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Dear Elaine,
The foreigners suing American filth wall st. scum firms has begun "Abu Dhabi bank sues in U.S. over risky investments
Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:36pm EDT" .....The show has begun,the Olympics are over, North Korea gave us the middle finger and is now proceeding with nuclear enrichment, because we wont take them off the terrorist sponsor list. And just for shits and giggles watch this video from Rep.Stark claiming debt=wealth, and the more debt we have the welathier we are? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjbPZAMked0

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh, wow. EVERYONE is going to sue us. One can be a con artist only if one has the power. The US has lost all power. So long as we are mired in Afghanistan. Funny, this was bin Laden's strategic game plan. He is a genius. He played the family friends, the Bushes, like a fiddle.


War is EXTERNAL - Not anymore baby. The post 9/11 security apparatus makes no distinction between internal/external borders.
As the financial crisis continues to erode the living standard of Americans deranged with hubris dreams of national entitlement, and all those sweet trappings of apple pie 4th of July picnics, individuals with white picket fences around homogenous suburban geniality - Soon these opiated dreamers will become a real threat to the power brokers of the Zombie Nation.
On to the illogical rise of the Zombie Nation's currency - Could it be orchestrated to allow for some last minute shuffling out of dollar dominated assets before the inevitable GSA bailouts (possibly the Jap CB)?
Thanks, Elaine for your insights and fertile prodigious writing.


Interest rate is going to raise soon.
Good in the long run, will be deadly in the short run with Bush incompetency.

Inflation will rage like nobody's business as money sloshing back in. (or maybe not, since everybody is maxed out and the bank can spend those money)


I am so disgusted with the political bullshit I am physically sickened. I was going to root for Nader, but he just never stops talking stupid. Other day: [para. to the effect] "My candidacy will help Obama." Say what? I can't even begin to figure out what he is saying. Plus, his assortment of ding-dong agents are stuffing my in-box with tons of screeds that go nowhere. So now I will root for Cynthia McKinney. Ive analyzed Bob Barr, et al, but they all have drawbacks. McKinney seems to be the best one.

Link = mckinney2008.com
McKinney 2008 com

Link = mckinney2008.com/PRESIDENT/index.php?option=com_seyret&Itemid=26&task=videodirectlink&id=38
McKinney Interview with Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern

Another big coup; I just received a special free copy of Webster Griffin Tarpley's new book about Barack Obama. I showed it to two responsible friends who run blogs (they want it to be cited by frequent bloggers - It's copyright, so I can't just take too much of a sample). No response from the friends much beyond "#!$&*^?!#@ AIPAC." Unlike anything quite like I've ever seen, it is just crammed with the most hair raising details you (perhaps) could imagine. Let's just say that it's not for the faint of heart!

Link = 'mmm'.tarpley.net/
About the Book

Link = 'mmm'.amazon.com/Obama-Postmodern-Making-Manchurian-Candidate/dp/0930852885/ref=pd_bbs_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1215453402&sr=8-2
Available from $10.36 at Amazon

I strongly recommend it. Tarpley is "from the left," and he makes a clear case that we had better get our asses a peace movement. Obama and Biden are not going to change diddly! PERIOD!


The Postmodern Coup

Making of a Manchurian Candidate

On Tuesday, January 8, [New Hampshire] primary day, the shameless and naked media hype continued. Exit pollsters sent by the media consortium appeared at the polling places, and one college professor from St Anselm College remarked later on MSNBC that the exit pollsters that she had seen were feckless and callow youths, wildly flailing in their task, not knowing whom they should interview, not understanding voter profiles, and all in all thoroughly unprofessional.

I love the way Tarpley describes our wonderful Monopoly Mass Media.

Link = 'mmm'.infowars.net/articles/august2008/260808Motormouth.htm
Link to New Tarpley Infowars Post: Motormouth Joe Biden - Warmonger, Wordmonger And Political Hit Man

Christian W

That bribing business is funny. The Western leaders are busy getting bribed/bribing each other in a big endless circle, even the Saudis are in on it. Yet the Chinese seem to refuse to play that game. I suspect the Bilderbergers of the West are desperate to create a Chinese ruling class/power elite they can incorporate in their own corrupt circles. Only with China it isn't working, they know that game too well.


I think Putin opted out too. Good for him!


Beijing swells dollar reserves through stealth

China has resorted to stealth intervention in the currency markets to amass US dollars, using indirect means to hold down the yuan and ease the pain for its struggling exporters as the global slowdown engulfs the economy.

A study by HSBC's currency team in Asia has concluded that China's central bank is in effect forcing commercial banks to build up large dollar reserves, using them as arms-length proxies in a renewed campaign of exchange rate intervention.

Beijing has raised the reserve requirement for banks five times since March, quickening the pace with two half-point rises in late June.

This is having major spill-over effects into the currency markets because banks in China have been required over the last year to hold extra reserves in dollars rather than yuan.

Oh man, when it comes, it is going to be one heck of knockout punch.

Christian W

Hahaha, and Chinese intervention allows Bernanke to croon about the newfound 'strength' of the dollar!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

HAHAHA. About the 'Chinese forcing banks to hold reserves: HAHAHA. I wrote about that. The stupid geniuses in the dying HSBC have virtually NO RESERVES. For this stupid bank to hammer on China when China DID THE RIGHT THING is brainless.

China kept upping the reseves TO PREVENT INFLATION. The US dropped reserves to ridiculous levels and now there is no cushion if a bank guessed wrong about markets.

And the US boasted about 'attracting foreign funds' while the Chinese correctly said, 'We are being flooded with inflationary funny money!' And they stomped on it!

They are doing two things we are not doing: capitalizing their banks and preventing money from sloshing about a la Brazil or the US. When Russia allowed this, they went bankrupt. The US is going bankrupt. We should have upped the banking reserves...in 2001. Now, it is too late.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Christian. The Chinese are on the Other Side of the Mirror. We think up is down and in is out. They know it is the exact opposite. This is why the goofy people at HSBC are hollering about the Chinese preventing hyper-speculative activity while the US desperately tries to create even more hyper-speculation.


We know that things are spiraling out of control economically. The Fed, Treasury and the Executive branch lost control of our economy some months back and know our line of credit, thought to be infinite, will very soon be called in. As a result, our neocon ruling elite, like a mafia family, are preparing to "take" what we need militarily.

Ralph posted above that Abu Dhabi bank was suing. This is big in that other middle east concerns may do the same. And, what if our oil credit is shut-off? Our military would come to an abrupt halt if the flow of oil is impeded. This is not an option for the US.

Now, things may be spinning out of control militarily as the US and Israel are positioning for violent confrontation.

1) POTI, Georgia — Defying Russia, an American warship that brought humanitarian aid to Georgia was expected to arrive Wednesday in this nervous Black Sea port that's being watched over by Russian soldiers, Georgian officials said.

1) The move would put U.S. military assets within close range of Russian forces for the first time since the Georgian conflict began, potentially setting up a confrontation with Moscow, the dominant naval power in the Black Sea. The arrival of U.S. vessels was certain to anger Moscow. A senior Russian military official said Tuesday he was "bewildered" by the growing presence of NATO warships in the northeastern Black Sea. Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn told reporters in Moscow that nine NATO ships were in the region, including a U.S. vessel that arrived late Tuesday, the Russian Itar-Tass news agency reported.

It wasn't clear how Russia would respond. Russian warships have been spotted off the coast of Georgia and, earlier this week, the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Nogovitsyn as saying that Russian forces in the Black Sea might carry out searches of cargo ships "with the goal of preventing diversions and provocations."


2) A crash of a Boeing-737 crashed Bishkek’s international airport Manas, the Kremlin press service reported. It was on its way to Tehran. Among those on board were 44 Iranian Scientists and Engineers. Mossad?


3) MOSCOW — Russia stunned the West on Tuesday by recognizing the independence claims of two Georgian breakaway regions, and U.S. warships plied the waters off of Georgia in a gambit the Kremlin saw as gunboat diplomacy.

The announcement by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ignored the strong opposition of Europe and the United States, and signaled the Kremlin's determination to shape its neighbors' destinies even at the risk of closing its doors to the West.

"We are not afraid of anything, including the prospect of a Cold War," President Dmitry Medvedev said hours after announcing the Kremlin's decision and one day after Parliament had supported the recognition.



The fun starts at the first of the two Fascist National Conventions. Photo below is what is happening just 100 miles south of here. The Gitmo of the West is filling fast with all them homegrown terrorist Americans exercising their silly Constitutional rights before the oligarch ruling class. "Let Fascism Ring!!" motto for this election.



"And we are bankrupt. The fact that our entire financial system is collapsing as fast as the World Trade Center fell on 9/11 is significant. For they are one and the same. The people who benefited most from that attack were our military/industrialists and the global revolutionaries seeking to destroy US economic powers."

I really thought you had it figured out for a minute ;)


FNM-S & P affirms Freddie Mae's Senior
Un-secured debt at AAA/A-1 ????????????????
They are about to go bust.................


It's absolutely amazing the ability of chinese economy to snort up all those dollars. They are buying up dollar asset at what? $80-100B/month?

Pretty soon, they are going to control half of planet liquid asset... and just pay cash for the entire north america instead of invading.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Standard and Poor should be renamed Stupid and Poor.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Good, Anthony. That is exactly the plan.

whine & cheese

Elaine, how would a US default on debt be deflationary? It's Argentina all over again!

I can imagine papa McCain paying our Ruhr Valley slaves in buckets of bonars!

This dollar run-up is absurd. The dollar needs to correct to where we lose the trade deficit.

Try $200 oil.



The thing to watch is how many of the naval warships which the U.S. sends to Georgia on a "humanitarian" mission remain in the Black Sea after delivery rather than exiting it. So far, the first one is sticking around. We old-timers recognize Cold War brinksmanship: the classic gambit is for the U.S. or Russia to make big verbal threats (the U.S.'s favorite tactic) and/or push military hardware at a previously hands-off part of the opponent's turf. My prediction is a stupid attempt to build up U.S. aggressive naval forces in the Black Sea using the "humanitarian aid" cover, which will either fizzle out (cause it's just a bluff) or bring about a Russian retaliation somewhere (Cuba, for example).


"If Europe and Japan want to buy ALL the US dollars and debts held by Russia And China, they can! BE MY GUEST. Try keeping the dollar 'strong' while buying up $3 trillion in communist held US debts and dollars! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. They could do this by getting loans from each other."

The dollar-reserve nations don't give a crap about the strength of the dollar except as it affects their own internal economic well-being. To them, it's not primarily perceived as "loans" to the U.S. to prop us up, but rather as "currency management" or "savings" to sustain their level of exports (by capping their currency value), subsidize certain sectors of their economy, and/or insure access to certain resources (commodities are traded internationally in dollars). Yet, you have a great point. Even if they don't INTEND to subsidize the U.S. with loans, they are.

You are absolutely correct - and the only analyst out there calling attention to this - that continuing to loan to a bankrupt country that can never pay you back (and isn't even trying but is pursuing ever-greater debt levels) has historical precedents in the U.S. loans to Germany after WWI. That, too, was done by the lender in self-interest to try to protect money alread invested. We know how that ended.

We also know that over the last decade banks, mortgage companies, and GSEs made all those crazy loans, borrowing from each other with ever-greater leverage, in their own self-interest, and now the Fed and Congress - in their own self-interest - are pouring more money into them to keep the Ponzi scheme from collapsing faster than it already is.

I expect that the creditors of the U.S will maintain this fine tradition of throwing good money after bad (by continuing to squirrel away surplus dollars and buy our negative-interest-rate debts) until forced to stop by circumstances beyond their control (their own economic crises, internal political upheaval, war).

Christian W

Heh, and the Chinese are running around the world buying real stuff with their dollar hoards while the $ still has any value :P

Then one day soon the $ goes *puff* and every dollar runs back to papa Uncle Sam and Mama Mz Liberty.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for all the information and comments today!!!! I sincerely enjoy reading these comments because they are real eye-openers.

Today, it wasn't raining. So I was outside all day, doing things that couldn't be done during the long, wet, wet summer.

There was so much economic news today, I am writing more tonight. The world is entering Stage II of the Great Depression II. The echoes from the past are very strong, very strong. Including the US turning even more overtly fascist.

Royal Dutch Paper

Loved your article Elaine, but I still disagree about the US entering a major war, rather we will probably be fighting ourselves and the new owners will enforce the law not Uncle Sam. Our traitors will be enjoying their new paradise in Dubai to continue their partying.


If Ambrose is correct in this article that M3 is SHARPLY contracting (who knows, the criminals at the Federal Reserve who print their magik freemason money decided to hide this info) then this is CLASSIC 1929 plan in action.

Prints tons of paper money to make the wage slaves happy for a bit, get companies to expand by taking on debt because they think the new money is real, and then retract the money supply to crash the wage slaves, which crashes the industry, and then swoop in with all the stashed away cash and repossess all the industrial assets.


Americans are too F&^&*ing retard to realize they do not control their money supply, or even that controlling your money supply is important.

But damn are they good at buying F%*&^ing iPhones. Yippee.


"The US money supply has experienced the sharpest contraction in modern history, heightening the risk of a Wall Street crunch and a severe economic slowdown in coming months.

Data compiled by Lombard Street Research shows that the M3 ''broad money" aggregates fell by almost $50bn (£26.8bn) in July, the biggest one-month fall since modern records began in 1959. "


They say it better than I can:


"The Big Sting One was essentially a run-up of real estate and financial markets through rampant speculation caused by the malevolently profligate financial policies of the recently formed Fed, a private consortium of big bankers intent on taking over our political and economic systems so that they could manipulate them for fun and profits until they were ready to discard them in favor of a one-world system. At the height of speculation, the insiders who owned the Fed or were otherwise a part of the elitist group of megalomaniacs in government and business acting in concert with the Fed and its Illuminist cadre, were told that the Fed was going to pull the plug on the money supply and send the markets into a tailspin. This same group of insiders were further told when this fiendish event would happen. The insiders were given sufficient notice so that they had time to gradually liquidate their paper holdings and convert them into gold and other real tangible assets such as commodities. They were later told, in the aftermath of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the election of FDR as President in 1932, that eventually ownership of gold, without disclosure of personal holdings to the government for possible confiscation, would become illegal. Once again, the insiders were given plenty of notice, this time to rat-line their gold bullion safely to Europe and other offshore locations, thus freeing them from the disclosure requirements and possible confiscation. Once again, all the non-insiders were left holding the proverbial bag. Then FDR, in 1933, like a good Illuminist lapdog and fascist scum-bag, after bilking the public out of their gold by scaring them into redeeming it from the government at $20 per ounce under threat of confiscation and jail for non-compliance with the disclosure requirements, raised the redemption value of gold from $20 per ounce to $35 dollars per ounce, for a nice, tidy profit of 75% for all the fraudster insiders who sat afterwards like fat cats on their hoards of offshore gold while the rest of the country went into deep depression, complete with daily foreclosures, bank failures, soup kitchens and bread lines. What an evil, despicable group of human beings these insiders were, in ways that defy description.

And now they are at it again, as The Big Sting Two gets underway. "

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