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Closer we come to the votecasting exercise, the lower in price gasoline becomes. Why it's almost a rerun of the last two exercises.
You could have read more of Lahde's letter. He has an affection for hemp ( useful stuff hemp ) and also appears to find marijuana a less noxious relaxant than alcohol.
Which reminds me that there really are only two islamofascist terralimpwrist organizations:
Al Cohol
Al Gebra
Expect Poland to go bankrupt, at which time the USSR will "assist" them financially and take those anti-missle bases as Al Collateral.
Had to drive Interstate 80 and PA rt 6 the last several days. Truck traffic down, gas prices below $2.80 in the more republican leaning parts of the trip. Saw several Hummers for sale; one hummer being driven.
Have not seen a new factory being built in many years, some new forest cutting operations, one sawmill being updated on this trip. On one section of the run, saw many flagstone operations, tons of flagstone setting in crates. Must be for all the new single home construction that is not being done.
You point out that economics reporters are stupid, I would point out that they all have nice legs, good hair, serious cleavage and pretty makeup --- really what more does one need to convey sincerity and deep shallowness to any audience that watches TV. Cramer the Shakespearian is much more fun.
Pointing out that economics reporters are clueless is not an optimal use of ones time.


Ron Paul is not a racist, and Austrian economists dont want to live in slavery times. Your analysis is totally wrong. Ron Paul does not look at people in groups. He looks at them as individuals protected under the Rule of Law, that we no longer follow. Austrian economists beleive in Sound money,rule of law,tiny government. You harp about Libra all the time. On the US treasurie's seal, is the scales. Represtenting honest weights and measures. However, the US treasury prints fake paper notes, and the scales are laughed at. Sound money is THE ANSWER TO OUR PROBLEM GLOBALLY. Fiat money and credit creation is the problem. Not FREE-TRADE. Our trade is unbalanced because we expolit the entire Earth for fake paper notes of 0 value. Since Reagan and Thatcher, we have had a massive increase in the division of labor on a global scale, by exporting our jobs for imports from abroad. This has artificially held down inflation in the US. Now, as we dont have that safety net anymore. Inflation is going to hit us much much faster. Ron Paul is the ONLY man in Congress with Integrity,honesty,and a clear idea of how things work, and should work. Dont be a hater, embrace Ron Paul and austrian economics.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Sorry, Ralph, but Ron Paul comes from one corner of the south I actually lived in during Jim Crow: southern Texas.

I know my territory very well. I know how Paul thinks, too. He is very much like my parents are and my parents were racists, deep inside. They would try hard to hide it.

Tell me, how many blacks work in Ron's offices in DC? Remember, DC is filled with many blacks. I didn't see any there when I visited last. In the offices of black politicians, I saw white workers, incidentally.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And faking reality is useless. We can live in the state of denial but I won't move in there because it is nasty and doomed to failure!

The GOP could denounce racism and tell white voters that black leaders are patriotic and good but they will not. The GOP allowed Bush to use his mistress, Condi and his servant, Powell, as token State Department heads but note that both wielded virtually no power and the world recognizes this.

They were tokens. Powell supports Obama now and so he is seldom in the news and no GOP person talks about him anymore.

The GOP's 'southern strategy' was pure racism and this is STILL their strategy. They want to tap into white anger about blacks, Hispanics, Asians, you name it. This, in turn, is used to attack workers in these ethnic groups, not stop the wild destruction of our industrial base by moving all our factories to countries populated by Hispanics, blacks and Asians!

Ron Paul will NOT and NEVER HAS talked about this. He won't confront his own followers who are white, to examine this terrible mess. This is because he is a racist and has superiority feelings he can barely suppress himself.

So again, why are we moving all our industries to the very same places where people the white racists hate? Eh? HAHAHA. Anyone white who can figure this riddle out will suddenly become much more powerful. And this is why denial is important.

Secretly, and no one can fool me on this, secretly, many many whites voting for right wingers hope to have SUPERVISORY positions just like the British rulers of Asia and Africa had. To sit in a hammock all day, sipping drinks while the slaves toil away in the hot sun.

I grew up and actually saw white men on horses in Texas idling away their days, watching guys in CHAINS working alongside highways! And 90% of the guys in chains were dark skinned. This is why I worked hard for Civil Rights!

I hate that world. With a passion.


I look for a new government parallel banking system very soon that bypasses the FED and loans money directly to businesses who need and will use the money for the commonweal.

Giving money to the FED is to prolong the agony.

BTW we can buy back the FED any time for $400 millions. At the stroke of a pen.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The private bankers won't sell it to us. In this regard, Ron Paul is 100% correct.

And dear readers, no one on earth is 100% correct all the time. This is for the gods and goddesses to imagine and myths tell us that they all make lots and lots of mistakes.

For example, the all-wise Jehovah just couldn't help but plant that darn tree and then tell everyone to not touch the apples [these were reserved for Pegasus, incidentally].

So the Snake person [Female, of course, sort of like Medusa who is the mother of Pegasus] told Eve to eat.

See? No one is perfect, not even remotely. Except perhaps the death gods. We don't need to explain why.


Valid... quite valid argument Elaine. The disdain on a racial (superficial) level exists across the chessboard too. That thought has no bearing, in progress though... Whatever that is supposed to constitute. Most particularly, the outright antagonistic opposition in this 'age of anything goes society'(see McCain robocalls) will continue to cripple all attempts from the left or the right (for that matter) to progress rationally. Neither philosophical viewpoints nor accompaning legistlative actions will EVER make one step forward in progress. Instinctively, yes race is superficially in play, but man's basic MISERY is the root of all evil that is displaced at kitchen tables, work environments, and the sociopolitical arena, etc. EACH minute is pandoras box.


Hold on Elaine:
You talk about love and civil debate, then you paint while sections of our country with a brush dipped in ugly paint.
Based on your interactions as a child?
Respectfully, Elaine, this kind of posting is divisive and can lower the debate to the same kind of typecasting and classifying of people that I'm sure you abhore.

Ron Paul isn't "from" Texas. He grew up in rural Pennsylvania. His family were farmers.

Your frustration (which we all share), can overwhelm your contemplative side, causing you to shortcut your thoughts and use 'mental mapping'; clicking on desktop icons to make point so that you can move on.

I don't think that Ron Paul any more racist than the average white American. Probably less.

You would do better I think, forming an opinion of Ron Paul, not by his race or what part of the country he serves in the House, but by thinking about the fact that he sees our Government through the eyes of a physician, not a lawyer.


pls visit the site........anilselarkadotwordpressdotcom.......it offers great insights and a possible soln to the financial mess.


pls visit the site........anilselarkadotwordpressdotcom.......it offers great insights and a possible soln to the financial mess.


Elaine, I must take exception to your unfair remarks about Dr. Ron Paul. You have taught me a great deal about global economics and you have earned credibility as an expert.

I would like to return that favor by sharing some truths about Ron Paul. I am not just a casual Ron Paul supporter. I have attended a number of his rallies, workshops and fund raisers. I've read his books and speeches and have closely followed his ideas, policies and strategies. I have had several personal conversations with him and feel that I know at least some of the man.

First, he is not a racist. This is a red herring that has been used by his detractors. And, you are wrong in saying that he "comes from one corner of the south I actually lived in during Jim Crow: southern Texas." He grew up here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and went to the University of Pittsburgh where he received his medical degree. I request that you divulge a source or reference that paints him as a racist.

Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalists. He has stated over and over again that freedom and liberty apply to all, regardless of race, religion of gender. He believes that freedom, on both a personal and civic level, is the moral glue that holds us together as Americans.

Second, he is not as you say, "deeply infected with this sort of childish romanticism." If Ron Paul has a fault, it may be his pragmatic approach that is rooted in reality rather than idealism. Ron Paul simply has no romantic illusions of who he is and where he is going with a "Dr Spock" style coolness.

Third, you claim that "He even found himself at the head of this small revolution and shied away from his own followers to cling to the GOP and its nutty right wing racist core."

I can tell you for certain that Ron Paul was very surprised that his message was beginning to take traction. Everything he was saying, he had been saying for many years with little notice.

He has not shied away from his followers and in fact, I think his move is growing. His decision to stay with the Republican party was based on the pragmatic reality that he can accomplish more as a GOP congressman, serving on the house finance committee, than as a third party candidate for the presidency.

Perhaps the best way to judge the man is through his deeds and here, he has a stellar track record. He has had the courage to stab at the very heart of the tyrannical beast that we face - the Federal Reserve Bank.


HR2755: Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act

June, 2007 Ron Paul introduced HR2755 in congress to effectively abolish the Federal Reserve System. It has never been brought to the floor for a vote and sits in committee. Hopefully, interest in this bill will grow as people discover the truth.

H.R. 2756: Honest Money Act

The Honest Money Act sits in committee.


H.R. 4683: Free Competition in Currency Act of 2007

This bill would allow "competitive currencies" to be issued that are back by gold and silver. The result would be that no one in their right mind would want fiat currency when a an alternative is provided. The bill sits in committee.

Note that all three of these bills sit in committee. We should all be writing our congressional representatives urging them to support these bills. And we should be telling our friends and relatives to do the same.

Elaine, I hope you reconsider your opinion of Ron Paul. He is a true statesman and one of the few in government with the courage and competence to bring the changes that are truly needed.


Yesterday Ron Paul was on the Alex Jones show. Everyone interested in the global economic crisis should listen to this interview.

Part 1, 7 minutes:

Part 2, 7 minutes:

Last night on 20/20, John Stoessel did an excellent piece on government:



Ron Paul on Race and freedom:


It's very moving...


I would like to file a digital complaint as an injured emotionally abused member of the Pot Smoking Surfers Anti-Defamation League.
Due to being on the receiving end of way-too-many jokes about spaced-out surfing dudes, our lives are in great jeopardy.
It takes immense mental concentration to remain erect on a surfboard while riding the wild surf, and even more attention to detail in not attempting to breath under water (while stoned out of gourds) after falling off (wipeout).
The distraction of mentally defending ourselves against scurrilous and sarcastic criticism is a major disruption to our amphibian lifestyle, to say the least.

Impatient Patriot

Elane with the note of comments by Buffet I would like to see you examine his origin and philosophy of finance.
As reading about the 50 year plan of the Chinese I wonder where you think WB fits in to this.
I need to go back to a book I have on him and review a bit. But the basis for the enormous wealth he developed by the basis of BRKA is the failure point at which the world stands today. I had always come away from that read as not particularly enamored with his patriotic motivations. Perhaps protection of family(USA) is Omnipotent
As always more reading to do. And that brings my thoughts to the fleece manufacture for the other side of moral High ground.(more digging on that one)

Impatient Patriot

Malden Mills
Ahh a good story with a bad ending. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polartec

ziff house

Unified global currency? I wonder what the Chinese would think about that.


During the Civil War, the Northern interests wanted trade barriers to protect against predatory cheap British imports.

The Southern interests wanted FREE TRADE so they could get cheap British imports in and SELL COMMODITIES like Cotton grown with SLAVE labor.

The north won and British cheap imports were restricted and our industries grew to be the strongest in the world.

That and the fact that Europe blew itself up a couple of times. Or rather the British financial interest kept on destroying Germany's industrial capacity.


So I did a bit more websurfing today, it would appear that Met Life is in danger from the "derivatives Beast", I expect to hear about several more TOOOOOO big to fail insurance companies falling, real soon now.
Ah the wonders of government, folks appear to be losing faith in paper backed by politician's promises. That is ok because the the guns and badges will be used to replenish the wealth. That is all government is afterall a bunch of morons with guns taking what they can from sheeple.
But hey did you catch all the new TV shows fellating the state and its agents yet again.



Read your blog often.

However, the captioned picture and the rest of this post is garbage.

You are better than this divisive nonsense tripe that you spewed in this post.

Please get back to serious thought and dont inject your subjective politics into your posts,...it diminishes your intellect and insults readers.

Felicitous Frankie

Elaine, you really hurt yourself with this piece. I recommend that you contemplate what you have said and make necessary amends.


Ron Paul is no more a racist than any other of on this old rock, which flies through the heavens at umpteen thousand miles per hour, from where and to, none of knows, given the vantage point we are provided with. We all have filters. These are a result of being of the human condition. We are thrust into this world, and we make sense of this life while we get through it. Ron Paul is a leader precisely because he has touched a chord of honesty, integrity. Ron Paul believes in human potential and self-determination, regardless of color, race or creed. More importantly, Ron Paul has had the tremendous courage to affront tyranny against overwhelming odds, as well as resistance.

All of us, and none of us are racists


Elaine, looks like you're about to lose a whole 'nother round of readers. I've lurked here long enough to see at least two major waves come and go.

Don't ever change. They'll either tolerate it or go somewhere else to preach their religion.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I hate to say things that annoy people except these things have to be said.

First: NO 'revolution' will EVER work unless it appeals to blacks. This is because they are the ultimate outsiders. The Ron Paul revolution is too reactionary for black people who are clawing their way upwards, not fighting a downdraft.

Recognizing this is important. Hillary Clinton did a lot of 'dog whistling' appealing to racist when she was running against Obama. That was utterly despicable.

McCain and his running mate are doing outright racism.

Ron Paul COULD reach across to the black community. But telling them they don't need social security isn't going to work, is it? Nor should it.

Telling them to make do for medical care ain't going to float, either, for obvious reasons. If he doesn't understand why, he can reach out to the Black Caucus and learn some things. Indeed, I would happily introduce him to them, I know the Black Caucus well.

Dear readers: it is not hard to reach out to others. Just as we must reach out to Muslims or honor the Chinese, or treat our European allies as adults, so it is with each other: we have to cease this stupid 'white superiority' stuff.

Just like the recent parade of 'Ohhh...Joe the Plumber!' was all about a racist right wing male who belonged to a very right wing fringe organization similar to the right wing racist Alaskan party Palin belongs to.

Ron Paul has a very poor record when it comes to matters that are important to blacks and he seems to not care much about this. He can fix this easily.

I look forward to him asking the Brooklyn Congressmen to invite him to speak in downtown Brooklyn in Bed-Stuy and take questions. I can arrange this for him, if he can't do it on his own.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

One other thing, people who say, 'We all are the same' are not being totally truthful.

A real story: I lived in the South. When schools were finally, after 100+ years, integrated, we had black students in the classroom.

A history teacher of mine announced, 'I am not even slightly racist. I never notice skin color.'

So I decided to put him to a test. I told the only black kid in our class to exchange seats with me. The minute the teacher walked into the room, he yelled, 'What are you doing out of your seat?' to the black kid, not to me.

I laughed and said, 'You are not exactly color blind, are you?'

This began a power struggle where I had to repeatedly show him that he was very much aware of skin color.

This was back in 1963. Things are no different today. This is why we have to have rules concerning the civil rights of blacks. They can't simply 'go color blind' since no one around them is color blind. Recognizing this harsh fact is the first step towards understanding why blacks do NOT want a minimalist state that won't protect them.

Getting right wingers and Ron Paul is a right winger, to understand this is hellishly hard. We can try. To understand how black communities suffer when medical care for them is delivered differently from white patients, for example, is very important.

I have known very successful black businessmen who can't hail a cab or who are stopped by the cops all the time. Etc, etc. So we have to be honest about all this.

An unfortunate number of McCain's supporters are very much in his corner because he is NOT a 'black' or a 'n....ger lover', etc.

This is just like people who blame Jews for the messes being created today when the hyper-mess makers are born again Christians. Even AIPAC would make slow slog of things if it weren't for the enthusiastic support of these far-right wing nuts in the Christian community.

Incidentally, Ron Paul courts them a great deal. This is another matter that has to be hashed out. Does he also believe in this horrid 'end of times' garbage?

Try asking him about that! Again: everyone is a MIXED BAG. Pretending they are perfect and flawless is dumb. I am not flawless at all.


Open discourse brings out both wisdom and folly. It is up to the reader to make the ultimate decision as to its validity. Ms. Supkis has done an exceptional job in arguing her points and articulating her thoughts and opinions. You may not agree with what is written, but simply attacking the author rather than the argument leads only to wars in Afganistan/Iraq, trillion dollar bailouts, etc. A couple of these comments remind me too much of radical right wing talk show radio.

Regardless, I enjoy reading Ms. Supkis' blog and deeply respect if not always agree with her commentary.

I don't know Ron Paul personally nor care to. I simply disagree with many of his political and economic policies. His religious devotion to free capitalism is silly and naive. Pure capitalism or socialism exist only in the perturbed dreams of the fanatics. Pragmatism requires understanding the faults of man and creating a society which harness the strengths and tames the excesses.

As Kevin Phillips has said on the Moyer journal, "bad capitalism drives out good capitalism . . . because you have to compete with sleaze. Get a little more sleaze in your own operations."


"The saying goes, 'Love your friends, and hate your enemies', but I'm telling you, love your enemies, too. Take the high road with people who put you down, respond to people who hate you with acts of good intentions toward them, and pray for the people that take advantage of you and screw you out of your money. We all share the same air and water, and we all begin the countdown to death the moment we are born. If we talk only to our friends, and we only share love with people who love us back, then how can we hope to see the world change for the better?"

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Kartius. I don't mind arguing with people. But we all have to listen to each other and look beyond what we expect.

I am very sensitive to racist stuff simply because I grew up deep inside of this system...as a person who had all the privileges. This was quite a burden and even often very annoying since this meant people would assume things that were not possibly true.

For example, I could lie about a black man 'touching' me and get him killed. But I was raped by a WHITE man who was a very high ranked male in the community!

Perhaps this is what opened my eyes. He was higher rank than me, a girl.

About Ron Paul: his revolution ffffipted out due to his inability to give a hard-hitting speech which talked about the Civil War and why the South lost. Heh. I would listen to that. And he and McCain must denounce the flying of the Confederate flag.

OUCH. HAHAHA. That will be the day....


A quickie look at history: shallow, soulless damn monkeys, learnt: how to read; the power of hoarding gold; how to ridicule any difference with a preference for beating each other rather than social grooming; and that their promiscuous sex was impure.

From questionnaire at http://tinyurl.com/6ff377
“The sex lives of our prehistoric ancestors were likely similar to the -

- Monogamous penguins
- Promiscuous, no-commitment bonobo chimpanzees
- Polygamist, harem-loving gorillas

The answer is: Promiscuous, no-commitment bonobo chimpanzees “

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Don't forget the apples that snakes asked us to eat so we could be like the gods....[um, not a good role model, by the way].

Dutch Democrat

Elaine, it appears you are the racist, and anti-CHRISTian! Beam me up! I yield back all the revisionist history!


Elaine, You have Ron Paul all wrong. He said on CNN, that he supports letting evryone go out of jail, that has committed non-violent drug offenses. Guess how many blacks that is? He despises the FED that creates funny money and dumps all the inflation on the poor. Guess who suffers the most from inflation. Low income people, many of whom are black. Ron Pauls policies support blacks. And they will join this revolution once they realize their messiah Obama is a total fraud. Democrats ravage the poor and middle class as much as Republicans. Your blog rules. I dont care what you say about Ron Paul. You are the best. I love you!!!


I think the term racist has become an almost orwellian hate crime word used to silence dissent. Racism is to discriminate by race. It can take the form of ideas speech or action. Discrimination exists about all form of things not just race. Gender sexual preference, economic status, religious preference. We have our little hate words for gender discrimination (sexism) and sexual preference (homophobism) not yet for economic status so we get to call poor people, white trash! nice!. In todays western society we are no longer able to discuss topics that touch on race such as imigration or the way in which certain minority groups control parts of a culture that they stay aloof to. Racism, a word that alienates people, from their group manages to stifle any real debate in western society about topics such as national identity or imigration. Of course the position taken by the cultural marxists who invented the word is itself racially discrimatory ie racist. To a cultural marxist it is wrong for a white person to make a racist remark against a black person because white people have oppressed black people for how many hundreds of years. This a discriminatory (critical) remark about white people. Similary the same logic exists about sexism. Why is it wrong for men to make remarks about women because men have oppressed women. Elaine loves to criticise the british and the americans but always pulls away from outrightly condemming jewish people for their obvious role in todays financial cricis or the japanese. She wants to protect them. Its ok for the japanese to literally fuck us because they're doing what people naturally do. The british on the other hand are the evil empire because they taxed the americans lots of money blub blub.

Lets just forget about the final solution against the American Indians. Or the vicious conquests of India and much of Europe by the muslims. And lets forget the Africans themselves have been responsible for enslaving their own people and selling them for thousands of years mainly to muslims!!!!!!!! and still do. Not only their own people but enslaving whole towns on the coasts of Ireland, Britain and France. And lets forget the oppressive cast system of hindu india.


I think your view of different races is based on romanticised version of the noble savage which is of it self racist. I think ethic groups are pretty much as bad as each other including the english. I don't think any group of people be they an ethnic group, political group, gender or socio economic group should ever be free from criticism or scrutiny. Ethic groups especially because they can act outside of the national interest.

I'm sorry if I was a bit strong in the last post but theres a tendency of countries like India and constitutional Americans to use the idea of the 'evil' oppressive British as a way to build a nationalistic identity and its pissing me off. effing hypocrites.


I am entering into this post late, as am 12 hours behind you guys. But if I may be allowed to moderate the discussion on Ron Paul, I would like to try.

Some years ago in my revolutionary past, I had a very similar problem with friends, family and government, this for all out supporting rebel military officers in their quest to reform the Armed Forces and the political system in the country. The problem existed because of perception mostly. But inspite of all the "noise", I was able to develop consensus by bringing the "sincere" parties together and having a very elevated and on many points "spirited" dialogue.

DrKrbyLuv, Elaine: May I make a suggestion? DrKrbyLuv, you have access to Dr. Paul, if Elaine is willing, would you be willing to arrange for Elaine to interview the good Congressman, unscripted and no holds barred, on the very issues and more that have surfaced in today's post?

The subject interview could be posted on this blog and many others. It would be interesting to read and learn from two people, one who has been made invisible, and the other whom they are trying their utmost to make invisible.

Better to speak on these issues from a first person viewpoint. It would be thoroughly educational. In fact, this would be a good idea for people like Cynthia McKinney, Naomi Wolf, Ellen Brown, Catherine Austin Fitts, to name just a few, to do a blog interview circuit. Instead of wasting their time with mainstream media. Or at least give equal time to a blog circuit. Just my 2 cents worth. But please DO consider this...


igneous, you forgot the Vikings who enslaved, raped and pillaged the Anglo-Saxons. It's understandable why all people have a degree of "racism", everyone remembers when they were on the receiving end, and conveniently forget when they were happily inflicting pain and misery. There's enough to go around, brother.

A lot of the enmity thrown at the British is in my view due to envy. The fact that such a small number of pirates could defeat and subjugate so many. The other Empires had the numbers, but lacked the creative imagination that allowed their small band to adapt and overcome the numerical superiority. (This proves that To Big To Fail is absolute BULLSHIT). And having to respect their success, even if grudgingly, only adds to the hate. Plus of course, it doesn't help that a bunch of pirates masquerading as royalty could bring down imperial thrones that went back thousands of years, cannot have helped. The Chinese word for the British was "Gwailoh" - foreign devil, an extremely racist and beneath contempt label.

But whats to admire really? In the scheme of things the British Empire lasted all of a hundred years before declining, and the offspring of this empire, have held court for a bit over 50 years before royally screwing themselves.

The Empires that were destroyed by these upstarts are returning with a vengeance in less than two Centuries. One thing history has taught us is it takes time to develop wisdom and a high EQ. Without both, it's easy come, easy go...


Excellent summary of the bail out fraud:



carli wrote : "igneous, you forgot the Vikings who enslaved, raped and pillaged the Anglo-Saxons"...

Hahaha. 'Let he who is without sin throw the first stone'. Is there anyone left anywhere who is without sin ? Prior to the Vikings and the Norman Conquest, the Anglo-Saxons enslaved, raped and pillaged the so-called Romano-Celtic British. The Romans had previously enslaved, raped and pillaged the Celtic-British. History is a karmic nightmare from which we really ought to try and wake up.

Don Parker

I think it is time for "We the People" to enlist our military to take back our country from our so called "representatives". Maybe someone will take us seriously if they knew they had the backing of the public. Without the military we don't have a gnat's chance to save ourselves. The system is broken. It can not be repaired by the people who have broken it. As the Declaration of Independence very clearly states: "it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security."

I am not advocating for violence here. Just the power that rightly belongs to "The People".

Here is the link to make the request:


And here is the request that I sent:

Dear military leaders,

Our elected representatives are no longer representing "We the People". They are and have been for a very long time in bed with the very people they are supposed to be protecting us from. It is time to get back to our original Constitution.

I am only one old man who has no power and no authority. Our voting does no good.

I want my America back.

What are you going to do about it??????

Don Parker


CL that sounds like a plan! And yes what goes around comes around, in SPADES! Right on brother.

However, there is a world of difference between "ought to" and actually "doing it". There lies the difference between religiosity and spirituality. One maintains the status quo, the other transcends.

I have since long taken the red pill and have been acting on my escape. My best wishes on your finding yours.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

There is a large group of people who get all the advantages of society, skin color, religious bigotry, etc who think we should eliminate or shrink SOCIALISM in the US and this would 'free' everyone to strive upwards.

This fantasy is based on ignoring all the hidden or silent privileges which eases the road upwards for people of the right skin color, born into the right families, etc.

Bush and McCain are the embodiment of this! Both were utter failures as youths. Both were frankly, drunkards. Both were helped by daddy and granddaddy to get into the very best schools or to pass tests in the military despite being utter failures due to high drinking and wild sex.

Both got promoted upwards despite obvious incapacities. Both were forgiven driving things into bankruptcy or crashing cars, jets, sinking boats, whatever.

This is the very essence of a life of privilege! These sorts of people have no use for socialism since they have FEUDALISM.

Ron Paul lives in a world where he thinks this doesn't exist. He believes that if we have no real support system, everyone will take care of the weak via religious organizations.

This takes me back to an important theme:nothing drives a nation into poverty faster than to have its social systems run by religious nuts. First of all, they only take care of their own believers. Secondly, they always end up looting the poor, not helping them.

Whether in Japan or India, the US or Italy, from the top of the planet to the bottom of this earth, all religions, no matter how pro-help the poor they are in the beginning, end up as systems for exploiting and oppressing the poor and harrying and harassing other religious minorities.

Tithing, for example, in ancient Christianity, was used to care for the poor. It ended up as a 10% tax ON the poor! The tithing barns of Europe were often the biggest buildings aside from the cathedrals in Europe. Virtually NONE of this food ever went to the poor peasants who struggled to fill these vast barns.

It was all appropriated by the chivalry and the Church. The US right now has a semi-socialist system which is being systematically looted by the rich. The SS tax is being hijacked to fund US budget deficits which sprang up when the rich demanded and got tax cuts.

The rich don't want to pay for socialism for the working classes. And so they encourage anti-socialist thought and rhetoric just like they kill unionization by demonizing it.

Racism is used to pry us all apart so the lowest working classes of whites....and LET'S FACE REALITY, MUCH OF THIS ELECTION TALKED NEARLY EXCLUSIVELY ABOUT WHITE WORKERS, NOT WORKERS!....much of this talk was designed to set whites up as victims and blacks as elites.

This cruel, stupid and annoying national conversation is running along the same tracks as the 'why have any laws or systems protecting minorities' is running along. We have to debate the issue of socialism because countries that are at least 50% socialist always beat countries that are 100% free trade/free labor that can't organize.

In unity is strength and the unity that supports socialism is far stronger than the unity that drives the powerful and wealthy to dominate society. Ronald Reagan belonged to a union that enabled him and his friends to survive the Great Depression. He, in turn, killed the ability of unions to strike and did this because he was paid by the wealthy to do this crime.

Since then, workers wages have fallen further and further behind inflation. This, in turn, is killing white workers. Who are very unhappy and don't understand that their real opponents are the rich who are rapidly replacing white workers with Chinese workers overseas or Mexican workers, or whoever.

Frankly, the rich don't give a hoot what color their servants and slaves are. They want cheap, controllable humans to use as tools!

But the white workers in the US are encouraged to think that super elites like McCain and Bush are 'one of them' while people who grew up poor like Clinton and Obama, are 'elites' because they support some mild form of socialism that is shared with people who are dark skinned or other religions.

Let's face the truth here: there is a lot of fear and it is misdirected deliberately. And at the root is this battle over who gets the wealth of society: workers or the real elites.


I have submitted my "question" to defenselink (including my email address). I hope I get rewarded with something more than junkmail porn :)


Don Parker, I have been down that road. Spent 6 years of my life fighting for change, it's a rough ride and not one for the feint of heart. We got bombed by US F-4's at one point thanks to a nitwit named Quayle.

You need to find a capable, sincere and charismatic military leader, one who has actual field experience, and whom the men trust and look up to. Find this man, if he exists and sound him out. An online campaign will be of no consequence, you may end up being led to a dead end, or worse, handled by an intel cut out. If you personally know military personnel of middle rank, whom you can trust, and who have served in Nam, Afghanistan or Iraq, talk to them and sound them off. Someone in the Judge Advocate Generals Office would be good to get a good read on the legalities. Do your homework.

One more thing, I am not one who believes in coincidence, specially not with regard to thoughts. Just by your having these thoughts, there is a very good chance there already is movement in your Armed Forces. You are picking up on the collective thoughts of like minded people. So maybe what you should do is move in that direction.

Should you decide to pursue your idea, make sure you do your homework, do your background checks thoroughly, and pay attention to the legal. You will need it.


Election Humor from the two hams to liven your Sunday

Obama Roasts McCain

McCain Roasts Obama

PK Scott

Hi Elaine,

Hmm, you may be right about Ron Paul, but Austrian Economics (at least as I understand them) aren't inherently racist.

I too grew up in Texas and saw the Civil Rights movement through the lense of a parent teaching in the public schools when they were desegregated.

I was taught TOLERANCE not BIGOTRY and to judge people on their character and actions, not their skin color. I raised my daughter to be color blind and told her from the crib to learn to get along with ALL types of people because the day was clearly coming when white would not be the dominate color of our society. In my view we are all headed to cafe au lait.

At present I live in Deep East Texas and there are rabid racist here for sure. They are pretty much the inbred and the illiterate. I'm sure that there are some who are secret racists, but there are more people who are apalled by racism than you would think, for the simple reason that, like myself, we are tarred with the same brush, as we too are Southerners.

I've encountered it before, Northerners who think EVERYONE born south of the Mason-Dixon line is a racist and I catagorically refute that.

I don't want to be anyones master or overseer, and I would LOVE to live in a world of social equality and tolerance for all.

I view a lot of what we are witnessing now as CLASS warfare and the perpatrators find it convenient to pit those struggling for scraps against each other.

The racist overtones of this election are SO BLATANT that you have to be blind to ignore it.

Obama may not be god on a stick but at least he has some intelligence and class. Maybe he can inspire us. We sure as hell are going to need it.


This race obsession is really boring. Elaine, I am disappointed that you see the world in terms of race.

Your bizarre attack on Ron Paul is offensive. If you have a point, make it, but don't run down his character with your racist rant.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is very strange. Last month, the people who embraced me when I came to Congress were NOT the Ron Paul people or anyone but the Black Caucus!

This is because long, long, long ago, before there was more than 3 black Representatives, I went out on the limb to help blacks get elected to Congress. This is because I firmly believed in 'representation'.

And diversity. The truth of all this is very simple: Black people recognize the need for some socialism. WHY IS THAT?

Welllll....during slavery and Jim Crow, even very smart, very hard working blacks got virtually nothing! I knew elderly black people whose parents were slaves, who were very smart and were not allowed to attend ANY colleges except for Howard University, back before WWII. I had black girlfriends who were 100 years old back in 1970 who were born right after the Civil War.

My godmother was born BEFORE the Civil War. And the pains of that war still rend America. We MUST talk about it! It is hyper-important.

The GOP has been hijacked by rebels who want to bust up America. Palin is very popular where ever she goes in the South due to this fact: she wants to bust up the United States!

If this isn't an issue, what is? Why did that faux southerner/Phoenix Arizona dude who my family knows personally, why did McCain select a woman who campaigned to destroy the United States and have Alaska succeed from the Union, why on earth did he choose that bitch?

She is utterly unpatriotic, she is an open TRAITOR! Yet he selected her so she would appeal to voters in the South and dissatisfied whites who hate the idea of the government sheltering or helping 'those people'.

So we must, perforce, talk about all this no matter how painful it might be! Why would he still have a 45% support rating while running with a right wing, End of Times, racist woman who wants to bust up the United States? Eh?

Gads. This is too painful.


EMS, I think you made a very salient point about SS. I've noticed recently the "right-wing" of the MSM is talking about how we simply "cannot afford SS anymore."

Will they refund all the money I've paid into the system, if they finally do succeed in bankrupting it? I've so fed up with everything at this point that I wish I could turn Amish. I'd simply love to extricate myself from society and live blissfully unaware. Sweet serenity.
Unfortunately, the need to pay bills keeps me plugged into this whole mess.

I agree with your solution to the looting of our country. In the old days they hung horse thieves. A return to that kind of justice would save this country trillions. Where's Wyatt Earp?

End timers aren't all bad. Some people are just corny by nature. Their religious beliefs don't change that. Palin is not the Antichrist. But should the sincere Christians sincerely believe she can help this country, they are sincerely wrong. She's will tow the line or die, like the rest of them. It's that simple.

All this gloom and doom is beginning to get to me. I'm naturally interested in world events, but I'm thinking of cutting myself off and isolating. I'll still watch football and check the headlines, but not much more. I've sure enjoyed reading your blog. It's addictive and I might not be able to stay away.

I have the idea for a book. A book which details my answers. It might be a cathartic exercise and nothing more, but I feel a need to do SOMETHING. If only the world was the way I wanted it. I think you and I could be neighbors. I think we could be anyway. Just keep your cat out of my yard.


To understand Palin, one must study German Mysticism. For Obama, Egyptian Mysticism.

You are only voting for which TYPE of occult leadership you want.




Marx, the founder of communism, postulated a model for state control of all economic production [4]. His ideas, interpreted and carried forward by V.I. Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse-tung, were an attempt to achieve the utopian atheist political and economic regime. The results of this experiment in paradise-building; over 100 million dead, millions more imprisoned, vast regions depopulated, and suffering such as the world has never before seen [for a statistical analysis of government sponsored mass murder, see R.J. Rummel, Death By Government, Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917, and China's Bloody Century: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900.)

Ever since humanity was ushered out of the Garden of Eden for rebellion against God (Genesis 3), we have been constantly scheming and working to wards unifying Man with some system of Paradise. From the mystical doctrines of the Egyptian mystery religions to the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union, from Plato’s Republic and council of wise men to the dreams and aspirations of a globally enhanced United Nations – mankind has sought to create the “perfect utopian” society shaped in Man’s image.

The New Age Movement fits in nicely with this concept, envisioning a spiritually evolved humanity coupled with a complete global social, political, and economic system [3]. It’s a world where cosmic forces are at work shaping individuals, cultures, and entire nations. It’s a world where “old norms” are torn down, and where newness is embraced – and yet, in this remaking of the world, ancient powers, symbols, and mythologies are drawn upon in this quest to re-forge civilization.

White Tiger

If I might digress from the Ron Paul debate, I'd like to ask a question of the very astute participants on this board.
I'm just a regular person trying to learn and understand what is happening in all this economic crisis mess. I don't know much about economics. What I know is what I have been able to piece together myself so I am ignorant for the most part in this area. So please forgive my ignorance and help me understand something.
Is the FED, and all the private individuals who own it, as well as the US government actually broke? And the money they keep asking for the Treasury to print more of, is this their way of saying "Hey I know we just lost all our money and all this fiat is just bullshit stinking up the place, but why don't you print us some more money so we can all just keep playing this game?"
And if this is the case what would happen if the gov't said no and would not let anymore money be printed.
Thanks in advance for your time and tolerance of an ignorant newbie.

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