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ziff house

As might be expected, the clearest view of whats been happening come from outsiders, people inside the system are part of the problem. It will take time to found a new generation of 'eco-economists' or maybe no economists!
Elaine, you are the best. And unlike say, Kunstler, you have good artistic judgement. Your drawings are full of life.


Actually I am one of the few who understands perfectly, Elaine. I'm Zimbabwean after all! This is all just deja vu on a massive scale. The reason our currency and economy tanked was because Mugabe and his Dogs destroyed all our major exports. Simple as that.

I would weep for this place if weren't for all the stupid, cowardly sheeple who inhabit it.

Oh, and nice blog! You have a great knack for making complex concepts easy to understand. Keep it up.


So a crude clay cup was seen as 'refined' "in lieu of fine Chinese porcelain cups that were forbidden. This aesthetic continues in Japan, incidentally. It is actually quite clever and the 'less is better than more' attitude has some use in the modern world! There are so many tangents to wander off topic here...I have to watch my step! "

You are very wrong, it has been part of Confucius methodology of simplicity, You are changing perception. It wasn't only about objects, it was about how you carry yourself, and how you show yourself. You generalization (and incorrect at that) shows lack of depth and knowledge on the topic.

over all i like your blog, but sometimes you say things that just opposite of correct, which is why this is a blog. But still, making this kind of generalizations about things you don't know, don't make you sound very credible.


Do you think China plans to have a silver-backed currency controlled by the Chinese Citizens, or a fiat currency controlled by the bankers?

Yah, that was rhetorical.


"American support for Zionism has clearly been extremely detrimental for the United States of America, yet the support continues, without question. How does this happen?


Israel and the international Zionists control the political parties and news outlets in Europe as well, as the recent death of Austria's Jörg Haider reveals. Oddly, Haider, the leader of Austria's Freedom Party, allowed Peter Sichrovsky, a Jew, to serve as "secretary-general" of his supposedly anti-Zionist party. In 2005, the Times (UK) reported that Sichrovsky, the managing director of the party, had served as a spy for Israel's Mossad for five years. Three years later, after his party won parliamentary elections, Haider was suddenly killed in a very suspicious car accident.

“I wanted to help Israel and certainly did not do anything wrong,” Sichrovsky said. “It’s true, though, that I co-operated with Mossad until my withdrawal from politics in 2002.”

Sichrovsky admitted that he had spied for Mossad, a foreign intelligence agency, because he "wanted to help Israel." At the same time he maintained that he did nothing wrong. This is exactly how many Jews feel about supporting Israel, even when their actions involve breaking the laws of the nations they reside in.

Facing a criminal investigation and charges of spying for a foreign power, Sichrovsky quickly fled to the United States where he began a new career as "a businessman concerned with military co-operation between Israel and China." Sichrovsky's career with Mossad evidently continued after he left Austria."

Blunt Force Trauma

Gollum, like the Chinese, 'will be bank', eh?

Citigroup (C) Won't Make It (MarketWatch)


Goldman sought tie-up talks with Citi (Alphaville)


Blunt Force Trauma

The markets are up (phonily) today as 12 regional banks recieved a hand out of $18 billion in ass-wipe. Anyone want to guess how short this rally will last? Of course this will save what, 1 of them?

Regional banks get over $18 billion (CNN)


Blunt Force Trauma

This is awesome. Benny's shooting blanks, er, going for ZERO. Who does he think he is? Japan?

Bernanke Battles `Big-Time' Economic Erosion With New Rate Cuts (Bloomberg)

'...Fed Chairman Bernanke and his colleagues may eventually have to drive the benchmark overnight rate close to zero to resuscitate the economy. The next installment comes Oct. 29 when, says Gramley, ``the Fed is going to cut rates a half percentage point.''

Full article:



Would it be wrong to infer that "money", regardless of form (paper,metal,etc.), is basically an accepted representation of material goods? And therefore just a means to exchanged those material goods? I suppose that is why I have never understood why going back to the gold standard would solve anything. Sorry if the question seems simplistic but what am I missing here?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

About art and the value of things: People assign values because they must. All cultures INCLUDING JAPANESE used gold-based backgrounds and highlights if they had the gold. When there is no more gold to be used this way, they create a new style that is whatever it must be, that being because there is no gold [or marble, etc].

The Japanese economic decline was very severe under the shoguns. If you look at photos taken by Europeans from 1860-1875, you see horrific poverty even up to the Shogun, himself! It is astonishing and awful.

Pre-black ships Japan is viewed in this romantic haze. But I assure everyone that if you showed up in court in 1750 with a gold cup, the cup would be recognized as very attractive and you might get killed if you didn't hand it over, fast.

And welcome to the Zimbabwean poster here! If you can give us any information, we would dearly love it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Another proof that the Japanese aesthetic for 'simplicity' was due to poverty, look at Japan today: anything but 'simplistic'. The higher artist types still cling to that notion but it is overwhelmed by things such as gold leaf bathtubs, etc.

Anyone looking at downtown Tokyo, they don't say, 'Oh, look at how quiet, simple and plain it is! HAHAHA. Quite the opposite! If you look at anime a lot, you see lots of extremely elaborate costumes, etc. Indeed, if you go back to the Shogun era, what did people go to look at?

Kabuki. Which was very colorful, dense and full of detail! The more, the better. Very loud. Much more so than European art at that time.


Another great article today by Michael Hudson in Counterpunch. Once again covering much of Elaine's discussions (import/export, currencies, Japanese carry trade,etc.). Worth a look.....




Elaine - Thanks for explaining the impact of trade imbalance. It is surprising (sure) that the main stream media never discuss it.

On the financial shows in the MSM, we get a bunch of "it's all about confidence in the markets" as if we can simply wish our problems away. Trade balance must become part of the dialogue.

They also make the economy look very complicated; and it can be complicated, but never bother educating people about the fundamentals like you do routinely.

And, our political candidates never mention trade balance - which should tell us that they are either corrupt or stupid or both.

I don't think any system can remain fair and transparent unless the people understand at least some basic fundamentals. Accountability is also needed and people should understand the need for generally accepted accounting principles.


George_Kenney - Thread

Zionism is simply perpetual war propaganda. I think it is based on lies to control and enslave jews, christians, muslims, etc.

"Israeli-US ties: Shocking truths"

"At an international conference in London dubbed “Terrorism: Alternative global perspectives”, Alan Hart, the author of “Zionism: the Real Enemy of the Jews”, stated, “The United States is supporting Israeli-sponsored terrorism in the Middle East.”

"In his latest book, “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews”, Hart expands on how such a collusion is leading to a clash between civilizations and how it could be prevented. He is a firm believer of the notion that what peacemaking needs above all else is some truth, “about many things but, especially, the difference between Zionist mythology and real history, and, the difference between Judaism and Zionism and thus why it is perfectly possible to be passionately anti-Zionist without being in any way, shape or form anti-Semitic.”



Ron Paul interviewed on Lew Rockwell show yesterday. Good interview about Greenspan and our problems. He also explains some important basics.

Great 9 minute interview:



I think the Asian pursuit of primitivism and simplicity is peripheral in the ethical system of Confucius. It is, however, central to the way of the Tao Te Ching.

The Chinese were not so much more scrupulous about following their own avowed attitudes than we are.

I much prefer primitivism. It will be of much utility in the our new Aquarian retro-industrial age.



It seems to me that the ultra-elite are hoping for primitivism as well (for us) as they implement a radical ultra-capitalism with them owning everything and everyone else barely alive substance farming, receiving $600 checks from the central dole or helping the machines feed their ultra factories.

Essentially a return to the dark ages of neo-feudalism.

This was always the method of the UK empire to keep all manufacturing there and all colonies were just feed commodities to them.

If you study the Civil War, you will see the SOUTH LOVED this and wanted to sell cotton commodities to the UK (grown by their slaves) and use the money to buy whatever they wanted from the UK SUPER EXPORTER.

The North (Benjamin Franklin) realized wealth came from factories and so wanted IMPORT RESTRICTIONS to protect the new US factories.

So the Civil war began to fight over who controlled THE DIRECTION OF TRADE.

The REAL WARS that empires fight are about flows of trade. IRAQ was to STOP the flow of OIL to INCREASE OIL PRICES.

AGHANISTAN was to INCREASE flow of HEROIN cash for speculative off shore investments.

The wars had the added advantage of entertaining the stupefied US public which we were really being INVADED by CHINESE, JAPANESE and GERMAN imports.


Another example of China using cash to lock in energy supply (unlike the US that pays on the spot market): China may lend Russia $25 bln as part of oil deal


" Because we opposed the massive, growing empire of the Soviet Union, we generously rebuilt the industries and banking systems of our top trade rivals. We figured, this would make it harder for the communists to win power."

Communists gained a lot of organization and expertese resisting the Nazis. Then too, after WW II, Europe was smashed up and very poor. Once the Nazis had been removed, it was fertile ground for those communists to come to power.

I think that was the point of things like NATO, and the Marshall Plan. U.S. leaders knew that communists had come to power in Russia because of WW I. (in 1917) Their best efforts hadn't been able to dislodge Lenin once he'd consolidated power. So their moves seem logical in that context. Help Europe rebuild in order to discredit the communist movements, and simultaneously cement them into a military alliance. But the Marshall plan worked a bit too well. The European economies bounced back faster than was probably intended.

" We even allowed the French and British imperialists to continue ruling much of the earth! This was a very foolish foreign policy."

I wouldn't have said so. Certainly the U.S. wanted France to keep Vietnam. But I'd think that was an exception.

Britain pulled out of India right after the war. U.S. didn't bankroll Holland in Indonesia. As far as I know the plan was for U.S. to inherrit those European empires, but in a new, sort of neocolonial way. Let the natives use whatever flag they want, and pick their anthem, and so on. Let them be proud of their independence. Only if they interphere with our economic domination will we send in some marines to do regime change. (That had been the model in Latin America, yes? U.S. was used to it.)



Currency attacks by the West are actually helping the Chinese to increase their foothold on resources that they need to kick start their domestic economy.

Next stop - Australia. Once Australia is down on its knees; China will step in to 'buy' what she needs in knock down prices. Last stop South America once Spain is down.



You are very seldom wrong. I can't even point to one instance. You must be wrong about something.

Meanwhile, whatever...


Does the appearance of an International Barter System indicate the "end of current financial system as we know it".

Thais to barter rice for oil with Iran

Thailand on Monday said it planned to barter rice for oil with Iran in the clearest example to date of how the triple financial, fuel and food crisis is reshaping global trade as countries struggle with high commodity prices and a lack of credit.




The Brits used wood tally sticks as money for a few hundred years.

Wood worked fine.

Rothschild said, "He who has the gold, makes the rules."

Guess who owns most of the gold?

Dutch Rower

IRAQ was to STOP the flow of OIL to INCREASE OIL PRICES.

Sorry GK, you are 100% wrong about that, Iraq was to increase the oil price only, not to stop it. Oil cycles out inflation in the system thats obvious now. War will continue to rage to save this system.


Oil cycles out inflation


Drugs cycles out inflation


Gold and silver must constantly be hammered to remind people who actually wears the BIG PANTS AROUND HERE



Elaine Meinel Supkis

The wood tally sticks were contracts, not coins. But then, look at the old Chinese yuan I posted above: it is real. The money shows the actual building where one can redeem the money for supposedly gold!

Actually, the Koumintang used their own paper dollars to demand gold...FROM THE US!!! HAHAHA. General Stillwell was totally outraged by this and demanded the US government stop the Nationalist Chinese.


Short History Of Money:



The picture posted above is the Gold certificate used after WWII when the KMT government is bankrupt.
They initially had the Yuan but when that is totally demolished, used GC above to demand physical gold from the population.
The GC, needless to say, in the end was not backed by equivalent gold, and they losed the civil war


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Today's monetary system started from barter trading.

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