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Buffalo Ken

Plus I could be wrong, but it looks to me as if the Meade bottle is slightly closer to the less filled glass. Thus, if you can imagine the setup as a scale with the bottle being the fulcrum (i think that is the word for it) it would be balanced (or real close). This is a simple physics relationship between weights and offsetting distances.

But this might be an "illusion" created by my eyes looking at a 2-diminsional image of a momentary 3-dimensional reality. Elaine do you know - was the bottle centered when you took the picture?

Bear of Little Brain

Wimps don't survive at the professional level, so maybe Mr. LaPorta (Alfred E. Neuman: "Who he?") will have to work on his reflexes! Presumably, these beanbag/beanball throws are not forbidden, or someone would have been disqualified. So, if he wasn't expecting it, he should regard it as part of his education. And the US won 9 -1 and that wasn't fair enough? You're making my day again. ;-)

Anyway, I thought American sportsmen were made of sterner stuff, or maybe it's just in the movies. Tough life, ain't it?

But, hey, it's only a game. Tee hee.

Sorry to taunt you, you bring out my childish side! ;-)

All the best

Sorry, Elaine, my school report once read "Bear would do better if he worked harder and spent less time entertaining the class". Forty-five years later and it's too late to change!

Incidentally, a generation later and my son had almost the exact same comment. Ho, hum.


Little Brain, your moniker is perfect for you. Maybe you can call your son "peanut brain". And Buffalo Ken, it's too early for a drink.

Bear of Little Brain

On a different tack:
I see that Japan is talking about a 10 trillion yen stimulus package. Here in loony land Gordon Brown is desperately trying to save his sorry ass and trying to figure out how to prop up the only industry left here - selling each other badly built homes. This will require money we don't have, so say goodbye to Sterling (a currency noun soon to be sued by silver under the Trades Descriptions Act). In recessionary Spain, Santander is now owning up to sub-prime exposure. In the US, the Punch and Judy show is in full swing. Time to bring on the Russian bogeymen, methinks.

Meanwhile, the band plays on… Why did the 1969 film/movie "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" come to mind? Hmm:


Bear of Little Brain


Ouch! You're not the cuddly bear I imagined.

Diddly-dee, diddly-dum.

Buffalo Ken


I checked out the link, and I plan on watching that movie!

Peace Bear. Really.

I'm glad you haven't changed much since you were a kid. Neither have I.


Bear of Little Brain

Ken: a bundle of laughs it isn't.
Rent "Days of Wine and Roses" (1962) and make it a double bill! Just make sure you're at ground level and have no firearms within easy reach!!


Take care, man.


Lehman To Be Acquired by Tooth Fairy, Tinkerbell and a Crocodile

The market responded with enthusiasm to reports that the Tooth Fairy has agreed to acquire Lehman. The purchase price has not yet been determined and will be set by Dick Fuld wishing upon a star, clicking his heels three times, and being transported back to that magical place where Lehman still sells for over $70 per share.

In related news, Lehman has agreed to sell all of its level III capital, including CDOs, ABSs, pet rocks, baseball cards, slightly used condoms, and credit default swaps written by MBIA and Ambac. Lehman’s level III capital will be acquired for 150% of its face value by Tinkerbell, who will carry it off to Neverland to be fed to a crocodile.

Buffalo Ken

I always thought the heels should only have been clicked twice - i mean we do have two heels don't we?

Buffalo Ken

I will tell you one piece of advice i took from this site - Canadian dollars and Swiss francs. It was a gamble (sort of like a quark done by a kooky fells), but I think it was a good one.

I think the currency should reflect the underlying value of the country!


Buffalo Ken

kooky fella - this dag-gone new keyboard (smiley face)


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Teddy is the anti-Bear With Little Brain. Mirror opposite. The yin to Bear With Little Brain's yang. Bravo for the honest honey loving bear besting the bad Teddy bear. Heh.

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