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Based on your figures above, my thoughts are China is more likely to save third world countries first rather than US or any of the G7 due to bigger bang per buck. It can buy influence in the UN that way very cheaply and build up the base for Pax China.

Only way for US or G7 to be saved by China is to drop to third world status or after hyperinflation. Am I going off the track big time here??

And by the way, I hope u have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family.


On a sour note, I read an web article that close to 1000 US weapon researchers have been laid off (shades of USSR) - they would most likely be working for the Chinese soon enough and hopefully before the Europeans.


Enquiring minds can pick up on the background to these "shenannigans" at patriot sites like Barefootsworld.net
or apfn.
It seems the US is bankrupt, and has been since 1930. Just google The Bankruptcy of America
At barefootsworld under "The Bankruptcy of America" or "Who is really running America", the reason for the existence of FEMA is explained. Heavy Stuff!

Please excuse me that I`m not directly linking to the articles, I`m not skilled with computers (autodidact)

Buffalo Ken

I agree - this money shit is getting tedious.

Plus, those foolish weapon researchers (what a pathetic job of death) should consider using their knowledge to gain a little empathy if they are capable of such. I think further weapons reasearch is damn near inconceivably stupid. We don't need any more weapons - we can kill each other like there ain't no tomorrow - no need for further refinement. Hell, we can send in drones to do the dirty work, but their is always somebody behind each drone and machines always break down. Always. How bout studying better hand tools or something of value? Jerks.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

We must examine the rescue operations now, using history as our guide.


The quote below is from the download, here: http://www.mediafire.com/?zwqk3i2mt2y

Conjure Bag Discussion Paper
LIBOR, Interbank Lending and The Banking Crisis

Since August 2007, the spread between the highest and lowest rates contributed by members of the Contributor Panel has been rising. These spreads are not what we’d expect to see in functioning markets and suggest that the Contributor Panel is pulling numbers out of thin air.

Yves Smith states:
Prior to August 2007, it was unusual if the variation between the highest and lowest reporting bank was more than 1 or 2 basis points. Now it is regularly above 100 bps. As we like to say, a number so big no one understands it.

Too much central bank liquidity has destroyed the inter-bank lending market. [emphasis- Yves Smith] This would be an “inside baseball” issue for the banking system except Libor is the benchmark for the “real economy” to get a loan. Libor is written into contracts and we have no good substitute. If Libor is screwed up, then the real economy pays because it needs Libor to get a loan.

This also means the market’s new favorite idea of having G7 countries guarantee all inter-bank loans will do nothing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the $US BBA LIBOR may now be bogus, as well as any
instrument priced on it. If that conclusion is correct, it means the TED Spread is bogus as well. There is also an additional, more diabolical, consideration.

Consider the possibility that $US BBA LIBOR and TED Spread might no longer be an expression of “market jitters,” but a fabrication used to torture central bankers, particularly Bank of England, for more $US liquidity. Fear can flow both ways, and the London banks may be using BBA LIBOR as a stun gun.

Yves Smith is probably correct when she says central bank liquidity is destroying the London interbank market. Why borrow in the interbank market when you can borrow from the central bank?

Finally, and obviously it would seem, stay away from BBA LIBOR-priced financial products for the foreseeable future. In a future discussion paper, I’ll address the ideas discussed here in greater detail.

Very disturbing. Diabolical another word that comes to mind. If this can be validated then we are well into the end game of this charade. We should change the meaning of the acronym of the VIX index to "Viciously Intentional Extermination".


"We must examine the rescue operations now, using history as our guide."

"The stock market’s false rallies—what history tells us"

"By Tom Eley"
15 October 2008

"In the “Great Crash” of 1929 there were a number of big single-day increases on the stock market, but the overall trajectory was down. Between October 1929 and July 1932 there were five increases of the Dow of more than 9 percent, including the market’s second biggest day ever, Oct. 6, 1931, when stocks surged by nearly 15 percent. What is remembered about these “rallies,” however, is that they were fleeting moments in a longer downward spiral—and instants in which many investors gambled and lost. The stock market did not bottom out until July 1932, having lost 82 percent of its value."

"Temporary upswings in share values are a feature of periods of crisis, which seem to accentuate the speculative characteristics of capitalism. As Friedrich Engels explained in Socialism: Utopian and Scientfic (1880), crises, as they convert “the great establishments ... into State property,” show how capitalists have “no further social function than that of pocketing dividends, tearing off coupons, and gambling on the Stock Exchange, where the different capitalists despoil one another of their capital.”"...


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Great declines also have highest highs due to fewer and fewer traders as the masses are wiped out and only the pros run by the biggest banking/investment houses remain.

Buffalo Ken

So OK, these "military researchers" --- I betcha they all made some real good funds during their esteemed careers - well then, what better time to be unemployed?

Who needs the rat race especially when it ain't nothing but a race to death? Why not just getcha a nice place with a little land and make it fit in as best you can?

Hell, a bunch of damn lawyers should consider doing this also. The bankers better be careful cause I get the feeling folks ain't all that pleasantly disposed towards bankers and wallers and DC'ers at the present moment.

That's just my goddammed Constitutional 1st Amendment opinion. You can't take it away, but I suppose you could try. Good luck cause your gonna need it even if you do have f***** drones flying all over the place. Down with the drones. Down with all the "airplanes". They should just be grounded. Especially the military ones. Ground em. Re-engineer em into something of value or scrap em. Simple. Right?


Buffalo Ken

OK - I did say this money stuff is getting tedious, so I suppose that is why I was interested in discussing another topic. Anyhow, I'm gone....


P.S. Elaine - I hope you have the chance to start posting on some of you other blogs before too long...


"Great declines also have highest highs due to fewer and fewer traders as the masses are wiped out and only the pros run by the biggest banking/investment houses remain."


But you must remember Elaine anybody for any reason (which is about all of us)are capitalists...Rmember now Elaine...you get what you vote for. And lets face it even after vote rigging it is true to say people in the main are still right wing.

I remember back in 1945 to 1954 people in the UK wanted Socialism (then the memory of war faded,greed set in)the good old USA seen to that...



This whole bailout thing is totally absured. The American people are underwater with too much debt. How can the FED and Treasury print money on behalf of the American taxpayer (who is broke) "inject" it into banks, all in the hope that these same broke Americans will than line up at the banks to borrow their OWN FUCKING MONEY AT INTEREST from these same bankrupt gnome infested banks? To spend on imported products from Asia? This is totally assenine. IT WILL FAIL MISERABLY. We must END THE FED as fast as possible. They are a cancer destroying our once great industrial nation. Fuck the FED,Paulson,Bush,Cheaney,Rumsfeld,Bernanke,Mishkin,Feldstein,Plosser,Yellin,Blankfein,Geithner(sounds like roll call for synogogue)etc...etc... They are all statist criminals.


Plosser,Yellin,Mishkin,Feldstein,Geithner,Bernanke,Cohenetc.. etc..


Well Ralph, I believe the market agrees with you! DOW down 362pts. just 20 minutes into the session. The magic of illusion is quickly fading, that and fake money.


Elaine, why would anyone be amazed at Pope Hankypanky Paulson's actions? His basic training of lying, absconding, and underminding the US government were under the tutelage John Ehrlichman during the Nixon administration. Hankypanky learned well at Papa Ehrlichman's knee. Pope Hanky succeeded beyond Ehrlichman's dreams of imperialism. And best of all, how to avoid prison.

Henry Paulson was John Ehrlichman’s assistant in 1972 and 1973.

Refresher: Ehrlichman created "The Plumbers", the group at the center of the Watergate scandal, and appointed his assistant Egil Krogh to oversee its covert operations, focusing on stopping leaks of confidential information after the release of The Pentagon Papers in 1971.....Ehrlichman's main functions during his years in the White House, to seek and destroy Nixon's enemies at virtually any cost, a function that would overshadow his domestic efforts in a White House consumed with foreign policy....Ehrlichman was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury and other charges on January 1, 1975.

Ahhhhh, the good ole' days before Congress was totally bought and sold for campaign contributions. And some congress critters had a modicum of honesty.

Notice how the majority of these assclowns came outta the Nixon years?


"and underminding the US government"

Correction: and shredding the US Constitution.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

100% correct, Rockpaperscizzors.

Paul S

Nancy Pelosi sold her soul to the power elite in Washington DC. She did this so she could be House Speaker AND so she could jet around the Middle East and practice at being Presidential. The White House being her ultimate goal. How nice for the taxpayer. Another politician who is willing to whore themselves so they can have POWER. I just love her latest spending bill. $300 billion for things such as rebuilding US highways and bridges. The bill has the look of an afterthought. First the $630 billion spending bill (pork), then $700 billion for the Wall Streeters (and counting--plus the added pork). Then and ONLY then, do we get anything in the way of spending that even LOOKS like legitimate government spending. We are DOOMED. I think that secretly the Repubs do not WANT the White House this coming election. They know what's looming on the horizon. Who knows? Maybe, long term, something good will come out of this disaster.


Hi Elaine,
Hope you had some fun on your birthday!

Hyper-inflation versus Depression

In the 1930's the world was still on the gold standard, and the ultimate "bank job" was to break into Fort Knox.

How will the stock market behave over the next 2 years with total fiat money and lots of it!

I don't know anything about Germany's stock market in the 1920's, but things are very different today.

Total "Trust Me" world currencies.
Value by fiat.

Will the stock market "re-inflate" one more time! Not for one day, but for months; maybe a year or two.

What if you play the game Monopoly, and one player has all the properties, all with hotels, and has bankrupted the the players, but THERE IS STILL BEER IN THE KEG so you all want to keep playing?

So you get some orange paper and photocopy Monopoly $500 bills. Then what happens!

First, everyone chugs a mug. Then there are no rules!

Everyone in the game has fresh money! So the players start making deals for properties, to keep the game going. Ignore the prices on the board! Go Nuts! 'Park Place' is still worth 8 times as much as 'Baltic Avenue'. But It'll cost you $45,000 instead of $450. Ha...HaHa!

Time out, I have to pee and put more orange paper in the copier he-he.


I miss one turn. Enough time to go refill my beer-mug.




I was watching a PBS show "The American Experience" about Nixon a couple of nights ago. It was quite a revelation to find that our current political problems, especially the non-stop dishonesty and slander in politics, all stem from the conduct of one Richard Milhous Nixon -- even as far back as the fifties! And of course, Nixon's red-baiting contributed in no small part to our expensive quagmire in VietNam, which Nixon, once he got into office, made even worse and more costly!

Jeez. No wonder we lost the last remnant of the gold standard in 1970.

Buffalo Ken

Games that are "essentially imaginary" amongst a group of friends are one thing. They are like a model. Great for learning.

Definitive decisions (such as those that come from the government in DC) that involve millions or billions, or trillions, or quignitillions (for all we know) of living often breathing organisms are NOT games. Thats called real life and it sure matters what decisions are made by the "big-decision" makers. It matters for all those who are directly affected. Don't you think?

I feel almost a bit goofy typing this because it seems like it ought be ridiculously obvious, but day-after-day I continue to be amazed as I watch the sad & tragic comedy coming out of DC. What a joke. Its a bad movie. Tedious at best.


Buffalo Ken

Nixon wasn't alone. I don't know much about him and frankly I don't care just now other than I suppose it is correct that "one thing leads to another" when there ain't no learning going on.

Lets see Bush, Cheney....just about all the rest of em - they were all in the Nixon thing together weren't they? How is it that they still reside in DC? What a mystery.



From Argentina's experience (brasschecktv.com): 'What a real financial collapse looks like'

There was even a finance minister name Grinspun (@21:06) (in Spanish, the 'i' sounds like 'e')

"Treason has phenomenal political power" (@30:40)

Paul S

Alot of the same sleazsballs were also in that all time phony's administration, Ronald Reagan. You know, the guy who preached against big government and FOR fiscal responsibility while at the same time almost tripling the national debt ($1 Trillion to $2.6 Trillion).


Ed-M, I lived thru the Tricky Dick years. The red baiting propaganda show of the Nixon years has been replayed by Bush in his Arab hating axis of evil tirades. Elaine has referenced many a time Nixon bowing to Chairman Mao's wife and Georgie Bush kissing the ring of the Saudi King and holding hands with Prince Bandar. It's all show when you're busy looting the taxpayer for the military industrial complex

Neon Vincent

The infinite bail out that has virtually no strings attached is now causing global stock markets to shoot to the moon.

Looks more like the mother of all dead cat bounces to me.



I didn't live through the early Tricky Dicky years (born just after JFK's election) but I do know enough about history and I also remember his presidency. Ended in lies and squalor.

After that he got an unconditional pardon from Jerry, which basically undermined all the valiant efforts by Congress to bring that rat-bastard to justice. Now we know why the Dems now have just been rolling over for the Reagan, Poppy-Bush and Shrub administrations.

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