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Blunt Force Trauma

Speaking of Mr. Hopey Changey Unicorn Man, these debates still rage on:

The Great Obama Swindle of 2008






Yes, Barack Obama really is a Manchurian candidate


Random Commentator #65


Credit card companies now are lobbying to have partial forgiveness of consumer credit card debt (up to 40% depending on amount of debt). It looks like people have spent too much on credit and are walking away from their debts. But forgiving such debt would likely encourage wanton spending again. So...loosen the choke hold just enough for the victim to breath only to get choked again after acquiring more debt.


Well, I really hope people of USA will now start mass protests. Or I am afraid slavery will be the next step in few years. I came into this conclusion finally at this late hour...

Why is the FED and banking gnomes building bubble economy time after time? Well, reason is simple: to make you indebted, forever. When they have all the wealth and people have too much debt to pay in their lifetime, all future gains are going to flow into the same bankers that fixed things this way.

FED loves to loan more money to government to keep things rolling, and to get profits from that as well! How crazy is it that your government is NOT controlling dollar?! How can your central bank LEND TO YOUR GOVERNMENT? This is totally nuts!

After taking that 10% from that 700 billion "rescue" without even flinching to their bosses, and threatening congress with MARTIAL LAW if it would not happen (more craziness; does banks also control military now?! Well, may be they do!), it is all clear: revolt or slavery.

I cannot really see another way anymore. Am I too pessimistic? Banks and politicians are stealing all your future wealth very openly, what else there is left than to stop it now?


Obama is a new world order pawn - no different than McCain. His VP Biden is a shill for the credit card companies.


Duski -

You are absolutely correct about the Federal Reserve System - it is a corrupt loan sharking operation that holds a monopoly on our future.

On November 22, 2008 there will be a national protest:



Many in the US are not as alert as you are but hopefully they will be waking up soon.


One comment. I live in America, not Mexico. When my ballot, which I requested to be mailed early to me, arrived printed in both English and Spanish, I tore it up and threw it away.

I refuse to participate in a fraud which is being perpetrated upon the mass of citizens.

Blunt Force Trauma

Zulu stated:

"One comment. I live in America, not Mexico. When my ballot, which I requested to be mailed early to me, arrived printed in both English and Spanish, I tore it up and threw it away."

Where to start with that odd comment. Hmm, first, Spanish is spoken in about 21 countries around the world. There are even countries in Africa that communicate in Spanish. So your comment that you don't live in Mexico shows ignorance on two parts; one: that Mexico is the only country that uses Spanish to communicate and two: that you only have to reside in a country such as Mexico to communicate in Spanish. More importantly, your ballot was printed in the two most common languages of the U.S. and sent to you as per your request. You merely had to read and follow the English instructions as would someone that speaks and reads only Spanish. I doubt that those who communicate in Spanish would have been upset to see English printed on the ballot and would have forfeited their vote by 'tearing it up and throwing it away' upon seeing English words printed on that ballot.

Thanks for sharing your tirade. It was "amusing".


I have to agree on this one. Here's a little note about the official language of the U.S.:

Why is the U.S., an English-speaking country (or so you think), catering not only to the Spanish language, but to many others that you don’t even know about? Because the U.S. as a nation has never declared an official language. Many people have tried it with no success. In 1780, John Adams proposed to the Continental Congress that English should be declared the official language of the United States. His proposal was deemed "undemocratic and a threat to individual liberty.”

The fact of the matter is that there IS NO official language in the U.S. You're lucky you didn't receive it in Mandarin and Cantonese as well.

PS - Zulu. Who did you think you were hurting by destroying your ballot, except yourself?


Dear Elaine:

Love the links, as always. But there is one link that I would very much like to see.

I actually bought and sold some of those homes in the video you posted and throughout the Inland Empire between 2004 and 2006 -- which has a huge Hispanic population going back more than five generations of American citizens.

In all that time, I have never heard of a US lender who would lend to a non US citizen. Can you hook me up with the link that shows that this problem has anything to do with illegal aliens buying homes in the US?

Even one example of such a transaction would thrill me. At least I would know how this ugly rumor got started.



Agree with u. Use it or loose it. If you don't vote, Zulu, u wind up with tyranny in charge. Just ask any folks from ASEAN. Those leaders like Burmese or Cambodian came in 'cos no one want to vote. By the time u want them out, u vote with bullets (1 man 30 bullets) and not with balloting box.

Is that what u want for the future of your loved ones?? Making sure they become slaves again??


OC, you and I should go to the US and set up a, How-To-Win-An-Election-For-Dummies consultancy. With our expertise in Asian politics (which btw has been used extensively by US intel agancies as test case operations) we could teach the underdogs in the US political system how to win. The most classic case was Florida in the last Presidential elections. Disenfranchisement, a very typical tool in Philippine politics. Supreme Court, geez, that's an old one!

My friends and I were very amused watching the high drama throughout that election, we even theorized that our Ambassador to the US at the time (he was one of our most corrupt and experienced political geniuses) mentored the Republicans giving them the maneuvers and tactics needed to steal the election, all the symptoms we coul monitor have been used here for generations.


Here is one that makes the case for the Heading of this post:
Banks to Continue Paying Dividends

[The government said it was giving banks more money so they could make more loans. Dollars paid to shareholders don't serve that purpose, but Treasury officials say that suspending quarterly dividend payments would have deterred banks from participating in the voluntary program.

Critics, including economists and members of Congress, question why banks should get government money if they already have enough money to pay dividends -- or conversely, why banks that need government money are still spending so much on dividends.

"The whole purpose of the program is to increase lending and inject capital into Main Street. If the money is used for dividends, it defeats the purpose of the program," said Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), who has called for the government to require a suspension of dividend payments.]


Capt. America (Laffer) vs. Neo (Schiff)

An old but really good watch, it gives you a clear perspective of how a few knowing souls had to deal with ignorance in motion.


It is unbelievable when some one can not see the difference between Obama and McCane. You can call him any name you want, however Obama wants to rebuild America, while McCane wants to sell off whatever is left to the highest bidder. Whoever says that Obama and McCAne is the same is hiding behind a very ugly mask. But then I knew that about you doc. Luv is not what you are about.



Old friend, if I may call u that, we make a 'killing' literally!! Ha!Ha!Ha!

We know of too many ways to skin 'democracy' - know what I mean 'nod nod wink wink'. Ha!Ha!Ha!


OC, unfortunately the DemoCRAZY that you speak of and which has been exported to the world, is a load of crap wrapped in a gift box with lot's of strings attached. And the Trojans who gave of this gift so freely forgot to add in the fine print, caveat emptor!

We live, we learn, we adapt, and then we overcome. No worries, as I always say, those who dispense misery better remember that misery comes with a return address.

How's it going Down Under? Do you give Rudd good marks for his handling the inflicted Oblivion?



Seems like Rudd has got a good brain and a good team. Think he'll pull through and since he speaks Mandarin, he'll probably get the 'privileges' should he need it.

Goddamm, it is the lucky country after all. The opposition leader, Malcolm, is not doing well; Rudd is always one step ahead.

Are things okay at your side? Heard from another friend of mine; Korea is adopting 1997 measures to minimize losses due to won dropping. All the stuff at their airport got a 60% haircut. They are cutting their losses and liquidating to pay off their loans in USD as fast as possible. They know the tsunami is coming. Hope you have taken similar measures too. I am.


The Japs delay elections. Any questions?


"he would delay elections until the global financial crisis subsides. "


OC, I always had a good feel about Rudd, he is very studied and sharp. I like sharp, and he has the makings of a Statesman, classy. He is doing and saying all the right things in my view.

On my end, our government has Zero (0) exposure to Derivatives, a minimal amount to Sub prime ($1 billion), our reserves are close to $38 Billion, our debt burden stands at $54 Billion. We preterminated close to 4 Billion in debt last year (our
President has a Phd. in Economics). Exports to US down, but we have increased to Japan and China more than enough to offset the difference. Our fundamentals are pretty sound, we should have minimal problems overcoming the tsunami. My only real concern is "tricke down" which relates to peace and order. Otherwise we are good to go.

Personally, I have already liquidated all Western currency and have gone strictly Asian and in Asian banks. Am toying with liquidating all hard assets in preparation for the decline in prices worldwide as the dollar tanks and deflation sets in. What are your thoughts?


Last night I decided that it is no longer hip to be using words like "economics". So there is no such thing. The theory of trade and money and all that is rightfully called pecuniology. Got that? Since I was first to realize this, I get to announce the First Law of Pecuniology. Which is:

Pecuniology is based on the organized manipulation of trust.

That just popped out of my head.

Like, If you trade a cat for a chicken with someone, there has to be trust there that the animals are in good condition.

Building trust takes much time. Breaking trust must be done quickly and stealthily, and is socially unhealthy. For instance, in the mafia, you are all great buddies with solemn relationships; except one night one of your buddies stabs you in the back and tosses you overboard.

So therefore, pecuniology is based on the organized manipulation of trust. Okay?

Blunt Force Trauma,

Can you really read that conservatoid baloney in World Net Daily without dying of excessive eye crossage?

The "article" you cite "Yes, Barack Obama really is a Manchurian candidate" at http://tinyurl.com/5z4hls is just stock conservtoid tripe. And this bargain basement hack David Kupelian gets PAID to put out this garbage?

I did a REAL hatchet job on Obama over at The Wild Wild Left, titled "A Feeling Of Euphoria, A Feeling Of Freshness And Change." But I do the real heavy lifting, and get paid zilch. My article is at http://tinyurl.com/5v6sxn . Nobody even recommended it! I don't get no damn respect!



Same here too - May I recommend my favourites??

Sing$, Yen and HongKong$ and of course our old fav: gold and other precious metals and stones. If you have the right connection: Thai rubies and Burmese Jade. If u like art and ceramics: Chinese bronzes, paintings and ceramics. U should consider keeping 1 house but set it up as safe haven and tool up your car too. If u need to have big notes - go for the Sing$. China will definitely support the HK$ for face. This should make it easy quick exit for u if anything goes south.

Just be careful of low grade wars and crime breaking out all over Asia. India and Pakistan is already showing signs of instability. Indonesia could fall apart as fail state. The Islamic elements on your side will try to stir trouble down south. Hightail over to Singapore if things get worse in Manila. Singapore SAF is one of the most well trained and equipped army in ASEAN and is a police state so u can be pretty safe there. And of course, we can count on our 'democratic' leaders to take 'very good care' of their voters. Ha!Ha!Ha! Hope u have set aside enough tips for 'coffee'. Ha!Ha!Ha!

Have u tool up and set up precautions - this time is the real thing and will last for 5 - 10 yrs minimum. 1997 was dry run. Note that all the survivors (I mean the Asian countries and businesses) are doing a cut and run. Singapore has just got a swap line of USD30 billion from the FED so that it can pay off all the loans in USD pronto. They are getting out of debt and going for cash even with huge haircuts.



My Indonesian friends are setting up safe houses and moving their wealth to Singapore in case Indonesia goes apeshit again.

Thought u might want to know that.


OC, Manila is a far cry from Jakarta, and while we have lots of corruption those guys are in another league altogether. Also, our rebel groups are actually shills, not the real thing, more like bandits. I have personally gotten up close and personal with their Sparrow units. They have lost their way, poor sods. Financed partly by US intel, partly by our own Armed Forces (who have a modus vivendi with them), and to a much lesser degree the Middle Easterns. It really is more accoustic warfare than anything else, and all related to economics. If Imperial Manila just shared more with our brothers in the South it would be a beautiful place to live. Paradise really. We are still in US clone mode, That WILL change.

Hell, London has way bigger bombs than we have ever had. Ever. What I meant by peace and order was more on crime, kidnapping, etc.

We are prepared for several scenarios, and yes, Sing is on the list. One of my favorite places, everything works! Food is great, people are friendly and its international enough. Honky I find too material for my taste. If I were a social butterfly it would be Heaven though.

Buffalo Ken

Calvino - per your 10/30 6:50 pm posting: I agree that "financing for startups" is a wise use of funds - so much moreso than the large-but-usually-poorly-constructed and almost always wasteful McMansions.

However, I also think the financing should entail minimal (if any) debt for the startup enterprise. This will give the best chance for success. Of course, not all enterprises will merit funding.

Plus if a new venture is "ramped up slowly" to enable verification along the way of a working business model, then the amount of funds necessary will often be very little.


P.S. Congrats on your 600+ point spread.


carli, you asked how come banks still have money to pay dividends. Banks DO have money. It is obvious, but of course when there is chance to steal taxpayers money, they all line up "in these troubled times".

In Germany, where they would put restrictions on CEO pay for every bank that takes governments money, NO BANK has taken ANY money. So it seems they can survive without it after all! But they are not lending to anyone.

This is the problem: even if banks have money, they will not lend it. I wonder why every enterprise there is, seems to be deep in trouble the instant they can't get more debt? Are all the profits always squeezed out of every company, thus they are always working with debt? And when crisis comes, they are always surprised their pants down that it's harder to get money? GAHH! SAVE SOME at good times!

Many businesses do need loans to start up, but what I wonder is that very few enterprises ever try to be solvent on their own for the long run. When they need to invest, they take loans to do it. It is very rare that they have saved money.

So, if the government wants to help these stupid enterprises, it should lend money to them, NOT TO BANKS! Of course, your government would need to OWN FED to do this. Banks are not lending until the dust settles.

Banks WANT TO everyone and everything to fail, so they can buy everything cheaply. For this, they need much money, so of course they are after any and all handouts there is (unless, god forbid, CEO:s cannot get extravagant bonuses!).

On the other hand, it would be nice to teach whole economy again how things work: if you overextend during good times, you will die during bad times. When bad times comes, THEN it is time to use savings to invest; and be ready for the good times. But no, 80% of enterprises are in debt.


That 80% is totally guess only...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

OC: the illegal aliens poured into the markets AFTER 2005 because they noticed that there was no questions asked about anything concerning the subprime type of loans!

I saw this on TV and on various investigative news stories. Like in Colorado, PRISONERS could buy condos and get loans! And not even be present at any face to face meetings. I saw another story of a Hispanic man who didn't want to be seen face to face [illegal] getting an OK via telephone.

There were scandals in Northern Virginia about a Hispanic real estate office arranging faux loans for illegals! On and on it goes.


If you don't believe me, this is OK. People don't listen to me the minute I step on toes. Just like all my Jewish readers went nuts whenever I talk about Palestine and housing in Israel. They don't like my analysis and this is OK. People pick and choose their realities.

About the Chinese: there are plenty of Chinese illegal immigrants. But they don't like making bad business deals like buying overpriced houses with hidden, future high interest rate hikes. This is why they were not massively conned like the poor illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America.


Paulson's Swindle Revealed

The swindle of American taxpayers is proceeding more or less in broad daylight, as the unwitting voters are preoccupied with the national election. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson agreed to invest $125 billion in the nine largest banks, including $10 billion for Goldman Sachs, his old firm. But, if you look more closely at Paulson's transaction, the taxpayers were taken for a ride--a very expensive ride. They paid $125 billion for bank stock that a private investor could purchase for $62.5 billion. That means half of the public's money was a straight-out gift to Wall Street, for which taxpayers got nothing in return.

These are dynamite facts that demand immediate action to halt the bailout deal and correct its giveaway terms. Stop payment on the Treasury checks before the bankers can cash them. Open an immediate Congressional investigation into how Paulson and his staff determined such a sweetheart deal for leading players in the financial sector and for their own former employer. Paulson's bailout staff is heavily populated with Goldman Sachs veterans and individuals from other Wall Street firms. Yet we do not know whether these financiers have fully divested their own Wall Street holdings. Were they perhaps enriching themselves as they engineered this generous distribution of public wealth to embattled private banks and their shareholders?

Leo W. Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers, raised these explosive questions in a stinging letter sent to Paulson this week. The union did what any private investor would do. Its finance experts vetted the terms of the bailout investment and calculated the real value of what Treasury bought with the public's money. In the case of Goldman Sachs, the analysis could conveniently rely on a comparable sale twenty days earlier. Billionaire Warren Buffett invested $5 billion in Goldman Sachs and bought the same types of securities--preferred stock and warrants to purchase common stock in the future. Only Buffett's preferred shares pay a 10 percent dividend, while the public gets only 5 percent. Dollar for dollar, Buffett "received at least seven and perhaps up to 14 times more warrants than Treasury did and his warrants have more favorable terms," Gerard pointed out.


Hmmmm, steps were already in please to grab the Argentine's 401K money (money held in the U.S.)

A judge has blocked Argentina from transferring any of its pension fund investments out of the United States until he hears next week the complaints of bondholders who have a $553 million judgment against the republic.

In court papers dated Wednesday, Ostrager said the freeze order was necessary because "the republic is already taking steps to cause nominally independent private pension fund managers to repatriate FJP (10 private pension funds) overseas investments back to Argentina, even prior to the nationalization legislation taking effect."

Blunt Force Trauma

Blues said....

"Blunt Force Trauma,

Can you really read that conservatoid baloney in World Net Daily without dying of excessive eye crossage?"

I just find the stories and share. I post lots of stories. It doesn't mean I agree with what they contain.

But, if you want my humble opinion, I see no difference in either candidate whether it's Mr. Hopey Changey or McInsane. Those that wish for their 'Messiah', will soon see that tarnish in the months after the (s)election. It'll be a short-lived honeymoon. Especially when the New Year comes to pass.

It will be more of the same for sure as any and all politicos are about as honest as the money that supports them since we all know that each has an abundance of gnome money behind them.

In all, this (s)election gets people's backs up for their 'horse' as they really want a difference, but I have to be the one to tell you that there is no Santa Claus and that this (s)election is merely a distraction from the real issues that will, once again, go largely ignored. And those issues are what you deal with in day-to-day life. Those issues, your issues, will not get any better in the immediate future as long as the present system is allowed to fester.

Cast your vote for whomever you feel is the best, but, at this point, all I can offer is luck - hope is not a factor.


The Fed's rate at zero? It's no longer a far-fetched idea

Just a day after the Federal Reserve dropped its key short-term interest rate to 1% -- matching the generational low reached in 2003-04 -- the betting is intensifying on another cut.

Trading in futures contracts on the federal funds rate, the Fed’s benchmark, implies a 51.4% probability that the central bank will slash the rate to 0.50% on or before its next meeting on Dec. 16, according to Bloomberg News data.

On Wednesday, the probability of a cut to 0.50% was 32%.

At a minimum, the futures market expects the Fed to take its rate down to 0.75% on Dec. 16.

The wording of the Fed’s statement on Wednesday suggested that "they may [cut] again if necessary, but are probably hoping that they will not have to take the zero-option on rates," said Christopher Rupkey, economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in New York.

Blunt Force Trauma

Calvino said:

"It is unbelievable when some one can not see the difference between Obama and McCane."

- It is unbelievable when those that state that cannot see the similarities.

"You can call him any name you want, however Obama wants to rebuild America..."

- Mr. Hopey Changey will only be ALLOWED to do that if those that, who are truly in power, will ALLOW him to do that. i.e. - Gnomes.

"....while McCane wants to sell off whatever is left to the highest bidder."

- Obama, Calvino, will show you to be no different. Obama as a Senator has done just that many-a-time.

"Whoever says that Obama and McCAne is the same is hiding behind a very ugly mask. But then I knew that about you doc. Luv is not what you are about."

- Well, Calvino, we have read plenty of your tirades, my friend. I'm sure you'll get mad at me now as well. But take your anger over to:


and fight it with Larry Johnson instead, who does a great job at exposing the inner-workings of the likes of Obama.

Now, take a deep breath....


Dear Elaine:

I DO believe you saw an expose on television about illegal aliens buying homes in America and causing the subprime crisis.

But I do not know one lender in the United States that would finance a mortgage for a non-US citizen -- legal or illegal. Whilst in the California, I tried them all for some friends from the Philippines -- exhaustively. No deal. It had to be a totally cash transaction.

After Sept 11, 2001, for certain, proof of US citizenship was required by all US banks for mortgage finance.

Native Americans (aka Mexicans) were blocked from the market. It didn't matter to them. They ALWAYS pay cash for homes. Until a year ago, there were NO mortgages in Mexico for the past 300 years. Not until the gringo (boomers) started flooding into Mexico in large numbers in the past couple of years did anyone ever use a bank mortgage to buy real estate in Mexico.

I just wanted to set the record straight. I'm growing weary of all the swarthy-complected scapegoats that spring forth out of the American collective mind. At least we haven't invaded Mexico and started killing them -- yet. But considering that we are arming both sides of the drug war there and Condi took an emergeny meeting last week with Calderon, and brought him $400 billion to keep the War on Terror Drugs going -- it won't be long.


"The DOW as it is today, has throngs of the innocent that don't play the racket who are losing pension fund money as that money that was put into pension funds (portion of wages) has been packaged and gambled away on mortgages and other investment vehicles by those entrusted with sustaining those nest-eggs which are at best, half of what they were a year ago." - Blunt Force Trauma

Ditto, the IRAs and 401Ks.


calvino -

Maybe you are seduced by the rhetoric of Obama's change but in reality the two party system candidates are both owned and controlled by the NWO folks who are hell bent on destroying the US as we know it.

This election holds no change or real alternatives from the two party candidates. There are a number of third party candidates - Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader and others.

Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader are talking about ending the Federal Reserve system and almost all other third party candidates talk about an end to the imperial presidency and a return to the rule of law and government restraint articulated in our constitution.

Both McCain and Obama would increase military spending, both supported the illegal bank bail-out, both promise tax reductions and the redistribution of wealth.

Take your pick, you can have an Illuminati backed candidate - Obama; mentored by Zbigniew Brzezinski or McCain; the Kissinger pawn. Either way the outcome is the same; you are voting for NWO.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Countrywide didn't ask for any proofs, as far as I can tell. The mystery here is dual: why did ONLY Hispanics suddenly surge, hugely, into the housing market right when everyone else was moving out of it?

On top of this, how did guys in prison in Colorado, for example, get housing loans? Remember: this was not unusual. If it was hard for others to get it, wasn't that because they were LEGAL immigrants?

Certainly, there is something very fishy going on here.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Another thing: the housing industry was flooded with illegal alien workers. I work on houses and I saw this very clearly. Indeed, in our small village of Berlin, illegal aliens were hired to replace locals at businesses being hammered by free trade. So they dropped wages and the owners would house these illegals in housing they owned, just for example.

Then, when the IMF cracked down starting around August, 2007, we see two things suddenly appear: lots of arrests of armies of illegal aliens in factories and in the housing industry.

And a sudden surge of housing abandonments where the owners never fought the banks or appealed for help when 'losing their homes.' These houses also were left with lots of new furniture and not even the slightest attempt to, say, have relatives collect these things.

I was a landlord for many, many years. NEVER do tenants, much less home owners, leave their houses with everything VALUABLE inside. If you look at the video I provided above, we can see the people who FLED this particular home left valuable goods behind like huge wall TVs, etc. Not typical at all. Not even slightly typical. And it was NOT due to simply not making the house payments. Not at all.

I have moved many times. I pack a lot of stuff. I make three or four trips if I have to. I ship things via parcel post! Never, do I leave valuable stuff behind! No. Even if one is going away due to bankruptcy, people sell their stuff on the front lawn. Etc.

So I am betting, there is a matter about having to leave the country in all this.


About four years ago, I was visiting a friend across town, and the very strange construction crew piled out of a van and began doing all kinds of really fast carpentry work. They didn't speak English or Spanish for sure, and we were amazed at how fast they worked. As they were finishing, we realized that the work was about as sloppy as could be and still be almost acceptable if you had really bad vision.

They eventually conveyed that they were all Russian! My friend has to live next to the lousy carpentry now. All very strange.

I have seen so many situations where up is down and in is out. I would not be the least bit surprised if banks gave lousy mortgages to undocumented workers, while denying them to Mexican-American citizens. Hey: NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! NO PAPER TRAIL! NEED TO EVICT? — JUST CALL THE INS! The speculators will always find a way to go lower down. The USans are political veal, babes in the jungle! They only worry about things like gay marriage while the hammer is just about to fall on their stupid heads!


The comments I got on my comment point out the reasons why we have no country. Eliminate common language, culture, or borders, and that defines "No Country."

But as usual, the real point is missed. I refuse to participate in a fraud. IF anyone TRULY believes it will make ANY difference whoever gets elected is living in Wonderland or stoned on Prozac. The fact the ballot was printed in 2 languages just emphasizes this point. Washington DC wants a North American Union, Global currency, and polyglot peasants living on a land mass. I want the Country called "America" I grew up in. If you don't, I at least have the satisfaction of voicing my opinion and laughing at the expected reaction!?! The next time I vote it will likely be with a gun, when they come to take it away from me, which is the direction we're heading in.


these banks are contributing to the hardships of americans,they find any way to keep our money,fees charges,ect... than cry broke to treasure,get more money to stay alive and rob more americans,people could most likely make thier mortgage payments if the banks wasnt taking money for charges of what ever the bank decides to come up with.


is the parasite really the government,rewarding these banks for ripping off americans of thier hard earned money


how many americans agree, the bank is not there to loan money,only to find charges and fees to make themselves money, or bonuses if you may?

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