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Blunt Force Trauma

Posted this a few minutes ago in Elaine's last blog entry, but it needs to be read in case you missed it.

PM Putin suggests Russia, China ditch dollar in trade deals (RIA Novosti)


Blunt Force Trauma

China may save the world from crisis and minimize USA’s financial supremacy (Pravda)


Blunt Force Trauma

...and for those who still foolishly believe that GM is 'ok', even in other countries (even though their sales are DOWN)...

I'll still hold my ground that GM won't see 2010.

Bankruptcy Fears Rise As Chrysler, GM Seek Federal Aid (LeaseTrader.com)


Blunt Force Trauma

US seeks Gulf money to get over financial crisis (gulfnews.com)

(Mike Rivero of 'What Really Happened' comments on this story - "The rulers of the Gulf states must be shaking their heads collectively, and wondering just what the US thinks it is doing, coming hat in hand to Dubai to get these leaders to agree to invest in the US market.

After having occupied Iraq and Afghanistan (badly), and shooting up places like Pakistan and now Syria, the US is doing a remarkable job of looking like an international bully which needs a real intervention to save it from yet another potential round of military misadventures.

Unless Kimmitt understands and acknowledges this going in, his hopes for Gulf investment in the US are dead on arrival.

Additionally, Islamic banks are less exposed to the problems in the US markets because of how they lend money, which is on a fixed fee, and not for interest per se.

But if there is any silver lining on the bad US and international financial news, it is that the economic downturn may mean a more rapid pullout in Iraq, and a quicker coming to terms with the Taliban in Afghanistan, because there is no money left with which to fight these wars.")

Full article:



Sums it all up very nicely:

"Pulling out only 5% is causing all systems which were preset to run only on profits, into a tailspin. The folly of building business models that can operate only forwards and which have no reverse except for stripping the gears and destroying the brakes is obvious, isn't it? I marvel at the lack of genius here."

Re: the rabbit pavilion, at least this shows imagination, something sadly lacking in American design. All our buildings look like they were designed by Albert Speer.


By "hoarding" money the banks are helping to stave off inflation. The banks have sopped up the liquidity like a sponge, preventing us from seeing the full impact that will come eventually.

Bob Chapman (below) mentions this as phase two of the giant scam. Gary North (further below) claims the Federal Reserve has been inflating at 341%.

Illuminati operative Senator Dodd has recently stated that if the banks don't start lending soon, there will be a revolution. Looks like he's prepping the people to demand the banks open up the easy loans once again - which will bring on hyper-inflation.

The G7 is an obsolete group in need of a new cash cow. They have plundered their citizenry to the bone and need some new unwitting partner. Hopefully the middle east, china and russia will tell them to go to hell.

Now the G7 looks ready to put the new printers at the IMF to work but I don't think anything less than a gold backed currency will work.

The american elections will buy us some time but you can bet, after the elections, we are going to see things get really ugly.


Bob Chapman "In our last issue, we gave you the new Illuminist formula for profitability: Profitability = Volatility + Dark Pools of Liquidity + Plunge Protection Team. We see them moving toward a two-tiered Big Sting Two operation."

"Now for the second phase. Note how everything the Illuminati are doing right now is funneling money back into the banking system in the form of bank deposits and into treasury bonds to create a demand for them. Incidentally, we note that the bank hoarding may not be due only to a loss of trust and confidence. The banks may be under orders from the Fed to hoard this money until they are told to start lending it again. This is to keep inflation under wraps and to stop gold from going ballistic and exposing the destruction of our economy by the Illuminati and their various henchmen at the Fed, on Wall Street, in corporate America and in our government."



"The Federal Reserve Is Inflating at 341% per Annum. (Don't Look for the Decimal Point.)"



DrKrbyLuv...I enjoy and respect much of your commentary but citing Gary North could cause many to doubt other valid observations.

Buffalo Ken

Poem of the day - skip it if your not in the mood...

I don't think they could have -
just rolled that rabbit in.
Did you see the incline?
Into the castle....(don't go...)

It looked like it was only -
six doods or so,
- no way -.
Unless I suppose,
they had a wench.
Didn't seem that way.

Still I suppose,
who would catapault cattle?
Maybe the French.
Damn the English never could take France.
Ask Joan of Arc!

Derivatives suck and silver matters.
Gold is real & paper burns with velocity.
Who is rescuing who is what I want to know -
Some rescues just don't work out...
Some bunnies are harmless....
end of Poem

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Gary North is a queer person [HAHAHA] um... he knew the guys at the top.


Grok -

Sorry 'bout the Gary North sourcing...but the "The Mogambo Guru" did have something similar to say:

"When I come to my senses, I find that I am in some dingy little bar on the other side of town, stinking drunk; and the bartender has grabbed me by the front of my shirt to haul me unceremoniously halfway across the bar, and is rudely in my face, telling me through gritted teeth that if I want to stay there, I am going to have to "Shut the hell up about the Federal Reserve creating so much money and credit!"

"Money is being expanded at unbelievable, unbelievable, Freaking Unbelievable Rates (FUR)!"


You gotta love this guy

Buffalo Ken

Hey - I'm not sure I mean "wench" in the above poem (but it does rhyme with "French" so I guess it works sort of...)

Anyhow, what is that tool...a winge,
a whinge?....a whine...no, no....
must be some wine.

Ah, I just found it. A winch.
They would of had to winch it to get
that big wooden bunny into the caste.

Still, the English do think big.
Don't they?
King Arthur - you fool.
end of Poem 2 and last one for awhile....cause
really this "economics" shit
is psuedo-science voodoo...

Buffalo Ken

into the "castle" is what I meant just above - sorry...

I don't talk about "castes" cause I don't understand this.....never been to a country with them (castes), but I'd love to visit one day, if I can just convince my lovely spouse.

Peace everyone,


DrKrbyLuv.....agreed. The inflation rate is MUCH higher than they let on. Though there is some deflation in the real estate market the money "printing presses" are in high gear. Maybe Elaine could gather some real numbers or at least some close estimates.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Our personal inflation of all things we NEED has been horrific.

D, F, Facti

How's your weather?



Your pet has cross into the land of the living and Benny Boy is trying to kill it by feeding it with more red ink:


'Now we're printing up Treasuries (taking on debt as America) to be able to buy up foreign bank commercial paper?

I've seen stupid before. This is beyond stupid.'

Wonder how long this can go on???

Blunt Force Trauma

Not seeing this as 'good news'. The DOW closed up over 800 points today (the Nikkei is currently up over 400) on news of 'credit easing'. It just means more funny money will leave the gates flooding the already saturated BS system and will mean 'depression' that much sooner. It is also a result of large companies covering their short stocks' sales.

U.S. Stocks Rally, Dow Jones Industrials Climb 889 Points (Bloomberg)


....but then the dollar falls on spec that there will be a 3/4 point cut.

Dollar Falls on Bets for 75 Basis Point Fed Interest Rate Cut (Bloomberg)


Dutch Arab

Eventually, someone will come along in the US who will understand that allies who destroy our tax base are enemies. Then he or she will sail a few ships...hopefully before we are bankrupt and have to mothball them...to these islands and take over. This is a legal invasion since these islands are being used for hostile purposes, undermining state power here.

Like Iraq?(wink)


Dutch Arab,

U forgot the part that after raiding the pirates' hideout, we have to sail to high seas to hunt down every single one who escape; down to the very last.

Dutch Cathay

GK find a book called Du Pont Dynasty, read it, and connect the dots. Your welcome. You East Coast Liberals should come out west, we could teach you a thing or two.(wink)

Dutch Anchorman

Actually I have found tabloids to be pretty decent news, myself.

Blunt Force Trauma

I have proof that Roubini is indeed an idiot! I'll never understand why this turd gets so much press.

"The U.S. government should enact an economic stimulus package of between $400 billion and $500 billion before the end of the Bush administration in January, New York University professor Nouriel Roubini said."

Yeah, because the last one worked oh, so well, eh, Roub?

U.S. Should Enact $400 Billion Stimulus, Roubini Says (Bloomberg)



Blunt Force Trauma,

Ask him why $400 billion??? why not $400 trillion instead?? It's only digital numbers right??

Just type in the numbers into all our bank account numbers and everything will reset as before...Ha!Ha!Ha!

It's too late, someone have slip the red pills into the punchbowl and we're all waking up..


Dutch Cathay, looks like a pretty amazing story with many French connections.

Many Americans are very ignorant of how ruthlessly France ruled Europe for many years.

Any chance of you posting the punchline while I try to find time to read this?


ziff house

Elaine; what do you know of the risk from interest swaps, derivatives. These account for the majority the the big scary notional derivative amounts that are bandied about. I would think they are not a problem because they are not connected to the risk of faulty assets like SIV's, mortgages, etc.


Princeton software experts show how to hack a Diebold voting machine in a few minutes.

And then spread to all connected voting machines.

It is not the vote that count, but who counts the vote.


Source of link:

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Long ago, I used to debate with Roubini. Now, he is too well known and is swamped by admirers so he doesn't debate much anymore.

Sad, isn't it? Of course, he imagines that if Santa Claus were to give us all free money, we would all be rich. Gah.

Santa Claus is a thief.


Tinfoil approach to protocol for economic collapse:


Al Martin'

Doesn't sound so crazy in view of recent context.


Is this the way they'll do it??


[Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Tuesday the International Monetary Fund needs more money to deal with the fallout from a global financial crisis and called on China and the Gulf states to stump up the cash...

Brown did not rule out Britain contributing to the fund but stressed it was countries with the biggest reserves who could do most.] http://tinyurl.com/58ca6k

This retard is asking countries who have slaved to save, bail out countries that the IMF has slaved to KEEP IN SLAVERY. Brilliant for a twit.


[Late Thursday afternoon, I caught up with Senator Dodd, and asked him what he was going to do if the loan situation didn’t improve. “All I can tell you is that we are going to have the bankers up here, probably in another couple of weeks and we are going to have a very blunt conversation,” he replied.

“If it turns out that they are hoarding, you’ll have a revolution on your hands. People will be so livid and furious that their tax money is going to line their pockets instead of doing the right thing. There will be hell to pay.”]


So this Senator is going to have a "Blunt conversation" with the bankers to preempt a revolution by the people!!??

Andrew Jackson must be turning in his grave!


[How was it allowed to happen? How did politics in the US come to be dominated by people who make a virtue out of ignorance? Was it charity that has permitted mankind's closest living relative to spend two terms as president? How did Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle and other such gibbering numbskulls get to where they are? How could Republican rallies in 2008 be drowned out by screaming ignoramuses insisting that Barack Obama was a Muslim and a terrorist?

Like most people on my side of the Atlantic, I have for many years been mystified by American politics. The US has the world's best universities and attracts the world's finest minds. It dominates discoveries in science and medicine. Its wealth and power depend on the application of knowledge. Yet, uniquely among the developed nations (with the possible exception of Australia), learning is a grave political disadvantage.]

This article makes sense of Chris Dodd's elevated thinking in my earlier thread.


["At the moment the world which is based on the dollar is suffering serious problems ... The situation on the global financial markets remains difficult," Putin said at a Russo-Chinese forum in Moscow.

"In such conditions, we need to think about improving the payments system for bilateral trade, including the use of the national currencies."

"We need to diversify the global currency system, to support its stability through the use of different currencies," said Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.] http://tinyurl.com/66gxhg

This bodes poorly for the US dollar in the near future, as these comments are no longer made by Professors from Beijing University. Whether one chooses to believe it or not, economic warfare is waging. That, and the drowning man drama, where the drowning man is pulling down the lifeguard trying to save him, only he really just wants to drown the lifeguard, while thinking he is still alive when in fact he is already 95% brain dead.


The Dow is up by 888 (almost) today
This is such a Chinese lucky number as '8' sounds like 'getting rich'
The way I see it China is hedging her bets: it does not want US to collapse too quickly but has measures in place to prevent outright default and war: it has given some support to the Euro and Russia.
Japan is seen as an arm of the US and is not trusted.


Crimson Assurance.. So prophetic.


The magical piggy bank is just spilling out the cash now (Yahoo):

The U.S. government is considering direct financial assistance to facilitate a possible merger between General Motors Corp (GM.N) and Chrysler LLC, a private sector source familiar with Treasury discussions told Reuters on Monday.

The Treasury Department is weighing aid of at least $5 billion, which could include capital injections and government purchases of bad auto loans, according to the source, a financial policy executive who spoke anonymously because the discussions are private.

Emergency financing, at least initially, most likely would be focused on GM and Chrysler and not Ford Motor Co (F.N), which is struggling but still better off financially than its U.S. rivals, the source said.

A Treasury decision could come this week, the source said.

GM Chief Executive Rick Wagoner was in Washington in recent days to lobby administration officials. Former Treasury Secretary John Snow is the chairman of Chrysler owner, Cerberus Capital Management (CBS.UL).

Key congressional lawmakers have also pressured Treasury to use all of its tools to free up liquidity.

Buffalo Ken

Hey D, F, Facti,

From the report I read, there was quite a snowstorm. Wet snow on leaves still on the trees.


Buffalo Ken

In fact, it looks like in Elaine's upper elevation "neck of the woods" that the storm is still going on. Winds too.

I hope everything is OK....


Paul S

Carli: You wrote, "[How was it allowed to happen? How did politics in the US come to be dominated by people who make a virtue out of ignorance?". The Universities are for the elites. The lowly taxpayer merely gets to subsidize it and be thankful for that privilege. We in the US get the "Dubaya's" and the Quayle's because of years and years of inbreeding. The class structure here in the US--contrary to popular myth--is EVERY bit as rigid as it EVER was in England

Elaine Meinel Supkis

True, Paul. Not only that, but the elites go to the top universities in order to defy the professors and learn absolutely nothing. This allows them to have degrees appended to their names while they act ignorantly.

This is why Bush Sr.'s favorite excuse always was, 'I was OUT OF THE LOOP' even when he ran the CIA or was President of the USA.


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