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OC, your on! Singapore it is. Or Manila. But hopefully for not the reason you mentioned. Based on what I have read even though Oz has taken a big hit with Bear, Lehman and others, it is uniquely positioned to survive. It just could not decouple in time. Now, just like Singapore they are telling the US & Britain, we have paid our dues, no mas! End of the line. Oz will be a part of Asia.

D. F. Facti

Good analysis of the us pres candidates Bellicose John and Compromising Barack slouching toward Bethlehem, indeed



D.F. Facti, thanks for that link, while it gave a good analysis of the candidates, it also gave me a very different perspective on FDR.

[He (FDR) then lobbied hard for the US to seize the Philippines from the retreating Spanish. The islands were resource rich, and stood at the golden gateway to Asia. But the Filipinos wanted to rule themselves – so Roosevelt called for them to be crushed. The leading US general was asked what age they should start massacring Filipinos, and he said: "Anything over 10," adding: "I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn: the more you kill and burn, the better it will please me." Three million people – overwhelmingly civilians – were slaughtered by soldiers who included McCain's grandfather. Roosevelt called it "the most glorious war in our nation's history".]

I always believed the number of Filipinos killed by Americans during the Fil-American war numbered 500,000, but that 3,000,000 figure is mind boggling. The population at that time was 12,000,000, so that translates to 25% of the population killed, and without nuclear weapons.

What no Halocaust memorial?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Singapore began as a pirate cove just like Switzerland became an economic power via sending out mercenaries who brought back loot.

Namely, it didn't start off as an industrial base but rather, as a way of grabbing hold of something in transit. In this case, the monarchies of Asia all wanted to restrict trade! So the Portuguese, Spaniards, English and Dutch all took over ISLANDS and other points of interest and use them as BASES to invade the economies and even run actual invasions into the Asian kingdoms and empires.

This process quickly, over 300 years, reduced all of Asia into submission and even utter ruin. By 1900, only Japan survived this onslaught.

Singapore was a colony until very recently. And it survives as a 'free booter' city/state only because Malaysia is too weak to attack it and has come to terms with it living the way it does. But just like the Japanese easily overran it in the past, it can be overrun in the future by China or anyone who wants. It is far too small to survive any IMPERIAL attacks.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

FDR was not president back then, Carli. It was his uncle, the other Roosevelt.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And the Philippines is an example of national weakness. The Spanish easily infiltrated and then colonized the islands. Then, the US had to work much harder to seize it. But the US couldn't defend it and it was fairly easy for Japan to take over.

Then, the US fought some very brutal battles with the cruel Japanese to retake it. Then, it took another 40 years for the Philippines to gain some national power. Which is always being threatened, by the way.


Elaine, yes, Teddy Bear was the blood thirsty chap behind that massacre. I always mixed up the Roosevelt's. Not anymore.

You are right about the Philippines, but what to expect from a people who have forgotten their history, who had it erased and rewritten? The elite of our country are clones of yours, created gatekeepers of US interests. They are being decimated (decimated means 1 in 10, me thinks much more than this) economically as the US economy tanks. I am thinking that the positive outcome of this will be a change in our leadership structure. Too many inbred families running the show here. We are a facsimile of your system.


Dear God, $596 TRILLION CDO's as of December 2007.




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