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Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am in a very foul mood this week.

Typepad has totally screwed up the coding here. I haven't done any cartoons lately because of this. It is driving me NUTS. Nothing is stable. Things are big or small or have or don't have spaces randomly. Things disappear, too.

Now the latest insult to my posting method: the posting is LOCKED so it can't be altered if you publish it! And worse, you can't get back into the HTML code, either! What the HELL????

I am very furious about this.

Buffalo Ken

Elaine - I hope you figure it out cause I love your cartoons.

Feffef is furious too.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

I will probably have to pack my cyberbags and move a third time, this time, I will set up my own service and run it. Gads. This pisses me off.


and so it begins, first your own server and publishing service, then your own bank, then your own clearing house for you bank.


"If a private enterprise is a failure, it is closed down - unless it can get a government subsidy to keep it going; if a government enterprise is a failure, it is expanded. I challenge you to find exceptions."

"Milton Friedman, Why Government is the Problem, Wriston Lecture (1991)"

And where is Mr. Friedman's data? A socialist would say that private enterprise is the problem. A self evident prophesy in each of their minds.

Anybody who thinks that there is less waste and corruption in a private company than there is in government never had a real job at a real company.


This is insanely true!

Over 30 private companies actually hired me. They are gone. They are not even history, just off the books. Remember when the "conservatives" derided the post office, while applauding the insurance companies? That little piece of history got scrubbed fast.

Remember when the "conservatives" wanted to "privatize" Social Security by forcing people to "invest" in the stock market? That is not discussed anymore, is it?

The truth is, every absurdity that will swindle the mutile class has been pushed to the front page by the brahminariat media cartel.

There is a sucker born every minute. Never give a sucker an even break. P.T. Barnum always knew the real score.


Elaine, what do you make of these guys?
they also made 'iousa'


Hey Elaine,

You're my magic numbers lady. What do you think about the rumour that there will be an 'international crisis' on January 21 or 22? Have you seen the clip of Colin Powell on Meet The Press?

Here is a comment from another site:

"It’s true that these event must have been talked many times by the power elite. But I think the real plan is to put Obama in the White House. On Jan 21st we’ll see what their intended crisis will be. Personally, I think it has more to do with USA being bankrupt and the installation of a new regional currency (the Amero) and the beginning of the North American Union.

This is THE plan, it has been going for many years, and now it’s almost a done deal. Don’t forget Obama is a NWO puppet that has close ties to the CFR and the Trilateral Comission via Mr. Brzinsky."

Further this poster, Eric, thinks it will be about Pakistan:

"If either McCain or Obama is elected the Jan 21st coup will be the AlQaeda (as PsyOPs and false flag terrorism) blowing up something again in the United States and the enactment of martial law, then an attack on Pakistan will be offered to solve the created crisis. It has been staged by the recent Bin Laden video done by the CIA. Because Bush plan is derailed, they need another event to manipulate the public opinion toward mare war and the completion of their plan."

I'm asking about the significance of the date because Powell said the will be a crisis but "that we don't know what it will be."


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