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There are now over 1,000,000 names on the fabulous nofly terrorist list. When are they going to do something other than populate a list?


Let me add to your exhaustive coverage how absolutely ludicrous it is that our GSEs are allowed to buy NON-RECOURSE mortgages! I'd love for one person, anywhere, to explain the reasoning behind this moronic policy.


China own our policy by now. (they start with something obvious. Taiwan weapon) They only need to say "we'll stop buying treasury and start selling it" . Good day.


Keating was the first US official to confirm the freeze following reports last month that senior US officials were holding up an 11-billion-dollar weapons package and delivery of dozens of F-16 jet fighters for Taiwan, possibly until after President George W. Bush leaves office.

Keating said the US decision was made in light of the warming ties between Taiwan and China, as well as Beijing's concerns.

"President Ma Ying-jeou has made it clear that Taiwan must go ahead with its arms build-up" as a bargaining chip in rapprochement talks with Beijing, the second defence ministry officer said.


Global Money Supply


My god, what do you eat for breakfast woman? Another great great post. I greatly appreciate your work.


My god, what do you eat for breakfast woman? Another great great post. I greatly appreciate your work.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, I don't eat hamburgers...eh.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, the Taiwan business: the US is being very sneaky here. Blowing smoke about how we rule the planet and then kow towing to China and Japan.


Elaine; you, I and Jane Bryant Quinn are ALL on the same page! Foreign investors now need the TRUTH in how our business and financial system is run, yet is is inevitable that the Supremes will rule it unconstitutional to have truth-in-accounting laws so that banks and corporations can continue telling a pack of LIES about their situation. We HAVE to get rid of the two parties! Yet, time and again, the media herd us into voting the "lesser of two evils," which is still evil!

Paul S

I notice that China has recently introduced a new model of anti-ship missle, referred to as an Anti Ship Ballistic Missle (ASBM). These missles seem to be designed for only one purpose: directly threatening US Naval power, especially US aircraft carriers.Taiwan is not the focus here. I also note that Chinese subs have had a nasty habit lately of showing up unannounced and unnooticed in the middle of US warships. It appears China is in preparation mode. After the Beijing Olympics, watch out. This is the world Bush and his like-minded predecessors have created. And we're all going to pay for it.

Buffalo Ken

I'm not going to pay for what they did. If I'm dead, I'm dead, but I'm not going to pay something that ain't my debt.

Down with the FED.
Abolish the FED.
Lets get it all back from the FED.
Then let the FED be dead.

China apparently has no debts. Why would they want to cause a stir. They can just sit and wait.

The US of A is the country with so much debt to repay.

Time will tell, but I'm betting on new country soon. One that maybe can learn about Peace. I sure hope so the alternative is too dismal to contemplate.

But even so, even if the worst happens I think the human code remains, and humanity will return. Just not the same as before or as what could have been!

Buffalo Ken

although maybe not...

just like the USA - humanity will end up

"an experiment gone wrong...."

Not only that, in the process, humanity will destroy so much innocent life.

Amazing what goes on the brains of a few who continue to knowingly and willfully perpetuate the suffering of many. This is not fair and it will stop one way or the other. The many are stronger than the few.

The many can discriminantly identify the few who perpetuate the status quo. Find them and convict them. They are guilty in my mind. Don't you think? I do.

Buffalo Ken

Now I'm all out of beer, so I quess I'll have a glass of wine instead.

Ken (ready for a vacation...)

Buffalo Ken

but ready to stir the pot or marinate the meat or do whatever it takes at this moment.

I quit my job. I've made relatively "no money" for over a year. I'm not trying to hoot my own horn, I'm just saying that I'm doing more than just posting this and that. I'm standing up and I'm speaking out.

I refuse to be part of this travesty. I refuse and I will not and there is nothing you can do to me to change my mind. Nothing.

So there - take that nothing.

Hey, one time I remember the unitard said something like this: "I rule nothing in and I rule nothing out". Thats when I know that doods days were truly numbered. Oh yeah, also when he said something like "I'm the decider". What a joker. Literally.

A joker will most likely be the last president of the US of A. How fitting could that be. Its time for the US of A to localize and become something better.

Just my opinion of course. All of this is just an opinion. I'm entitled to that ain't I? What do you think Nancy Pelosi and Jane Harmon. Huh ladies?

Buffalo Ken

By the way Jane Harmon is another one of these californicatins's congress critters and she knew about torture from the get go.

Plus, she's sponsored some ludicrous bill that basically finishes off the rest of the constitution and bill of rights. And to think this stupid ignorant fascist bill passed in the house 404-6 or something like that. This country is a heap, and I know where the heap is.

It ain't no hill. It is a pile of trash. Federal trash.

Buffalo Ken

This wine is good and I made it myself.

I'm proud of that. I have no job (yet), but I haven't been wasting my time. I've been learning and so have a bunch of others particularly those of the younger generation. I think so, and they know, as should we all, that in the end the future is theirs.

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