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ziff house

You will love this one,

ziff house

You will love this one;



One interesting thing about AIG is that they are huge players in the risk management business - but they don't have a clue as to how to manage their own risk. This alone should be reason enough to let them fail.


calvino -

Many are seduced by the rhetoric of Obama's change but in reality the two party system candidates are both owned and controlled by the NWO folks who are hell bent on destroying the US and world as we know it.

This election holds no change or real alternatives from the two party candidates. There are a number of third party candidates - Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader and others.

Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader are talking about ending the Federal Reserve system and almost all other third party candidates talk about an end to the imperial presidency and a return to the rule of law and government restraint articulated in our constitution.

Both McCain and Obama would increase military spending, both supported the illegal bank bail-out, both promise tax reductions and the redistribution of wealth.

Take your pick, you can have an Illuminati backed candidate - Obama; mentored by Zbigniew Brzezinski or McCain; the Kissinger pawn. Either way the outcome is the same; you are voting for NWO - which is no change at all.

Blunt Force Trauma

Here's a site for your perusal...


Blunt Force Trauma

Investors shun Greek debt as shipping crisis deepens (Telegraph UK - Oct. 29th)

'"It is extremely serious, " said Jeremy Penn, president of the Baltic Exchange. "Freight rates have never fallen this steeply before. It is telling us that world trade in raw materials has slowed dramatically. Shippers are having genuine difficulty obtaining letters of credit from banks," he said.'

Full article:


Blunt Force Trauma

Enjoy Elaine while you can as it seems Australians won't be allowed to soon. A war on alternative media?

Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship (Herald Sun)


Blunt Force Trauma

Elaine said: "To put things in perspective: the annual cost of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan including the bombing of Pakistan and Syria as well as border feints against Iran, cost us an extra $150 billion a year."

Anyone hearing Mr. Hopey Changey or McInsane stopping this expenditure? I didn't think so. Anyway, you can factor in this...

$6 Billion on Iraq Mercs is Just the Start (Wired)


Blunt Force Trauma

...and to back up more of Elaine's numbers...

Iraq war may cost $12 bln a month, study says (Turkish Daily News - March 11, 2008)


steward's fully

Interesting. . . .
See m i s h etc. "de leveraging
continues. . . if 'too many people try to
sell assets at same times. . .'
assets prices tend to fall. . .' &
there's no 'money' there to lend."

Blunt Force Trauma

The Shipping News Suggests World Economy Is Toast: Mark Gilbert (Bloomberg)

Mmmm, toast...


Blunt Force Trauma

The "benefits" of merging two sinking ships; all the while using taxpayers money to layoff, er, ah, taxpayers.

6 governors ask feds for help for US automakers (AP)


GM-Chrysler Merger May Cost 74,000 Jobs, Report Says (Update2) (Bloomberg)


Blunt Force Trauma

I found something that reads like a prediction within a comments section of another website. It goes soemthing like this....

"Judging from the level of vitriol, fury, racism, bigotry, fear...being generated by this election...and in light of growing economic perils, the next 2-3 weeks could be particularly nasty. And I DO mean, violence."

Hmm. You mean people will be able to tear themselves away from their TVs to engage in such furvor?

There will be no victory in violence. That's a given. Yet, I can't help to think that 'hope' is such a dangerous thing to sell to the masses. At any time. It's akin to state governments doing the same with their sales pitches of 'hope' that involve the sales of lottery tickets. This (s)election is of the same calibre. Many will surely be disappointed. Except Zulu, who ripped up their ballot :)


A local regional bank; Pittsburgh National Bank (PNC), arranged for the U.S. Treasury to invest $7.7 billion in PNC preferred stock and related warrants as part of a transaction to buy National City Bank.

"PNC tax break may be worth billions by a change in federal provision that rewards strong banks that buy weak rivals."

"One tax expert quoted by The Wall Street Journal valued the tax benefit at more than $5 billion."

"Just how large the benefit will be depends on a number of factors, including what National City does with its $113.4 billion loan portfolio between now and when PNC takes over. PNC expects to complete the acquisition by the end of the year and intends to mark down the value of the Cleveland bank's loans by $19.9 billion, or 17.5 percent of the portfolio's value."

"When all is said and done "you're still going to see a multi-billion type of tax benefit," said Gerard Cassidy of RBC Capital Markets."


Just some months back, PNC was listed as a risky bank because they were one of the players in the deadly derivatives market.

Now, they are rewarded by an arcane law that was designed to eliminate competition. This just stinks - period!


Thinking about getting back into the stock market? Since 1963, 90% the gains in the DOW are attributed inflation!

The same web site suggests that since 1900, over 80% of the gain in the DOW was due to inflation.


Why should anyone accept the risk of the markets with this terrible return?

Gold historically has done a great job of protecting wealth but at least during the recent short term, it has not produced as witnessed by today's heavy decline.

Keeping cash in your mattress or buried in your back yard looks to be a wise investment as of late but of course, the cash will be deflated over a time period.


Speaking of deflation...does anyone know a good source to determine what a dollar was worth in 1963 compared with today?

I need the info for a project and would appreciate a good source.



$1.00 (1963).....
$6.77 (2007).....

according to......



Grok - thanks for the info and great link!


Looks like the RAND Corporation (or someone hallucinating ;-) picked up my comments posted here about the $700 Billion given to banks will be hoarded then expanded with 10:1 fractional reserve lending to $7 trillion of loans to Defense Contractors for WWIII.


"The reports cite French media news sources as having uncovered the proposal, in which RAND suggested that the $700 billion dollars that has been earmarked to bailout Wall Street and failing banks instead be used to finance a new war which would in turn re-invigorate the flagging stock markets."

pirate of seven seas

Elaine, look who is #2 in public debt/gdp...

Country Public debt (% of GDP)

1 Zimbabwe 23640.66 2008 [1]

2 Japan 195.50 2008 [2]

3 Lebanon 186.60 2007 est.

4 Seychelles 144.30 2007 est.

5 Jamaica 127.20 2007 est.

6 Egypt 105.80 2007 est.

7 Italy 104.00 2007

8 Singapore 101.20 2007 est.

9 Sudan 98.90 2007 est.

10 Greece 89.70 2007 est.


|¯ ....RAND suggested that the $700 billion dollars that has been earmarked to bailout Wall Street and failing banks instead be used to finance a new war which would in turn re-invigorate the flagging stock markets." _| — post by GK

This idea is not only morally insane, but strategically absurd. It could be argued that WW-II alleviated the Great Depression, but that was a completely different situation. During that time, the USA still had its productive system (mostly an industrial base), and that is virtually nonexistent now. Stock markets do not produce steel, food, clothing, or anything. They merely count beans. If we had a productive system that could be re-booted, there would at least exist an evil logic behind it. But we don't have one now. You don't increase beans by counting them.

If there was the slightest intelligence behind an attack on anything, I would guess it would be South America. But that would require a military draft at a minimum. In the end, it would transform South America into a replica of the Middle East. It would evolve into a vast Achilles’ heel for the USA. South America is not as defenseless as some might believe. A dispute involving the Caucasus region, involving Georgia and the Caspian Sea oil would be vaguely conceivable, but would probably devolve into a WW-III scenario. Secret agencies seem to tend to believe they can predict the outcome of aggressive actions, but they seem to have a very poor track record going back forever. The fact is, we do not have much of a productive system to fall back on.

As far as the the Obama/ McInsane question is concerned, there is perhaps five cents worth of difference between them, and I'm not aware of what that difference is anyway. I'm in Massachusetts so I think I can afford to vote for Nader or McKinney. If I lived in Arizona, I would opt for Obama The Brahminariat Tool.


Hi Blues, I complete agree with you that it is completely insane from the point of view of our national interest both moral and practical, but the article below describes how imperialism does NOT arise from the popular democratic action within our nation but from supra-national (powers above nations, such as multinational defense industry, EU, international banks) profit-oriented interests.

I like how it identifies traitors such as Truman (Nuke Japan), Nixon (Nixed Bretton Woods), Churchill, Prince Philip (Clean Green Fascism) and Rockefeller (Trilateral travesty).


"Today, the United States alone could not win the battle for its freedom from Anglo-Dutch Liberal imperialism. Since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, and the ascendancy of that wretched defender of British colonialism, President Harry Truman, the power and practiced principle of our United States has been spoiled, that to such a degree that long since the accession of Truman, the U.S.A. has been chiefly self-ruined by a rarely interrupted succession of phases marked by the accession of Truman, the assassination of President John Kennedy, the break-up of the Bretton Woods system sought by London (on the initiative of the accomplices of British subversion of the U.S. administration of President Richard Nixon), and by those predatory, treasonous hordes of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission, the which were deployed in service of the same, pro-genocidal green fascism of the pro-genocidal World Wildlife Fund of Britain's Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) and his leading, recently deceased partner, Nazi-SS veteran Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands."

Here is a table showing the size of arms export business between 2000 and 2007.



In 1992, taxpayers paid the FED banking system $286 Billions in interest on debt the FED had created out of thin air. That amounts to $1 Billion per FED shareholder. Nice dividend

Wanna guess who is getting half of the bail-out monies?



blues, check out what the currency traders are saying about Obama/ McInsane:

"If U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, wins, the dollar is likely to strengthen, long-term. If U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, wins, the dollar is likely to weaken, long-term."

Then check out why it won't make a difference whoever wins:

"Goldman Sachs is on course to pay its top City bankers multimillion-pound bonuses - despite asking the U.S. government for an emergency bail-out.

The struggling Wall Street bank has set aside £7billion for salaries and 2008 year-end bonuses, it emerged yesterday.

The size of the pay pool comfortably dwarfs the £6.1billion lifeline which the U.S. government is throwing to Goldman as part of its £430billion bail-out."

Goldman Sacks (as they are known in London) is one of the largest contributors to Obama's campaign. And to McInsane as well. Same difference. Tomato, tohmahtoe, potato, pohtahtoe!


More quackery afoot:

"Until just a month ago, it was lender policy not to grant a homeowner a modified loan unless the homeowner met certain criteria...

Most loan mods fail. In that the homeowner fails to make the new payment also. So lenders were not eager to modify a loan and go through the expense and time, and have the borrower reneg.

Well, as of about 3 weeks ago, this has all changed. Lenders are eager to modify any loan regardless of the probability that the homeowner will meet the new obligation.

Most of the old loan mods failed. What chance do the new ones have, in this new "anything goes" climate?

The US is dictating lender policy outright. The investors in these loans be damned.

...it is designed to freeze homeowners in their homes at any price. Just so long as they don't walk away, let their houses be foreclosed, or do a short sale."

Everything these "financial geniuses" are doing is Band Aid and illegal. No one is watching, no one is policing. The fox owns the hen house.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I sincerely hope everyone is having a very happy Halloween. And if any gnomes ring your doorbell asking for goodies do NOT give them $700 billion. OK? Got that?


This is like talking to the taxman about poetry. You are the same people who voted for the shrubster instead of a real person in 2000. You need to acknowledge that you have had a hand in wrecking our country. Then think if voting for the son of Cane is the same as voting for Obama. This may be a game to you where you get to feel good about standing on a tin pot with your republican principles in tact. Too bad we are not a republic anymore. Have not been for a very long time. So go ahead and vote for Nero, or even Georgian Froot Loops. I wanted to have Kucinich and Paul on my ticket. That did not happen. So now I am going to vote for Mr. Free Trade, the larcenist. No I am not. Why don't you go ahead and do that. I am going to vote for Obama because he wants to protect American industry. Whatever is left of it.


And here is the Economist endorsing Senator Obama. How do you like that one?



I've already cast my vote. I vote for no one because no one is worth voting for. What a futile expression of freedom, but it's all a poor peon has left.

EMS, I love the way you express economic realities. Very spiritual, in a pagan sort of way. As for Born Again Christians worshipping a Golden Calf: that is an oxymoron. According the true Christ, not the made up American one, "You CANNOT serve God and Money." As Bob Dylan sang, "you gotta serve somebody." Guess which One most Americans serve?


Remember, before the bankers are done....they will fractionalize the $800 billion to $800 trillion. Mmmmmm the interest.

Suck all the blood from the villagers...

Happy Halloween


Calvino, I pray to God that you are joking about being surprised that the Economist endorsed Obama.

en wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Economist_Group

"The Economist Group is a group of companies that sell publications and services under The Economist brand, such as The Economist (called a newspaper for historical reasons, but to all appearances a weekly news magazine), Economist.com, Economist Intelligence Unit, Economist Conferences, Intelligent Life and The World In. The Group’s other global brands include CFO, a publication for senior financial executives (CFO, CFO Europe, CFO Asia, CFO China, CFO.com), Roll Call and European Voice (aimed at decision-makers in Capitol Hill and Brussels respectively).

The Economist Group is an associate and not a subsidiary of Pearson PLC. The Financial Times Limited, which is a Pearson subsidiary, owns 50% of the share capital of The Economist Group but does not have a controlling interest. The bulk of the remaining 50% is owned by individuals including members of the Rothschild banking family of England. The Economist Group operates as a separate and independent business."

If you want to understand who really controls the US, you might find some interesting reality here:

www larouchepub.com/lar/2008/3543todays_brut_imperialism.htm

"So, since the fall of the Achaemenid Empire, through the role of the essentially barbarous British Empire still today, the principal leading political powers within globally extended European and near-Asian civilization, have been based on an endemic form of usury which sometimes erupts in such extreme forms of imperialist practice as that of Europe's Fourteenth-Century "New Dark Age."

Then for the grand finale:

www henrymakow com

"According to Miller, the goals of the Illuminati (Communism and the NWO) were the destruction of Christianity, monarchies, nation-states (in favor of their world government or "internationalism"), the abolition of family ties and marriage by means of promoting homosexuality and promiscuity; the end of inheritance and private property; and the suppression of any collective identity in the spurious name of "universal human brotherhood" i.e. "diversity."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Larouche is a strange guy. HAHAHA.

First off, yes, the 1300's was the period of the Black Plague but guess who 'won' from that?

THE PEASANTS! Honest to god. Due to the terrible population crash, the peasants suddenly had a leverage point with the ruling classes! They wrestled away a fair amount of power.

This also led to the rise of the people of the cities who were free of baronial rule. These, in turn, supported kings because they could get CHARTERS from these kings in return and these charters gave them a huge degree of self-rule.

To the immense irritation of the chivalry [like my own family]. Russia didn't have this so the peasants there were treated like literal slaves all the way until the middle of the 19th century.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

GK: about inheritance. Far from going away, it is increasing...FOR THE UPPER CLASSES. The poor lose this valuable boon by being encouraged to be consumers, not savers. Any savers are then looted by their neighbors who go into debt. See how that works?

I hate to sound elitist but I am an elite. I know how this business works. There is this odd little split within the upper most ruling elites: should they encourage inheritance or should they force their spawn to work?

The old English ruling class which I come from has it both ways: the eldest inherits EVERYTHING and the younger ones, [I am younger and will inherit nothing] get nothing at all! You are lucky to get a scrap of paper!

So you work really, really hard if you don't want to fall out of the ruling class!

This is how the British got their young nobles to fight in wars. If you win in a war, you get NEW ESTATES and NEW INCOMES. So restlessly, we roam the planet. Second and third sons conquering other people.

Many people who write about the ruling class cannot understand this at all. Another point: the ruling elites who are smart and not new comers with temporary wealth, ie, those of us who can trace back our roots to the original Norman conquerers, the parents of the ancient regime do NOT spoil their children but force them to do manual labor, etc.

Trust me on this one! My 'new wealth' neighbors when I was growing up had maids. I had to be the maid for my own family and do hard labor for my parents for my room and board. I had to learn many skills and they told me repeatedly, 'You have to survive on your own.'

They could easily do what my neighbors did for their kids. But no. They gave me ONE toy for Xmas. And after I was 11 years old, they only gave me useful stuff like a tape recorder when I was 13. I used this to spy on them, by the way. HAHAHA.

To continue: they didn't give me a car. They gave my eldest brother a very fancy sports car and I had to save my own money to buy myself a beat up old truck. They NEVER protected me.

'You have to fight for everything, Elaine, ' they told me. And I did and frankly, LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. So today, I fight like a fiend. And can't be pushed around even slightly.

This is how ALL the ancient ruling elites raised their younger children. This is why they allowed the eldest to beat up the younger ones and never, ever punished him for this!

I was beaten regularly until I was able to stand my own ground. Heh.

And this is the story of the old ruling class Normans. Isn't it horrible, funny and interesting? The Rothschilds are new comers. They make their younger daughters into 'princesses' and spoil them rotten. They protect younger sons and give them sweetheart deals so they get rich without thinking very hard.

This is why they are screwing up so badly!!!! This is very, very hard for people to understand. They think that the Normans are like that.

And indeed, the old Norman ruling class is slowly turning into this: spoiling children by treating them like little bratty princesses and princes.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Another example: I never got an allowance as a child. I had to earn my own money. I had to track how much work I did and my parents paid me. But only if the work I did was for something not connected with me. For example, I was not paid for keeping my room clean, etc.

On top of this, my mother decreed I would get only two dresses a year. It is true! In ancient Norman families, they give their younger daughters two dresses a year! I am not the only one who has this odd memory.

If I wanted more dresses, I had to farm myself out to the neighbors. Since my neighbors were wealthy, I found all sorts of ways of working for them. This is how I discovered how insane people are at home! What ever front they put up, they can't hide the truth if you are working inside their homes or if their children confide in you.

This made me very cynical by age 12.

On the other hand, since I bought nearly all my own clothing, my mother couldn't tell me what to buy! HAHAHA. I loved that freedom. She got mightily annoyed with me and I would tell her, 'You buy me dresses!' and she would retreat.

Isn't that funny? Indeed, I got them to give me full adult rights when only 16 and left home and struck out on my own. I was happy to get out of there. They lived in this palatial house and I had my little shack in Tucson. And frankly, it was my own castle and I defended it tooth and nail. My parents never visited me there.

They did visit my own mansion in New Jersey one time.

And oddly enough, years later, visited me when I was living in a tent. At no point did they offer to get me out of the tent situation. They just looked at it and said, 'Oh, how interesting.'

And frankly, I didn't want them to. It was my riddle to solve and I used my own sweat to get my house built.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Also: I know many upperclass kids who inherit estates and then LOSE THEM. Many a good business has gone down the tubes when spoiled sons and daughters take over from mommy and daddy.

This is why very, very, very few families control businesses for more than three generations.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

About learning how to fight: I noticed when a child, that other parents would defend their children when they got in a brawl. Would even join in and fight for their kids. My parents would say, 'You lost a fight? Well!' I would have to dry my tears and go forth and fight again.

Not only that, by age 12, when a boy fighting me would yell, 'I'll get my older brother [or father]' I would laugh and yell, 'HAHAHA...so they are cowards and have to protect you, a total coward?'

Indeed, this is where 'arrogance' comes from: either one has illicit power over others and can be a bully. Or one learns to stand and fight no matter what the odds and thus, has chest out and arms cocked, ready to go down fighting.

The bully types are jerks. The ones who learn to stand their ground are those who make history.


Elaine, your upbringing sounds harsh and insensitive in many ways. But as you acknowledge, it helped to form you into what you are today. Your parents (maybe unwittingly) have done many of us a great service. I, for one, would thank them.....probably to their chagrin.

PK Scott

I just retch when I hear the term "black swan" to describe the cause of the world wide financial debacle. A black swan event is a supposedly low probability outlier event.
This train wreck was totally predictable as witnessed by blogs like this one, numerous books, articles, and interviews. Every one was scoffed at. They still call Roubini "Dr. Doom."
Saying this was induced by a black swan is like saying gravity is an outlier and low probability event. It was INEVITABLE and visible for the naked eye to see if one was not BLINDED by delusion and a PHD in economics. Common sense and a little bit of research was sufficient to understand what was going to happen.
The only piece of the puzzle that was hard to figure out was derivatives, because they were unregulated and opaque to the point that NOBODY really to this day understands the absolute extent of the problem. They contributed exponentially to the disaster by introducing unmeasurable excess "liquidity" that was not correspondingly set off with sufficiant capital to cover the inevitable default.
Obviously the carry trade was a culprit in this as well.Chuck Butler at the Daily Phennig has been yacking about the unwinding of the Yen carry trade for years, and even he was stunned by the violence of the unwinding.
I think the BIG question now is What Next?
If the derivatives monster sucks up ALL the trillions of dollars being shoveled into the system will the world wide financial system collapse into a dire world wide deflationary recession OR will the Central Banks (and now the IMF) just soldier on and create "money" out of thin air that isn't even sterilized up by a corresponding debt creation? That is the inflationary or hyper-inflationary scenario.
If there isn't an inflationary outcome we will just be CRUSHED by the debt that the government is creating. Remember, most of the "money" that is being shoveled out is at least theoretically "loaned" by us, the taxpayer" to the banks, corporations, insurers, etc.
The new wave of credit card and consumer debt is starting to rise and this is "unsecured" debt. Lots of derivatives written on this garbage too.
Real estate hasn't bottomed yet either so the MBS and CDS crap has yet to completely hit the fan.
The price of stocks is only at "fair value" if you think we are NOT headed into a severe prolonged recession.

On a lighter note check out:
The Church of Just Stop Shopping!

I may have to join.


Several people who should know say English is the hardest language to learn (except for Finnish, perhaps). The history of the English language is quite possibly the most strange and twisted story that any language has to tell. And that's saying something!!!!! It is so huge and convoluted that I can hardly remember any of what I read. It started in the deep past, maybe somewhere in the area of the Balkans or Iran, maybe even India, maybe about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. Everybody calls it "Indo-European," and it has its tentacles in ancient Indian Sanskrit texts. It is said to be "Germanic" (German-like) in many respects. But a lot has happened! What we call English was forged in England.

Now, England has been being invaded for, like, forever. From Scandinavia to Rome, they all came to sack/ conquer/ invade England. Since about forever. Since it is only a very short hop across the English channel to what is now France, somehow, the Germans got first dibs. They were especially tough, having been overrun by the Mongolians. But after they moved in, The Norman thing started. Apparently, these Normans took after the Scandinavian Vikings, but spoke French (basically), and they eventually forced nearly all of the English to do business in French (that's why we have so much French stuff in English). All these invasions made the English very tough, and they eventually almost conquered the world. For instance, this is in English.

Hard knocks make people tough. Soft living only continues for so long. The Chinese had the English, Japan (long story), etc. after them. Then they had the Mao experience. Wow. The Russians, well they are the Russians to begin with, but Hitler killed some huge fraction of them. Then they endured the insanity of Yeltsin. So the Russians and the Germans, and the Chinese are rather hardened now.

Not so with us American stump farmers. We have had it absurdly easy (Except for the veterans, whom the VA is killing off). We have grown fat and helpless. We are in the condition of prey. We will be invaded. Not just have a recession, an invasion. Times have changed, and we are facing a new kind of invasion. The Chinese are now eating our lunch by eating bits off of our computers. They have our productive systems now.

American exceptionalism? The rest of the world sees us as soft and spoiled. Easy prey. We have to be petty bullies because we are really weaklings. But the invasion has now begun.

So forget about the "non-negotiable American way of life"!!! Stop worrying about your status, and start worrying about your neighbors. Don't trust petty warlords. George Bush will not protect you. Nor will John "The Prisoner" McCain. Nor will Barky, apparently. You have to prick up your ears and begin using your brain for something more than just another pleasure organ if you expect to survive. This might hurt a little.

Your parents went too far, Elaine. Life is pretty strange, huh?

Paul S

Absolutely correct, George "Dubaya" won't protect you. The ONLY thing "Dubaya" cared about, his entire term in office, was creating his "legacy" as a great President. To do this, Bush believed a great President must be a war President. Bush never tackled the economy or health care issues; he might fail and you can't be a great President when you fail. This is "Dubaya's" real #1 legacy. "Dubaya" put forwward a ridiculous Medicare bill that didn't address the cost of the purchase of prescription drugs. This would rile Big Pharma, might fail, not gonna do it. Then Bush lied about the cost of his "reform" of Medicare. Sort of like the icing on the cake if you will. Let's all hope "Dubaya" doesn't get up the nerve to bomb Iran before he leaves office.


The Economist is the house organ for zi juus Anglo-Dutch Banking conspiracy panting after global control and power. I gave up reading Economist psycho babble some years ago.

GK .... is right-on IMHO. Zi Shadow Banking System, Shadow Media, and Shadow Government aim to crush the American economy; subvert the Constitution and Christianity; break the will of the people. Eventually, march in and take over.

Despotic movements need a Praetorian Guard, of course, a paramilitary force that defies legal constraints and makes violence part of the legal discourse.

Blunt Force Trauma

Elaine said:

"And if any gnomes ring your doorbell asking for goodies do NOT give them $700 billion. OK? Got that?"

Because they'll only use it for squandering purposes and to give out, not in the form of loans, but for their execs and CEOs in the form of bonuses and payouts. Which by the way, they have been doing.

Why is Our Bailout Money Going Towards Paying for Executive Bonuses (MoneyNing)


Buffalo Ken

I agree that "Americans" (whatever that means) are not "exceptional" - Who is? But even so, I don't think Americans will just roll over for any mercenary or other "psuedo" force coming from a few. Too many guns - it will rapidly (dare I say exponentially) become anarchy, and then indiscriminate "back-and-forth-foolishness" involving considerable suffering of innocence. What a waste and who would want that? Really - is there someone who wants that indiscriminate shit? I don't think any of us will like it. If someone does want this shit, and they are making large-scale decisions, then lets find them and move them the feffing-fark out of the way. Lets make them harmless.

I understand that some facilities were constructed for "housing" detainees, but I just don't see it happening in the america I once knew and that I hope to sense again one day in a new and better form! Just now the america I once knew is dead as a doorknob. Oh well, not even nothing lasts forever.....and nor does the fallacy "forever" liberty stamp. That stamp is false because eventually all paper money is worthless.

Plus, I'd put forth that all gnomes eventually get their due. Payment is due and so is justified retribution. Seems that way to me.


Buffalo Ken

of course, I'm just a farking peasant, so what do i know.....

I do think this though - America has the highest spoiled-kid ratio of any country around.....i betcha that is true - it wasn't when i was a kid i don't think. I don't recall it that way, but we still had lots of fun as only kids know how to. We didn't need a so much "made in not-america" stuff...


Buffalo Ken

And I'd like to say one last thing concerning GM. At a family reunion 3 years ago I think in Oak Island, NC, after several ludricrously hot days, I told my brother and his son-in-law that GM was going down.

GM has no foresight for the future. GM (the corporation) should go down --- hard. They along with the oil mf's sabataged mass transport using subterfuge and other nefarious methods. Oddly enough, I think this spelled their doom. The employees should literally take over the factories (by virtue of pension due), and then maybe they can make something there of value. GM management ain't nothing but a bunch of fat SOB's who can't think five feet in front of their fucking bellies.


Buffalo Ken

I mean its obvious - death the the corporations that try to "dominate". Death for the unalive paper entities including the ones that directly emanate from the Queen of England.

Plus miss queen some of us want to know what you are doing with the loot? Why not release it for the good of all as any good queen would do.....

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. I'm planning 2!


Buffalo Ken

Hey queen - no offense I hope.

OK I'm leaving for the day I promise. I just wanted to say that the Oktoberfest batch came out great. I'm drinking some now (earlier than I should, but I couldn't wait...).

Elaine I hope whatever transition if any occurs, that your site is "back up and running" how you want it to be rapidly (with velocity and acceleration).


ziff house



''This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard.''


"The Economist is the house organ for zi juus Anglo-Dutch Banking conspiracy panting after global control and power. I gave up reading Economist psycho babble some years ago."

I would rather listen to them then to ZiiFuckerling, house organ for Legion and the boiling sulfur pits. I know your names, Fuckerling.

Buffalo Ken

Hey calvino - you sure get (take?) a lot of shit, but you do dish is back. I respect that.


Buffalo Ken

Oh shit, I forgot my promise. Oh well, it was only small-scale and best I can tell "no harm done".

BALANCE is key.

Peace, Peace...crap can we have some peace for the People? - I think so



Thanks Buffalo.. Satanas has been calling himself names here and spreading evil. Remember the words of the Lord, ZiiFuckerling.

Proverbs 26:27 - Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.

Buffalo Ken

So true calvino, but you can't deny sometimes you have to dig and sometimes you have to rolleth. So just remember - we are just talking here.


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