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Protest the Bailout on Wall Street
Thursday, October 16th, 12 Noon
Federal Hall, next to the NYSE
26 Wall Street, New York City

"Join us in New York City next to the New York Stock Exchange to let the crooks on Wall Street and their politician lackeys know that the American people are not happy with their crooked deals.
"Inflatable icons of greed at the stock exchange"

"Ralph will appear with Matt Gonzalez, CWA Local Union 1180 President Arthur Cheliotis, and Rev. Jarrett Maupin from Arizona — among others — before a diverse crowd objecting to the bailout. This is going to be an afternoon to remember! Come early and take in special appearances by the 30-piece Italian brass band Titubanda, plus political satire by members of the group "Billionaires for the Bailout."


CEO Nutcracker

Yes Ken, I too have visions of wasteland USA. Whole towns and cities laid barren and disheveled. I've heard the gnomes will be in Costa Rica or some other pirate cove running this place by remote control. Death squads and drones; big brother watching your every move.

Like Iraq, Afghanistan and many Latin American countries enslaved by our empirialists.

Anyone in the late 90's to present time, with an Entrepreneurial spirit, was taught a lesson by our trade-masters that all business can be hostilely taken over and offshored.

Many have left this country and more will follow. It is called a 'brain-drain'. The rest, I suppose will be content with fixed spectator games,American Idle-Brain, food/fuel riots and breadlines.

Oz Observer

Anti-semitism is on the rise again...judging from some of the comments above. Happens everytime things go south. Where does all this resentment come from?

Jews are human beings like the rest of us, no worse, no better.

Irrational hatred however, degrades every human.

Buffalo Ken

Come on CEO Nutcracker - you should know that the gnomes are too stupid to do anything like that, and even if they weren't, why the hell would they want to. What a waste of time when they could be having so much more fun!

I agree with Oz Observer that "Irrational hatred.....degrades every human", but I'd go further and say hatred in general is degrading. Life disfavors hatred in my opinion.

CEO Nutcracker the visions I have are focussed on better times, but for many it seems the status quo holds so firmly until some percieved "crisis" triggers an individual's need to overcome their own hapless inertia. And just to go on tediously, but once the inertia is distrubed, I think the magnitude of rapid change could be amazing in a beneficial way.....thats that vision in a nutshell.

I detail it more elsewhere.


Buffalo Ken

Incidentally (what the heck), I went ahead and finished H.G. Wells Time Machine - its a quick read.

For me, I suppose it was like a time machine ride back just before WWI when "science" was flying high but "politics" was such a constant seemingly escalating threat. And of course, there were the enabling bankers - they chose war and I think H.G. Wells saw it coming and knew it was so unneccesary. Anyhow, I would have loved to have been in the "smoke room" listening to him telling of his time travel adventure and I kind of was as I read the book.

Maybe this time around we can avoid the military war. I know its possible because I can imagine it. If you ask the "likelihood", now thats a whole different question, and kinda depends on perspective and opinion (individual and collective). Anyhow, I know its possible to avoid military war.


P.S. Since I'm getting a bit personal, Elaine I want to thank you for telling us your dream the other day. I had a dream once about a house of squalor containing a youngster. I documented this dream elsewhere (ha.ha.) Anyhow, Peace.


Oz Observer:

You may be missing a subtle but important point in your "anti-semitism" assertion. That is, one may be "anti-zionist" without being "anti-semitic."

The zionists are very damaging to civilization and they come in many flavors including: christians, jews and neocons. Innocent jews, christians, muslims, et al, are all victims of zionism.


The Daily Reckoning: "Capitalism Has Left the Building"

"What's the capital of Iceland?"

"Oh…about $6.50."

That's the joke that is making its way around London this morning.

Iceland has melted down. Now, the government has pledged to save the banking sector - but at a cost of nearly $500,000 per citizen!

Buffalo Ken

Why not? Here is one more thought and it is actually about gold, but its more about silver.

I think all trading is paper silver should be ceased NOW. There is a huge disconnect going on between paper and physical and if some gnomes think they are going to gain quick advantage by this discrepency they need to learn otherwise so that we can start putting a fucking end to this casino. Same goes for gold. Stop all the "paper" trading.

Then - the "paper" that is backed up by assets can be identified and this paper can be traded again. A lot of other "paper" (including what you could call "paper viruses" that make all sorts of "claims") needs to be removed and ripped to shreds in order to rebalance the paper and pysical markets to a more appropriate level.

If this can't be done, then I'd say there is a whole bunch of shit out there that is worthless on paper and I suppose it will be if paper is more important than physical silver and gold. In other words, the whole fucking world will be bankrupt on paper - indiscriminately. That would suck.


Paul S

I think the gnomes think they are invincible. These guys have engineered such a corrupt system that they will come out on top no matter what happens. Finding land in another country would be admitting the game is over and these guys' egos are WAY too huge for that.

Buffalo Ken

Well if they have such big egos they shouldn't be too hard to find.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

There is nationalism and then there is ETHNIC IDENTITY which is the evil virus that attaches to nationalism.

The US was formulated to be a NATION. Not a religion or ethnic group. Naziism was an ethnic cleansing terror state. So is Israel.

Tibet wants to be this.

Just to give some obvious examples. I am against ethnic/religious identity states and all for NATIONS and true sovereignty! This means many, many people yell at me.

The concept of citizenship and a nation is REVOLUTIONARY. Seriously, very revolutionary. The very first true revolutionary citizen/state was Switzerland! Then others tried it with the very spectacular example of the US itself!

It is a powerful and I think, good concept! I heartily endorse it. I hate seeing it killed.

Buffalo Ken

Well in "america" I suspect moreso than just about anywhere (and really everywhere else to one degree or another for that matter), ethnic identity is imaginary, and so then, it really doesn't matter, in my humble opinion. Others I'm sure disagree --- thats OK with me.

I just think ethnic identity is often confused with nationalism and this is when there are problems. If we all are just cheering for the homeland (so to speak), that just seems natural to me. No harm in that. Its when one group or another starts to feel superior that the problems commence or perhaps also if one nation thinks it has the "right" to steal from another due to some past unresolved grievance that most folks living in the present-tense could give a flip about.

On a small-scale I suspect this "superior-type-thinking" is typical, but on a large-scale (nation-to-nation) we ought know better by now. Maybe China does - it sortof seems that way to me.

Anyhow, it also seems that many nations have shown greater wisdom than the US of A, and so it follows, we will reap what we sow collectively as a nation.


Buffalo Ken

And this is one of the reason I pray. I pray for mercy so that we can move on to better times.


Buffalo Ken

Plus, let me say with humility, by its very nature (a nation truly of one immigrant wave after another....up till about now) the US of A is a mixed-up place. This creates a volatile mixture - not something to be toyed with in my opinion.


Buffalo Ken

Because moreso than most places, we don't even need to travel to know about all over the world (from a certain odd perspective..). In a bizarre kind of way, citizens of the US of A are world-wise. World-wise juveniles would be how I characterize it collectively.

Like I said. Volatile.

It would be easy to corral the gnomes and fun watching them squirm. Of course, you don't always have to be a gnome. You can change "race" cause "being a gnome" as discussed here is only imaginary, but it is an accurate characterization in my opinion.


PK Scott

Ken Baby,

It takes CAPITAL to start a business and we ain't got none. What little we had has been squandered or looted.

Elaine really is right when she talks about the derivatives beast eating the earth. In essence it already has. All our productivity has been stolen from us. We transfer our "productivity" into money which is at some level just a marker for barter. Instead of trying to swap chickens we all put our "productivity" into one big pile and get an IOU that we then swap for goods and services.
Derivitives were basically counterfeit that was added to that pool (there's a reason it has been labled the shadow banking system) and almost everybody went WHEE let's party, but the counterfeiters who "produced" nothing but bogus "money" skimmed so much off the top that essentially they have drained the entire pool of the "real money" and have left only the worthless (or less than wrthless as it was mostly debt and a liability) counterfeit.



You are so right! This site is gatekeepers and fanboys. The postings are long, repetitive and moreover incomplete. This is all designed to keep you busy. Elaine is a history teacher who does not know any history before 1950!

CEO Nutcracker

Stop the whining Chaz and find another blog that agrees with your delusional notions. If you dislike being kept "busy"....LEAVE!


Really, Chas!

I mean, if you "know" this site is just here to keep YOU busy, then why not leave and go somewhere else where they will not bother to keep you "busy" by making you think or contemplate anything.

Just leave. Or are you strapped to a chair with your eyes held open by secret police and being forced to read this site?

How pathetic!




Paul S, you said:

"I think the gnomes think they are invincible. These guys have engineered such a corrupt system that they will come out on top no matter what happens. Finding land in another country would be admitting the game is over and these guys' egos are WAY too huge for that."

Seems that's been checked off the list >>

October 15, 2006.....and the Bush Family, the purchase of nearly 100,000 acres of land in the South American Nation of Paraguay, and which is also confirmed by the Latin American News Service


As I recall, this parcel is adjacent to an even larger one bought by Moon...both parcels being over one of one of the largest underground water reserves in South America.


Maybe you will recall my cryptic comment of yesterday:




This has absolutely NOTHING to due with the supposed "value" value of gold as "money"!

Gold is the only "source" of pure energy. It is the only substance that can facilitate the storage of efficient renewable physical energy from (other) renewable sources. I will this explain exactly why after I assemble the data regarding the chemistry involved.


I know this is difficult to believe, but my report will ready quite soon. I am not joking here.


Well, I've finished the research. It took a lot of double-checking, but it's finally ready. It might even be important. (Sorry, but I am again too played out to do a non-HTML format for it here. But what the heck?) See it at:



Thanks for the reference to Mary Elisabeth Croft`s writngs at freedomfiles.org. I`ve read other sources on this subject as well. (the true legal status of the American Citizen, the States , the United States, the Commercial Law, Admiralty Law, The Bar Association, the Crown, the Temple etc.).
Any American citizen who doesn`t know this stuff has no chance of understanding what is happening,how this system works, and what his true status is.
The greatest corruption lies in the misrepresentation of what America is. on the part of the Government, the Judiciary, the Press, and all supposed representatives.
Americans live in a BANK, and not in the customer part either....they live in the SAFE, along with the other Collateral. No wonder the Gnomes treat them with such DISDAIN!
Excuse me, but it makes my blood boil!


I have read through some of Mary Elisabeth Croft`s writings and they truly open your mind and make what is happening much easier to understand.

But still I have been trying to make sense of the USD going up, gold/silver going down, and Banks borrowing trillions per week.

And here are a couple of possibilities that explain all of them to me.


This is straight out of the 1970's playbook to admit inflation and then raise interest rates to 18% to stop it. This would cause gold and silver to drop like a rock (HA! They are are a rock!) as people sold them to raise cash to lend at 18%, and would cause demand for USD to SOAR, and would explain why banks are hoarding cash to loan at the new high rates.

2. Conversion of USD Debt to new currency.

If the US Debt is FINALLY realized to be unpayable, it will be converted to a new global currency, like the Special Drawing Right (SDR), and all the foreign entities that owe money to US will hold these things. Then the powers that be can crash the value of the SDR, and pay back the debt with more valuable USD.

Borrowing money, like the banks are doing by 1/2 a trillion a day last week, is the same thing as shorting a currency. When the IMF reorg is announced, the USD will drop like a STONE, stopping all imports to the US, before it gets converted to the SDR. Then once the reorg is complete, VOILA, the USD will rise back up and they will be able to payback the SDR debts for pennies on the dollar.

This would also explain Warren's US corporation investment since he obviously would already know this plan.

He knows that the trillions in borrowing by the banks will be hoarded until the bomb is dropped, holding off inflation for a while, but once they open the flood gates, they will put all that money into their favored US corporations that Warren will have already invest in.

It is the least that Jacob Rothschild could do for him donating his $50 billion fortune to a top secret tax free Gates trust.

This plan will be like a NUCLEAR FINANCIAL WEAPON that will vaporize most of the almost $25 Trillion in US Government and Personal debt owed to Japanese, Chinese, Saudis and Europeans.

They can accept the raw deal or taste a REAL NUCLEAR WEAPON.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

GK, the problem with that plan is that China and Russia will be united with Japan in vaporizing the US.

Japan will side with China for the simple reason, they will be vaporized swiftly if they don't side with China. Ditto, Europe. They will side with Russia or cease to exist. The US missiles in Poland won't save Berlin or Paris.



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