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Reimund from Berlin

Hello Elaine,

I think that foreign companies are avoiding to pay taxes everywhere, not only in America.


Gangsters dont pay taxes.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Absolutely correct! Ganz sichtig!


Gangsters don't pay taxes, people pay taxes to gangsters.

This is why we shouldn't have any taxes at all.


The Chinese "discovered" America in 1416
its now being realized. New records being
uncovered of huge fleets commissioned to sail around the world. Stone anchors of Chinese style found off W.Coast US along
with Chinese pottery that cant be explained
by Spanish trade.Records of ships sailing into a well hidden harbor(SFO)with huge red
trees in the backgroud.(Oakland was once
the site of a huge redwood grove)

If China didnt have a nasty civil war right
after these fleets came home, they would've
colonized this place ahead of the Euros. After their civil war, the new emperor ordered the fleets burned to prevent any
possible competition to his power and China
retreated back into itself

They are now "discovering" America again.


Exactly right, Klintock. The founding fathers made all taxes except for excise taxes illegal for a very good reason: it permitted law-abiding citizens to legally and ethically avoid taxes simply by avoiding the purchase of the taxed items.

The system we have now lends itself to corruption because it allows special interest groups to influence legislation that permits their group to avoid taxes selectively.

If we were an ethical and well-organized society, taxation would be restricted to excise taxes only, and there there would be excise taxes on only one class of goods: energy. Energy is the source of all wealth and thus is the most efficient good to tax. The obvious knock-on benefit would be to make energy use much more efficient.

Unfortunately, we live in neither a well-organized nor ethical society. Pity.


I just don't see the Japan model working out well for the ruling elites here.

I do agree that most Americans have been pacifistic, but the inner cities here are powder kegs waiting to go off.

Japan has had a society of samurai elites and peasants and is fairly homogeneous.


Twenty years ago I "invented" this method of taxation that I would run past annoying people at bars, libertarians, etc. Works like this. Only one kind of tax — the Black Ball tax. every year they run a lottery, and some small fraction of the population gets the Black Ball.

If you get hit with the Black Ball, they clean you out totally. You go to a "meeting" where they simply confiscate everything you've got, and you come out naked! This horrified my rich friends. They really went ballistic over it.


Your commentary is the most comprehensive on the net.
I truly appreciate you devotion and hard work to the this blog.
The problem is, when in a small group, and the econ dicussion comes up, then half on my observations (Not complete opinions) a quarter of your postings, the parties look at me like I'm a moonbat.
The destruction, is no longer predicted, which you were not reading tea leaves, but the truth that most people don't see, and most don't want to see.
It makes me sad, but I love you candid pictue , with the truth.
Problem is, that America will not be able to handle the truth.
THey will blame it on those, like Obomba,and confuse the issue with more lies and dispair.
I often tell people, that in two years, there not has been any improvements, bottoms and rays of hope.
As she sings:
"it has only just begun......



Hey Ruffcut....

Not to worry about all the econ. particulars..It took me quite a
while just to begin to understand this carry trade shit and all
the other scams going on. In a way its complicated but on anotherlevel its not.

Basically all these financial machinations, CDO's,SIV's,Hedge funds,derivatives, etc etc are just what happens when the
rich get too rich for their own good whilst the rest of us
have declining incomes. The rich, along with the upper middle
class to some extent, basically start masturbating their money
with gimmicks like the above instead of truly investing it
for the long haul----research, infrastructure. All their money
starts chasing other money instead of productive investments.
And the rest of us are encouraged to blow our meager incomes
at Beast Buy or the local reservation casino.

Sam Spade was right though. "When in doubt, follow the
money trail"

Elaine needs a break and should get an editor to work with
and get a book out there. At least for purposes of having
an honest historical record out there to explain the decline
and fall of the Trojan, er American empire.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All systems are schemes. Schemes set up to access 'infinity'. Infinity means eternal wealth. The destruction of this wealth is via impersonal 'gods' and 'goddesses.' I use them as icons for the natural forces that are the 'wealth destroyers'.

No matter what tricks people cook up, once they open the portals to 'eternal wealth' they trigger 'instant death'. They will not believe this. They really think they found El Dorado and not yet another chamber of the Cave of Death.

When one looks at economic news this way, it becomes crystal clear, what will happen next.

The Derivatives beast, as I noted, continues to grow! Even as appendages of it has greatly declined, over all, it continues its amazing and massive growth. It can't grow forever. The closer to infinity it grows, the more likely it will be destroyed in a terrible flash.

This is why I have to apply some psychology to all this: the OCC has tracked this creature for several years and writes reams of reports about how it was created and nurtured. Yet these reports ignore the dangers of this thing! Since it is obviously zipping along to infinity, the OCC should stop it, now. not later.

The longer they wait, the more likely this will destroy America. And yes, Ruffcut, if you casually mention my writings, people think you are nuts. Talk about the Goddess of Inflation flying faster than thought and they will think you are flying off the handle, yourself. Talk about gnomes and people think you are one of the Seven Dwarves. By the way, the Seven Dwarves were very magical creatures. They were astronomical in nature and operated in the Cave of Wealth and Death. Think about the story for a minute and it becomes clear.



Any ideas on what is used as collateral for the Yen Carry Trade?

U can't borrow money without something as collateral or can u??

By the way, Yen is shooting up against all other currencies again.


It has occurred to me. Elaine, you have a book here. More than a book, really.

Of course, then you have to visit 10,000 frumpy book stores and peddle your tush off. Well, as long as some fools pick up the tab, it could be somewhat interesting. If I can help, you know where I am. Always ready for the next game, I am.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I like frumpy bookstores, Blues:)


Alas Blues, the central banking scam is one of the most lucrative crime syndicates in the world and people have been fighting it directly and with information in books for HUNDREDS of years.

Governments, TV, Newspapers, Corporations all over the world are involved. Anyone who attempts to puncture the veil of ignorance is immediately ignored (like when we discuss online), discredited (when someone gets on tv and attempts to discuss), attacked (non-aligned banking system like Iraq or Iran) or executed (when in high enough office like Lincoln/Kennedy).

You could publish explanation as to what is happening to you are blue (blues?) in the face and if what you say comes true they simply pull some levers and create another broadly disseminated message that the masses believe because it is chanted (repeated) continually on all the information sources.

Think about it: how do you form your opinion of reality? You make observations of reality and then discuss with other people to see if you are crazy.

Let say you observe rebate checks coming in the mail. You have to decide what this means. Do you watch TV and they say 'Yah, the government is helping us!' and then when you discuss this with your friends and ask what they think, they say 'Yah, the government is helping us!' because they do not have the intellectual tools to analyze it.

If you say something else like 'we are heading towards Weimar hyper-inflation, you are looked at funny because they do not understand what that is and then you are socially rejected which is THE MOST TERRIFYING thing for a social creature, like us humans.

So think about how impenetrable the layers are Neighbor, News Media, Government. They are all 100% compromised and all have severe penalties (losing friends, job, life) in place for disrupting the mass belief.

You cannot change your friends or family's mind, you cannot change the media, and you cannot change the government.

It is 100% fascist global banking dictatorship and it is 100% global.

People are terrified of nature and being alone and so seek the protection of a king, feudal leader or dictator or collectivist government and their descent into slavery is guaranteed.

When someone steals $250 million shorting Bear sterns the days before it had it carcass handed to JPM, it does no good to get angry about it because no one is going to investigate it and you cannot change that. Call your newspaper? Call your 'elected' 'representative'? HAHAHA!

Science is the most incredibly powerful invention of human beings. But like one of it most incredible fruits, nuclear energy, it can be used for good or evil.

Unlimited free energy for people, or unlimited threat of global thermonuclear war to drive them to the protection of the government.

So we have are in is a scientific dictatorship. You can think of facebook as a happy place to checkout your friends or you can realize that it is DARPA funded project to get people to build their own Dossier like the SS used to have to do manually on their own.

You can enjoy the pretty colors on your GPS enabled iPhone or you can realize that it is a constant human tracking device to feed into NSA fully spectrum simulation systems.

You can choose to join the first level of defense of the status quo and post on discussion board 'no one would ever do anything that evil, you ignorant slut' or you can gather knowledge in the chance that there is a 1 in a million possibility that there is some true freedom rather then Freedom-TM-BROUGHT TO YOU BY BOEING-GE-HALLIBURTON-ETC.

Buffalo Ken

GK - so sad but based on what I have learned it seems so accurate. I suppose in the time span of a typical human life, the power of "central banking" can seem immense and insurmountable. It certainly has been around for hundreds of years and certainly does seem to "rule".

Nonetheless, there are some forces that are orders of magnitude more potent than any "central banking" scheme or system --- For example, a massive earthquake in overbuilt and under-prepared locations. Or perhaps, a sudden change in ocean currents. Or an exponential increase in oxygen free "dead zones". Or species becoming extinct more and more rapidly. Or maybe a sudden irreversible release of methane gas that had been frozen in the tundra or deep in the ocean. Or some newfangled "synthetic" biologically active entity being foolishly created and then unwittingly released. Or perhaps CO2 levels rising at an unprecendented rate (wait a bunch of this is already happening isn't it? and the "home sapien" species is directly responsible isn't it?).

By the way has anyone seen the price of silver lately (like tonight in Hong Kong?). It is going crazy.

There is so much instability because too many systems have been pushed to the edge without any thoughtful consideration of the subsequent ramifications. Eventually (next year, next decade, or maybe next century) if "nothing changes" one of these "systems" that has been in place for 1000's (or more) human generations and that doesn't give a rats ass about central banking is going to go "quantum" on our butts and then who knows what will happen.....I think it will be for the best, but of course, that is just speculation....

Hm - its crazy to be thinking long term like this isn't? Nobody does that anymore do they? Oh well.


I will fight. Win or not, I will fight. 'Tis in my blood. Who cares who wins? I will fight. They will pay some price. They have deeper pockets than I. They will have to dig pretty deep. Not I. I will fight. And they Will suffer.

They are about to lose bigtime anyway. 'Cause they are dirt-stupid!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All very good comments! And true!

Yes, I can sound utterly insane. Especially when talking about the true core nature of money. Power is granted not just by humans but it is a gift from the gods, a jealous gift that is pure poison.

The German word for poison is 'gift'.

All the markets are haywire right now because the goddess Libra is frantically trying to set the scales right again and we hate this. The entire planet hates this. The whole human system on every level is set to go to infinity, to destroy itself trying to ignore the balance of nature, the balance of the books, the balance of global population systems, everything is out of balance. And we like this. Very much.

This is why we won't change unless at 'gunpoint.' And trust me on this, Mother Nature packs a lot of fire power. She can crush this entire planet between her two fingers by say, blowing up the sun. Just for one grim possible example.

While She permits us to live, we should in turn, respect Her and Libra. Libra, unlike red in tooth and claw Mother Nature, actually wants to protect and preserve us. Which is why we should listen to Her.


All I can add to these thoughtful posts and comments is a recommendation to watch Koyaanisqatsi, if you haven't seen it yet.


Another similar movie is the "Last Wave" by Peter Weir
an Australian director. Its NOT a surfing movie BTW .

Its one of the most erie forboding strange movies I've ever seen

manolo blahnik

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