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I been fighting it online all along. I stared the bullhorning myself on at least four substantial blogs.

I feel not-too-bad about this.

Blunt Force Trauma

You'll need an update on your Bloomberg-DOW number. There were more 'shreds' than that :)

-777.68 or 10,365.45

Blunt Force Trauma

Paulson is crying on Chicken Noodle News (CNN) right now. He's barking with a tone as though that this isn't done. He sounds as though he's going to take up a crusade to revive his banker buddie's fight for free moolah.

"We need more lube" - Paulie

gg battams

i was very surprised that the bill failed but very pleased that it did. it is time for a clearout of all of these corrupt politicians on both sides of the pond. i noticed that towards the end of the days tradeing something was pushing up the market? but after climbing up the downward weight became to much and it went back down.


Will the stock market keep falling like we've seen today?

Blunt Force Trauma

gg battams said:

"i was very surprised that the bill failed but very pleased that it did."

I was surprised as well. All the yak from both sides (especially Pelosi), up until this morning, made it sound as though it was going to pass. Glad it didn't. But then there is all the OTHER trillions that were spent and approved just last week anyway ($188 billion a day for banks - as an example). So where, really, are we? Better? Worse?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

777 is a magic number. And this whole mess began to unravel on 7/17/7 so we are in a position whereby the magical is uniting with random chance to give us....Heh.

The Cave of Wealth and Death is a maze. It is a Labyrinth.



Here is a list of the AYES for anyone keeping track for future events.



Hello Elaine

Congratulations from Lisbon (Portugal, Europe), have been following your odyssey very much worried with the outcome of all this mess.


Hi Elaine,

I've been reading your blog since March 07 and would like to thank you and all the people who post comments on this fantastic site. Keep up the good word and congratulations.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Welcome, Jus!

Now we can all roll up our sleeves and really work to really fix things. This means holding serious hearings in Congress including ones talking about the US budget deficits.

Bear of Little Brain

These bastards aren't going to go down that easily. One drink - OK, two - to celebrate, then back on guard. Cornered and wounded animals are the most dangerous. I suspect this will not be over until the Fed is buried.


I am looking forward to IP TV allowing citizen journalism to replace mainstream non-journalism.

Any one ever heard of Gerald Celente of The Trends Research Institute?

He is a good read, although he is pay subscription.

He predicts the coming irrelevance of normal tv, and IP TV based journalism that is not controlled by the major elite.


"777 is a magic number."

LOL - I was thinking of YOU when I saw that today :-)


A little Rosh Hashana break to twist some arms off and then I fear this will pass.

If not, watch out for Al-Ciada. A nice national emergency would give them the ability to circumvent Congress wouldn't it?

Dutch Masters


Keep the cannons on them boys ( and girls )
Keep the heat on them Elaine.
How long does it take the fed to print up 11 trillion?
I think it failed by only 12 votes, so pour it on!!!!!

Dutch Masters


read the ninjas story on General Jackson!
Post it all over!

CEO Nutcracker


I said the same thing, an October Surprise! These turds won't let 'main street' celebrate their demise without a major retaliation. WWIII comes to mind.


Hey, Dutch Masters, I did the same math. Basically, yeah, 12 votes. Maybe America is rather tired of the Wall Street Blues.

Fuck these scum. I know how to jump a fucking boxcar. Anything more esoteric is well due for an ass kicking.


This is my true fear: when the Masters of the Universe realize they are masters of nothing, they will pounce upon the Hitler Solution, i.e. the world "failed" THEM, therefore WE (the world) must die.

The Hitler Solution is already being used on an individual and family level by them, soon it will be used on a world-wide level.


The bill was rejected but it will quickly be back. The media is presenting the bills loss as a failure of congress - equating that in some way, the bill would "unplug" the credit lines like rotor rooter to a sewer.

As Elaine points out, the market was flooded with liquidity today and it still nose dived. The congress needs to stop wasting time diagnosing the symptoms and to start in addressing the disease in earnest.

Ron Paul just announced that he will be introducing legislation to audit the Federal Reserve and the President's Working Group on Financial Markets. Could this be too good to be true?


A subtle, but important dynamic at play is that it appears that Ron Paul is getting some traction in congress as being a competent leader by his peers. Years of competence has given him credibility - we really need to have him rise up in a stronger leadership role. Here is a video of his 2 minute talk this morning:


Blunt Force Trauma

Hey, Dr.

"The bill was rejected but it will quickly be back."

I shudder. Paulson's flap this afternoon was sounding just that. I was thinking of Paulson as Ahhnold - "I'll be back".

CEO Nutcracker

I had an Epiphany in the shower a minute ago.

What if the fraudsters shorted stocks around the world, including there own, with the $600B they just received from the swaps. Maybe while everyone else thought the bailout was a sure thing, they knew and bet otherwise, making a killing today. Hmmm!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

There is plenty of liquidity...but NOT IN THE US. This is quite natural. We reached a certain upper limit on the amount of red ink we can sop up.

This is a reality the only legislative move could spawn is for our government to balance the books by taxing imports. Sounds tremendously simple, doesn't it?

And raise interest rates to attract savings.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

CEO Nutcracker, you think like a gnome. Heh.

CEO Nutcracker

I don't think that's a good thing. I am not a criminal, but I can see into the future sometimes too!


Most of the world stock markets banned short selling of stocks on banks and financials, so that is not going to work.
The most Wall St can do is to spread the contagion across all the world by selling more Treasuries, whether the other party want them or not.
The US currency, unfortunely, will then drop.

Alternative solution is to increase the interest rates, which will hurt business in US tremendously, devalue the property market, and anyways not feasible if Japan and Europe does not follow suit.


The 777 point drop in the Dow is just the equivalent of the Anthrax letters sent before the Patriot Act vote.

Hold the capital structure of everyone's jobs and retirements hostage until the Treasury is handed over to the Federal Reserve criminals.

Below is the perfect question: Is this a Boston Tea Party or Economic 9/11?

They will let people think it was a successful tea party until they sneak in a late night vote to complete the banker Coup D'etat.

Unless the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is repealed and Congress, 100% accountable to citizens rather than special interest donors, regains control of our money supply, nothing really changed.

Put banks in bankruptcy protection, regulate CDS as insurance, and eliminate the right of a corporation (and PACS) to be a legal person.


"Was today the US Economic 9/11?

Or was it the 2008 version of the Boston Tea Party?"


I would like to welcome everyone to the High Holy Days and marks the Jewish New Year 5769.


Israelis Observe Rosh Hashanah Under Tight Security
By Robert Berger
29 September 2008

Jews in Israel and around the world are observing Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Robert Berger reports from the VOA bureau in Jerusalem.

An Ultra-Orthodox Jew prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City, before start the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, 29 Sept. 2008

Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the High Holy Days and marks the Jewish New Year 5769. For many Israelis, it is a time of repentance and prayer, leading up to the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement.

Frederick N. Chase

"Ron Paul just announced that he will be introducing legislation to audit the Federal Reserve and the President's Working Group on Financial Markets."


(But make no mistake: The time when we could have gotten out of this mess has passed. Now, we're merely pulling toward the better of two ways to take our medicine. Recession/depression/unemployment now versus a wrecked legal system and constitution and hyperinflation a little later.)


The next 10 days are known as the "Days of Awe".

Can you say "Financial Shock and Awe"?

777 777 777 777 777


777: The book of Revelation is built around the number 7. Six sevens or 42 is for many reasons as revealed in the book Arithmetic of God, symbolic of the Second coming of Jesus Christ. Back around 2001, this site had posted http://www.endofage.com/chronology.html under the title Meaning? how 930 is the Hebrew numberical representation of the word shalom or peace, while 375 was the numberical representation of the word for Shalomah or Solomon. The difference is 555 which could represent when the antichrist, represented as a son of Solomon, not Nathan, as a son of David, takes peace from the Earth. But what if we subtract 777? We already know that 777 is the Hebrew numerical representation of the word cross. Well 930 (peace) - 777 (cross) = 153, which is often called the Jesus number. For one reason, the phrase in Hebrew in the Old Testament, "my Son is the God" has a numerical representation equal to 153. This phrase occurs exactly 7 times in the Old Testament. In other words, 777 (cross) + 153 (my Son is the God) = 930 (peace). For those not familiar with the number 153 which some have said is the most unique of all numbers, see James Harrison's "The Pattern & The Prophecy". In addition, 153 is a triangle number, (all numbers from one to 17 added together), a supertriangle number (all the factorials from 1 to 5! equal 153, and all numbers divisible by 3, which means exactly one third of all numbers, as in one third of the remnant, when the digits that make them up are cubed and then added together, repeatedly, will end up at the number 153. And the number 153 = 1^3 + 5^3 + 3^3 = 1 + 125 + 27 = 153. Most people are only aware of the following mention of 153 in the Bible:

Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken. John 21:11


Confession, I had a short position on the night when the 700 billion bailout was announced, and the spiking of the following 2 days made a severe dent to that.
Now, however, I don't see the amount being fulling recovered despite bailout failed. Wall St pockets the difference, it wins again


So is the stockmarket going up or down tomorrow? :)


GK wrote: Hold the capital structure of everyone's jobs and retirements hostage until the Treasury is handed over to the Federal Reserve criminals.

I would have to agree. 'We won' may be a bit premature - though it was a victory. The Carnegies, Mellons, and Morgans out there hold the purse strings. They made the same threat before the Depression to strangle lending and throw the country into depression. This is still early in the story ...

And 777, whewwhh - wow!

Still 700 point drop is just another day in the Market. Nothing has really changed yet. 'Buy low, sell high' young man.

As Elaine points out, nothing has been fixed yet. Where is the call for Paulson to justify the $700B number? They should have asked where does that number come from? They would have then found that the number to buy the toxic assets was many multiples of it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

These magic numbers are just that: spells thrown by the religious satanists of the Bilberberger-style ruling elites. They are very much aware how today's markets fit into the theology of the Apocalypse.

This is all so very annoying, by the way.


Thank you, Elaine. My Libra sister fights for me too!


Ron Paul back in the race as a third party candidate. With Kucinich as the running mate. And - to the shock of the Establishment - they win. My dream. Please God let it come true. Please God.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

That would be truly fabulous. We should dream this together and make it real.



U.S. lawmakers may seek to include commodity speculation limits in legislation designed to rescue banks from bad mortgage investments after a squeeze in oil trading sent crude to a record gain.

These powers that be must be mad...
Whichever they touch and 'rescue' falls catastrophically

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Soviet Union, here we come!


This is like regulated market at its worst, what's next? Should I call my broker ask for which stock I am allowed to buy on that day?
And only allowed to buy, but not sell?

Anyway the problem is bigger than Wall St, the consumer also contributed due to buying everything on credit.
But you are right this is the result of banks not rewarding savers, since there are nothing to save, why not live from pay check to pay check? :)

whine & cheese


politically suicidal bailout bill - voted down, markets crash and people panic - politically acceptable bailout bill

It will happen, oh yes... it will happen!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Everyone is scared but not scared enough to look in the mirror.

CEO Nutcracker

What happened to the FBI investigation of the 26 financial firms?

I haven't heard mention of that in weeks. This tidbit was run on the ticker for a mere half a day. Does it still exist?

It never made a headline and quickly went away.

The line in Congress, of late, seems to be "Now is not the time to get into partisan blame-games."

Well, sorry guys, NOW is the time, before more of our wealth is heisted into offshore accounts.

It appears the real victory here will, once again, be the lack of any justice.


Here is the MAO (HAHA! LOVE THAT!) in action!

Bretton Woods is a beautiful Hotel in New Hampshire. Me thinks the next version not be taking place there, but in Tianjin.


Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, addressing the Tianjin meeting on Saturday, said: "Confidence is more precious than gold and currency at the moment."

"The American consumer is toast, done, finished," said Stephen Roach, the chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, adding that the crisis would have wide-reaching consequences for countries trying to export goods to the US.

For Rhodes, "one of the things that must come out of this crisis, that did not come out of previous crises, is some form of international accounting standards."

"We really need a set of internationally accepted regulatory norms. We are too tied together in a globalised world," the Citigroup executive said.

Just like the German banking and industrial might was destroy in the early 1900s, the US will be similarly destroyed in the early 2000's. The baton will be passed to China and their silver-based currency.

The goal of the The "Negation of the Diaspora" by Zionism is to get everyone to return home.

As of 2006, the largest number of Jews lives in Israel (5,309,000), United States (5,275,000), France (492,000), Canada (372,000), and the United Kingdom (297,000).[4]


The majority of Jewish people living in the US are wonderful, intelligent, hard-working patriotic folks for which this would be a disaster and a great loss to the US.

We ALL must be eternally vigilant to any schemes (by the Zionists especially) to try to drive them away.


Yes, indeed thanks to all who made your trip possible that we might know the truth.

Libra, indeed came out to establish rule today.

Gold, GLD rose 3% today, while oil, USO fell 11%, commodities, RJI fell 8%, world stocks, EFA fell 11%, US Stocks, VTI fell 7%, and the Euro, FXE fell 1%.

The facts are in and they establish that gold is the measure and means of preserving wealth in a world of falling oil, commodity, stock and currency wealth.


Scaremongering the public to fund rescue will continue, meanwhile feds also seek other industrial powers to underwrite this 'rescue' which is a collective handout to Wall St

Just released,

" Due to the excessive loses of Mum & Pops (tm) "Investing" accounts the NYSE will no longer trade. All share holdings will be converted to the Soviet Future Fund and be replaced with a guaranteed return of 5% above CPI to protect "working families".

....'m just sayin' ...

WNC Observer

Well, I'm glad it didn't pass, and thank you Elaine for your activism. However, while I do not wish to rain on the parade, I must say that something smells not quite right about this.

If there is one thing that the congressional leadership on both sides know how to do, it is counting votes. SOP is to not bring anything to the floor for a vote unless or until the majority party knows that they have the votes in hand to pass it.

Everyone is acting really surprised about today's outcome. I wonder if they really are, or if this was just a big set-up? I can't believe that Pelosi and the others behind this didn't know almost exactly what the vote tally would be by at least 10AM this morning. They could have held off, and if they really wanted this bill - in its current form - to pass, they would have held off until they did have the votes. Yet, they didn't.

Methinks there are some behind-the-scenes games being played here, and that everything is not quite as it seems.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The NYSE will be renamed the KRMLN markets.


"The American consumer is toast, done, finished"
Well he is half right however the bankers must shoulder half the blame since subprime loan is just a scheme to lend at usury rates to the poor that backfired, spectacularly
The credit binging spending is shattered as once flourishing strip malls become ghost towns and once full parking lots almost totally empty.

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