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Hakan with the reindeer

Somehow, when I think about Greenspan the words 'Creative Destruction' comes to my mind. I cannot see any other reason for doing what he did: Lowering the rates down to almost zero a few years and then fast and swift up they went to 5%. After that he left the building.
Probably to buy some popcorn...


Click this map. (IMF GDP growth projection for the world)

What we see is clearly the result of banking collapse and capital going into places outside the subprime tainted area. And they are all experiencing high growth.

most impressive, concrete picture of Bush economy accomplishment.



America is like a family who lives a very well-to-do lifestyle...but can't actually afford it! We all know people like this.....they live in huge houses in the best neighborhoods, their children go to expensive private schools, they always have a new car to impress the neighbors, they only shop at nicer stores or expensive boutiques, etc. But...behind close doors this family is suffering. They are living month to month, even week to week, always in fear of loosing everything because they DON'T have the money to pay for their lifestyle. Yet they continue living this way. It will eventually end. They will go bankrupt. They "appear" to be wealthy to everyone who sees them, but the reality is that they are living in extreme dept and it will catch up with them in a severe way. They know this fact but act like it will never actually happen. America is like this family. Having expensive "things" is not what makes you wealthy. Having money saved and all your bills paid is wealth. I expect to read "AMERICA'S ECONOMY HAS COLLAPSED" just any day now on Yahoo News.

Paul S

We need to remember that the Bush/neocon focus and priorites are: keep a lid on things until AFTER "Dubaya" is bunkered down in Crawford TX. You see, that way our wonderful neo cons--and their pals at Exxon-Mobil and the big Banking houses, can walk around and say, "The economy was great when WE left". At least Phil Gramm is honest; Gramm thinks Americans are a nation of whiners and complainers. THAT'S what our ruling elites REALLY think about we the sheeple. Speaking of Gramm, isn't it kinda funny how our ruling elites work for other countries? Gramm is now a paid lobbyist for UBS. I wonder which ones of the elites China will hire as lackeys? None of them, if the Chinese have any brains. Hopefully, there will be a Stalin-like purge. At least the world will be rid of them.


With the Phoenix-like rising value of the dollar, while the budget and trade deficits and the billions of dollars pouring into insolvent banks, fundamentals which all should create a lower valued dollar, right, well then we have the to ask the question - What the heck is happening?
Borrowing a billion dollars to give to Georgia while California is near bankruptcy is certainly a prime time political issue to toss into the public arena.
With the world recession unfolding are Central Banksters around the world buying dollars with their currencies in a last ditch attempt to keep the feeding frenzy of US gluttony bloating on?
How long can the credit/debt, trade, currency exchange imbalances continue?
Questions I am sure that Elaine and contributors can answer for me, thanks.


Madame Bovary was a nice touch in this posting. Hit the G spot.

Reimund from Berlin

You say: "Money values and systems operate very much like hydraulic systems. This is actually rather strange when we look at it realistically."

That's 100% right -- Adam Smith called it the invisible hand.

Reimund from Berlin

Jojo asks "How long can the credit/debt, trade, currency exchange imbalances continue?"

According to Hans Sennholz' "Age Of Inflation" these imbalances, caused by malinvestments, caused by fiat money, caused by deficit spending, can continue for generations (but not forever).

Other economists may say the imbalances can continue for a long time, but no one has an idea how long a long time is.

My favorites are economists who believe in steering the economy (obviously always accelerating ad infinitum).


Only this time Madame Bovary may not be so lucky to be able to do the deed to herself

She may face Madame La Guillotine instead.

Royal Dutch Paper

As Napoleon pointed out: "Terrorism, War & Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as a debt and compounded by interest "- he cancelled debt and interest in France - hence the Battle of Waterloo.



Elaine, nice post about our monetary mess. Lyndon Larouche is usually nuts, but one of his people gave out this excellent quote:

"The Federal Government, it is assumed, can always borrow more money, but under our current unconstitutional central banking monetary system, it borrows that money by issuing bonds, which are sold through the Fed into the financial markets. That is, it is borrowing money from the very financial markets it is attempting to bail out. One does not have to be a professional economist to spot the flaw in such a scheme (in fact, it appears, the only people who fail to see the glaring flaw in the scheme are professional economists, bankers, and their pet regulators, who have a vested interest in ignoring the obvious).

In the end, whatever the Federal Government does manage to borrow, becomes the obligation of the taxpayers, most of whom are themselves dependent upon borrowed money for their survival, and living in an economy which has been operating below breakeven for some four decades, and falling further behind by the day. Ultimately, the guarantees are worthless, because there is nothing backing them."


We have a system to build more red ink on red ink. A snake eating its own tail. We cannot be this way forever. Without productivity, a country that does not produce cannot consume, unless it conquers those that produce.


But they are partying like 1999 at the rubbies convention.
VP, a ton of experience running a town the size of my toe nail.
SHe can save the day? She can't even handle her own family.
"more tax breaks for the rich!" I say.
It will make it,more better.....

I am a bit miffed by my country and what it has turn into.
No more truth, trust and "real" fairness and balance.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I was at the hospital most of the day with father in law [operation: success!]. Saw the GOP convention. HAHAHA. Boy, they couldn't cheer very hard or wave signs, even. Very sad and dispirited.

A reader is replacing me as the reporter at the Ron Paul convention and he sent me some cool pictures. Will be talking about all this later.


Anybody who has studied art knows the value of simplification ,cones ,cylinders,circles,cubes
&circles all found in nature,master these shapes & you are on your way to good drawings. Its not much different for the study of economics and politics.Understand some simplified basics and you are on your way to comprehend it all, divide our economic system in 4 sectors:the industrial/manufacturing and
agricultural sector witch produce the real wealth.The retail sector:buys sales buys for monetary profit only and accumulates enormous amounts of money,this money is entrusted to the financial sector but this sector is not satisfied with managing the
medium of exchange it is in the business of
selling money (interest) and will create out of the blue more money (credit) this is the sector that creates BUBBLE source of DEPRESSION


Anybody who has studied art knows the value of simplification ,cones ,cylinders,circles,cubes
&circles all found in nature,master these shapes & you are on your way to good drawings. Its not much different for the study of economics and politics.Understand some simplified basics and you are on your way to comprehend it all, divide our economic system in 4 sectors:the industrial/manufacturing and
agricultural sector witch produce the real wealth.The retail sector:buys sales buys for monetary profit only and accumulates enormous amounts of money,this money is entrusted to the financial sector but this sector is not satisfied with managing the
medium of exchange it is in the business of
selling money (interest) and will create out of the blue more money (credit) this is the sector that creates BUBBLE source of DEPRESSION

Paul S

Watched as much of the Republican convention as I could take. Do these guys EVER come up with a new slogan or campaign theme? It's always the big government 'liberals' that cause all the problems. They claim to be looking out for the average American?? Puh-leeeze. Haha. I think the Republicans need new material.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Naw. They really want more teen sex. And gay sex. And sex with frogs, I guess.


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