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Elaine, you are a genius.



Revised Bretton Woods possibility...

These central bankers remind me of casino dealers ganging up to rig games...


Ummmm.........what GK said.


"...we've been living in a world that is standing on its head; a topsy turvy world turned upside down. The forces of gravity pull equally hard on all Earthly structures and economic structures are no different. In the domain of today's digitized wealth, it's become all too easy to forget that the basis for all monetary and financial systems is TRUST , not financial ingenuity and computer programming skill. As in any relationship, trust - once lost - is not easily regained ."



CL I'd suspect the upside down derivative pyramid is a paradox unfolding and no accident but inevitable as banks break every rule to keep debt expanding for their profits survival and continue to do so crushing the now by comparison tiny economy below. Good visual way to see it.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

All con artists say, 'Trust me...'


Elaine, it’s unclear that you intended to include Australia as Iceland in the high flyers club due to the Japanese carry trade financial shenanigans.

I believe this is would be an incorrect cause of currency collapse in countries whose primary economic output is commodities. Austrailia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and the like are simply being fled by currency traders due to anticipated commodity market collapse.

Typically, I might add.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Australia was used in a back door way to be a pirate cove-carry trade tool. Like all the others, it is ISOLATED and the biggest island on earth with a LOW POPULATION LEVEL. Compared to Haiti, Japan, etc. Very dense populated islands can't do that.

Japan is the beating heart of this system. It is now finished because the US and EU are now joining Japan in the 0% interest rate club.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The world stock markets are now shooting through the roof on anticipation of a FLOOD of buy ups and buy outs funded by the infinite money flowing from the Magical Flying Piggy Bank. I guess this is a better image than a helicopter.

For it is a BROKEN BANK. And is hemorrhaging money, not creating real wealth. It is part of the broken walls in the Cave of Wealth and Death.

And the wall between wealth and death is down. Big time. But everyone gets one more inflation party balloon. Whoopee. This doesn't fix anything, of course. They don't want anything fixed, not yet.


The story about Israel being involved in the financial debacle has a lot of oddness about it. I scan Rense daily, and it's got a lot of dubious, even downright absurd items, but I never saw anything remotely referring to that story! Nonetheless, Haaretz is citing Rense as the starting point for it. And Rense is linking to the Haaretz article, of course! Odd that.

However, this story IS being carried in all it's glory in the "opinion section" of the Sorcha Faal news web page. In that version, the Israelis want to attack most of the Middle East (including Egypt), but Bush said "no." So the Israelis, with the British, worked to bring down Lehman Brothers in order to force Bush's hand. Like most everything in that "opinion section," it cannot be proved or disproved. But the odd thing is it probably did not start with Rense at all. The entire "Israel situation" looks like a vast shell game being played for everyone by the big Western agencies. Everyone involved in it is being incredibly stupid. The entire "Holy land in the Middle East" concept was never really tenable, and the strategies utilized were always as foolish as possible.

I am about 80% sure that this Sorcha Faal really is Russian, and that she simply brought "Pravda journalism" to the west. They both always mix in stories about the earth being about to be crushed by giant meteors, and so on. It has the same tone as Pravda, although the actual news section is much more reliable than Rense's.

The derivatives concept is a sad development. You could say (to some extent) that insurance, banking, and stock market operations are "gambling with a positive purpose." The derivatives are simply "gambling with a negative purpose." I never gave much credence to people applying differential equations, etc. to economics, and now it has turned into a disaster. They just hire these mathematicians to write up gambling games with formulas, and they expect people to accept this as real business because of that. The Lyndon LaRouche movement people are saying that, for the protection of the nation, the derivatives should all be simply declared null and void. Hm.

The saddest thing today is that, for the last thirty years or so, the American auto makers have been building over-sized vehicles while that Japanese have been building fuel efficient ones. It seems clear that the American auto makers could not fail to know that the oil peak was imminent. Why did they deliberately destroy themselves? For purposes of simple greed, perhaps, but it seems like stupidity now. Seriously, the average homeless person would never survive if she or he operated as these "executives" do.

Carlos Pereira-da-Cruz

"I am not sure if this announcement will receive the attention it deserves, but it is probably the most significant piece of news of this entire turbulent month. China today announced that it will "seek to expand its massive internal market to counter the global economic slowdown that has reduced international demand for Chinese goods." As reported by Associated Press writer Gillian Wong, China has decided to shift the focus of its economic planning away from exports and toward domestic consumption. This is the beginning of the end for the U.S. dollar and what is left of the U.S. economy."



WASHINGTON, Oct 12 (Reuters) -

{Billionaire investor George Soros predicted on Sunday that the financial crisis would mean the end of a U.S.-led market system that has dominated the global economy with debt and deregulation since the 1980s.}

{"Globalization, America as the center of the globalized financial markets, was sucking up the savings of the world," Soros said in a CNN interview.

{"This is now over. The game is out. It does mean a very serious adjustment for America," added Soros, a staunch backer of the Democratic Party.}

I guess we can go home now.

Oh, and Paul Krugman won the Nobel economics prize. Nice for him.


Australia a back door? Well, I suppose I’ll consider it. It does beg the question why a back door is necessary when there’s obviously no oversight, accountability or consequences for using the front door for carry trade purposes. Where’s the advantage when all the information is held private and proprietary? Why obfuscate when the populace is unfamiliar and the regulators are enablers?

Doesn’t “The City” (London financial markets) pride and present itself on being able to affect these transactions with great efficacy. I don’t see the advantage to running the transaction through the outback.


This is great to know:


Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime
How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers

By Eliot Spitzer
Thursday, February 14, 2008

{In 2003, during the height of the predatory lending crisis, the OCC invoked a clause from the 1863 National Bank Act to issue formal opinions preempting all state predatory lending laws, thereby rendering them inoperative. The OCC also promulgated new rules that prevented states from enforcing any of their own consumer protection laws against national banks. The federal government's actions were so egregious and so unprecedented that all 50 state attorneys general, and all 50 state banking superintendents, actively fought the new rules.}

ziff house

Did you know there are [were] such things as 2nd and 3rd order derivatives. derivatives of derivatives!



You seem to delve into and beyond all subjects (both ancillary and on point) on every subject except "the Jewish question". Actually, it is not that hard to research their pervasive influence. I think you have not really tried.

If you extrapolate from media ownership to control of international government functions to AIPAC (ALL institutions really), it is not hard to draw conclusions which you apparently are finding difficult. In, fact, since my wife and myself read you everyday and interpret your opinions in a open forum, we tried an exercise today and substituted every every instance of your use of the word Gnome with Jew Now, your writing resonates with truth. Perhaps you are in denial, or, mean something beyond the definition of Gnome (underground guard of treasure)?

I sincerely appreciate your historical perspectives concerning money and banking in particular. However, your historical perspective on "the Jewish question" in today's article. is lacking in light of today's characterizations of Jewish influence.

A Russian historian (Anatoly T. Fomenko) has the seminal book concerning the Scaligerian chronology vis-a vis the manipulation of history. The thesis is that the excepted academic chronology of history was essentially invented by the the Jew's (gross oversimplification-but certainly on point). It is fascinating to ponder the concepts of manipulating human history for the purpose of manipulating mankind (it's all so human!).

The point is, Elaine, to gain enlightenment concerning the Jews influence on humanity, first stop using the term "anti-Semite". That's "their" construct. Very much of what we (mankind) think is truth is actually FAKE or contrived by historical interpretation.

P.S. Paulson has made 80 trips to China as a CEO of Goldman and Treasury Secretary. Really, Gnomes do not care what nationally their sex slaves are--as long as they serve.

Buffalo Ken

Ah the first derivatives can go pound some salt. Then the 2nd and 3rd will never get off the ground. Mean-ass gravity will hold them back.

I started to read H.G. Wells Time Machine, but now I'm not so sure cause I think all its about is his own bad dream --- I'm tired of bad dreams.



This is insane; western governments will give the keys to the national money printers to the gambling addicted "casino market" thugs. And, of course the sheeple will applaud as they watch the markets rally. "Rescue for the few, debt slavery for the many."


I am not sure which is more extinct; competent & honest leadership or common sense from the masses.

We are broke from fighting inhuman Zionist wars that have no end. Not satisfied with insolvency, the Zionists banking cartels will make sure we go deeper and deeper into perpetual debt. After all, when countries are bankrupt, all you can steal is their future.

Great article as usual Elaine. One detail you raised: "Yet the value of gold is kept bouncing between $900 an once and $800 an ounce."

This sure looks to be the case. The gold bugs have been predicting that a huge bear market is right around the corner for the past year.

I'm beginning to think the strategy should be to buy at around $800 and then sell as soon as the price gets to $900 (with some adjustment for inflation). Take the modest profit and pay down any debt you may have and/or buy alternative energy sources (solar collectors, geothermal heat pumps, solar voltaic surfaces, etc). Or, stuff the profit as gold in your mattress.

Buffalo Ken

I don't really know anything about the so-called "Zionist", but I'll say this:

There is always bounce-back and because life loves to go on, the bounce-back is usually much more potent than the offense.....so you there you go.

Thing is history runs deep and there have been worse offenses if you go back......Still, why waste so much effort with the past. Is it not better to learn from the past. But I suppose this depends a bit upon some who think they've been given the "kit" for teaching. Sometimes teachers need to understand that younger generations will always be wiser as time goes by.

Time is of the essence.



Hi Elaine,

Just read this on democracy now:

Obama Listed as “Barack Osama” on Absentee Ballot

Here in New York, lawmakers in Rensselaer County are calling for an investigation into the misspelling of Barack Obama’s name on absentee ballots. 300 absentee ballots were recently sent out that read “Barack Osama.” Election officials say the mistake was a typo.

This is your neck of the woods, could you get a copy and post it online.

Buffalo Ken

Of course, the younger generation would be wise themselves to learn from those with experience.

Buffalo Ken

Cycles - you know. Practically from the get-go, things happen in cycles - makes sense don't you think?

It just of course that many cycles are all happening simultaneously and interacting with each other all the while. No way to predict with 100% confidence what will happen. Thats the beauty of it.


Buffalo Ken

Incidently, that part of the reason why I suggested a 98% reduction in gift-giving for the Christmas holiday (I prefer the term "Solstice"). Anyhow, 100% reduction would have been too much. It is a good thing to give gifts, but at least in the US of A, the gift-giving seems to have turned into a bit of an orgy - if you want my opinion.

Anyhow, I was glad to hear that China is thinking about "going internal". This makes total sense to me and China has positioned themselves (so to speak) to be in the best position to do this from a fiscal standpoint. Again, just my opinion.

I love that 1st Amendment. I looked up just today.




Best to stick to economics.

Your anti-semitic rant was simply shocking, bizarre, and so off base that it is hardly worth addressing.

There is all sorts of bad behavior in Israel against Arabs (i.e. "driving while black"), but it does not compare to other behavior that the media are even more silent to.

I can only imagine if the EZLN set up shop in Tijuana and regularly showered San Diego with missiles. The US would give civilians 15 minutes to evacuate, and would turn northern Mexico into a parking lot that would glow for 200 years.

The Israelis are supposed to hold hands and sing with their missile attackers - talk about a double standard!

Spend some time reading the other sides (i.e. the Arab-language press or Israeli reports of attacks), if you want to form a more balanced view. Such as:





Here is a real barn burner. Lot's of good points:

Bataan Death March Tickertape

GOLD DEFAULT DEAD AHEAD: The COMEX and London Metal Exchange are living on borrowed time in their corrupt gold game. They sell paper gold, and precious little actual gold metal. See a refreshing straightforward interview aired on CNBC of all places. It is by Jurg Kiener, CEO of Swiss Asia Capital. He points out the dual market for gold, one paper and one metal. He expects soon the US ‘gambling price’ gold market in COMEX and LME to default.


THE LEHMAN FAILURE WAS A SIGNIFICANT CON JOB: It was planned, calculated, designed, and executed like a criminal act. The Wall Street criminals needed to test the system on credit default swap risk, needed a sink hole from which to hand $138 billion to JPMorgan on a reloaded. It was carried out pre-dawn on a weekend before a hapless bankruptcy judge who found no objection. He probably did not look hard, maybe even bribed. The criminals were able to observe the consequences from senior bond holders who were illegally denied due process in the bankruptcy procedure. The event was a failure called a merger, complete with a huge handout given to JPMorgan so it can continue its illegal enterprise. The real big deception is that JPMorgan was probably within a hair from its own bankruptcy, and therefore required a sacrificial lamb to feed from elaborate entrails. The sad fact is that the Wall Street consolidators need another Lehman-type event soon, since more reloads will be required. The French finance minister publicly decried the Lehman bankruptcy, saying letting it go was a major error. He might not be aware of the Wall Street crime syndicate need to cover up evidence, or the need to create a sink hole for a concealed JPMorgan reload, or the need to illicitly pack printed money into the massive credit default swap crater.

Buffalo Ken

It seems to me that that name "JPMorgan" seems to be tied into so many unseemly affairs. This probably ought to be studied very rigorously so that we can learn from the past.


Buffalo Ken

I've done my studying on this topic so I already have my opinion, but for the time being, I'll keep that opinion close to my chest (JPMOrgan sucks big time!!!!!)

Oh, what was that?

Regardless, I think it is time for all hands to be on the table and then, its simple. The People choose.


Buffalo Ken

You know - all this banker/lawyer bullshit pisses me off. I'm going to do something about it. I've had enough and I don't think I'm alone.


Buffalo Ken

But it is true - The People Choose.

Its also true in my stinking humble opinion that nancy pelosi is the US's version of the princess (i think she was some sort of princess) women from the land of Mejico who let down all the indigenous People (thanks "MoonRaven" where-ever you are). So that is why I think Nancy Pelosi should resign because we need to learn from history assuming history can be reported accurately.....

damn the media because they are making themselves useless....



Hey Ken,

The Revolution will not be televised. I wonder why? You'd think it would at least get a little air time...

Buffalo Ken

OK - this is off the cuff - its a poem from a website that no longer is online and since it has been relatively quiet I figured why not:

Off the cuff you say you think you buff....
buff did you say???
buff or buffing or are you from Buffalo (i am)?I mean bluffing, or no/know, i mean buffer.
Are you a bluffing buffer from Buffalo?
Are you a puffing bluffing salt licking muffin loving buffalo from buffalo?
Or could it be a huffing puffing bluffing buffalo buffer, or maybe yet a nothing stuffin muffin both hand loving mam-han she-man huffin suffering puffin bluffin buffalo buffer who likes to wiff or wuff over nuthin.
Tell me what do you prefer. Please,let me know.....ill be what you need me to be....Peace is what we need.....


Buffalo Ken

Hi blues - I think "air time" doesn't really matter. What matters is that the cycle finally comes back around so that things can get better for awhile. Hopefully a long while.

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of us will probably just sort-of float around and try to help out when we think we can.



Adamchik -

I was shocked that you knee jerked into your accusation that Elaine was guilty of an "anti-semitic rant." That was poor form.

I cannot speak for Elaine but anytime anyone says anything negative about Israel, this red herring seems to be tossed as an accusation.

The US should stop all foreign aid to Israel and we should stop the "best buddy" status with what is essentially a theocracy.

Zionism is more dangerous to the world, including Jews, than muslim extremists.


Elaine, as hedge funds are loosing close to $1300 billion from failed yen carry trades and driving down banks, equities and commodities to hell, I dont see inflation and gold to outperform over a portfolio of cash currencies, at least in the next six months term. All effectively expended bailouts from paulson, brown, japan and the EU are far from the destroyed demand and multiplier effects of unemployed wage earners and greedy M3/M1 loosers. I have been in most of the pirate coves on earth and the oldest one still holds some good treasures in their slopes. A brilliant researcher and visionary like you please provide us simple mortals with Delphos and Eos winds.

Frederick N. Chase

"When banks see no profits in lending, they stop lending. "

I don't understand why the terms "liquidity trap" and "liquidity preference" aren't splattered all over the newspapers. Here are quotes that clarify why we *should* be hearing about these notions.

Liquidity preference is the inclination to hold cash because the gain on other investments fails to exceed their return (when they are reduced by the perceived risk).


A liquidity trap is created when further increases in money supply by the central bank (monetary base) cannot further affect output, prices, interest rates or other variables. Increases in the money stock are entirely neutralized by increases in liquidity preference to hold money.


But just because banks are able to make loans at low interest rate does not mean banks can find borrowers with credit ratings to justify the low rates. John Maynard Keynes' concept of a liquidity trap is that market preference for cash positions can outweigh interest rate considerations. In a financial crisis, there may simple [simply] not be enough credit-worthy borrowers at any interest rate level and the [resulting] number of sellers [(would-be borrowers) may] stay stubbornly larger than the number of buyers [(erstwhile lenders)] because sellers need to sell precisely because they do not have credit worthiness to borrow even at low interest rates and buyers stay on the sideline waiting for even lower prices.

Even when the Fed lowers the discount rate, banks will only see their threat of insolvency reduced. Banks will still be sitting on piles of idle cash that they cannot lend. This is known as banks pushing on a credit string. Keynes insightfully observed that the market can stay irrational longer than most participants can stay liquid. Since central banks are now mere market participants because of the enormous size of the debt market due to the wide-spread use of structured finance with derivatives whose notional value adds up to hundreds of trillion of dollars, the market can stay irrational longer than even central banks can stay liquid, if central banks do not want to drive their currencies to the ground. With deregulated global financial markets, central bank capacity for adding liquidity to the banking system is constrained by its need to protect the exchange value of its currency. For the US, which depends on foreign central banks to fund its twin deficits, any drastic fall of the dollar will itself create a liquidity crisis from foreign central banks shifting out of dollar in their foreign exchange reserves.


These notions are associated with John Maynard Keynes and Henry C K Liu.

Here is the essay from which most of this is excerpted. (Marked up by me.)
Go about half way down the page to a section titled "Central Bank Impotence".


Elaine: "Jörg Haider talks about the Banking Mafia" - I don't understand German but is this a possible motive to kill him? Please translate?


ziff house

If you plot oil supply vs time say 200 yrs, you get a horizontal line with a tiny bell curve bump in it. i suspect if you plotted money supply instead of oil you would get the same bump in the same place. WE RUN ON OIL! there is still some left another year or so, then we start the permament decline, and we are in trouble for real.



China is just following American textbook aka 1930s. She will shut the door and build infrastructure and retool her factories. She will be getting to roll after the collapse of current financial order. We'll have to wait and see who is included in her party...and who will be out. She used to be self-sufficient economy before 1990s so it is not a problem for her but big problems for other countries trying to imitate her strategy as u need tough, focused and disciplined group willing to be under control of authorities (like US in 1930s).


Have u any idea as to what is their plans after they become 'bank'?? I think that is a more important question as these past days have essentially confirm the passing of the leadership from G7 to China in terms of economic power.


Good timing regarding the Vatican's money:

Official says deposits in Vatican bank are safe

In a rare interview, Caloia said the bank stayed away from derivatives — the financial instruments blamed for many of the steep loses in the current financial meltdown.

Caloia was also quoted as saying that the bank makes no loans and as a result "we have no uncollectable losses."

An Italian economist and banker, Caloia took the bank's helm in the 1980s after the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, which had the Vatican Bank as its main shareholder.

The collapse resulted in one of Italy's largest fraud cases, but the Vatican denied any wrongdoing while agreeing to pay $250 million to Ambrosiano's creditors.

Other officials have said 80 percent of Vatican investments are in low-yield government bonds and 20 percent in stocks.

Unlike the Vatican itself, which each year makes public its operating budget, the bank makes few disclosures.

The Rev. Thomas J. Reese in his book "Inside the Vatican" said a cardinal told him in 1994 the bank had $4 billion in deposits and annual income of $40 million.

Paul S

Re China expanding its internal markets and rebuilding its industrial infrastructure. This sounds to me like a job for Jack Welch! HAHAHAHA. Let Welch install his Six Sigma BS in China. See how well it flies there. Ah yes. The GE Way! LOL. BTW Elaine: are there ANY female gnomes? Just curious.


Why is it the bullies always claim their actions are for peace?



The only folks or countries that those gnomes will lend money to are the Chinese, Singaporeans and Japanese. There is just one tiny weeny little problem - they are holding lots cash and precious metals because they are solvent and have no intentions of taking on debt now. Ha! Ha! Ha!

The folks who get credit don't need the credit and folks who need the credit don't get it. What a funny world this is. Lady Luck comes when u don't need her and she runs when u need her most. Ha! Ha! Ha!

CEO Nutcracker

Adamchik? ADLoosecannon.

You're the ranter! ADL blog comber. Get lost! Your diatribe is getting old. Anti-semite? You're not even qualified to be a semite. You are an Ashkenazi. Get off the Palestinians' land. And, get out of AMERICA!!!!



EMS, this first part was once told me by a stranger. The Apostate Hebrews find themselves in Babylon, slaves once again. "We are a small people," they said. "How to make this not happen again?" YHWH had offered them an earthly kingdom based on spiritual principles. These principles they rejected but still wanted the kingdom. So they devised the Golden Rule (who owns the gold makes the rules) hearkening back to Solomon's Glory.

Asia fell. Rome prospered. Most of what is written about the Zionists now was true in Rome then also. They infiltrated the Church and made land ownership by The Tribe illegal, but granted them the right to control usury. This gave them a 1500 year head start on the rest of Western Civilization. The Weishaupt Illuminati Apostates joined the Hebrews, but came late to the game. The rest is pretty much Rothschild and Rockefeller (Bildeberger) recent history.

When I first read "The Protocols" (I was in college) I was astounded. I knew what was going on, but didn't have a clue that it had been so well planned and thought out. That's when I became a believer in the planned theory of history rather than the accidental theory we were taught in school.

So how do we read the tea leaves? Simple: FTM (follow the money). Everything else is camouflage. Is it any wonder people don't trust strangers? Especially rich ones?

Paul S

The US won't stop sending aid to Israel. Mush of this support comes in the form of military hardware sales. Abandon any notions about ideology or love of democracy. Support for Israel is about MONEY. The US is the world's arms dealer because it is PROFITABLE. It feeds the US mil-industrial complex. It's why the US was suporting Saddam Hussein when he was gassing Kurds. Gas the the US sold Hussein. But then Hussein started cutting oil deals with the French and Russians...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Zulu, the Jewish people are SURVIVORS of the WORST and INHUMAN torments inflicted on an innocent people!

This is why I say the Cubans and Palestinians will be the future activist people who will explode across the earth as economic leaders. For the tool which forges this sort of expression is severe economic suppression that is imposed from outside a community which incidentally, destroys their ability to be farmers.

This, in turn, forced them to be clever and hard-nosed as they need these mental skills to survive. This is exactly why the Chines are exploding across the landscape: years of terror under Mao and total economic collapse has created economic genius!

The minute the Jewish people took over the Holy Land violently, they changed from 'oppressed people' who had to be very smart to survive to the dreaded 'military oppressors' who can be terribly stupid and utterly brainless and simply kills and kills and that way, survives!

The dumbing down of the Jewish culture and people has been running for only 50 years and it has taken a terrible toll on us [I am also Mrs. Levy]. I despair over this.

Israel is weakening Judaism! I am not the only Jewish member of the tribe who worries about this. Most who do worry are expelled from the community! Alas. This is terrible and I know exactly how it will all end and this annoys me since it is so avoidable.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Paul, you are correct.

Dear readers: anti-semitism is real and it is dangerous. It is a TRAP. There are many traps out there! They all lead to various hells. Hatred of Asians who beat us at the international trade games is a trap. Hating Russians, hating Americans is a trap.

No people are 'good' or 'bad'. Each constellation of tribes, religions and economies rise and fall as they all interact over the course of history. All have their strengths and weaknesses.

Our job here is to understand all of these and examine them...ruthlessly. Why is most of Africa weak? This is a question that needs to be looked at dispassionately. Why is Islam flipping out as oil profits soar? Why does the Russian Empire rise and fall multiple times while other empires fall for good and after thousands of years, don't come back? A puzzle for a night of insomnia.

There are many such riddles. We can't let previous insanity stop us from examining all this. The US has chosen a very bad road to take: the same one Rome took 2,000 years ago. The US was based on slavery and this was a fatal beginning to our culture and spoils us to this day.

Just for example.


Hey Elaine, Tis a shame you did not bid on this contract...see now how you could be paying someone to chop your winter firewood, among other leisurely pursuits....

"Treasury Pays Firm $2.5 Million to Consult on Bailout
One thing has been clear all along about the $700 billion Wall Street rescue-bailout: Someone would make money on it.

That started today.

Treasury just issued a statement saying it has hired Chicago investment consulting firm Ennis Knupp and Associates to advise on the implementation of the bailout/rescue plan.

The contract will last for one year and pay Chicago-based Ennis Knupp $2,495,190.

Here's a copy of the contract.


Treasury said Ennis Knupp was chosen from among three bidders.

-- Frank Ahrens

October 13, 2008; 2:50 PM ET "


Here is the $5 trillion dollar question.


Fox News Expose: Israelis Had Foreknowledge of 9-11...

"How could they NOT have known?"



Do take care, I have a very bad feeling about this. The rulers are definitely going to do the same trick to the Jews again. Watch your six and put Option B and C for review.

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