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Blunt Force Trauma

Oh, that's good. Helicopter Ben is investing in my country. How many economies does that guy need to wreck?



Elaine Meinel Supkis

We will ship Bernake over to Montreal, Blunt Force T.

Dragon: please translate. We need to know what our future bosses think.


Dear Elaine,
Ron Paul recently stated that members of Congress have already basically accepted the notion of blockading and bombing Iran. Will China continue to fund washingtons pofilgate war spending? What clues can we look for that China is just done with us? Do you expect any change in chinese policy after the olympics?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ralph, if we were standing on a ledge with a knife in our hands screaming we want to kill the cat that is perched just out of reach, should we expect the Dragon to save us? Or hand us a knife and watch the fun?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

In other words, after this war kills our economy, destroys our military powers and ruins our fiances, who wins?


I see this outcome too. Why can't your voice be heard? You should be a speaker at Ron Pauls massive rally in Minneapolis!!! You should contact someone at his campaign office or something. I love your writing, reading your stuff makes my day. The sex crazed gnome idea is so strong. Keep it up.



You must get published !

In the future, your writings may stimulate some study programs
at decent universities. Money and Mythology it could be called.
Or Money and Sex Studies. Or Money and the Human Subconscious.

I'd suggest you go to Common Courage Press in Monroe Maine
They edit and publish a lot of Chomsky's writings. There are several other publishers that publish Chomsky,Zinn, Cockburn,
and Naomi Klein's material. Your blog is one of the best and you
have some unique concepts I've seen nowhere else

You need a good editor and publisher to put your writings into
a book or pamphlet form. You should reach a wider audience
and get your ideas out more into the public.

What the hell ? At least your writings will go on the record and help stimulate future leaders.


No. I have the perfect book for Elaine to write on economic warfare.

Elaine, you have a gift to see inside of each of the players and understant their motives.

Sadly, so many of the characters you write about (I guess mainly the UK and US) seem so dumb. For certain, we have the dumbest people.

And still, it's only business. Bravo.


The single greatest weapon any enemy can possess is for its opponents to believe it to be dumb, inept, foolish. It is naieve to attribute to stupidity what can be as easily and more honestly attributed to malice.



Do you mind if your readers organize/look for/donate for you a publisher in order to you write a book about you and your thoughts ?

By the way, maybe we should set up a «Elaine Supkis» fun club !


sorry: «Fan», not «fun».

Elaine Meinel Supkis

No, FUN not fan. Except for hot days. Then may be a fan.

Getting published: if I do this, I have to stop the web site for a book is very time consuming. In winter, I have more time, am not outside working so much, maybe. Except when it snows. Then I am out plowing.


UK is not very healthy. It's about to croak.


In Britain, the government has resorted to its highest level of borrowing since the public finance records first began in 1946. It borrowed $49 billion in the last three months, an annual rate of $200 billion, which is close to 10 percent of GDP.

In June the prices British manufacturers paid for their raw materials and fuel jumped by 30 percent from the previous year. Motoring costs are up 24 percent and food prices up 10 percent.

And yet foreign investment into London reached a record high this year, despite the financial crisis. A record 178 international companies set up or expanded business in the capital in the year to March, pumping $1.5 billion into the city's economy and creating more than 6,000 new jobs. Most of the investment, about 30 percent, came from the United States, 9 percent each from India and China, 8 percent from Australia, 7 percent from France and 6 percent from Japan.


I thought the UK was a EU member, and that all EU members were required to have balanced budgets?


Is anybody interested in buying a book from Elaine published using lulu.com ? 100 books with 200 pages each would cost only 6.93 USD. For me it would be a precious gift to give to some friends of mine.

Anyone interested can contact me using [email protected]. Then I will send the list to Elaine in order to convince her to make a book.


100 books with 200 pages each would cost only 6.93 USD each book.


Interesting death grip happening at WaMu: (Death Spiral Financing):

Even if TPG took no action on its own accord, others understanding the implications of the ratchet agreements WaMu agreed to, probably shorted the hell out of it. Any company that desperate or that stupid deserved to be shorted into oblivion.

The CEO, CFO, and COO all ought to get fired for agreeing such terms as well as for not seeing the need to raise capital until shares fell to $13. Then again, those executives paid the ultimate sacrifice of foregoing their bonus for a quarter.

WaMu Is Screwed

Washington Mutual is screwed. It cannot raise capital by equity deals even if it wants to. Those who translated "We have no plans to raise capital" into "No Need to Raise Capital" are sadly mistaken.

WaMu desperately needs to raise capital. However, those death spiral financing arrangements it made means WaMu can't raise capital. And if WaMu can't raise capital, it stands to reason it would have no plans to do so.

Paul S

Under-rating one's opponent is not good obviously, but there's a deadlier weapon your enemy can have. That is when YOU feel you are special; that you are part of an elite. When you feel that you are so much more brilliant than your adversary you will always win; that you can fool, swindle or strong arm ANYONE you so desire to treat that way. I beleive this describes our ruling class in the US. Chairman Mao said it: when the US loses its moral underpinnings, it will be finished as a world power. Mao knew his history. What is happening to the US is a good example of what happens to a ruling class when you combine supreme arrogance and total incompetence. Exhibit A: look who is their figurehead leader, the President of the US, "Dubaya". Case closed.

Bear of Little Brain


"I thought the UK was a EU member, and that all EU members were required to have balanced budgets?"

There is a thing about deficit limits of 3% of GDP. A quick check to see when Germany became the culprit (2002, then on for a few years) reveals that France, Italy and six recent entrants all exceeded the limit. I think that, because the UK is not in the Euro (yet?), the Maastricht treaty penalties cannot be invoked.

Whatever, the USSE is going to face its first real test over the next few years. The NWO may find it difficult to hold things together in the face of mass unemployment, if it goes that way. If you don't know Europe, you cannot imagine the possibilities for friction, dissension and conflict - between and within countries. Let's face it, at the most basic level, there is not even an agreed common language. To me, common sense would indicate that the first priority is a common language, not a common currency. Maybe "they" think it is easier to divide and rule without one. The too-obvious choice would have been English, an obvious non-starter for the French. Ho, hum.

On another tack, I just watched Bunning on Bloomberg discussing this Freddie/Fannie/All-of-Hank's-buddies bailout legislation. He said that 700 pages had just been added to the Bill. Strange how these things spring fully-formed in a matter of days or so when a crisis is created/occurs. Reminds me of the Patriot Act.

They wouldn't be thinking of crashing the currency and issuing Amero's (another fully-formed solution), would they? No, didn't think so.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

English replace French? HAHAHA. Nope.

GERMAN replaces the others....OOOOPSIE! Der Heiligen Romanisch Reich...Sieg Heil!

About the book: PJSV, sounds interesting. I want it to be low cost due to people not being rich.


Hey, a book documenting the current collapsing global economic arrangement is worth reading. I bet a lot of big economist are very polite and don't dare to say exactly what happens.



I receivede an email from one of your readers interested in the «book». Myself, I yould be interested in 3 or 4. So, I think you should do a post about you publish book about your thoughts and background, using lulu.com or a regular publisher. After all you have several hundreds of users daily. I wouldn't be hard do sell. Each book costing you less them 10 USD, you could make also some profit.

PS: I don't have any affiliation with lulu.com.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

PJSV, it would have to have lots of cartoons, of course.

Summer is a bad time since I am outside as much as possible. Right now, I am building a new road that is over a mile long up the mountainside. This involves lots and lots of digging. During the digging, I am getting lots of rocks which are moved to where the stone wall are rising, stone by stone. So there are few idle hours. But starting in October, once the food is secured, the firewood sawn up and chopped and stacked and all the roads in good working order, then I have many hours for doing indoor things.


OMG, Elaine is going to explode tomorrow - House passes the bailout - bumps up the national debt to >$10.6 trillion.


South Korea's Economy Likely Maintained Pace of Growth, Spurred by Exports South Korea's economy probably expanded in the second quarter at the same pace as the first as export gains made up for cooling consumer and business spending.

Japan June Unadjusted Trade Surplus at 138.6 Billion Yen: Table of the Day Following is a summary of Japan's merchandise trade balance from the Ministry of Finance in Tokyo.

yep. The big asian economy are all lowering their currency. China is joining soon. (what good is giant forex reserve if not for playing the game to pump up the economy?) Use it or lose it right?

So, everybody there will start using their gigantic pile of money.

It'll be interesting what china will do.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. Just got up due to fierce lightning bolts shaking the entire house. What storms we are having! 4 inches of rain so far tonight....

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