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Dear Elaine,
I listened to Sarah Palin tonight and I am 100% convinced this woman does not understand the word DIPLOMACY. She is a brutal warmonger. No doubt in my mind. Mccinsane and Palin will nuclear 1st strike Iran. This woman is the goddess of death and Mccinsane is just decimated. Together they equal war,death,nukes. I hate Obama because he is a tool. However, Iam voting for him because he is a somewhat normal human being who I dont think is a true viscous warmonger who will use use a nuclear 1st strike. With Obama we get 4 years to work on the Campaign for Liberty and get Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura as close to the white house as possible. With Mccain and Palin we might not be here in 4 years.


Oil went up a factor of 13 times from its low. However, Gold only rose 3 times. The gold/oil relationship is totally out of whack due to central bank intervention. The comparison can no longer be used justifiably. Physical gold and silver cannot be obtained without paying a massive premium. The gold/silver market is out of whack due to manipulation and in due time will correct itself radically.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Lord knows, everything is out of whack now! Once gold ceased to be the basis of the global empire's monetary value, all things ceased to have a direct relationship.

And yes, Ralph, our choices are fewer and fewer as an election evolves. Palin is totally insane. Not to mention, an open traitor who is calling for Alaska to become part of OPEC and leave the US itself. How DARE the GOP foist her on us?


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Elaine Meinel Supkis

Give the URL.


Elain you write: At the beginning of summer, I warned all the people who believed that gold would protect wealth, it wasn't even possible. It might outrun inflation briefly. But in general, it is only a commodity.

That was good advice at the time as on July 14, 2008 the carry traders sold commodities, gold and oil to take profits.

They invested in the financial sector, homebuiding, retail, consumer discretionary, US Treasuries, and just today of all things the mortgage sector, especially the mortgage backed securities guarantors like Radian Group, RDN, and the other bond insurers like Ambak, ABK, and MBIA, MBI.

They run the stocks up and run them down.

Just the other day Dell announced diminished growth opportunities, so the carry traders sold it, the semiconductors, and the NASDAQ 100; this has now turned the NASDAQ lower.

And they are using the 0.5% interest loan window at the Bank of Japan to go long the bear market ETF SSG and REW.

Today was an epic investment sea change shift: The growth shares, like IWO and JKH, are falling, whereas the value shares are holding up, on the financial, IYF, sector strength.

The US Dollar failed to move higher as the USD/JPY fell, even though the EUR/JPY fell lower decimating natural resource stocks.

Today may have been Peak Dollar: I've been looking for it; and thought it occurred on August 11th, then the 15th, then the 22nd, and the 29th! But today, Peak Dollar could very well be in as a gravestone doji shows in the Dollar, DX, in Jesse's article 'Charts in the Babson Style Midweek 3 September 2008'. It is a is a remarkeable site. And note that this is full retracement to the October Citigroup CDO Bust. This gives extra credence to possibly finally being Peak Dollar.

The former well springs of liquidity, the USD/JPY and the EUR/JPY, have now gone toxic on risk aversion to inflation, debt and decreased profit and growth opportunity.

These will now be saws of destruction working to cut asunder fiat wealth; and in the process of sawing, gold will fall out as the worlds's currency and measure and means of garnering and preserving wealth.

Yes, Libra will come forth to establish true wealth.

A systemic risk event or events are coming and gold in the vault, that is BullionVault or GoldMoney will provide safety from the tides of economic destruction.

I also recommend a purchase of SKF in a trust account along with a short sell of MBI, ABK, and RDN, SCA, MTG, RAM, SUR, and AGO.

And I recommend a small short position in USD/JPY in a Forex account.

In as much as gold relative to US Stocks GLD:VTI is above 1.15, I believe there is and will be an ongoing and measurable investment demand for gold.

US Treasuries are no longer a lifeboat of safety as they seem to be topping out and have been contaminated by mortgage backed securities accepted by the Fed under its TAF facilities.

geoffery battams

it is soon hunting season in england and it is going to be very welcome .there is a lot of chinese water deer and rabitts and pheashants running around .people will soon be struggling to pay for food and those who live in the inner citys will be hit very hard .investors are on you tube giveing advice about this and that but they seem to have lost track of the hard cold fact that money is going to be toilet paper it is going to be worthless .i have brought garden tools and dug my garden up brought plenty of seed .people dont hoard money which is going to be fit for lighting fires with .invest in some survival assets guns torches canned food rice etc because time is short soon money will not be accepted by any one. spend it now while it has any value buy things for your survival you cannot eat a new laptop or a widescreen tv. get real people i know it is hard to believe you need to realise and accept that money is going to be worthless


The only time money can becomes worthless is during hyper-inflation Zimbabwe style, not a possibility this cycle. Hyperinflation will cause all the millions accumulated by Bush and his rich goons to turn to nothing, so they will rather start WW3 than print money into hyperinflation.

I agree with Elaine that current events increase the chance of WW3 every single day, and no amount of survivalist supplies can last you through it.

If we manage to avoid WW3, then we will get depression as housing, cars, stocks, bonds, and everything of value loses value. Cash on hand will be worth many times MORE since you can later buy that $1 million house for $100k cash, and those SUVs will be worth their weight in scrap metal. Instead of becoming worthless, hard cash will become KING!

Thus, I think the best investment strategy right now is just to keep your job if you can, sit on hard cash and wait out the crash. Also pray hard that WW3 does not start.


This is worth reading:




There is no question we are headed for World War III. All the signs are there.



What happens when the Chinese, Japanese, Russians and Saudis turn up with trillions of USD to buy up the entire country of USA because of falling land prices? (Hint: 70% of USD is in the hands of foreigners)

Would US repudiate this huge amount of USD or accept them and lose the country?? If they repudiate USD, won't it make it worthless to park your wealth in USD???



My apologies, I mean to direct my question to WG.

Isn't this another example of Horns of Dilemma that Elaine is so fond of mentioning...

geoffery battams

if we go to war with iran our demise will come but only quicker if we dont go to war it will come but only slower. money is going to lose value either way if the dollar falls to a near worthless level due to a economic crash it will be just bits of paper.if it falls due to attacking iran it will still be a useless piece of paper high inflation will come regardless of war or peace.war will cause oil to shoot thru the roof causeing economic collapse plus high inflation. if i am sitting on a pile of food etc and someone offers me lots of money for it .why would i take worthless pieces of paper for it? if food is in very short supply then it will become very valueable.the only thing i would accept is other material assets for it .something i can hold and know is real.of course i do realise that if mad coke head bush starts fireing atomic missiles about i wont be here to worry about anything. but i have to try and protect my children and hope against hope that i and they will survive


The floating system is destined to sink. And will be replace by another. Possibly back to gold.

Gold is a commodity now, but in the future?...



Sounds like Kiyosaki's latest investment recommendations on the 5Gs: Gold, Ground, Grub, Guns and Gas.

geoffery battams

oc/i think guns camping gas grub and especially ground land because you can grow things on it build on it and if you have enough land it will enable you to survive. haveing a rich dad of course would help

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Both Russia and China have large gold and silver accumulations. Both are aiming at becoming the global currency. If OPEC decides that Russia is the global oil trade currency, this will be due to the Arabs also liking the idea of gold as the basis for international trade currencies.

It will be the richest irony in history for the two communist nations to reestablish the gold standard, eh? Really ironic.


Cheyney just announced a $1bn donation to Republic of Georgia, USA being in financial problems how/who is going to pay for this. How do I jump on this scam and what Standards of Operations will this donation be held against.
Please tell me about scams like these I want to know


"Angola becomes Africa’s largest oil producer"...



"WhatReallyHappened.com attacked again. Who next?"...



"Information Clearing House Publisher Threatened"...


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Georgia is playing 'The Mouse That Roared' full tilt. In that story, a small mountain dependency decides to con America into sending them billions of dollars in 'aid'. So they start a war that rapidly escalates into a confrontation between Russia and America that starts WWIII.


Elaine, the powerful banking dynasties and investment houses who created these fiasco bubbles in housing, commodities,government deficits, etc... has starkly exposed the shadow ruling elite of governments to the "unwashed" masses. And the falsehood of fiat currencies. Paper wealth is the ultimate belief system of illusional power. In the elites ultimate quest of power, they've destroyed the magical illusion that enshrouded fiat currencies from the masses. Their magical incantations are failing and the belief system is literally going up in smoke as trillions of worthless manmade paper currencies burn like wildfires in every financial system worldwide. It reminds me of California's uncontrollable forest fires every summer.

People can agree to exchange resources for any reason they wish without an exact accounting. It is their belief that they must measure that exchange precisely and keep a record of it.
Like Rip Van Winkle, the slumbering masses have awakened to the hoax of paper wealth.



Do you think America would start WWIII to try and prevent hyperinflation? It is hard to imagine war hitting home...I guess because I am 33 and have only read about world wars....but it seems like that is the direction the world is running towards.


It certainly looks as if we're headed to a war. While McCain and Palin were celebrating the modern day Spartan Family at the rep convention, Cheney was in Georgia setting the table for US-Eur-Israel/China-Iran-Russia confrontation. Who knows what future commitments he promised. God help us.


Ahhh, this headline tickled my funny bone:

"Flock of banks—including HSBC—seen flying lazy circles over Lehman"


Bear of Little Brain

The collective noun for turkeys is a flock. How appropriate. For vultures, it's a colony, BTW ;-) :

Paul S

It's frightening to think of what kind of fantasy world the Bushes and their neo cons live in. I don't claim to know military strength versus military strength, but if the Bushes want to play rough with Russia, the neo cons are in for a surprise. Unfortunately, and obviously I hope this doesn't happen, but it may take a HUGE miltary disaster for people to wake up and realize that the neo cons are completely deranged. This kind of disaster appears to happen to all Empires as they implode to second class status. I guess it has to happen to the USA as well. Russia has a fearsome level of firepower and they appear to mean business. I doubt they are merely posturing.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Vultures are conventions. They love to perch in large congregations in dead trees or on cliffs. Then, when the sun shines, they hoist themselves high and glide over the earth, eagerly eyeballing and sniffing for dead things. Once they find it, they plunge downwards.

Bear of Little Brain

Engdahl has a nice article on the Russian situation and a summary of VERY recent events in Ukraine. Even the notes are enlightening:
I would also suggest checking out his web site, time permitting.
You will find that Georgia's Saakashvili is more gangster than president.


Elaine, what do you think will happen to these grass-root campaigns to stop the "Mouse that Roared" scenario of nuclear holocaust to fulfill Biblical prophesy?


A Munich-based historian Wolfgang Eggert, 46, will launch an Internet petition tomorrow (Friday Sept. 5) to demand action on powerful Jewish and Christian cults that want to instigate a nuclear holocaust to fulfill Biblical prophesy.

He thinks cult members must be exposed and removed. He points to the Jewish Chabad Lubavitcher sect who want to hasten Armageddon in order to facilitate the Messiah's return. Their religion calls for them to manipulate events, including instigate nuclear war, to bring back the Messiah, Eggert says.

Their members include Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq War which began with an attack named after a Cabalist diety, "Shekinah" ("Shock and Awe.") Especially worrisome now is Chabadnik Joe Lieberman who visited Israel in March with his buddy John McCain. There is concern over Sen. Carl Levin who is Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Other prominent Orthodox Jews who might be part of this cult include Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff and former Pentagon Controller Dov Zakheim, implicated in the disappearance of "trillions" of dollars.



"England is $8 trillion in public debt. Japan, ditto. The US: $10 trillion. These red ink messes can fund an epic new world of global lending? HAHAHA."

They not only think they can, I promise you they will try up to their very last breath.

That's the whole point of fiat money - you can print as much of it as you want. Unlike Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe, the U.S. supplies the world's reserve and commodities-trading currency (and the rest of the world apparently wants to keep it that way); that means no one is going to refuse to take the dollars we print (at least for now).

Our government and central bankers are exploiting this to the max; Bernanke is the first Fed chief to openly and proudly talk about printing as much money as he feels like to meet financial needs, and his actions show he means it. And the politicians promise to solve our finacial problems with more and more tax cuts and spending programs.

The bizarre scenario wherein foreign investors tuck away boatloads of devaluating dollars into vaults and use them to buy our ever-expanding debts - strictly for the purpose of supporting U.S. financial stability and their own export industries - permits us to "solve" ALL financial and fiscal problems by churning out more and more debt - the sky's the limit (or rather, there is no limit in the minds of our leaders).

That's why the Fed is nationalizing all debt: every bailout, every "swap" that hands out Treasuries for junk debt, is based on the ASSUMPTION that there is no real limit to the amount of Federal debt that can be created. If the world's investors are crazy enough to buy all the debt the U.S. government can supply - at ever lower rates of return (what economists call "inelastic" demand for U.S. Treasuries), the Feds will happily keep printing them forever.

U.S. inflation is already at 14% because of this "endless credit creation" mindset (using consistent CPI statistics standardized to 1980 methodology). It is in the process of going higher. This is because "endless credit creation" means "endless inflation creation." Asset bubbles? The least of our problems (because they are self-correcting - hence the current "housing crisis", Nasdaq crash, etc.), and they are an INHERENT re-ocurring phenomenon in all captalist economies.

However, you are correct that military adventurism and even major wars are the most effective and common way Anglo-American politicians divert angst away from financial crises and justify ever-higher levels of national debt. The only question is where and when the next conflict will start and how much harm will be done before we exhaust ourselves completely or our creditors finally pull the plug on us.

No happy endings here, kids, and gold won't save you from the outcome any more than a bomb shelter will.

Bear of Little Brain

Interested by the "Shock and Awe" insight, GK:

Quick check on "Shekinah". Seems to be some feminine side of the divine spirit. Tried to plough through some of the Wiki stuff, which didn't mention the feminine side bit (unless I missed it). Maybe it's just dim old me, but these tortuous religious constructs always end up looking like the intricate ravings of intelligent, but disturbed, minds.
Unfortunately, these are the kinds of lunatics running our asylum.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh, the Dire Goddesses! HAHAHA.

All the modern religions are based on these ancient forms that correctly understood who really was in charge of the Gates of Death and the Cave of Wealth.

These ancient crones keep records, you know. They laugh as they read passages to each other. You don't want to hear them laughing.

The fact is, the modern gods are all constructs which is why they are INVISIBLE. The ancient ones were quite visible, by the way. They are star systems in the heavens as well as denizens of our dream world. Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha were all humans used to channel these weaker, invisible gods.

But the older ones proudly carry their own identities. We are told, they are 'myths' which is supposed to diminish their powers. But their powers are innate, not granted by humans. They do what they were designed to do for they are forces of nature, power grids and matrixes which humans have assigned stories and images to see them.

It makes it really easy to talk about all sorts of things if one accepts these various entities as 'real'. For they are part of our collective history.

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