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The insanity continues as the golden goose (American workers who participate in the real economy) is being methodically murdered.

One can only hope that people will eventually wake up from the matrix and see the parasitic fed system for what it is and to understand that it can be eliminated.

For my part, I have liquidated my American investments for greener pastures and to deny the Fed use of my money. The contraction that I cause will be minuscule, like a drop of water in the ocean but it will never the less make me feel better while offering some protection.

And, I'm attending Ron Paul's "Rally for the Republic" in Minnesota and their workshops. Again, my participation may be insignificant but I want to be part of the peaceful revolution effort.


Rumblings of revolutions - With NAB dumping it's holdings of mortgage bundled SIVs with a dramatic flair may just by the catalyst to ignite the same revolutionary act with the US Zombie banks. Banks like Citicorp, which is insolvent and yet still giving out credit.
There are still plenty of sleight of hand tricks like instead of coming clean banks may merely create entities to off load their toxic crap on, and pretend their SIVs don't stink no more.
The Australians may just have started something that can't be stopped. Adjust your seats and secure your savings cause the spaceship is about to leave to some new planetary reality.

Buffalo Ken

This is my personal suggestion and I am now implementing this plan. I have an equity account in the same institution for which I have savings accounts. I think I'm going to try to utilize my equity account in the short term. That way, if the "books are busted" or some other banking calamity occurs and the savers get screwed, my debits will be offset by my savings which will reside within the same overall banking institution. I will use the equity line to pay off my house ahead of time.

Basically just swapping one loan for another but giving myself the most options and the greatest likilihood of owing nobody nothing into the future - DEBT FREE!!!

Meanwhile, I will be learning and improving my manual labor skills, which probably are going to be the most important skills to have anyhow.

If I was a banker I would quit now and start spilling the beans to those who ought to know. You know, "all of us" whom they have indebted so far into the future. This ain't fair now is it? It won't stand.

If I was a banker, I might start thinking about solutions instead of perpetuating the f****** status quo which is oh so dying faster and faster as each day goes...

You know?


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ken, this is sort of what I did except the hard way. When we had no money due to both of my husbands becoming sick from work-related problems [one worked in the WTC]---we had to live somehow so I decided, let's live in a tent....we did this for ten years!

At the end of it all, I was able to build a house, and we now have full value which is...we don't have to send some banker cash every month! Oh, that is so wonderful! Worth while goal no matter what route one takes.

DR, I highly highly, HIGHLY endorse getting politically active. If we can all put our heads together to give a sharp poke in the ribs to everyone who runs this place, we might be able to move things forwards.

If the GOP is shoved hard enough by people who support Ron, I am all for it if it is for fiscal solid behavior. This will force the DNC to do the same. I push on my side as best as possible, too.

Don't forget Bob Barr is running for President. So is McKinney. Protest votes do, in the end, work. Not as well as in a Parliamentary system. But we have few levers of power except to be very, very annoying.

Buffalo Ken

"But we have few levers of power except to be very, very annoying"

That is a classic line.

In North Carolina we (the Green Party) were just successful in getting Cynthia McKinney authorized and certified as a valid "write-in" candidate. If I hadn't been on vacation, I might have helped collect the signatures needed. Anyhow, she is a valid candidate in NC, and let me tell you, to get ballot access in this state is ridiculous un-democratic. It is unfair to the nth degree. This has to change.


Buffalo Ken

Hey - one last thing. Today to me seems like a "perfect number" sort of day.

7, 28

7 * 4 = 28
14 * 2 = 28
1 * 28 = 28

1+2+4+7+14 = 28

28 has been called "perfect" by some.

Anyhow, just a little mathamatical tidbit to lighten the mood some.

Crap, I need to hold onto my sense of humor and thank-you so much Elaine because you explain so clearly that sometimes it is almost too funny to believe. Thanks for a hearty laugh.


Buffalo Ken

A menstrual cycle lasts 28 days (on average) --- doesn't it. The moon is close to 28 - ain't it? Or am I just making connections where there aren't any. Sometimes it is really difficult to tell. Ah well. Still, not to be too personal here, but I did suck from my mother's nipple. I at least experienced it that way - being a male, I can't experience the other way. Hey its random ain't it? How you start out. That is the beauty of it in my humble opinion.

But anyhow, I haven't ready this article other than the first line or two, but something tells me Australia is making a very wise move. Australia is trying to preserve their autonomy. Is this correct? I suppose I better read this.

No more posts for awhile - I promise (if you think this means anything...it is my word as written here; for what thats worth!!!).

Peace is what need and it could be easy.

Hope - Remedy - Peace.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Great Goddess Luna thanks you.

One of the first religious carvings was done in France at about 13,000 years ago. It is a naked woman [natch] covering her crotch with one hand while the other holds a horn with 13 notches in it. She is looking at the horn with great intensity.

Both the moon and the sun bemused and amazed our distant ancestors.

Christian W

Maybe 'military keynesianism' is off the mark. Perhaps more accurate would be to call current policies 'military friedmanism' :p


I have another form of low tech bank insurance similar (I think) to what Ken has. I have a paid up home with a empty HELOC. Bank sends me promotion offer for 5.5% for life of loan w/ no fees. I draw from HELOC the amount of high water balance of Demand account. I put the funds in Silver Eagles and store in my safe. Vola! a 4fer. I get (1) protection of my savings (by right of offset against heloc), (2) funymoney below inflation , (3) A long term investment with amazing fundamentals, and (4) Safety from foreclosure as the silver is more liquid than the foreclosure process. I wonder if this is leaning on the door of the cave of Wealth. Hummm. I hope a goddess comes along soon.. Move over Gnomes!

By the way Elaine, I always enjoy your post. I love the mythology. Keep it up. There is nothing like it on the web which I think means there is nobody like you.



There are massive distortions twisting and wracking America's dangerously unstable economic landscape.

Geologically, the faults within the crust of the earth shift regularly, grinding against each other in small tremors under normal conditions; if they get hung up in these movements immense strains build up and a devastating earthquake results when the suppressed forces break free.

Economically, the cyclical forces of economic expansion and contraction move back and forth in small tremors under normal conditions; if they get hung up in these movements by central banks and financial dealers creating endless cheap credit and then leveraging it higher and higher, a devastating depression results when the suppressed forces of credit contraction break free.

The U.S. has been pushing business expansion (and obscene profit-making)through cheap credit creation, and supressing natural credit contraction, continuously for the last 25 years. To do this, we have increased national (household, government, and business) indebtedness in a straight line upward to a current level of 350% of GDP.

Any other country in the world that had that level of indebtedness, with the government raising it's level of accumulated debt by 10% per year, with no plan to pay that debt down or even slow down the rate of debt growth (in fact with explicit plans to push the rate of debt growth as high as possible) would be considered bankrupt and have its government bonds rated D-. Creditors would be dumping that nation's bonds as fast as possible, and the currency would be worth nothing in international trade. The IMF would be demanding that nation adopt an austerity plan which included drastic cuts in government spending and drastic increases in taxes, leading to an eventual balanced budget and debt paydown.

But, the U.S. is "special." Americans are "entitled" to have their currency honored and their government bonds purchased and accumulated forever, no matter how devastating the economic earthquake that's coming. We are the New Rome, and all the surrounding cultures have become intertwined with our economic and military infrastructure. They help sustain us even if they hate us, because we're "too big to be allowed to fail."

It's good to be king.

Buffalo Ken

Michael - I think you know as well as I do that no entity is "too big to be allowed to fail". That presumes that some other entity is out there doing the choosing with respect to failure. Well, then isn't that other entity even bigger? What if said entity doesn't even exist? Then I suppose it is just good ole "randomness", but seems to me the writing is on the wall.

You know the old thought: who is the slave and who is the master.

All I know is this - the US of A is a vast country upon beautiful and wonderful land. This land is of inherent value.

For example, I spent the week at Oglebay in West Virginia (hope I spelled the name correctly). It is a large and incredible "public park" in the fine, fine city of Wheeling WV. What a great city Wheeling is. On the river. Many railroads. And a great park that could be turned into a community farm. Downtown has suffered (or so it seems), but I suspect this could rapidly be turned around.

I think this is just one exampe of many in this country. Places with so much potential. Places with a rich history ready to "re-emerge" in a new form. A better form.

Just my opinion.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

America still has lots of internal wealth! But too much of it is being sold to foreign powers, not just foreigners, FOREIGN RIVALS. And far from 'too big to fail' the present system is set up to put us in debt to these same foreign rivals and their intention is clear as day: to destroy us in the end.

They won't let us know until they are done doing what they planned to do all along.


Numbers can rhyme---
Like pixels which are numerically represented points of light
Good photography can rhyme
Love rhymes
history rhymes

Everything in nature rhymes but we cant always tell the exact rhythm as we are so small. Can ants solve quadratic equations ?

The endeavors of humans rhyme in a crazy way.

The further you are away from the individual pixels or the individual noises
making the rhyme, the better feel you can get for things--out where the desert, hills or woods reach the sky.

Reading or observing things from the streets or the sky are the best schools not the diploma incubators. The "reality modeler" (TV) is the worst as the pixels come from an unbalanced unregulated corporate model that is out of sync with nature's rhymes.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I had TWO huge battles with ants today! I moved first some lumber and there they were, zillions of biting ants. Then I moved some rocks and there they were again! All over me!

I called my hens to come over and eat the pupas. They rushed in and squawking merrily, ate all the ants but some of the ants managed to nip me.

Bad ants!


The US government and economy are 100% based on Debt.

Therefore, whoever owns the debt controls the economy. International bankers love this, of course.

But we all know what happened when Abraham Lincoln (and others) issued Greenbacks, currency not based on debt.

http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/ business/currency/news.php?q=1217011692


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, during the Civil War, both the north and the south had to use debt as wealth. This caused war inflation and led to rationing or the disappearance of stocks on shelves.


Here is a funny one:

'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure

After the Harper family used the two-story home as collateral for a $450,000 loan, it's set to go to auction on the steps of the Clayton County Courthouse Aug. 5. The couple did not return phone calls Monday, but told WSB-TV they received the loan for a construction business that failed.

Some of the volunteers who helped build the home were less than thrilled about the family's financial decisions.

"It's aggravating. It just makes you mad. You do that much work, and they just squander it," Lake City Mayor Willie Oswalt, who helped vault a massive beam into place in the Harper's living room, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

southerniowa gal

A friend of mine banks at a small bank in southerniowa whose parent bank is NAB. This bank has good ratings etc. She has spoken to the President of the Bank (small community, everyone knows everyone)after she heard the news of NAB. He reasured her that all was well at the bank (what else would he say, right).

Anyway I don't really understand the ramifications of the news of NAB. Any comments about how this might affect this particular small bank. Sorry if my ignorance is showing, but I'm trying to understand all this.

My only responce to her so far was to make sure her accounts are FDIC insured.



I was waiting to see if one of those mansions they built on TV would go belly-up. Some of them were just outrageous, notwithstanding the needs of the family.

I know it was just a show, but you could build ten houses for the price of some of those babies.

I do admit surprise that the foreclosure was based on a loan for a "business" that probably was inappropriate for that family anyway. Construction Business? Weren't most of the families disabled in some way?

I need to read up on this. My wife wants me to apply for one of these makeovers, but I said "hell no"! I would never replace my 1930's solid wood home for a chipboard palace.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I built my house myself with very little help from anyone. Bit by bit, month by month, it didn't happen in a week or a year. But in the end, it was mine and it was built! Exactly to my own desires, mostly using scavenged materials or from trees on my property.

When something is a 'gift' people don't care about screwing it up! If you do something with the sweat of your brow, it is quite different. People who have to struggle to get, make or do something have this precious 'labor value added' which means, they take very special care and hang on stubbornly to whatever it is they have.

I have a sister who was a movie/TV personality. She gets a big bonus, she buys a house out West. Then, she screws around, can't pay the bills, loses the house, makes another stage hit and off she goes, doing this same, stupid thing, over and over again. None of this is very real to her. She will snort away the money and mainline it until she is back in the gutter.

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