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Christian W

In a mirror move Republicans wanted to create tolls on the internet in 2006. Bloggers are hated now by the establishment, they noticed bloggers are capable of providing free speech and indpendent thought to a large part of the population, so it would not surprise me if the establishment will eventually find a way to limit the internet.


Wow, more parallels to Weimar Germany as the FDIC GETS ACCESS TO FED WINDOW!

http://theautomaticearth.blogspot.com/2008/07/ debt-rattle-july-31-2008-oh-boy-oh-boy.html

Fire up the printers boys!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks, GK. Hard to keep up with the crap.


Too late. There go the airports.


And there go Indiana Highways.



Elaine, I told you about PPPs/infraestructure privatization.

As we have here in Portugal, you gonna be flooded by PPPs. It's the only way that foreigners accept to put more money inside US.

Portugal has 3,2% of european high-ways but only represents 1,4% of european GDP. Our government says that we need a new airport in Lisbon, when the current one has enought free space to expand and aviation business is contracting. Our prime-minister, Socrates, also wants to build high-speed rail-ways when we already have fairly good system between Oporto and Lisbon, the 2 main cities. You know, our government has a lot of «connections» with the PPP lobby... Here in Portugal Blogs has been the main factor against this massive projects that will increase our debts at expense of future generations. Our Media is silent and our oposition leaders also approve this projects...

The US situation it's very similar to ours: You have the Israel-mainstreamedia-financial-militar complex that buys the politicians from both parties. We have the PPP-complex.

I think you can also forecast US future looking to portuguese economy.

By the way, as you can see here, our main PPP company Brisa, has already started to invest in US: http://www.tollroadsnews.com/node/3263.

But, anyway, Brisa last quarter results has been bad. Easy credit for PPP is vanashing...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Massive public projects make everyone happy. Then selling these things off at a huge discount to private people is a big money maker for a host of drones and gnomes.

But the differential ends up on the tax rolls. As this accumulates, the overhead destroys the GDP of the entire economy and then everyone goes bust.

This is why any nation running in the red CANNOT report a positive GDP.


A nation run by Goldman Sachs can report anything it wants. Nikita Kruschev reported huge milk surpluses, saying that they would drown the US in milk. Just like we are drowning everyone in jobs now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports fiction, and Goldman Sachs backs up whatever fiction is convenient with their Treasury trading accounts. This is a casino, and when the house is losing, they just bring another shoe and hold your chips.


(X-Posted @ Wild Wild Left)

Sometimes I ask people troubling questions. Your average person doesn't do this, at least not where I come from (Connecticut). But I am not at all one-sided about this; I ask myself troubling questions even more often. Would you like an example of (what should be) a slightly troubling question? Okay. "Should people be allowed to sell themselves into slavery?" Most people would probably assume that since slavery was abolished in the Civil War, the issue is moot. WRONG!!! You thought that demon was safely locked away in it's little cage? You didn't see its tail curling around behind you? Fooled yet again? Americans are carefully trained to be fools, you know. Now, here's a little "test." Ready? Okay:


Inca Children "Fattened" Up For Sacrifice - Study

((----- Copy & Paste - W/O The Line Breaks -----))


Oct 1, 2007

«LONDON (Reuters) - Hair samples taken from child mummies suggest the ancient Incas "fattened" up children chosen for ritual sacrifice months before actually killing them, British researchers said on Monday.

«A chemical analysis of four mummies found high in the Andes mountains also indicates the Incans took the children on a lengthy pilgrimage prior to the killings, the team said. In the case of the 15-year-old "Llullaillaco Maiden" the road to death started at least 12 months before.

«"We are looking at a process that began a considerable amount of time before their death," said Andrew Wilson, an archaeologist at the University of Bradford, who led the study. "The maiden was essentially being fattened up or prepared for her final fate at least 12 months before her killing."»

Does this story trouble you? First of all, I have a wicked bias against anthropologists and archaeologists to begin with. Something about them just seems to have a very false ring. This post isn't about some archaeological analysis concerning what might have transpired in the Peruvian Andes 500 years ago. This is about the notion of "Fattened Up For Sacrifice"! It's a troubling, yet very enduring theme. Troubling question: "What would it really feel like to be the one being "Fattened Up For Sacrifice"? The road to death! Can you even imagine it? Or rather, are you EXPERIENCING it? Who you gonna call? I had to Google around for it, but here's an old story I was looking for, I think:

Guerrilla News Network

Rockefeller Family Fables: Exxon, Eugenics, and CO²
May 18, 2008
By Sharon Smith



«By design, the Rockefellers have received no blame for their pivotal role in destroying the vast trolley car system that dominated U.S. cities before the 1940s, thereby increasing city dwellers’ dependency on automobiles and gas-fueled bus lines. Yet the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil of California joined General Motors, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California and Phillips Petroleum to form the National City Lines holding company, which bought out and dismantled more than 100 trolley systems in 45 cities (including New York, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Minneapolis and Los Angeles) between 1936 and 1950.

«In 1949, these corporate defendants were acquitted of conspiring to monopolize transportation services. Indeed, the corporations behind National City Lines were each fined just $5,000—while each of their directors paid a mere $1 fine—a small price to pay for the windfall in profits they all enjoyed in the decades that followed. Congress offered up tax dollars to build the enormous highway infrastructure that encouraged automobile travel in the 1950s, while federal investment in mass transit and train systems languished. As Noam Chomsky noted, “By the mid-1960s, one out of six business enterprises was directly dependent on the motor vehicle industry.”»

Well, in the late 1960s I worked for the Connecticut Highway Department's Division of Surveys and Plans. We were building superhighways! I was at the bottom of the hierarchy, so I did many odd tasks. I might be hacking "sight lines" through tangled brush with a machete one day, and pumping the One Armed Bandit the next. The One Armed Bandit was a slot machine-like device that mostly cranked out square roots. It took hundreds of little gears to get to six decimal places, so the cranking required the application of considerable physical effort. They had one of the world's first computers, a rectangular box about the size of a sofa inside a Plexiglas coffin. It cost a couple million (sixties dollars!), and couldn't do 5% of what your PC can do. I know some things about highways.

I vaguely remember the astronomical construction costs. Something like a couple million for each tenth of a mile for a super. Mountains had to be literally moved (-- cut/fill --), communities relocated, etc., etc. Everything about this entailed tankerful after tankerful of oil. One quite simply does not move mountains with solar cells. The kicker was that after the brand-spanking- new super was commissioned, it would INSTANTLY begin to fall apart. The earth refuses to remain even under flat pavement. Hot and cold cycles disintegrate the pavement. Vehicles pound on it. And grass grows in the resulting cracks. And trees encroach in the right-of- way, then eventually fall on the highway. Vast quantities of focused, hard energy are constantly needed to maintain a nature defying, modernated superhighway. People talk about miles per gallon -- if they only knew about the GALLONS PER MILE!!!

Then there's the vehicles. How much energy is expended at steel mills to produce auto bodies? Plastic interiors? Electronic gizmos? Low-oxygen copper rotors and stators in alternators? Window glass? Etc?, etc?, etc? You mileage may vary, but JUST THE MANUFACTURE of an average motor vehicle uses up about the same amount of energy as the vehicle will consume as fuel over its lifespan!!! And the new hybrid cars need far more copper and gismos!

The Freedom of the Open Road!!!

Conspicuously Gaudy, Hyper-Modernated Suburban Ranches!!!

We have sold our souls for these perks, and our asses will follow! Oriental folks will own our roads and our mortgages now. Not individually, but collectively, we have been sold right down the fast lane to slavery. It's a great day! Go for a nice drive!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The earliest computer was in Chicago. It was for nuclear bombs. Then given over part of the time to astronomers. I remember the mechanical machines for calculating things, I used to play with them behind my dad's back.

Love the square root churning machine. It is very much a religious connection, by the way. The churn that turns the box of magic that first grinds out gold, then salt then man's bones is such a machine. And square roots are very, very magical as any Pythogorian knows.

Buffalo Ken

blues - thanks for your insights.

I think I posted awhile back about sabotage of mass tranportation - it was a conscious effort of the oil/car corporate entities with GM at the forefront -- didn't GM just post something like 15.5 billion in losses? It is not a coincidence. In a way, GM is emblematic of the us of a. Broken from top to bottom but for the us of a mostly broken in the made-up, over-centralized, no-good, fucked-up, federal city of DC. The loonitary unitard executive, the do-nothing legislative, and the lawless judiciary. They are all so broken. They are all liars, theives, and criminals. They deserve what they are going to get and it ain't going to be pretty for them! Seems this way to me.

In my way of sensing things, you could call it "karma in action". I think karma is going exponential and its "wrapping" is going to start happening in days rather than decades or centuries. Everythings faster now. Wouldn't you say?

In thinking about it though, I say lets go ahead and sell all of our damn car roads. Let em have em cause they ain't really worth diddily anyhow when you consider all of the previously hidden costs that are now being revealed. Let em also purchase all the big planes and all the airports. Both cars and planes are so wasteful. If someone wants to get somewhere real fast, then they ought to have to pay the requisite price - a price that reflects the true cost. You know it is old life that is providing the fuel - we've been irreverently burning the dinasaurs and the trees like there ain't no tomorrow. It is almost as if someone is trying to make hell on earth, and it is so sad because this place could be like paradise. I've sensed it - have you?

On the other hand, tranportation along two rails is SO, SO much more efficient from the standpoint of energy. Trains can be local and they can be long distance. Trains can be slower or faster depending on the need. Trains are the way to go and I think unlike the time of the robber barons, EVERYONE should own the rails.

For that matter, I think everyone should own transportation. If it goes through your communinity you are entitled to a portion of any profits, and this would not be difficult to implement or enforce. In fact, communities could demand it, and if it isn't forthcoming then ALL transportation could literally be shutdown. That would be shame, but it does speak to who is in the "drivers seat".

Localism is coming one way or the other. Globalism is a fiction if it doesn't recognize localism as primary.

Furthermore, corporate entities are NOT ALIVE and those corporate entities that refuse to recognize the sanctity of life should be swiftly and harshly terminated. Literally. How ironic it would be to KILL the corporations that in reality have never been alive in the first place.

It is time to regain our better humanity because if not, time is running out. Don't you think?

I think time is of the essence. Time is infinite (with or without "us").


Buffalo Ken

and bicycles make a lot of sense also...plus, they are good excercise!


Hi Elaine, you lived through this NYC brink of bankruptcy 33 years ago, and it must be sickening to see it happening again.

New York and California are the crown jewels of the US economy and their governments are being systematically dismembered as shown below.

Can you imagine Schwartzenegger cutting 200,000 state workers' salaries to minimum wage? So much for employment contract law.

You are on your own folks.


"IT HAS been 33 years since the headline “Ford to City: DROP DEAD” was on the front page of the Daily News, but it has not been forgotten by New Yorkers. At the time, New York was on the brink of bankruptcy. The city defaulted on some bonds and owed $5 billion. One in five of all city jobs (including police ones) were eventually eliminated. The city closed several firehouses. But Gerald Ford was unhelpful.

Now, because of Wall Street’s ongoing meltdown, another fiscal crisis appears imminent, this time at state level. Costs are rising and revenues are falling fast. In June 2007 the 16 banks that pay the most taxes on their profits remitted $173m to the state treasury. Last month this dropped to $5m, a 97% decrease. This is a frightening fall given how much the state’s coffers rely on Wall Street taxes: 20% of all state revenues come from financial companies."


"Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, delivered on his threat to lay off thousands of state employees on Thursday when he signed an executive order in an attempt to solve the state's budget crisis.

The move, dismissed by critics as a gesture to force legislators to reach a compromise on how to resolve the state's $15bn budget deficit, left more than 10,000 part-time and temporary employees without work yesterday. The order also reduced the pay of up to 200,000 state employees to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour, below California's minimum."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is how depressions evolve: dropping wages, loss of jobs, falling asset values, bankrupt banks. Eventually, inflation dies because there is less money circulating.

Inflating the money to prevent this merely launches hyperinflation.

This is why steady, sane banking, lending and spending matter so much. Once you fall into a fiscal hole, it is very hard to get out of again.

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