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Nice call back in 2005. I was busy sleepwalking through life back then. That was just about the time I stopped depending on the MSM for news. Reality had got way ahead of me. It has been an interesting learning curve getting caught up again.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We were blindfolded.


I realise that most readers here are American, and focus mostly on developments in America.

But does anyone have an opinion on what will happen to Asia in view of troubles in the US?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I focus on Asia far more than most people. Note how often I post Nikkei's news here, just for example. Asia trades heavily with the US. If international trade PROFITS collapse due to the high cost of fuel and transport as well as the inability to tap into more easy loans in the US, this will crash global trade big time.

Always, when an empire goes bankrupt, the world goes into a depression. When Russia went bankrupt, the communist international complex crashed into a depression along with Russia. They were not trading much with the West so the West barely felt this.


Blindfolded is a PERFECT analogy. Once when working for a large corporation, we did a team training event where the people were BLINDFOLDED and had to build a tent.

Normally when putting up a tent I would be talking, offering ideas, helping coordinate and having fun.

When blindfolded I could only just stand there and wait for my guide/manager tell me what to do.

People get used to enslavement quickly and then they like it because it is easy. Like TV watching instead of reading. And eating junk food instead of broccoli.

Great article from International Forecaster.

>Sell Silver ETF and take possession. Soon.
>Z Big back causing trouble for Russia.
>US Banks on life support.


Illuminist propaganda never ceases. Top Illuminist thinker Zbigniew Brzezinski tells us Russia is destabilizing Georgia to take control of the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, when in fact the current crisis is being planned and fomented by Georgia, the US and the UK in another effort to outflank and isolate Russia. Again the Illuminists have outsmarted themselves and in the end may lose Baku and the Caspian outlet for oil.

If the US banking system isn’t insolvent it is close to being so. Our debt has to be written off, our dollar officially devalued, our housing problem and banking problems solved. Congress has to end the Federal Reserve and our energy base has to be expanded and our infrastructure rebuilt. Our foreign wars and occupations have to end. What the Fed is doing is extending the time line for collapse to save as much of Wall Street as possible and allow the dollar to fail as a consequence. This is being accomplished by giving banks unlimited funds, which the US taxpayer is responsible for. This is killing the US overall, economically. These funds are going to the very same people who committed colossal fraud and got our economy in the mess that it is in. The scenario is called helicopters over Wall Street. As a result both two year and ten year Treasury yields are rising at a threatening rate. When the 10’s yielded 3.50% we told you by the end of the year they’d be 4.50%. They are already at 4.26% only 6 weeks later. They are telling you foreign investors want a substantially higher yield to hold US dollar denominated paper and it also tells you this yield has to rise in order to reflect the erosion from inflation. This time the short end, the 2-year is rising with velocity as well. Asset deflation is being offset by the massive creation of money and credit. This is the worst of all worlds. The values of assets of an entire nation are falling, as wage gains are miniscule and inflation rages. As the long end yield climbs the Fed monetizes the short end. As yet inflation is winning and will continue to do so until borrowers stop borrowing. That is when deflation will gain the upper hand and we believe that is 2 to 3 years away, but it will come. As we said before what the Fed and other central banks are doing insures a depression.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As usual, you are quite correct, GK.

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