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Germany is not holding any aces in her hand - Putin wants and Putin gets if he turn off the power in winter.

Paul S

I heard Johnny McSame on NPR today. Mccain was asked how much is "rich"? He said someone worth $5 million is his minimum income to be rich. I'm voting for Mccain. Gee whiz,now that I know he is in touch with the average American, Mccain is OK by me.


The below was copied off another BB.

Just saying ...

In march of this year for only the fourth time in the history of The USA there was a secret closed door meeting of Congress.
What was discussed was so horrific that some congressmen leaked out the information.
1 ) in late 2008 sept to Dec America will go bankrupt.
2 ) in 2009 mid year the US Govt will cease to function having run out of funds.
3 ) Riots and perhaps even civil war is expected to break out
4 ) food shortages will be common place
5 ) the Army will be used ,and martial law installed.
2010 the enactment of the North American Union.
these are factual statements !

Old Lady

My only income, SS, goes into my Wachovia checking account. I have no other assets. Are you saying the banks will close? From a practical standpoint, what should I do about this forecast to protect my little money? Or, is there nothing to be done?


Dear Elaine,
Notice the timing of the new movie IOUSA. 2 weeks prior to RNC,DNC. Mcinsane, and Obama will not discuss our pathetic situation in the world. They will tell us we are such a great country, powerful, world leader etc...I was on local TV last night trying to exlain our pathetic situation to the viewers, and the host of the show really thought I was INSANE. I mentioned our trade situation, his response was "isnt free trade good for American jobs?" WE ARE SO FUCKED!!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Wow. You are so lucky, Ralph. I am verboten on TV. Have been blacked out for years now, the last time I had access was before 1996.

Good for you! Yes, the ENTIRE US media is 100% 'Free Trade'. I am still amazed that mult-millionaire Ross Perot broke through all this and got to say, 'giant sucking sound' on national TV. Now, note how he is NEVER in the news. Like me, like President Carter, he is in the eternal 'Cone of Silence'.


Old Lady, if your account is not larger than the FDIC limit, you should be able to get your money eventually (even if FDIC runs out of money, the US govt will print up enough to cover its obligations). However, that could take months, so it might be prudent to have a little money somewhere else.

I have my money in a credit union. They are insured by a different mechanism than the FDIC and are (generally) more conservative than banks. Ironically, the reason CUs are more conservative is that banks have been busy getting legislation passed to keep the CUs down. I also have grocery money in a drawer in my bedroom.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I also use a credit union. A Union credit union founded in the Great Depression for NY state workers.


When the shit hits the fan, and the USD is truely worthless, what good will the FDIC be?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We can hoard yuan or gold. Or guns and bullets.


CIT is not Citigroup.
It is "C"

Buffalo Ken

DC aint got no harmony.
DC needs to Come Back
to the People.

DC as it is now ain't nothing but imaginary -- just like jackson who never was a "man of the people" --- jackson didn't even know who the People were and I proved that in the book I previously mentioned. Do you want to know?

You gonna find out. I challenged DC a long time ago. I won. The time is NOW.

Justified retribution at the hands of the convictors. It is coming.


Buffalo Ken

and i proudly hail from buffalo, ny, but i have lived in charlotte, nc for a long time now. You should know where i'm coming from, but if you don't either you or i will learn soon.

Buffalo Ken

but let me tell you one more thing...i am from the north and the south. I don't know about the east or the west, but i think the wind blows from the east....

....hey did anyone see today. Japan 3. US 1. Softball. The olympics have spoken. The olympics are NOT greek to me - what about U --- sucka.

Peace from the P Place,

Buffalo Ken

In memory of so many who have tried so hard...

The man named Martin.
The king who we all know.
Me and you and your family.
We are all trying so hard now,

aren't we - People? Aren't we People?

whine and cheese

I just hope Blackwater is publicly traded by 2009... at the very least, I can profit from the impending martial law!

Old Lady

Shargash, thanks. A drawer should do well enough.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, invest in Homeland Security, Inc.

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