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From Bernankes testimony you are 100% correct. All the clowns on Capitaline Hill want INFLATION!!!(besides Ron Paul).We truly are so doomed. Hyperinflation is just a year or so away. I know you hate gold, and silver as refuges from govt inflation and destruction. Where can one put money than? As you point out, why park $ in a bank @ 3% taxable, when they are dying by the day? Not only are you incurring counterparty risk by doing this, but by holding your savings in dollars you assume payment risk, because the Congress all wants HYPERINFLATION. Please help me. I have some inheritance and dont trust any of these clown financial advisors, who tell me Buy Mutual Funds! Save $ by investing in stocks! I trust you. You know the game better than all these clowns.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Gold and silver are just fine. But they also are used to kill off excess dollars. The guys running this show wait to the last minute to raise rates and voila! The price of silver and gold drops along with oil and other things and THIS CASH VANISHES.

See? They control this dynamic. They know the game. Gold hits $2000, this sucks up a lot of loot and bang! They raise interest rates, the price of gold collapses along with oil, etc. And the money is 'washed out of the system'.

If the rich were buying gold, then we buy gold. But they are NOT. Not at all. The third world is buying gold because of domestic inflation. We, on the other hand, won't be allowed to function with this back door exit to protect our funds.

I have lost huge sums of money thanks to the inflation/interest rate games. I learned the HARD WAY. This is why I remember what happened 30 years ago, 25 years ago. Even 18 years ago! OUCH.

See? There are no real safe havens to protect wealth, all we can do is MOVE things around to dodge the counter attacks which are set up to separate us from our savings! Two years ago, gold was an excellent exit. Today: a lot dicier.

All this talk about inflation is important. IF our government insists on this in the next three months, we will see gold shoot up and riding that pony one more lap might work. But be prepared for having to jump off it again!

Key to watch: interest rates vis a vis inflation rates. All I can say is, good luck. Everyone's savings should be protected. This is a high priority. But not in modern America, alas.

Royal Dutch Paper

Just a question. Does anyone here believe their vote actually counts?


I read only half way, however, so far so good. Today's fake rally is coming on the back of the Swiss bank and the chf. A deal is made to protect the tax cheats at UBS and muzzle the irs, in return for overnight chf repos. The cable is also in , or the volume would overwhem the usd/chf cross. For some reason, the manipulators feel the need to maintain appearances. Sell the usd/chf and the gbp/chf. This is not investment advice. Just some random musings, not to be taken as investment advice.


Tales from the Tanned One (he was buying off judges…who would have thunk it?):

In January 2004, Richard Aldrich, a California state appeals court judge, decided to refinance his 8,200-square-foot house next to a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course at the Sherwood Country Club in Westlake Village. He turned to a prominent Sherwood member: Countrywide Financial chief executive Angelo Mozilo.

Aldrich’s application was assigned to a loan officer named Robert Feinberg; the judge was seeking a $1 million loan and a $900,000 line of credit. By email, Feinberg alerted Mozilo that the credit line was “above what guidelines allow.” Mozilo responded, “Go ahead and approve the loan, and close it as soon as possible. Don’t worry about this deal, it’s golden.” Countrywide further waived half a point, or $5,000 on the million-dollar loan. (Homebuyers can reduce their interest rates by paying points, which are equal to 1 percent of the value of a loan.)

That wasn’t Aldrich’s only contact with Countrywide. At the time he refinanced, a class action lawsuit against Countrywide was pending before the appellate court, brought by borrowers contending that the company offered an inadequate payment to settle allegations that it charged excessive fees for credit reports. That August, Aldrich was part of a three-judge panel that unanimously rejected the borrowers’ appeal.


p boone wickets

There won't be massive commodity deflation: China is building out all of Africa's infrastructure in exchange for natural resource concessions.

I've seen it myself first-hand!

Buffalo Ken

joyride on the so-called street of walls today, but my bet is that a dead cat is bouncing somewhere.....then it will come to a rest and truly be dead.

True story: About two years ago I pulled a dead cat out of Providence Rd - that cat had been there for over a year. It was nothing but skin, hair, and bones. Somebody had to do it, so I did.


Buffalo Ken

I mean I walked by that spot several times a month at least to mail letters or buy some tea.

That damn dead cat just stayed there forever. I was tired of smelling it at first and then just plum tired of seeing it after that (after awhile the smell stops). Anyhow, I'm glad a pulled the carcass of the road.

Now that spot is much more pleasant. And to think it was on Providence Rd. I'm embarrassed to live in a city that leaves carcasses all over the place. We could do so much better.


Buffalo Ken

I'm glad "I" pulled it off the road....not "a". Oh well.

So calvino I was thinking perhaps your name means "calvin" & "no". If so, I agree. I can't stand the idea of "predestiny" as if it has all been planned in advance. Give me a break - there is no such thing as predestiny in "reality" that excludes imagination! If not, no harm between you and I.


Buffalo Ken

I think Henry Blodgett (or whatever his name was) used to cover Fuel Cell Energy. If so, I wonder what he really knew versus what he said publically.

He seemed like a big-time bull-scheister (shitter) to me from the get go.

Buffalo Ken

By the way - last post for the day, but I took the dead cat to the dumpster. I didn't know where else to put it. It was double-bagged so I think it was safely disposed. As the boy scouts would say: Be prepared. As the unitarians would say: Have a big heart? Or maybe it is the universalists who would say that. I suspect so. Regardless, that dead cat is long gone.


Quote from Nakedcapitalism:

"The real answer is to nationalize the Federal Reserve and allow the Treasury to print money without debt. You can't get out of debt by creating more of it. It is time to reclaim our right to create money. The Banks have abused their money creating monopoly beyond repair. The answer is the government reclaiming what is under law their responsibility ... the creation of money without interest. Without injection of debt free currency the whole economy comes screeching to a halt."


Thailand raised their interest rate today
to 3.50. Maybe the boys on the hill
could learn something from a 3rd world
My vote Royal..not its all money...
Ask the guys on K-street....right Elaine..

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Many Asian nations except for the very important exception of Japan, are raising their interest rates and reserve requirements.


"So anyone who wishes to know the truth, gets it. With cartoons!"

Hahahahha I love it!

Great as always, thank you!

Btw, if the bankers lose their grip on society(which they might) we'll actually get a second renaissance. :)


This is a snow-job by the gov to boost the banks/market.

I bought puts on most financials today: fire-sale!

The bankers will never lose their grip on society: the people will just continue to

The most important thing to note is that while the US wastes money it doesn't have on useless imperial wars, China is securing more and more resources in Africa. The CFR and Rockefeller cabal are LOSING to the Chinese and Russians.

I am not voting: it's pointless.

Finally, the FFR will eventually go up, but does it matter? Will anyone care anymore? If the FFR is 3% and inflation is 12%, does it mean anything?

Remember, the worst inflation occured even when FFR was double-digits during the 70's. We've a LONG way to go.

Buffalo Ken

Hey Elaine is this just like it was when all the boys were clamoring.....

Now all these boys are doing the same thing for my two sweet and lovely daughters....

imagine that....

one day, i would love to go to berlin, ny.

one day this may happen.

one day in my dreams....

Buffalo Ken

7 + 9 = 16.

Numbers especially for the supposed 33rd are very



keep an eye out.


Happy Daze will be here again soon, muchachos !

I heard KIRO news yesterday reporting that the feds are thinking
of stimulating us yet again with another check. Ma and Pa Kettles
may take that RV out of the stable again if this happens and do
a cross town road trip to the nearest Resorts America "Preserve"
(they call their citified campgrounds "preserves" believe it or
not !)

As a sign of desperation on my part, about the only thing I can be happy about economically is my smugness about having been
suspicious of all the bandwagon rah-rah news since the reign of Saint Reagan and his son, Pope Greenspan.

What I want to know is where they buried Saint Milton Friedman of the fabled Chicago School of Economic Despots and Fundamentalists.
I'd like to go to the liquor store, buy a good bottle of 25yr Jamesons and let him have a little after passing it through my kidneys.

Bear of Little Brain

Correct me if I'm wrong:

My premise is that the US is no longer capable of paying off its debt. OK:

The US debt is too great to ever be paid off, unless it is with an ever-increasing rate of increasingly worthless dollars, or just plain defaulted on.

The first option requires an inflationary policy and a devaluing currency. This also makes savings pointless, but hard assets attractive. People will become poorer but, with luck, they continue to see bigger pay cheques, even though it buys less. If all goes well, the foreigners are never quite frightened enough to pull out of the dollar, and the peasants are never quite impoverished so quickly that they rebel. Finally, come one glorious dawn, the country has become poor enough to compete with the Asians, who have been becoming wealthier in the meantime. Things stop getting worse.

The default option has a certain "F*** you, and what are you going to do about it?" quality, that I find attractive in a nihilistic, we-paid-for-these-nukes-now-you'll-see-why kind of way, but I doubt if the Rothschilds would approve of that one.

So what of Elaine's higher interest rates? They would strengthen the dollar, making the debt even more difficult to ever pay down but, perversely, more attractive to own (being defined in appreciating dollars). Unfortunately, the other likely outcome is an all-out collapse of the hollowed-out US economy, which would at least have the positive effect of reducing or even putting a stop to the rate of increase in the national debt; a debt which is now even more difficult to pay down, because of the economic depression. Saving would indeed become attractive, but only the rich will have the excess cash to save. Everyone else will be in the soup queue. Social unrest will be almost certain. (Ironically, the way out of this will be massive government deficit spending, thus rendering all the previous suffering pointless, since we're back to the inflate-our-way-out-of-it option.)

The inflate-and-hope-we-don't-overdo-it option looks like the least bad to me. It's way too late for higher interest rates. The Rubicon was crossed some time ago. It really is "Full steam ahead, and damn the torpedoes".

If there is any consolation in this for Americans, it is that the UK is likely to be in a worse state, unless that nice M. Sarkozy and all his Anglophile friends welcome us into the bosom of the USSE. I'm sure they love us really. They just like to tease.

Buffalo Ken

i play mean....texas mean

i will take a special instrument....

i will use said instrument to tear into U....

the instrument will be born of recourse from that...

of which you your lonely unitary self do. How Ironic is that.....

the instrument will disembowel...what other way is there for there to be remedy...

I'm not sure, but what the heck, why not, i'll post this...i will...

Paul S

Phil Gramm. Just what the world needs: another slimy Texan who wants to get rich under the disguise of public service. Gramm points to a key problem to solve corruption in DC. These politicians do NOT go away after they leave office. They take their inside connections and get rich working in the private sector.

Bear of Little Brain


' The Rubicon was crossed some time ago. It really is "Full steam ahead, and damn the torpedoes".'

Nasty mixing of metaphors there.

Should read:

"Full Rubicon ahead, steam the torpedoes." That's better.

Bear of Little Brain

"Full Rubicon ahead. Steam the damned torpedoes".

By George, I've got it!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly In The Rubicon!

Sing the song together!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

About evading the destruction of savings: we try and try and we must outwit these guys. Simple interest rate hikes are the best tool they can use to kill gold and they will use this even if only for a few months, long enough to do the total destruction.

Look at how oil falls a mere 9 dollars and the stock market shoots to the moon! There is a sloshing tub full of inflation dollars seeking desperately to make more than the inflation rate.

So the guys conspiring to run things into the ground look at this and say, 'Hmmm....we have lots of room left.' And they will continue this see-saw game.

Sawing things means you go back and forth, cutting deeper and deeper.

Buffalo Ken

Yeah, but there are other realities out there and they are rapidly coming to the forefront....they are undeniable...they stem from deep origins...

they stem from the mother herself and she has had enough....or so it seems to a little me looking in upon from the outside...


Bear of Little Brain


Why do you think they want to kill gold?

What if "they" have been accumulating gold? Who bought all the gold the central banks have been selling off for so long? All the Central Bank gold, "leased" but sold into the market, perhaps never to be returned? What if "they" intend to destroy their own creations - the fiat currencies and replace them with a gold-backed currency system again?

A dynasty doesn't think in years, but decades, and centuries.

Now, where'd I put the tin foil?

Buffalo Ken

But, I don't think they want us to go away...they know how much we can contribute....

they know that our brains are amazing....

we have much to offer if we can only sense how to fit in...

Really - I think humanity is amazing and we are all about life to the extreme...life needs us and vice versa...don't




Buffalo Ken

gold, platinum, silver, etc....

there is a reason why they are in the chart the way they are....

but even so, we don't really need em...

but silver has so much going for it....in my opinion....

Buffalo Ken

One time a roman general went too far into germany...this general learned a hard lesson...a lesson apparently not properly learned...well time is of the essence...and some lessons are eternal...

Bear of Little Brain

Nicely spotted on the "By George…", my fair lady. ;-)

Buffalo Ken

good-bye, good-night, and if I knew how to say it in arabic I would....i wish we were totally out of the middle east...why, why, why.....

why is the us of a a broke and borken country hanging aroudn where no-one wants us. Why? What and who are we trying to hold onto. It is a foolish dream and now we need to all let go. It is time to let go of ego. Let go and all will be well.

Let go and we might have some peace.

There is plenty to go around. Plenty for all of us smart human beings who in just one generation can make a huge difference. You know. Do you know what I mean?

Peace is what I mean and peace is what we need.


yo yo

The arabs and russians are buying up gold deposits globally.

China is the world's largest gold miner in the world.

This isn't a coincidence...


Bear of Little Brains has it right.

Central bankers own 2/3 of the world's gold.

Quoting from Protocol #20:

"The gold standard has been the ruin of States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so as we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible."


Unwind the long chf position to take profits, or stay in the trade to chance more on the overnight. Be careful the witching hour when Europe opens.


Ralph, read about the coming Hyperinflation here: http://www.shadowstats.com/article/292

Calvino, read about he tax cheats here:

The chances that some insignificant clerk in LGT could do this kind of damage is highly unlikely, for two reasons, 1.) the bank is owned by a member of the European elite, and 2.) the affected parties are members of both the European and American elite.

Looks like someone is sending a very serious message to both sides of the Atlantic. A message that spells, "We know where you live."

Enjoy it. If the lot of you feel that the elite in your neck of the woods keep screwing you, and that they stand in the way of change then take heart with this one simple thought, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."


Elaine Meinel Supkis

About gold: the confusion over central banks holding for nations compared to a host of individuals is easy to get mixed up. India: has lots of small people frantically buying gold. Ditto, Vietnam. China also has lots of both little people and the government buying or making gold.

China has ALWAYS been very pro-gold going back many centuries to ancient Rome. Rome sent little to China but gold. China sent silk, fine pottery, fine wares of various sorts. It was very much one-way trade. When England came blasting in during the 18th century, the Chinese said, 'You may buy from us but we want no barbarian goods.' One way trade.

The US used to be pro-gold because we produced gold. Today, it is strictly for the masses, the masters are ignoring gold. Note that they went into the opium business again in Afghanistan and then there is the cocaine business: better than gold, far better.

Figuring out their secret plans is very difficult. But I would suggest that simple gold holding is not a major factor IN THE WEST. But it is, IN THE EAST. Serious weird problems will stem from this. Very curious problems.


I wonder how much money they spend pumping up the market today. That was pretty impressive actually, DOW/oil.

But I don't think they can afford doing it again, since market sense they are handing out money and will suck it dry.

btw, anybody know what is the hurricane prediction for the gulf this season?


Elaine, thanks for the F. William Engdahl article.

A systemic risk event is indeed coming soon.

Bible prophecy foretells of such a thing in Revelation Chapter 13, Verses 1 through 4.

The ten horns are the ten regions of global governance; and the seven heads are mankind’s seven institutions:
2)Finance, Commerce and Trade,
3)Body Politic
7)Science & Technology

The head of finance commerce and trade is going to experience a mortal wound -- a fatal blow -- a massive systemic risk event -- a global financial meltdown -- a world wide stock market crash, yet it will somehow recover. And as God's word relates the people will "marvel and follow after the beast".

A peace lover

Lehman recently got rid of its glamorous lawyer, Alpha female and short lived CFO Ms. Erin Callan for doing such a piss poor job, horror of horrors Credit Suisse today announced that Erin Callan will be joining the Bank as a Managing Director and Head of its Global Hedge Fund Business. In this newly created position, Ms. Callan will join the Investment Bank Management Committee and the Global Client Steering Committee. Her appointment is effective September 2, 2008 and she will be based in New York.


Hi Elaine, have you seen the plight of your NYC blogger compatriots? HAHAHA!

Imagine if they had blogs back when you were there in the 1970's!!!



The subpoena came in the mail in January from Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson. It demanded information about one of the bloggers and a dozen commenters on Room Eight, a group political blog where political insiders and junkies from all over the city write about - and often criticize - the city's politicians."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I heard of that business. Back when I was a mover and shaker in NYC, my favorite function was to collect gossip. I knew who was sleeping with whom or what. Lots of sex gossip. My friends were mostly gay people in the arts, ballet, etc. And fashion models and female opera singers, etc.

They were all 'goddesses' so to speak. They got all the front row seat sex gossip. We used this information as well as information from angry spouses. There are lots of angry spouses.

But publish this? Heaven forbid. Then, it is out in the open and useless. Ahem. We used it to twist arms to make people do good things for the Community. This included getting them to be honest about gays and to stop persecuting gays.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The hypocritical behavior towards gays by closeted males and females was something that particularly irked me. For example, Mayor Ed Koch was gay. One of the earliest women to run the City Council was a lesbian. Our Congressman in Brooklyn was gay.

Yet they all persecuted gays! Refused to meet with the gay political community that was openly gay! They refused to fight AIDs! I knew the very first AIDs victims who were ballet dancers with the Joffery Ballet.

Very sad, so very sad.

Well, we 'outed' them one by one. It had to be done. The GOP is full of closet gays who to this day, refuse to fight for the civil rights of gays and indeed, fight AGAINST it for demented reasons. I suspect, they enjoy being in the dark dank closet.



I have been thinking about how people harness this enormous primeval force.

When I was young, I read this book:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

It basically taught you to harness your sexual energy to imagine your future and make lots of money. It works. Scary.

Then I studied and tried the philosophy of the church to harness it for creating life and that worked very well indeed.

Here is the Pope reinforcing that.


“There is a crisis in the Western world. No Western country is producing enough babies to keep the population stable, no Western country,” he said.

The I was studying the history of Satanism, not with any interest whatsoever in trying it (!), but in attempting to understand the threat matrix.

It seems to involve slowing redirecting that energy at doing evil and eventually violence. That must be frighteningly powerful.


"Crime is no longer motivated by the impulse to employ cruel means for personal gain. Instead, the pleasure of the sense of power realized in employing viciously cruel means, becomes an end in itself. This form of criminal pleasure becomes a blend of rage and sexuality. Jaded appetites create the mental state in that man, that he must do something more monstrous than he has done before, to realize the desired level of orgiastic pleasure from the evil deed. Evil for the purpose of doing evil, has become for him, a goal in and of itself. This man has become a beast, a virtual Satanist."

Finally, it seems as though in homosexuality, since it is not used for money or violence, it is simply directed into pleasure.

It seems like there is a similar decision a nation must face on how to direct their combined energy.

Towards making money, making families, making violence or making pleasure.

Here are some stabs at the dark at our national priorities by decade.

1940: Violence, Family, Money, Pleasure
1950: Family, Money, Pleasure, Violence
1960: Pleasure, Violence, Money, Family
1970: Money, Pleasure, Violence, Family
1980: Money, Pleasure, Family, Violence
1990: Money, Pleasure, Family, Violence
2000: Violence, Money, Pleasure, Family
2010: ???


"'I had assumed that the race would be called off. That would have been normal.'"

How very German of him: always waiting for orders from someone else.

'Normal' (for me) is saying, "Guys, this situation is deteriorating rapidly. Forget the damn race - I'm getting out of here."


Go figure, a former wrestler and Gov of Minnesota can figure it out (link):

The former Minnesota Governor identified two key factors behind dollar devaluation - the war in Iraq and the ballooning national debt.

“It’s the exact two things that I’ve been harping on for the last 2 months and a half….we must do something about the $9 trillion dollars plus of debt we owe throughout the world,” said Ventura, adding that most people in America were unconcerned about the greenback’s spectacular plummet.

Bear of Little Brain

Off topic, but George Ure just put up this scary link on mortgage foreclosures. I hope it's a false rumour; if not, it looks like da Boyz is playin' rough:




Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, Bear of Little Brain, I went to it. If true, it is pure blackmail.

Paul S

J Edgar Hoover. Hoover persecuted gays, although Hoover was a cross-dressing gay himself. Of course, the reason Hoover denied there was Organized Crime for so many years is because the Mob had incriminating info on Hoover. The Nazis also had a strong gay presence, such as Ernst Roehm. But there were others. The Nazis persecuted gays as well.

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