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Buffalo Ken

Elaine - Thank-you for that wonderful picture.

P.S. I put another "mind excercise" on my website kjh-es.com dealing with zero, infinity, and perhaps you could say calculus. Anyhow, it is there if you are interested.



"But for a wise owner, these losses are offset by the ultimate gains of owning properties OR SLAVES or whatever one owns."

Sometimes it's difficult to know if you are the ultimate cynic or the ultimate naif.

I think you'll eventually need to clarify that or go insane.

If you want to postulate a situation where slave ownership is to be considered wise, and thus to be justified, you postulate a situation where one of the greatest injustices and shames of humanity is both just and honorable. You are either a rogue, or an idiot, or on your way to the funny farm.... I don't really believe you are either a rogue or an idiot and I don't want to see you slip into madness.


Elaine thanks for this post and the reference to the Will Hutton article which shows vulture capitlism at work.

How true it is that "modern capitalist banking systems create increasing DEBT and not increasing wealth!"

And yes, "the desire is for all systems to be over 100% in debt!"

And you write: "So this system of paying in the future is collapsing. It will continue until enough debt has been retired via bankruptcy so the system can restart again."

I believe in the Liquidation Thesis where government services and payments, service sector jobs, public and private debt of all types, and unfunded retiree benefits are going to be liquidated, that is done away with.

With the final end being as foretold in Bible prophecy in Revelation Chapter Thirteen that as economic conditions worsen, the False Prophet, who also acts as Seignior, meaning investment banker who takes a cut, will introduce a seigniorage system, which is based upon the "mark" which comes from the Greek word charagma meaning "etching in", or "tattoo upon", or "stamp", or "badge of servitude", which enables one to conduct economic activity, and which authorizes one to receive economic benefits; the mark will be required in order to buy or sell.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

For about 12,000 years of economic history, a very valuable piece of equipment owned by the landed classes was...SLAVES. This ended rather violently in the US when my godmother was born. So it wasn't all that long ago.

Today, we have semi-slavery. Not to mention, outright slavery in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. A wise slave owner takes care of the slaves. A stupid one beats and starves them to death.

Where slavery is technically illegal, the slave owner has to kill the slaves because they are evidence. There is zero reason to keep them alive for more than a few years. This is the fate of many sex slaves, for example.

I am totally against ANY form of slavery. Obviously. Every once and a while I slip into the language of the rulers. My family owned slaves in the US and there are a number of black citizens who have the name 'Steele'. We are even most likely, related.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Dear Richard,

The Bible is full of Greek-style contradictions in the final chapter. The Antichrist is someone who looks and acts like Jesus and everyone follows this person.

Then this person turns on them and slays them when the Real Jesus shows up. And he is a killer, too. I decided, as a child, that BOTH were scary and I didn't like either of these people.

The Mark of the Beast is metaphorical. The Greeks loved this sort of thing once they lost all faith in science and the inquiring mind.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Back to the slaves business: note how the Real Rulers are re-enslaving the working class who used to be called 'peasants.' To do this, they had to remove jobs from the unionized countries and move them to despotic communist nations.

Now, wages are dropping in unionized countries or worse, the jobs have vanished totally and the only real work left is peasant-style labor on estates, farms, cities and other places.

Buffalo Ken

I don't know who the "Real Rulers" are, but as a peasant myself, if somebody with an estate made a reasonable and fair offer, I'd be all ears.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

What is a 'fair offer'? A dollar and a beer? Heh.

Buffalo Ken

Hm. No. I'd rather have something beside the dollar.

Buffalo Ken

I like silver. Gold is OK I suppose. Others currencies may be safe. This is how I have placed my bet, but that is all it is. A bet.

No-body, not even a no-body knows the future.


Buffalo Ken

ah, as romeo would say....so empty, so empty the day.

no matter, romeo is mostly imaginary...

Buffalo Ken

but that does not make him any less so....you know....i love to dream.

Buffalo Ken

anyhow the "mental exercise" at my site deals with a line and a circle. It deals with time and with "little bits". It relates to calculus.

If I'm not mistaken, calculus started out with a "fudge factor" to get past something, and that is no big deal, except when you start getting a bit too exponential. Sort of like the derivative things have gotten.

Anyhow, seems this way to me.


-that makes five


The Queen in a doublewide? She could probably get a good deal on one from FEMA.

And I'd be glad to send her a NASCAR checkered flag to fly over the place when she's not home.

Several years ago, I read an article that mentioned the Queen riding through London one day when she happened to see a sign in a grocery store window advertising the price of apples. She thought the apples were too expensive, so--in a show of solidarity with peasants--she ordered that apples not be served in Buckingham Palace. I was appalled but shouldn't have been. In the world she comes from, that was a sacrifice coupled with a stand on principles. It's the British Royals version of Che Guevara, I suppose.



Have you considered the following scenario?

The trillions in dollar reserves that have been accumulating in the countries with major exports to the U.S. (the oil producers, China & Japan) are apparently losing value very rapidly.

It appears stupid for them to continue to invest those reserve dollars in U.S. Treasuries, U.S. Agency bonds, and U.S. corporate bonds simply to be conservative investors, support American debt-driven consumption, and help the U.S. keep importing.

Arrogant Americans assume these stupid foreigners will go on accumulating devaluing dollars forever. Worried Americans (like me) fear they will stop buying our debt or even sell what they have (quickly destroying our economy).

But, perhaps, these foreigners are really smart! Perhaps they have simply begun to "diversify" their investments by buying petroleum futures contracts. After all, China and Japan will need to keep importing oil forever and the sooner they lock in prices the better off they'll be. And the oil exporting states (Russia, the Gulf, Venezuela, Norway, etc.) would have a giant win-win situation: the more accumulating petrodollars they recycle into petroleum futures the higher the price of their products will climb.

It's a perfect hedge to drive the price of oil they have for sale now upward as the volume of their reserves declines. The official line will continue to be "we don't need to pump more oil, there's plenty of supply, the price is only high because of speculation."

Of course it's machiavellian, dishonest, and done in secret - just like the traditional financial manipulations of the Anglo-American bankers, hedge funds, private equity companies and central banks.

What do you think?

Christian W

"The most interesting thing about this epic meltdown of the US/UK New World Order's empire is how this collapse is exposing so many of the financial and social systems. We get to see the innermost workings of the normally hidden parts of 'capitalism'."

I agree. It is most fascinating to see it unwind in front of us. Thank you for highlighting what is going on so well Elaine. What amazes me still is that so many people (the vast majority) simply does not want to know.

Right now I am mostly waiting for things to stumble along until fall when more fat chickens will come home to roost. August/September/October will be most 'interesting' I'm afraid.

Royal Dutch

Then this person turns on them and slays them when the Real Jesus shows up. And he is a killer, too. I decided, as a child, that BOTH were scary and I didn't like either of these people.

In John, he states anyone who believes that Jesus Christ has not come in the flesh is an anti-christ and that the spirit of which has already entered the world.

Royal Dutch


missing money

Royal Dutch

Elaine how about a culture of life garden blog?

El Johnny

I always heard that The Queen was the richest woman in the world. In addition to her daily draws and annual welfare check from the British government, she owns and controls an abundance of businesses and resources.

Why administer pirate coves if they produce not one farthing for "Me Lady"?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Queen owns England. The people there are her SUBJECTS. Not citizens. That is a French/American affectation. Right now, the royals have backed off of the business of owning England by having this done through Parliament. But legally, the royals own all the seas around England, much of England itself and most of the serfs upon the lands. As well as the pirate coves.

Royal Dutch, I should talk about my garden more. The deer tried to destroy it last night and I have been retaliating today. Heh. My dogs are getting too lazy these days.

Michael, you bet, China and Japan are both in a mad, mad, mad scramble to lock in present oil contracts, reserves and other things. The business with Iran is wide open, too. And China is edging around that, seeking to triangulate. IF Saudi Arabia hands over to China a lot of the future contracts, China won't need Iran's oil.

The Saudis know this. The US is useful as a military fool's tool but we are sinking fast. So the Saudis are entertaining the idea that they might do better with the Chinese who don't give a damn about Jerusalem.


Deer are munching my garden too. The 7 foot fence needs to be 8 (around here you can get a fence put in by the game commission who would prefer the deer be shot by hunters and not land owners). The only tool working is the driveway detection beeper - basically a motion detector that sets off a beeping device. It spooks them and they haven't been in the garden for over a week - though they have been munching on flowers and lilies everywhere else. Hahh!, prepare to feed yourself - good ol' yankee er wi'all.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We usually hunt them but this last year, my husband was in the hospital during much of hunting season. So the deer are very bold.

I put tin pans on wires and these twist and turn in the wind and scare them off now. For the gardens, get bird netting and drop it over the plants. That usually keeps the browsers out. Then, have hunting parties in the fall. I usually have them here. Plenty of easy shooting. We do it from the deck.


In this day and age when remote viewing is now almost ho-hum, it is amazing that the book of Revelation is not seen as a remote viewing by someone called John. He was, as he said, on the Lord's day. Someone/something was playing with John's head.

Another John wrote one of the gospels and describes a Jesus who is definitely not the Christ of Revelation but a representative of a spiritual system based on benevolence, not violence.

The Bible is so contradictory because it describes the system of duality that we experience and then briefly introduces a spiritual system foreign to our universe and foreign to what we have been conditioned to.

Don't remote viewers use metaphors to describe the unfamiliar things they see?

Royal Dutch

You know RB I always thought the other way around, that the world was the contradiction.


Elaine, you correctly write that "modern capitalist banking systems create increasing DEBT and not increasing wealth!"

And, I add that the purpose of the modern day banking system is to subject Americans and the world unto debt.

The legislation being developed by Congress bo buy the debt of banks adds debt unto debt; it creates debt out of debt; it is securitization of existing CDOs by the United States government.

The outcome of today's debt legislation was foretold in the Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:16-17, that as economic conditions worsen, the False Prophet, who also acts as Seignior, meaning investment banker who takes a cut, will introduce a seigniorage system, which is based upon the charagma which is the Greek word meaning "etching in", or "tattoo upon", or "stamp", or "badge of servitude", or "mark", which enables one to conduct economic activity, and which authorizes one to receive economic benefits; the mark will be required in order to buy or sell.

Not only does the debt legislation subject Americans unto the bondage of debt, the legislation is sure to destroy the value of the US Dollar, when the Saudis pull their support from the US dollar, in the futures market place, after the McCain Palin ticket who they support, gets elected.

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