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Buffalo Ken

But I also think the "truest force" resides within the realm of "talking". Communication between two entities. In this way, language supercedes numbers.

The People though - the People have the language and the People have the numbers. Really. The People are awake, and the status quo is already long ago as far as the People go. Seems that way to me.

Let go of the ugly ego would be my words of wisdom.
lets just call that a poem please...



And the word became flesh and dwelt among us..



PLovering said:

"In 1992, taxpayers paid the FED banking system $286 Billions in interest on debt the FED had created out of thin air. That amounts to $1 Billion per FED shareholder. Nice dividend"

Do you know if the interest proceeds; beyond the Feds costs, were returned to the US Treasury?

The Fed claims they take no profit and only pay members a fixed dividend to help off-set reserves.

I don't think the Fed is a money making scheme by design. I think the Fed is a tool to wield power by fixing markets and benefiting from insider trading.

I'd be interested to know if you have evidence that they kept that much profit.

Thanks - interesting stuff


Interesting election stuff:

I hate most of the election bull-shit but a couple days ago Ralph Nader gave an interesting talk about McCain and his "un-patriotic" cover-up of the USS Liberty.

McCain, like most of our politicians and religious people are rabid zionists.


These rotten zionists don't give a dam about those who serve in our military. They are just fodder for the zionists agenda for perpetual war.


Relax Calvino, The Lord of Truth reveals all.

Meanwhile, spend some quality time in the real world:



DrKrbyLuv: Start FED read here with lots of juicy details.



This video shows British colonies (Canada, Australia) giving the exact same speech on Iraq a few days apart. Who paid for the war in blood and inflation? The other British colony (US).


"If Obama and Biden are installed, it means that the U.S. will continue to be Sovietized for integration into the ascendant global prison system. Biden is a high priest in the ranks of global elite enablers. The glow of the All Seeing Eye shines brightly on this ticket."

Here's a youtube video that provides further proof that we already have a centrally coordinated, one-world government: The PMs of Australia and Canada nearly simultaneously giving identical speeches to their parliaments in '03 calling for war on Iraq.


EMS, high hilarity that, your tales of growing up pains. That was normal life for the rest of us, but to me honestly, it was a surprise that there are still rich folks left who have some brains.

It reminded me of the Python Skit "Four Yorkshiremen."


Dutch Calvinist

Whats in a name? (Wall Street)


Even I, a Christian can point to a false church and proclaim, false!

As it is written, judge not lest ye be judged. But what of the rest of the verse?
therefore judge a righteous judgement.
Righteous means a beliver in God. Jesus Christ is God.

To quote the apostle Paul- Dont be as your brother Esau and sell your inheritance for a piece of meat.

Dutch New Amsterdam

"I want to tell you something very clear. Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it."
- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, October 2001


Rumour has it that the Chinese are prepared to offer a USD200 billion investment package to Hungary as investment hub into Eastern European countries.

China is prepared to take on EU in its own backyard if this is true.


OC, you are spot on, the Chinese and the Russians are going to go in heavy into the Eastern Europe and do what the Europeans NEVER did, that is, give a chance for these people to grow and prosper. These are tough hard working folk, and they will be the one's to turn Europe around. Beleive it.



Elaine is right about the Tibetan stunt by Bush and the French. This is payback by the Chinese. They are going to show that the NWO is just hot air and they (SCO) are the real power. Turkey is another possible takeover target. This is the Chinese version of economic blitzkrieg. Kinda of like Chinese torture - I'm sure u know this one...they take off one limb at a time while giving u false hope that rescue is round the corner and u just need to make a little sacrifice...

Think S.Americas is the last on their shopping list as Africa is gone with ME coming soon. Once that is accomplished. NWO has no access to resources and markets at all. Complete cutoff. The timetable is speeding up - it's 25 years earlier than Elaine's expectations.


Dutch reprobate is what you are. Do not talk falsely anymore and call yourself a Calvinist. At best you are a fool who talks about Calvin while completely unfamiliar with him, the Heidelberg Catechism or the Westminster Larger Catechism. According to Calvin the Apostles Creed means that Jesus was separated from God during the Passion. Got it?

ziff house

This from an 'expert' on KD's message board. Strong dollar , spin or truth?

''But I do believe the people who claim default is imminent do not quite understand the power of reserve currency status. Our debts are not denominated in foreign currency. This is brushed aside by way too many people. The countries defaulting have their debts denominated in FOREIGN currency. Their currency crashes which causes their debt service payments to skyrocket. This also includes their local businesses and households. Not only does the manufacturer in Argentina lose his most important customers which takes away his ability to generate dollars to make interest payments, but his local currency also crashed so he can't use domestic currency to meet his debt obligations. ''


Elaine...I'm re-posting because I accidentally posted on an older entry.

You're my magic numbers lady. What do you think about the rumour that there will be an 'international crisis' on January 21 or 22? Have you seen the clip of Colin Powell on Meet The Press?

Here is a comment from another site:

"It’s true that these event must have been talked many times by the power elite. But I think the real plan is to put Obama in the White House. On Jan 21st we’ll see what their intended crisis will be. Personally, I think it has more to do with USA being bankrupt and the installation of a new regional currency (the Amero) and the beginning of the North American Union.

This is THE plan, it has been going for many years, and now it’s almost a done deal. Don’t forget Obama is a NWO puppet that has close ties to the CFR and the Trilateral Comission via Mr. Brzinsky."

Further this poster, Eric, thinks it will be about Pakistan:

"If either McCain or Obama is elected the Jan 21st coup will be the AlQaeda (as PsyOPs and false flag terrorism) blowing up something again in the United States and the enactment of martial law, then an attack on Pakistan will be offered to solve the created crisis. It has been staged by the recent Bin Laden video done by the CIA. Because Bush plan is derailed, they need another event to manipulate the public opinion toward mare war and the completion of their plan."

I'm asking about the significance of the date because Powell said the will be a crisis but "that we don't know what it will be."

Brazil Guy

Hi !
I think this site is amazing, but reading all the posts make me think that i am completely lost at what is up to happen and why, i mean , would you mind in doing a map of what has happened and what is up to ? Also, which school of economics do you followed to get all these right "big picture" you have now ? As i am iniciating at economics i would like to learn it into the right path.
Regards !
Matheus , Brazil


Anyone have an opinion on the possibility of Dubai becoming the new center of world finance and a new world reserve currency? (backed by oil or gold?)


The UAE has the Dirham, but they are supposedly close to a unified Dinar for the Middle East. (Many currencies in the ME are called the Dinar, derived from Greek meaning "give").

The point is that I believe we will soon have a big surprise out of Dubai, one of the seven emerates in the United Arab Emerates. Dubai is going to be the equivalent of New York City in the new world, as far as international commerce and glamour is concerned.

Brazil Guy

What happened with my post ?


From a corporate perspective, it was nice
to see Boeing end their strike. 15% raise
is pretty good for 4 years and the perks
sound excellent. Don't tell the GM workers
what they got. I see that the economy is
worse than I thought in Europe. Eg. Sales of
Volvu Trucks sank " 99% " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SAP the large database company is giving no
guidence for the next quarter. Ouch....

Buffalo Ken

1. Who owns GM's "pensions" - shouldn't it be the workers? They are promises due aren't they?

2. What percentage to the pensions represent of GM's total market capitilization (3.28 billion I think --- stock price is $5.79)

3. If pension amount due, exceeds value of corporate entity, then seems to me that the workers now OWN the company.

Good-bye GM - I hope the "new management entities" do better than you did.


Buffalo Ken

And even if you think the above logic is flawed, is it not time, for the "workers" and the "peasants" to start demanding a fair wage, or for that matter, to take over the reins of production in a small-scale appropriate way....this could work out well even for some of them "big-whigs" out there if they see the opportunity and realize the value of fair wages and local commerce.


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Brazil Guy, Typepad is screwing up and I am involved in a major fight with them. Sorry about your postings disappearing.

I have completed stories this week and lost them! Which is why my posting speed has dropped somewhat. Damn.

About my economic credentials: I was born in the Norman ruling class and my father was advisor to 5 Presidents and is one of the founders of the CIA.

So I grew up 'inside' rather than outside. The children of other Presidential candidates were my playmates. The sons and daughters of kings in the Middle East and Asia played with me when I was young. I know everyone and everyone hates me because I hate what is happening right now and decided 10 years ago to go head-to-head with everyone at the top. This is why I am not published.

Brazil Guy

Wow ! Amazing history ! Can i send you an email asking some questions about the economy ? I am completely lost in all these financial mess.


Brazil Guy,

It took me two years to begin to comprehend what it is all about. I, of course have my own biases, and am not expert (Elaine is expert). But I am good with (very) short, simple explanations, and have set up a page on one of my (many) blogs for such questions. It is at:


Maybe Elaine will set up a "reference section" sometime.

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