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Buffalo Ken

I have to finish reading this but some of the early text reminded of some goddess I once read about. She reaped havoc upon humanity and there was much blood and mayhem - she was going to go on forever, but if I remember correctly, she was only stopped when she was coerced to drink some beer! Maybe I'm thinking of Hathor. I don't know.

Maybe this is the goddess of INflation....

Anyhow, I need to read the rest of this.


Buffalo Ken


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, a get her DRUNK! A good idea.

Buffalo Ken

only after she kicks some ass...

Buffalo Ken

and to keep her from kicking EVERYBODY's ass...

you know - to calm her down a bit...

Buffalo Ken

I should know. I like both the "devilish beer" and the "divine wine" (plus a few other things...). They calm me me down especially when I'm feeling furious!

Anyhow, sorry for all the rambling. I read the rest of the article and I agree. There is a long way to go.



Ron Paul's interview on Alex Jone's: I hope Ron Paul is kidding. According to Paul the Congress has already approved budget for Iran war and is expecting it to start either before or after the Presidential Election:


Paul also said they plan to embargo the entire Iran nation:


HJ Res 362 basically would close Iran down when the world is in oil shortages.

I canno believe any sane or even insane person would want to attack Iran when Russia is backing them up. Russia is really annoyed with our missile system in Europe recently.


Then interest rates will skyrocket after the election, wipe the excess (gold/oil/commodity price/Dow) off the board.


So this is what is going to happen. Banking crisis --> People move money into inflation hedge gold/oil --> Iran War (I hope not! Please please no!) --> Oil shot up and more people move into gold/oil --> raise the rates and crash the DOW/SP/NASDAQ, include people who tried to hedge inflation (gold and oil included).

Few Americans save now, bailed out mortgage lenders and foreigners will buy out what is left

Reimund from Berlin

What you say (The bankers are obviously blackmailing the government) and what puredoxyk says in Foreclosure Apocalypse (all the major mortgage banks in the U.S. issued some kind of order ... that they would ... foreclose on every home they could) sounds like the American Bankers Association in 1891 (we will demand our money. We will foreclose and become mortgages in possession. We can take two-thirds of the farms west of the Mississippi, and thousands of them east of the Mississippi as well, at our own price ... Then the farmers will become tenants as in England).

I do not get it.

Paul Jenkins

27 years old.....listen to the lyrics.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

More about Iran tomorrow. Am too tired to post a long story about that today. Suffice to say that Bloomberg News spilled the beans when they published an article the other day saying outright, the high price of oil is due to the Iran embargo.



Collapse not over? It hasn't even begun yet. The short-term-thinking crisis managers on Wall Street and at the Fed and government offices are just trying to respond to each fire that starts to get too hot for them personally while the whole world is aflame.

We are if fact on a razor's edge with BOTH rapid credit contraction (hyperdepression) and exploding prices and currency devaluation (hyperinflation) pulling us down onto the blade at the same time. Trying to preserve the self-serving Rube Goldberg financial wealth-through-debt empire that the Masters of the Universe have constructed for themselves is, of course, our financio-political elite's top priority at all times.

Picture the Roman Empire coming apart at today's speed of transaction; we've covered the first hundred years (Roman time) worth of imperial collapse during the last 18 months (our time); so we've got several more years (perhaps a decade) of increasing chaos and destruction ahead of us before we hit bottom. Then we'll stabilize at a much less complex, gaudy, and self-aggrandizing level before the next big empire building plunge (probably by the Chinese).

The collapse could come sooner, of course, whenever our international creditors start dumping our Treasuries, or Isreal decides it can get away with bombimg Iran like it did Iraq and Syria. No pretty way out of this one.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

My headline is sarcasm.


Thanks Elaine, another great article.

You mention: "He was re-elected and continued to destroy the SS value by overspending in wars and other stupid things".

Well, yes and no. He won the election but it was by fraudulent means as documented by much evidence like in the Michael Collins link provided.


People and businesses should take advantage of the brief respite in energy and food prices to hedge or hoard any supplies for the upcoming winter. The hell hounds will be piling right back into commodities when they finish riding the current bounce up to DOW 12,000 if they are lucky. The treasury and the fed will continue their policy low interest rates and a weak dollar, screw the savers since there aren't really any significant ones left in the US. Plus high oil prices were putting a major crimp on the refining profits of the majors.

As for Iran, reminds me of the following saying taken to a new level of cynicism:
"Qui desiderat pacem praeparet bellum (Let him who desires peace prepare for war)". Israel would attack Iran tomorrow if it thought America was truly seeking peace with Iran.

As long as interest rates are well below the rate of inflation and war preparations continue in earnes, any respite in energy and food is only a brief window of opportunity to prepare for the inevitable future.

Reimund from Berlin

I am sure bombing Iran will cause no collapse just as bombing Syria caused no collapse.


Palm Beach County Foreclosure Report


"KG" just sent me a link to the Palm Beach County Foreclosure Report. It is updated every few days to include the next three or four dates where the gavel falls on the average homeowner.

I did a quick search and found

21 Wells Fargo properties
5 Wachovia properties
45 Deutche Bank properties
7 Bank of New York properties

Your results will vary as the report is continually changing. This is just one county in one state out of 50. The REOs keep piling up week after week, month after month.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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Palm Beach County Foreclosure Report
Posted by Michael Shedlock at 3:33 AM Print


elaine, check out

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, Bush stole the first election and the second election, his Skull and Bones bunk mate, Kerry, threw the election. I was very deeply involved in both elections, trying to show clearly that Bush went AWOL during the Vietnam War and especially in the infamous Geronimo's skull business. It was all very ugly and McCain promised me he would demand Bush release all his military records and return Geronimo's skull to the Apaches. He then chickened out at the last minute right before the big press conference we arranged in DC.

I was furious. Gads.....the Bushes are all secret coven satanists.


A McCain promise? Akin to his wedding vows? akin to his promise to give only name rank and serial number?
Here is McCain as he should be seen:

Paul S

Elaine: What makes you say "Dubaya's" elections were stolen? Just because his brother is Governor of Florida,fraudulent vote certifier Kathleen Harris is now a member of Congress and--for the first time ever, the vote counting in Florida was handled by a contractor with an admitted 15% error rate, you think that proves anything? (Bush won Florida by something on the order of 537 votes.) Or just because all of the media repeatedly said--falsely--that the polls in the Florida panhandle were closed, you think that proves something? You must be a conspiracy nut. Wait 'til Dubaya cancels the upcoming election. It could happen. These guys are so supremely arrogant I don't doubt they may try it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The clue is simple: the Supreme Court prevented Florida from carefully examining the ballots and said we basically have no right to vote for President, it was a courtesy rather than a right.


"Is there any reason why the American people should be taxed to guarantee the debts of banks, any more than they should be taxed to guarantee the debts of other institutions, including merchants, the industries, and the mills of the country?"
Senator Carter Glass, Author of the Banking Act of 1933

Paulson & Bernanke's soul(less) purpose is to guarantee the survival of the moneyed Nobility. Capitalism/Free markets with no regulation or restraints are designed to impoverish the populace. Communism/taxpayer bailouts are what the politicians, banks, and industry believe to be their inherent right. In fact, IMHO, capitalism has never flourished without the some form of slavery and indentured servitude of human beings. What we are witnessing is the Capitalism "dead cat" bounce.


Have a look at Paulson's pinky finger here. Looks like someone had a 'discussion' with him before he came to 'power'.


Buffalo Ken

rockpaperscizzors - I agree.

And the good news is - there are better ideas out there.

This is not a riddle: What is faster than light?

Answer: An idea!

(of course, it all depends upon the definition of "fast" and I think propagation matters in this definition)

An idea can propagate so rapidly. An idea can be exponential.

Does any of this make sesne to you?

Buffalo Ken

plus an idea never ends...

ideas are infinite or at least they can be

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ken, I fear that the hardest thing to get moving is also...an idea. The act of thinking many things through and judging ideas is very, very difficult. Most people end up becoming mobs.

This is also a problem: many ideas that are bad for us appeal to 'the inner child'. This, in turn, renders people more likely to go for Santa Claus solutions, just for example.

Frankly, right now, most people in America want MORE debt and they want it to be as cheap as possible. Until we grow up, this is going to be a severe problem blocking out any 'ideas' that aren't attempts at getting some sort of free funny money.



I note in an earlier post you chided Ron Paul for not being more forceful in his attack on the current corrupt system.

This perhaps implied that he talks the talk and doesn't walk the walk.

Did you know his closest advisor, Kent Snyder, died of pneumonia a few months ago. At 49.

It's been kept very quiet.

It coincided with Ron Paul's withdrawal from the Presidential race.

I wonder why.


Nice quote over at Why no Outrage?:

Once upon a time, economists taught that a currency draws its strength from the balance sheet of the central bank that issues it. I expect that this doctrine, which went out with the gold standard, will have its day again.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, I knew about the terrible, early death of his good friend and political helpmate. But Paul withdrew before his aide got sick. He couldn't take the 'revolution' bull by the horns which isn't so surprising.

Revolutions are, by definition, a young person's affair. Older people can inspire but not lead for the simple reason, these things are battles to the death.

Kucinich, by the way, was very forceful about the whole FISA business when Congress went into secret meetings for only the third time in history.

He is younger than Paul and had more endurance for that night meeting set up to destroy the Constitution further.


Thanks RobG for the link. IMHO, the populace is gang-chained to credit card debt. The credit card was surreptitiously handed to the populace to replace increased living wages. As wages decreased, all members of the household became forced labor and infants/children warehoused. Revolving debt=lifetime slavery.

I live in a large city and the smart people who pay as you go are the immigrants from Poland. Everything is cash, even purchasing houses. And they've built a labor bartering community.

Wall Street, casinos, racetracks, and lottery commonalities; 1) the tables are weighted for the majority to lose, 2) they exist for the mere thrill of gambling (exercise is a much healthier way to raise dopamine and serotonin brain levels). Just maybe, the Rip Van Winkle's are waking up.

Wall Street and the banks have rung the death knell and it's reverberating around the world. Goodbye Wall Street.


Great video: Financial Crisis Protest - New York, April 25, 2008

The First Revolution was the Monarchy's taxation of the Colonies Without Representation. The bailout of Wall Street and the banks(nobility) is once again, Taxation without Representation.

"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery." --Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774. (*) ME 1:193, Papers 1:125

Paul S

Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) may be a good candidate to carry the torch. He's young and hopefully he has a safe House seat. I don't think one can be too harsh re Ron Paul. You try battling special interests as powerful as Paul does and you will understand the frustration. There comes a point when you are so outnumbered and outgunned that you start to wonder, "What is the point?" It's time for US to do the spade work and give people like Ron Paul the support they need. Of course, if you look at how badly the system is tilted in the bad guys favor, it makes one wonder why ANYBODY even tries. The US Congress has been too corrupt for too long.


Did you know that the man who came up with the idea of a "minimum monthly payment" on credit cards moved to an undisclosed island in the Pacific many years ago and lives incognito to avoid assassination?

As for Ron Paul, it is no surprise that people yawn at him now. I do not read anything he writes now because he failed to do the right thing in the end. His failure was collossal.

It was not necessary for him to lead a revolution, but it was absolutely essential that he resign from the gang of criminals known as the Rupublican Party as a matter of honor and declare his allegiance to someone who would lead the country away from the catastrophe that awaits us.

I always felt deep-down he would take the four million he got from donors and then "retire".

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ron is old. It is a sad fact of life that fighting is a young person's game. Old people can be generals who give guidance but the 'stand up and FIGHT' part is strictly a youthful exercise. I am immensely pleased to see many young people struggling to do this very thing.

When Ron's delegates were shut out of the Texas Republican Convention this year, Ron should have left the party. This would have encouraged them in their battle with the guys who use Ron as a tool. It would have flipped them the hell out if Ron backed his own rebels!

But he did not. This is a significant tactical failure on his part. My heart goes out to everyone to took the time to try to force their way onstage.

But then the left 'Netsroots Nation' had ITS convention where the ruling Democrats screwed them and defanged them pretty completely. Even after a big dust-up online about the FISA bill, the Netroots people were puppies when Pelosi showed up and wrung all of their tails. Hard.

So we are far, far from revolutionary status. When the US truckers, pipe fitters, farmers and other rough and tumble people get pissed, then it will happen. Not before then.

southerniowa gal

Hi Elaine and all at this blog,

This blog has become one of my favorites to read, but this is the first time I've posted. I must admit that some of what you're saying is still going over my head, but what I catch is definately fitting in with my mindset and things I've read the last couple of years.

I'm not young anymore and I can't believe how totally clueless I've been, even about the history of the US and definately about the rest of the world, and definately about politics, corruption, and world finances. I've always been very conservative with personal finances and I guess instinctively knew something was very, very wrong with all this, but didn't know exactly what. I think alot of good hardworking 'normal' people just except things because that is not their field of expertise, and think others know better or more. Although most of us believe there is corruption in our government, I for one totally underestimated it.

My kids (now grown and on their own) actually think this is a hoot because they never heard me talk politics so much, or history, or finance other than personal finances when they were at home (or reading so much). I quess I thought I was 'too busy'. BIG MISTAKE! Nobody can be to busy. I just hope it's not too late.

Anyway I'm awake now and learning! Thanks Elaine for all your hard work. I love your writing style. And thanks to the other posters. I'm not only learning I'm talking to others as well.

Paul S

I agree. Ron Paul should have gone the third party route, but he didn't. He could have had his name on the ballot this election and probably influenced the outcome a la Perot. I think it will be a tight race this year--in election result--between Obama and McCain. What does everyone else think? (Safe bet: McCain will win Florida.)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Who will be the next Hoover? Who? Who? hahaha. Alas.

Southerniowa gal: hi! Welcome! Happy to hear from you! The arcane business of money is this way deliberately because if the players said, 'this is MAGIC' everyone would hoot and holler.

But it is 'magic'.



Sad to say, I no longer think it matters who wins the Presidential (or Congressional)elections. Domestically and internationally both candidates and both parties will do the same thing:

1) jigger with various spending/tax cut scenarios that increase government debt while giving the financial elite unlimited funds they seek to (try to) maintain their luxurious status quo (in the name of helping "ordinary Americans", of course).

2) continue to expand U.S military "presence" around the world (that pesky endless War on Terror), and letting Israel drag us into war with Iran should they so choose.

The only difference between McCain and Obama at this point is which set of cronies will profit most from the victory and which rah-rah rhetoric will be used to continue the status quo.

Whoever gets into office is facing a shitstorm of economic trouble which our typical "squeaky wheel gets the grease" official crisis management will only make worse, yet both candidates want to spend most of their time talking about Iraq, Afganistan and Iran, and the Next Big Threat. The last time this kind of scenario unfolded (1930-1932) the world went straight to economic hell while gearing up for the biggest war ever.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Sad to say, you are probably correct.

Paul S

Michael and Elaine: you two may be right, but I want to remain optimistic. I think Bush and Cheney are two of the slimiest to hold their respective offices. I hope a Democrat-controlled Congress and with Obama in the White House, things can only get better. On the negative side, it's all relative; ANYBODY will be better than those two nazis Bush and Cheney. And I don't throw the term 'nazi' around lightly.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, if everyone decides to pull Obama's strings to force him along the exact same path we are now on, then all is lost. They still think the present path is the best one of all. I write here to dissuade everyone about this. No, the US cannot go into infinite debt. It is totally impossible.

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