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homero guajardo -

Interesting post that seems plausible. It would certainly be in the interest of the Chinese to trade as much of their US reserves for gold as possible before a sudden decline.

This might also enable them to partially decouple from US and European market demand and to slowly build their own internal demand for the goods they manufacture.

Looks like a winning hand for the Chinese people as they will need to have more disposable income to buy the goods that we once bought.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Dr. Krby


I really like this guy's (LONG) video lecture on economics.



If you're interested in what's happening to the oceans, check out



1 US$=97.6 Yen!!

The Japs must be mad.

What is your take? I think it is the hedge funds stocking up on dollars for all the derivatives-related payouts that is driving up the dollar.

What is the Japanese media on this? The Nikkei is tanking, of course

Buffalo Ken

Yeah will we ever concern ourselves with the balance of the ocean's. We ought to if we want to stay alive. There are no winning hands unless we put our hands together. This is not socialism...rather, it is nothing but survivalism. Not survival of the fittest - those feffers who think they are fit will find out the fullness of their foolishness. No, we are talking about survival of the species as a whole. Kropotkin knew what he was thinking when he grasped the concept of Mutual Aid. Darwin might have thought likewise, but some of his ideas were twisted to a different and false meaning.

There was once an original "citizen" from the land of Alaska who refused to move off of the land he was born upon. He crawled out one night and made a tool from his rapidly frozen feces and then he went off away from those who were telling him he needed to leave the land of his birth. But he held on tight and survived with the tools he made using his natural-wit, and then years later he prevailed and kept the story of his People going. Needless to say his People held onto their homeland.

None of this chemistry is difficult - what is difficult is accepting uncertainty, but once it is accepted, then a respect and reasonable understanding of "risk" can be developed, and then, wiser choices can be made. Unlike the choices that the so-called and falsely asserted "elite" have been making. These "elite" are nothing but trouble, and they make me ill. They are imaginary, but we the People are real. We matter and they will fade away.

Come on....other countries are already on the way to the Moon and "we" are falling behind. So much better if done together. So much better if we can.




I am miffed in the sense that if the stupidity continues and the Assholes on Wall St. keep printing and putting the debt on taxpayers that the 'rollover' of trillions, ad infinitum, could just go on and on indefinitely. Is this the fucking PLAN????


Denninger is probably right, he usually is. And if he is then what he just mentioned is in the pipeline already. What is missing from the economic argument is the fact that in the second to last debate, McCain mentioned that the 'bailout was not 1 trillion, it was 10 trillion. No one wants to discuss the fractional reserve system and thats why there is a run on these banks, they did not have enough reserves in cash. I still believe the trigger was the carlyle group assets getting seized in Amsterdam. A famous name from the enron scandal (Arthur Levitt) was involved with this some how. We are still at war and we are losing. W statement earlier in his term that we are fighting them over there so we dont have to fight them here is starting to ring alarmingly true. George Soros is bankrolling Obama and he mentioned in a bloomberg interview that the gold price must finish. And the US has a nasty history concerning metal and it is even "dogma" in our academia. Campaign issues really have no relevance in the market save the fact that looking from a distance the country has been liquidated. Ala the great ruble scam. If foreign entities are taking recievership of the country then our government doesnt want us aware of it. A radical shift is taking place.


I think I struck a nerve, there is NO end to he printing and the bailout. Hey, Enjoy your contribution. You have been and are now more than ever FEDERAL RESERVE s-l-a-v-e-s! ENJOY!



Remember Copter Ben is a one-trick pony...he's planning to hit us with all his B52s loaded to the gills with USD...and if that fails, he' nuke us and we'll die from USD nuclear winter...Ha!Ha!Ha!

Have u got your USD radiation suit and USD fallout shelter ready??Ha!Ha!Ha!


OC-I won't say what I have the goons would consider it 'subvesive' anti-american' 'anti-patriOTIC, anti-PALINOTIC', anti-bailout-o-notic! ANTI-PAULSON/GREENSPANONOMIC. CAN YOU THINK OF ANY OTHER CRIMINAL-O-NOMICICS THAT NEEDS A FUCKING FREE PASS?? ADD YOUR BUDDY TO THE "WE'LL GET YOU LATER LIST"


OC- didn't mean to go off on a rant. Yes, I do have masks. Would like b4 I don mask to witness some justice. Which will come first, I ask?

I have lost nothing in this, lost stuff years ago in the stock market and currency trades. What an ASS. I am just astounded that with all the warnings, such as Elaine's site and so many others that SO MANY HAVE LOST THEIR FORTUNE'S!! WE HAVE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS. WHAT HAVE THESE PEOPLE BEEN THINKING???? tHEY HAVE NEVER READ ELAINE, OBVIOUSLY. TOO BAD, BUT I HEAR IT EVERY DAY WHEN CUSTOMERS WALK IN. THEY BELIEVED TOO MUCH IN FOX. tHAT IS WHY I QUIT FOX WHEN I WORKED THERE.



Cool down - this is nature's way of payback. If you are stupid and didn't take precautions, u and your immediate circle of friends and family will get wipe out.

Don't get angry, get even. They've made their beds; let them lie in it. For those of us who are forewarned and taken the appropriate actions, we'll stage a comeback. Libra's coming and she will extract her pound of flesh. Just stay out of her way. Time to make final preparations and check for weak spots in our plans. We are like Noah - it's too late and the flood is coming. WE tried to warn them but they won't listen. Our only choice - save ourselves, and our loved ones. Time to batten down the hatches. It will be a new day when this is over.


Arrrrrghhhhh! I could not write on your website for the last hour. it was not because i cannot speack yiddish. I want you know that I am a citizen and want attetion as a jeW. i FEEL I MISREPRESNTED AND BECAUSE I AM JEW I SHOULD HAVE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS AS A WHITE SUPRMIST, ALONG WITH MY TRAVELING COMPANIONS THE FULL RIGHT TO TAXPAYERS DOLLARS.


Closest I've seen to the "right" and "left" working together: http://www.accountabilitynowpac.com/






I am a pig and i need my lipstick!!!! what is wrong with that"???????

We Love ya piggy!


not that i am accepting of my identity being taken over . I wonder why i was chosen and so shoulld you. I am going to bed I am tired an hope you can all figure this out without me.

Love and kisses, me


Loved the Holy Grail video. Still the funniest movie I have ever seen. Comedy has the great capacity to show the absurdity of hypocrisy. The King babbling to his subjects who refuse to be his subjects and mock his Vision of the Lady. It so parallels what our Leaders think of themselves and how they are truly perceived by many.

The Hero who got arrested has more guts than me, I must admit. I'm not ready to be arrested for my beliefs just yet. I am wishing for the day when a thousand like her storm the stage and put real fear in these criminals' minds. Then we will be a nation of free men and women again.


Elaine, Mein Gott! what has happened here? I will no longer say a word. We as Americans cannnot speak. I miss Cagney and Bogart , why do we live this way is it hollywood"?



This Depression is not accident.

And neither was the 1929 Depression.

The only winners are the "Lucky People"

Lock'n Load.


I hope you find out who is stealing ID's ..

Elaine it is actually what i expected from thi s group. It is alot worse when I claim to be awake. sarah palim wiiill git moreee piontrsss . weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaahh here don;t want that like bish says we will wwinnnnnnnnnnnnnn sithout any support fromn the stupid people.


Many have been commenting on the military industrial complex. I was in the Army myself as a youth and it was then that I began to see the true nature of our Government. I had lots of time to think, since I wasn't actually out killing people, and thinking is dangerous for peons like me. I had no TV/Radio and had lots of time. Having time to think is a privilege mostly reserved for The Elites.

Our military is another disguised Welfare program. We could do much better with a small professional force. It helps to picture The Elite as an Octopus with many tentacles. If they had only one tentacle, we could attack it and kill it. But like a mutant, whenever the masses actually catch on and attack in one place, they pop up in another. Having access to the Cave of unlimited Wealth allows them to get their tentacles on almost everything.

EMS stated it in this post: "If we focused only on the Prize which is the Economy, the left and right can unite." Economic freedom has always been the foundation for the rest of our freedoms. As Boss Tweed said in Gangs of NY, "you can always hire half the poor to kill the other half." History is the story of the common man's struggles against the cutthroats, pirates, and thieves. Much of the world sees America as the bad guy. But it's not Joe the Plumber's fault. He just fixes leaky pipes. It's the International Bankers who have raped and starved entire nations.



Here's the latest scoop from Japanese banks:

In the last 7 days Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to cut some of its branches.

Yesterday, it was announced that Karaoke Bank is up for sale and will likely go for a song, while today shares in Kamikaze Bank were suspended after they nose-dived.

While Samurai Bank is soldiering on following sharp cutbacks, Ninja Bank is reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black.

Furthermore, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop and analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where it is feared that staff may get a raw deal.


Things appear to be pretty bad now
Most of traders are talking about an AMERICAN carry trade! all those who hold US dollars have made a fortune based on recent weeks appreciations!
The 'bailouts' are anything but since all nations are just giving blanket guaranttees without spending anything yet, its just a stand-off to see whose bank capitulate first.
Meanwhile in Forex the USD is the only game for the moment.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

So long as the creditor nations wish to keep the status quo going, it goes along.

Of course, oil pumping nations got accustomed to the joys of very high oil prices. After the hedge fund speculators were stopped from bidding up the price of oil, the collapse has left all the oil pumping nations rather exposed.

China is switching gears and ending the era of cheap toys but expanding the business of building cars, jets, trains and rockets. What we used to do but don't do much of anymore.

This is stuff they intend to export to us just like Japan already does.

So they want us alive and well so they can compete with us and finish off what Japan started.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

About ID 'stealing': if anyone thinks this is happening, please email me WITH THE SPECIFIC POSTINGS IN QUESTION or I can't do a thing. I can access all postings easily but they are hard to sort out unless I have both the name and the first sentence of the posting in question.

I greatly dislike name stealing, people did this to me in the past. Everyone should know that something is wrong if a poster begins to sound totally different from normal.

Ceonutcracker is evidently being harassed by someone. We hope to solve this eventually. What I do suggest is we all ignore bizarre stuff under that name or any other name until I get the ID of the person doing this.


Elaine-Eg. Jets........
Reuters: reported yesterday, that Cathay Pacific,
based in Hong Kong is planning a takeover of
British Airways !! BA has over 200 planes, goes
to over 70 Countries including China. British
Airways stock rose over 4% yesterday. Let the
buying begin.


Hockey mom's Palin's wardrobe: Sarah Palin’s $150,000 Designer Wardrobe

After Politico.com, which first reported the expenditures, raised questions about their legality, the McCain campaign said “it was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purchase after the campaign.”

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The end of the British pretensions of being even a diminished empire, Don.

Rob: isn't this all pathetic? This is like the 'he got an expensive haircut' or 'stopped flights at LA to have his hair cut!' garbage.

Modern dresses are expensive but look like peon clothing unlike the old, old days when an expensive suit or dress WAS expensive looking. Like in the 18th century. All that gold trim, for example.

Beautiful clothes for the ruling class! HAHAHA. Easily noticed by even the lowliest peasants, of course. Which was the whole point. Now, they have to spend a lot of money and it looks pathetic.


Actually, according to the article quoted no one was actually arrested in the Rove matter.

The people that are doing these arrests are not loose cannons. They are organized. They have lawyers.

Imagine this: The lady is arrested. She requests trial by jury. Her defense consists of reading the evidence against Rove into the trial record. I can easily imagine a jury of twelve red-blooded Americans siding with the defendant at this point. The judge could recommend that a grand jury of red-blooded Americans be convened to see if the evidence against Rove merits more than just a citation of contempt of Congress. There might be some subpoenas.

Sound far fetched? Maybe. But when folks tried to arrest Rove in Iowa and were brought to court the judge asked the accused why they were arrested and they replied, “We tried to arrest Karl Rove”.

The judge said, “It’s about time”.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, JSmith.

Neon Vincent

Elaine and fellow readers, here is some old news that had come to my attention:

Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker: America Has Died - To Thunderous Applause

America's House and Senate, just a couple of short weeks ago, passed a law that was denounced by The American People, where representatives and senators were receiving calls 50:50 against - 50% "No" and 50% "Hell No".

In response, Wall Street banks employed spam-call-banks to "counter" this outpouring of public opinion and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies broke the law by sending out emails and other communications that essentially threatened their employees with loss of their job if they did not lobby for this horrible bill to be passed.

The bill passed after Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke threatened Congress with the imposition of Martial Law. Yeah. Tanks in the streets stuff. Literally.


If we had an honest government in Washington DC this would result in an instantaneous Bill Of Impeachment for both Paulson and Bush in the House of Representatives and we'd have two candidates for President vowing to reverse all of this on Inauguration Day, irrespective of which one of the two clowns wins.

But we do not - we have a government in Washington DC that has been bought and paid for by the same bankers who just looted you to the tune of $350 billion dollars by literally putting a gun to Congress' head, and they said "sure!"

What's even worse is that we have a citzenry - that is, you - who will sit like a lapdog and take this sort of crap from our government as your savings, retirement and wealth are plundered mercilessly.

You've been violated America, and you have not only tolerated it you've cheered while it happened.

I bet, in fact, you cheered the nearly 1000 point rise in the DOW yesterday, even though it came from the expectation that you would be robbed blind to pay for the foibles of these bankers that arose from their felonious and outrageous conduct.

"America dies to thunderous applause" instead of pitchfork-and-torch-style outrage, which is what we should have seen.


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It's good to hear Chico's still around and coming out with a new cd soon. I've been a fan of the brother for a while now and was glad you mentioned his first hit, "Talk to Me".

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I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

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