sublime" image, Elaine. Nice.


Germany still has powerful unions and they do not like free trade. The Industriegewerkschaft Metall has struck to receive a 5% pay hike in February and they are in a militant mood. They have reason. The French, Belgian and Spanish steel industries were taken over by the Indian industrialist Lakshmi Mittal, starting the process of dismemberment of the European steel industry. The European steel workers will now be competing with the Indian workers, directly. Of course this was done over the howling protests of the public in the European producers and the French government. All had the Euro boot stuffed in their mouth to shut up, since India threatened a trade war. The question to ask: who profts from free trade with India? Answer: the American public, hehe, is looking forward, hehe, to enjoying Indian mangoes, hehe. To which the Indian PM Singh nodded approvingly at Curious George and thought that the Indian Public will be enjoying new WEstinghouse AP 1000 nuclear reactors. Nuclear, not nucular. In 97, we werey trying to block Russia from selling two reactors to India. Now France wants to sell the Areva( one third German under Siemens) reactors to PM Singh, so they get the French, Spanish and Belgian steel industries as a kicker. Things have changed.


I think I understand how Japan can restart the carry trade again. Iran is now accepting Yen instead of dollar.

So now Iran is partially acting as Japan's Yen reservoir, thus enabling Japan to play the dollar further.

A couple hundred millions a day? That's enough to screw up the planet exchange rate.


Iran demands Japan's oil payments in yen, not US dollars


oh btw, boeing jet. the main body is made in japan (Airbus too) I think Japan is few places that can do large high precision composite body.

(of course what makes a plane is still the engine, avionic and integration.)

also, china is gaining rapidly in large airplane. within 2 decade they will start competing with medium body passanger plane. I seriously doubt Japan will then play nice with US. Japan will never hand technological lead to China.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has shipped the first composite-material wing box for the next-generation super-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The shipment, completed on May 14 from the Oye Plant of MHI's Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works in Nagoya Prefecture, marks the first time composite material is being used in 30-meter- long wing boxes for jetliners. The first wing box was transported by ship from the pier adjoining the plant to Central Japan International Airport (Centrair) to fly to the Boeing Everett Plant in Washington by Dreamlifter, a special cargo airplane dedicated to transporting 787 components. At the Oye Plant, a ceremony was held on May 13 to commemorate the initial shipment.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As I expected, Anthony. You are there on the floor of Boeing and see close up what is going on here.

The US public is misled by all this. The sales of Boeing jets to Japan are at face value. The labor and materials coming out of Japan are thus, disguised. I have raged about this act of deception for quite a while.

Calvino, you are absolutely right about Germany's militant workers. They are getting agitated but don't underestimate the French, Spanish, Italian and others! They all have a very long history of revolts, revolutions and uprisings. Which they are aware of unlike in the US where these things are covered up.


Interesting Calvino. This past weekend I took a scenic drive along Lake Michigan and saw that the Steel Mill in Indiana had changed ownership; Arcelor Mittal in Indiana.

Fun facts about Mittal

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yese, Arcelor is expanding like crazy. Will crash like crazy in a downturn, too.

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