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Blunt Force Trauma

We Are In One Of The Great Vortexes Of History

"Sadly there is no force, political or otherwise, that seems capable of reversing the trend to global economic disaster and global war."

Elaine will handle it! She'll kick all their asses!

Article here:


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Now is NOT the time for despair! It is FINALLY time to move! Either we give up and become mice or we take up the cause and become men and women!

There is no cheap answer. There is no Santa Claus. There is hard work and hope! And I am a big believer in 'where there is life, there is hope.'

I don't want to crawl under a rock and hide, I want to see action and take action. We can and we shall prevail if we work at it. Understanding things is the first step, not the last.


Dear Elaine,
I see your going to DC on tuesday. Whom are you speaking to? Do you need people to accompany you?

Blunt Force Trauma

Hey, you media lurkers; AKA: field producers, story editors and writers. I know you're out there and you read this blog. I suggest you, as a favour to even yourselves, get in contact with Elaine and follow her to DC. The more exposure she has, the more that people will see and understand what is truly being done to not only the US, but the world as a whole. So go on, 'go against the grain' as it were; and cover a story and a person that deserves it!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ralph, call me later today. I am going out to do stuff before going to DC on Tuesday afternoon.

Blunt Force Trauma: the media will NEVER cover me. Hell, they refuse to cover Ron Paul and Kucinich! They are the problem. Alas.

still dreaming

Hi Elaine,

The following I thought worth repeating from talks, as it happens, with you and Mike Whitney, that is telling on just how much Greenspan strayed; from “Are we headed for another Great Depression” http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article17667.htm:

[In 1966, Alan Greenspan wrote an article called “Gold and Economic Freedom” in which he described the events leading up to the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. In his essay he says:

“When business in the United States underwent a mild contraction in 1927, the Federal Reserve created more paper reserves in the hope of forestalling any possible bank reserve shortage. More disastrous, however, was the Federal Reserve’s attempt to assist Great Britain who had been losing gold to us because the Bank of England refused to allow interest rates to rise when market forces dictated (it was politically unpalatable). The reasoning of the authorities involved was as follows: if the Federal Reserve pumped excessive paper reserves into American banks, interest rates in the United States would fall to a level comparable with those in Great Britain; this would act to stop Britain’s gold loss and avoid the political embarrassment of having to raise interest rates.

The “Fed” succeeded; it stopped the gold loss, but it nearly destroyed the economies of the world, in the process. The excess credit which the Fed pumped into the economy spilled over into the stock market-triggering a fantastic speculative boom. Belatedly, Federal Reserve officials attempted to sop up the excess reserves and finally succeeded in braking the boom. But it was too late: by 1929 the speculative imbalances had become so overwhelming that the attempt precipitated a sharp retrenching and a consequent demoralizing of business confidence. As a result, the American economy collapsed. Great Britain fared even worse, and rather than absorb the full consequences of her previous folly, she abandoned the gold standard completely in 1931, tearing asunder what remained of the fabric of confidence and inducing a world-wide series of bank failures. The world economies plunged into the Great Depression of the 1930’s.”

Hasn’t the Federal Reserve created similar “speculative imbalances” today through its increases in the money supply, its low interest rates, and the massive liquidity it pumped into the housing bubble? And, haven’t the deregulatory policies of the Fed exacerbated our current account deficit—forcing US exports to compete with countries that artificially lower the prices of their manufactured goods by manipulating their currencies?

If the economic policies of the Federal Reserve and the Bush administration are deliberate, than how can we say that the destruction of the dollar and the subsequent crushing of the American middle class are accidental?

Greenspan’s essay proves that he fully understood the implications of “excess credit” and “excessive paper reserves” and yet he persisted with the same destructive policies for 6 years. So—Is the housing bubble merely the “unintended consequence” of the Fed’s policies or is it the clearly calculated goal?]

Best wishes and courage to all in the US facing this blight.


Here is more information on the guarantee of Money Markets by the Fed (http://tinyurl.com/4jwwga):

Paulson knew the $105 billion injection was not a real solution. A broader, more radical answer was needed.

Hours after Paulson made his round of calls to calm the industry, word leaked out that an added $1 trillion bailout of banks was being readied. Investors cheered. At about 3 p.m., news of the plans was filtering up and down Wall Street, fueling a 700-point advance in the Dow Jones industrial average through 4 p.m. Friday.

By that time, Paulson had announced the plan. It included insurance on money market accounts, a move that started in quiet Thursday morning, when the former Goldman Sachs executive saved the country from a paralyzing meltdown.

Blunt Force Trauma

Elaine said:

"Blunt Force Trauma: the media will NEVER cover me. Hell, they refuse to cover Ron Paul and Kucinich! They are the problem."

You are right. Again.

Blunt Force Trauma

1 hour into this trading day and the DOW is down 166 points. Of course there'll be a rally. Paulson will fart or something and they'll all get whiff and stocks will shoot up.



I Never Said The Chinese Are The Bad Guys

Financial Armageddon is certainly coming. It is up to We the People to choose the time and place. We must not wait until the bankers run off with all the loot!

We start this! We block the Chinese barges! (Hello Greenpeace!) They will stop soon enough anyway. Why wait for the next $700B payoff to the fatcats, and the resulting debt to be tossed in our lap? WHY!!!

We block the barges right now before the payoff. Explain to the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians, if the fatcats get their big payoff WE WILL BLAME THEM. And thereafter, ANY DEBT WE MAY OWE AS A PEOPLE SHALL BE REGARDED AS NULL AND VOID. ALL OF IT.

They just might think twice before funding that payoff!!!

Gary W

Elaine, please, PLEASE make a contingency to post something here if you are arrested; things are coming unstuck in a big way and it's only a matter of time before people are "disappeared" like in all those nasty US-driven totalitarian coups over the last 50 years... this is really chickens coming home to roost. The fascists will only get more desperate, more nasty, and if possible, more evil.


CREDO ACTION. No blank check for Wall Street. Sign the Petition. http://tinyurl.com/42pnvs

Christian W

This was obviously in the coming when the US allowed itself to be lead by corrupt War Criminals in the White House and in Congress, and no action was taken to charge them for their crimes.

Typical that the anger really only starts with the general populace when they feel pain in their wallets.

Oh well. Good luck people and kick some well deserved butt. I'd be there with you if I lived in the States.


Elaine, this is certainly your most important post ever.

You are absolutely correct to demand Congress uphold the Constitution.

They put their hand on the bible to promise it.

They must remember that if they do not they are guilt of TREASON and the penalty, under law, for that is DEATH.


Yes Elaine,

Please take care of yourself. You are too precious to be lost !!!

Is there anyone available to cover Elaine's actions using a video-camera and posting on youtube ?

I'm in Europe. I can't help.

Paul S

I feel the ONLY way to restore credibility to our government and our financial sysytems is some people need to go to prison--for long terms, no suspended sentences. And not just tokens. Topping my list for those who MUST be put in prison for long terms: Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Phil Gramm ( I wanna hear Phil Gramm whining. Haha). And don't you just love the "neo cons"? They want government small enough so they can choke it to death in a bathtub but when it comes to Wall Street and the Big Banks, these guys become Das Kapital-style Marxists.



>the media will NEVER cover me
How about Amy Goodman at Democracy Now:


Best of luck to you.

Bear of Little Brain

Sorry to be mundane in revolutionary times but, for those of us who have US trading accounts we can protect against a dollar collapse using currency ETF's (there are also the gold and silver versions, GLD and SLV, of course).


Not advice, but I just shoved all cash with Ameritrade into FXF, the Swiss Franc, so we'll see how the week goes.

Blunt Force Trauma

US Dollar and DOW down, $1.4695 and 190 points, repsectively.

Oil is up at $109.


Thank you, Elaine! I will send to you what I can this evening. GOD SPEED


You go gal! We are one with you.
Bear with brain - I also would add FXY to that and GLD of course. There will be counter trends but as Roubini says, the hedge funds are next to implode and that will accelerate the deleveraging. Deleveraging, I think should not be confused as deflation.
In the future, and as this wild and crazy crisis unfolds precious metals ETFs will become worthless as they are part of the problem, and it will be revealed that they are really only leveraged paper.
On this blog we tend to get stuck on venting our emotions about the shameless collusion between government and corporate criminals, I for one appreciate some practical fiduciary advice once in awhile.
As with Elaine's example of agitation leading to action and an admirable recycled life style we should all attempt to be prepared as best we can for what's a comin'.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I haven't traveled in several years so I bought a suitcase on wheels. It was interesting. They had very expensive ones all over the place but in a dark corner was a perfectly fine one for under $50. Isn't that cute?

This is how we 'save money': looking under the couch or in dark corners.

The wheeled small suitcase is a great set-up for carrying 1,000 letters and the laptop all over DC this week. I am too old for the backpack solution. I had fun wheeling the suitcase up and down the store, trying it out for size.

Amtrak has severe limitations now on suitcases anyway. So this one is 'Amtrak OK' in size. Another important consideration.

Amtrak is the developed world's slowest train system, of course. No high-speed stuff for Americans! Last century transportation. At least they have electrical outlets so I can write on my computer while traveling.

I plan to spend most of the trip, writing. The hurry of the news has prevented any serious consideration of the overall picture so it will give me the leisure to think about things from a less news-oriented viewpoint.


YOU GO GIRL!! Also, please check out votenobailout.org


At the very GODDAM least we should insist this socialist
bail out should be accompanied by the re-instatement of
the Glass Steagall Act, severe jail sentences for Phil Gramm
Pope Greenspan et al, forcing corporations to keep jobs and manufacturing here , and, bringing home the troops NOW.

The way its going there will be no penalties for soiling our
finacial paper with brown stains.


As Mrs. Smith goes to Washington she should not forget to put her pitchfork in her new suitcase. Power back to the people.
This is going to be exciting, we do need to get a video cam on your back. Please, somebody out there get on the bandwagon and follow our avenging angel.

Bear of Little Brain

Not being a 'currency person', I'm not really sure about the yen, mostly because I have the impression that there may have been BoJ collusion with the Fed in the past and that a strong yen does not seem to be in Japan's interest. Apart from doubts over Swiss 'solidity' after UBS, I just plumped for the Swissie as the least dodgy. I just added to gold a couple of days ago, but that's been my multi-year macro punt. FXF is a shelter for the moment.
Sorry, everyone; will try to refrain from commenting on trades and the like, since there are plenty of blogs for that. Just thought this one was appropriate.

Bear of Little Brain

All this talk of jailing Greenspan. It cannot be done. He was the head of a Central Bank which is part of the Bank for International Settlements. As such, he is above the the law, national and international. Incidentally, similar immunity was put into the EU Treaty of Lisbon (the one recently rejected by the Irish, God bless them) for EU officials. Oh, and he is SIR Alan Greenspan. Presumably, "for services rendered unto her Majesty".

Bear of Little Brain

Hey, I'm "going Buffalo"!

Will go and lie down now.

Stefan Stackhouse

As the old saying goes:

He who borrows what isn't his'n,
must pay it back, or go to prison!

What we have here is a massive round of frauds and breaches of fiduciary responsibility. The massive amounts of leveraging would have been impossible absent that. Those who speculated using leverage during the bad times should be kept on the hook rather than bailed out now that times have gone bad. They need to close out and make good, or go to prison; it is that simple.

I have a home mortgage, and I have to pay it off or suffer the consequences. I expect the same of everyone else, without exception. I don't care what college they went to or what gated community they live in or who they golf with. If the rules don't apply equally, then the rulers can't expect continued compliance with the rules by those they rule over.


Elaine - thanks for taking a stand! I hope you are able to gain access, they're all probably hiding or having private closed door meetings with the lobbyists and party hob-nobs.

Hopefully you will not be meeting with this house member:


When you watch this, you will have a better idea of how we got where we are - must see!

WNC Observer

Elaine, I'm going to repost here something I just put up over on The Oil Drum

Say what you will about "Silent Cal" Coolidge, he did have a few good things to say:

"There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important, as living within your means. "

The thing is, "living within one's means" just happens to be the key to economic well being - for individuals and households, for businesses, for governments, and for entire economies.

We all know that at the root of our energy problems is a failure to live within our means. We are not living within the limits of the flux that renewable energy sources provide, and we are not conserving our non-renewable resources as the valuable capital assets that they actually are. We all know that this cannot go on this way forever, and indeed not for very much longer at all now.

A similar truth applies in the financial realm. Cut through all of the denial and obfuscation, and at the very root of this crisis is a simple truth: "We the people", individually and collectively, have not been living within our means. As the late Herb Stein said, "If something can't go on forever, then it won't". Well, we've reached that point where it doesn't go on any further. Consequences have become not just theoretical, speculative, and future, but real, certain, and present.

What do we do? The answer should be obvious: We must now start living within our means.

Actually, we must live a little below our means, because we are going to have to generate surpluses to dig ourselves out of this hole by paying down the accumulated debts, as well as to save for the inevitable rainy day in the future.

When I say "We", I do mean we - all of us. This isn't just a federal government problem or a Wall Street problem. This entire country is going to have to go on a fiscal diet and live within its means, and that is going to require that the amount of money available for discretionary expenditure by individuals and households are going to have to go down. (And yes, that means that we really can't afford any longer to buy so much junk from overseas that we really don't need anyway.) Yes, this will mean very painful and disruptive economic dislocations. They will be happening anyway, one way or another, we are just swallowing a pack of lies to think that there is any way to avoid it. It is time to get on with it and swallow our medicine.

It is going to mean that governments are going to have to cut their budgets, meaning that there will be a lot of things that we were hoping or counting on the government doing for us that we will now have to be doing for ourselves, or doing without. We can only afford for government at all levels to do those few, highest priority things that we truly need, and to do them well and efficiently. It is time for lot of waste and nonsense to be discarded. It also means that it is time to get back to just having a defense that defends, rather than throwing resources we don't have down the black hole of global neo-imperialist interventionism.

This also means that it is time to cut the crap in the financial sector. Our economy can no longer afford to divert scarce funds to activities that destroy rather than create value. It has been all too easy to gamble with Other People's Money. It is time to require that from now on, those with fiduciary responsibility for managing Other People's Money fulfill their duties responsibility and prudentially, which means only investing funds after doing due diligence (and yes, really understanding the instruments they are buying) and not taking on risks that are higher than what their investors expect. If people want to speculate, let them do it with their own money, not mine or anyone else's. If they do speculate and lose, then that's their problem; this country can't afford to bail out any more speculators, no matter how confusing and convoluted the gambles or how well connected the gamblers.

And as for energy, it is time to make renewable energy production and energy efficiency our top national priorities. We have got to do everything we possibly can to get to zero energy imports as quickly as possible. Reality will do it for us soon enough - the avalanche has already broken loose and is heading down the mountain; we had best start running downhill NOW, as quickly as possible, and hope that we can move fast enough to keep it from gaining on us. This will cost a lot of money, which is why we need to cut out so much of this wasteful crap. It also means that we are actually going to have to do things that are uncomfortable and maybe even downright painful, and thus very unpopular.

I don't hear anyone talking this way, and don't expect to. But it is the truth, and there is no other way out of this mess.

Blunt Force Trauma

That was a "fun" day.

DOW closed down 373 or 11,015.20

S&P closed down 45.98 or 1,209.10

Oil closed up at $120

The Euro gained and closed at $1.4832

Canadian Dollar .9678 U.S.

So much for this "bailout". Here's the lamestream media's reaction. Friday it was that the rally was the biggest since; blah, blah. Today, they weep. I keep noticing that they hover the DOW, lately, in the range of between 10-8 to 11-5. I remember the first week of this year, it was at 12-8. Each time the DOW rallies; well it's wonderful. The recycled headLIEs are rolled out. What they don't tell anyone is the real loss since October 2007 when it was 14-4.

Anyway, here's the sobbing by the presstitutes...

Reuters - US STOCKS-Wall St extends losses on oil, bailout uncertainty


Bloomberg - U.S. Stocks Tumble on Concern Bailout Won't Stop Recession



Morgan Stanley Plans to Sell Stake to Mitsubishi UFJ



Elaine you are my hero. But it seems you are too late.
Congressional aides said the House could act on a bailout bill as early as Wednesday.


Blunt Force Trauma

JT said:

"Congressional aides said the House could act on a bailout bill as early as Wednesday."

So, they moved up the date of the raping and pillaging? How nice.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

GADS!!!! They knew I was coming.

Well, I had already moved up the date of arrival to TOMORROW so I beat them!

Also, I am staying with someone who is connected to Congress tomorrow night. This is going to be one interesting week. I can still hit everyone even if they stupidly pass this bill.

Big time.


What really saddens me is, how powerless Americans truly are against the elitist's and their money beast.

We all know nobody that's an "elite", is going to be arrested, or have anything bad happen to them whatsoever.

If it were up to me I would say solution is make a list of who the elite's are, and create teams of citizens to take them out.

And I don't mean take them out to dinner.

Take them out to sea, fit them with concrete boots, and let them take a swim.


The Great Depression was no accident. It was planned and executed by the same group zi juus international central bankers that is orchestrating our present oncoming Depression. Money supply was cut three times by the FED between 1929-1939 ... extending the Depression, while at the same time we were lending Hitler $billions to build new factories, schools, autobahns, and armies.

These Depressions are no accident. Then, or now.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Naw, we have to be legal, JZ. Laws can be invoked.

Bear of Little Brain

Oooh. That's close to incitement to an act of d o m e s t i c you-know-what. Expect a visit from the 'authorities' quite soon. "Just checking, sir." Unless they come through the windows and doors, just for effect.

Got you worried? But that's where it's going. Google logs all your searches. Your ISP logs all your site visits. Israeli companies log all your telephone calls (and probably are capable of intercepting them). Your bank/credit card company logs all your purchases, and the geographic location. In the UK, there is an extensive network of number plate recognition cameras logging our movements. (I was pulled in a couple of years ago, because my tow bar ball thingy slightly obstructed my number plate - but only in a way that affected the fixed-position camera. The camera flagged me up for interception.) All this is being fed into data banks, and constantly scanned by software. In the end, we police ourselves, just for a quiet life.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Great Depression was NOT PLANNED BY JEWS. Gads!

They were the chief victims of that mess. It was caused by the EMPERORS OF GERMANY, RUSSIA AND ENGLAND going into a very long and very stupid war, bankrupting their empires and then going to the US to borrow money. Got that?

Geeze. It is antisemitism to blame the Jews for the mess created by those inbred idoits sitting on thrones in Europe. Not one of whom was even slightly Jewish at all.





Elaine Meinel Supkis

People from top to bottom in a declining imperial system play various roles in these declines. But the ruling elites are NOT Jews, they USE Jewish people as TOOLS.

And when the fires get too hot due to being STUPID and making MISTAKES, they toss the poor Jewish people to the mobs and run the other way. History is terribly clear about this.

Note how you, Plovering, are not mad at the Bush clan who are not Jewish at all nor is Cheney nor a host of other guys who are to blame for things.



Bear of Little Brain

Check out the "Sitemeter" logo/link top right and explore. Hint: my ISP is Virgin under "Who's on". It seems to have been logging my comments. Go to the "World map" and click on a dot. Up comes information that will amaze you; IP address, operating system. And this is, presumably, only the top level of info.


jojo and Bear of Little Brain:

Thanks for the currency ETF play, I'm going to do that and like the swiss franc - and the Israeli sheckle (or whatever funny money they pass). I'm very bullish on old fashioned, allocated gold too!

Reporter Warns Staged Financial Crisis Part Of Fascist Coup

Huffington Post writer threatened by neo-con bloggers after urging readers to remember Prescott Bush's Fascist "Business Plot"

Referring to the Bush administration's "Wall Street bailout bill", Alexandrovna warns that a fascist coup is in it's closing stages, describing the proposed legislation as "treachery being conducted in the light of day."

"Now, if you do not yet understand that the Wall Street crisis is a man-made disaster done through intentional deregulation and corruption, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell to you (or Sara Palin does anyway). This manufactured crisis is now to be remedied, if the fiscal fascists get their way, with the total transfer of Congressional powers (the few that still remain) to the Executive Branch and the total transfer of public funds into corporate (via government as intermediary) hands."

...] we already now have in writing, formally as presented to Congress, the intentions of this administration to nullify Congressional powers permanently, to alter Judicial powers permanently, and to openly steal public funds using as blackmail the total collapse of the US economy if these powers are not handed over. You do see how this is blackmail, do you not? You do see how this is a manufactured crisis precisely designed to be used as blackmail, do you not?"







Bear of Little Brain

Shekel? Just checked a couple of graphs and you may be right, but my concern was just for ETF's.
Unfortunately, just between ourselves, I don't think I could bring myself to purchase Shekels. It would break my personal, but limited, boycott.


China, in its official newspaper, has called for a new international currency.
Bush called Hu to keep him in the loop re the financial shennanigans. Hu made it clear that Taiwan was part of the loop.
China and japan have agreed to further co-ordination of their mutually profitable economic activities.
Henry Paulson is the Admiral John Byng of our day.

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