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Bear of Little Brain

Newsflash (nearly): from Dow Jones Newswire at 10.10:
"WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--JP Morgan Chase & Co. will manage and sponsor a new program the Federal Reserve announced Tuesday to aid money market investors and ease the "considerable" strains weighing on the short-term debt markets, said senior Federal Reserve officials.
The program calls for the private sector to establish so-called special purpose vehicles to buy certificates of deposit and commercial paper issued by highly-rated financial institutions. Meanwhile, the Fed will back those purchases through its new credit facility, or "Money Market Investor Funding Facility."
The Fed has not announced the official start date of the program, but senior Fed officials said they plan to announce a formal start date later this week. Senior Fed officials said JP Morgan was chosen by the industry to manage and sponsor the program."

JP Morgan? What a surprise. Gold continues to fall. Hmmm.


Elaine, I recently looked up 'socialism' in a dictionary and got a surprise. Apparently it means "Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy." Wikipedia agrees with that definition. (I'd always assumed 'socialism' meant social programs/the welfare state.)

What's going on in the U.S. doesn't seem like government taking control of the means of production, and so not socialism. On the contrary they're handing money to banks without strings attached, in effect bailing out the rich without trying to impose government controls on how they spend the money. I'm not sure what I'd call that -- theft? -- but it seems different.

Loving your blog, as always.

ziff house

And the DOLLAR continues to rise against all common sense. happy days are here again.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Socialism is all about supporting the health and welfare of the working class. This means, also the Lumpen proletariate. Namely, the teeming poor or the urban poor or poor country folk.

The US has socialism for the rich. When they stumble and fall, they get largess so they can go back to hunting pheasant, drinking expensive French wines and complaining about the lumpen proletariate and how they are a problem. And warning the workers that supporting the elderly workers, etc, is dangerous and will bankrupt the rich.


within just a few weeks of the bailout passing, our government is blacking out the parts of public contracts that explain how much taxpayer cash private contractors are going to be paid

gg battams

i suppose if they had shot one of the beaters on the partrigde shoot they would have said pheashants or peasants whats the difference?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"After Obama is elected, expect 'privation on a global scale'?"

"Kurt Nimmo, at Infowars (Biden’s Admonition: Plebs to Suffer if Obama is Elected ), 20 October 2008, suggests what will happen after the USA has elected a new president, presumedly Obama."

"Kurt tells us:"...





peasants have less fat on their bones.


"Eight Steps to a New Financial Order"

"Alan S. Blinder"...



The socialist system envisioned by Marx has NEVER existed. His dream was a system of collective ownership of the means of production by all of the people of the factories, mills, mining, railroads, land and all other means of production. A system where production was to satisfy human needs...not for sale and profit. Some argue that it was attemped by Lenin but soon corrupted. An industrial society was a necessity and Russia was mostly an agricultural society in 1917. With corruption and material conditions lacking, it was doomed. Stalin completed the bastardization of Marx's dream. Mao further distorted the dream. Many of the views of socialism were born from those failures. Hence the demonization of the very word itself.

Buffalo Ken

some peasants are real mean, so if you miss, there can be some serious repercussions...

same for pheasants I suppose, but usually they just fly away...

Buffalo Ken

Furthermore, one peasant has so much more blood than one pheasant. What a mess.

Myself - I'm all for collective ownership. It makes sense individually and as a group assuming those in the group can figure out how to work together. Keeping contracts simple is probably key. If socialism means enabling everyone's basic needs (food, shelter, medicine) to be met, then I'm all for it, even if we all need to contribute. There is plenty to go around - ask one of these pirates - they'll tell ya. Tons of "gold" all over the place.



"The socialist system envisioned by Marx has NEVER existed"


That should read...

The communist system envisioned by Marx has NEVER existed.

Socialism is one step away from Communism one step down the road towards Capitalism.

Buffalo Ken

Let me just say one other thing having nothing to do with gold which I really don't know much about.....

(although i think some composite-type materials might have some of the same attributes as gold blues...)

If I was a plumber just now, I'd be happy. Plumbers and others with skills such as this are going to be in demand in my humble opinion.


Buffalo Ken

And as a simple peasant, I don't really give a crap about communism, capitalism, and all the rest of them isms as well as a whole bunch of current capitals. I'm sick of em, and seems to me a fever is spreading across the surface of the planet. This fever runs deep. Deep within the People.

Seems this way to me. I think Peace is on the way.

To be a poem or not to be....a poem.



There is a fancy term for socialism for the rich - kleptocracy - it's a word that describes the rich and powerful with kleptomania, which is a psychological syndrome that manifests as a fear of losing one's possessions and is over-compensated with ruthless and shameless acquisition-by -any-means lusts.


Oh frabjous day oh callee oh callay; tomorrow I obtain my bandsaw. Big old ( emphasis on the OLD ) cast iron job. There will be some resawing from the old wood pile this week. ( Seriously folks resawing hardwood by hand is harder than mathematics to a Barbie ). When the work is done and the project finished I shall sell it AT A PROFIT. A HUGE profit!!! Or barter it for something even more profitable to me. That bandsaw is some more capital for my sideline. Afterall what is capital? Frozen labour mixed with natural resources and some brain power.


JoJo I prefer to think of the USA as a functioning kakistocracy. Has been since the war of Southern Secession.


I am reminded of a scene in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Bandittos masquerading as state employees attempt to steal from Humphrey Bogart. Bogart asks to see their badges. We don't need no stinkin' badges is the retort of the bandittos.
It strikes me that the proper answere is: We don't need no stinking leaders, nor any sweet smelling ones either.

Buffalo Ken

Then why is is the government? Joe the plumber, is a plumber - he ain't no president. I don't know about his principles, but their effects are small scale relative to those politicos who currently reside in DC...


Buffalo Ken

Then why is "this" the government?

Anyhow, a "kakistocracy" sounds to me like a failure of the People more than anything else cause when push comes to shove....the People choose. The Cheyenne considered each one of themselves "Chiefs" after their "leaders" (representatives) were colt-revolver-slaughtered at the tejas table...

At least they had representatives I suppose....all we have here seems to be plundering corporate pirates going back a few generations...


Here's an interesting read about the the Central Governments powers via taxation. Once upon a time, federal income taxation was voluntary:

"In implementing a federal income tax, government officials repeatedly increased the cost to citizens of correctly appraising and actively resisting the tax. First, it was sold to the public as a tax only on the very rich. Later, despite the government’s claim that the income tax was a “voluntary” tax system, a 1943 law required employers to take the tax money from each employee’s paycheck, before the tax was due, without the employee’s consent. This nonconsensual “withholding” of federal income taxes dramatically increased the cost to private individuals of resisting the growth of federal power. Nonpayment was no longer a feasible means of resistance to overtaxation."

Buffalo Ken

Here is a possible "f-u the banks" kind of idea.

A group of individual mortgage holders on their own get together and decide to protect each other collectively. So if the bank comes for one, the bank will have to face all of them. In the end, they all get to hold onto their homes if they "play" their cards cooperatively with Mutual Aid in mind (inwit) - at least, in my humble opinion.

Just an idea.

Now, if I was part of this group, first and foremost, we would pay off debts. Then we would be free as long as ongoing maintenance expenses were paid for. As a cooperative group, we could probably reduce these maintenance expenses consideably.




On November 22, 2008 there will be protests at every Federal Reserve Bank and office in the country. Activists will demand an end to private banker control over the nation’s money supply and the return to a hard, commodity backed monetary system. The slogan is simple and direct: “End the Fed!”

The November 22 protests are intended as a kick-off to an ongoing campaign to educate and organize the public and take concerted, planned action. ONLY the conscious action of We the People can save the nation from ruin, plunder and total socialist tyranny. The time is NOW.

Protests will be held in the following 38 cities:

Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Little Rock, Louisville, Memphis, Minneapolis, Helena, Kansas City, Denver, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Washington, D.C.

For more info and to sign-up for the protest, go to:

There will be a conference call tonight, at 9 PM Eastern if you are interested in helping or organizing.
Phone 605-475-6006 and use code 281430

Buffalo Ken

Start of Poem

Here is another idea. Everyone with a credit card goes to Wal-Mart (or whereever) and buys some guMs. With an "M" mind ya.

Use your credit card. Go back and return.

Have a fun saturday spinning the wheels of papper.
end of poem

Buffalo Ken

DrKrbyLuv - I hope those protest happen and get noticed.

I also want Jane Harmon (the Jane who puts the harm on i quess) and Nancy Pelosi (no speaker of mine) to know that The Homegrown Terrorist Act (or whatever it was called - it passed in the house 400-6 or something like that) was an act of terror by a government upon the People's freedoms in my opinion.

Hang tight everyone would be the only words of "wisdom" that come to mind....but what do i know....


Buffalo Ken

"hang tight" is like "hang together" or "hang tough" as in:

** Remain firmly resolved... **

Per, The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms.



@RockPaperScizzors: I do believe that the withholding part was the brainchild of Milton Friedman.
A few points to consider:
Since the advent of printing press money, income taxes are unnecessary. It is feasible and easy to print the amount of money the government wishes to spend. The last number I saw was $2T collected in 2006, the FedRes and Treasury conspired to print that much in the last month for the various bailouts. The collecting of income tax from persons and businesses continues only because it has inertia behind it ( and a large contingent of tax collectors who would be looking for work otherwise ).
It is impossible for the totality to pay off their debts. The banks do not create enough money when they make the loans for those in debt to pay back the principal and the interest. Worse, if somehow all debts were paid back ... there would be no need for the Fed Res or the treasury. The banks do not want loans paid back, they want loans to be rolled over or expanded. Imagine a reverse run on the banks, people coming in with bundles of money and paying off debts. This is the worst imaginable possibility for the banks. They would be sitting on mountains of depreciating paper and would have no one to take it off their hands. The banks would be faced with ALL the risk of inflation, their assets deteriorating at 12% a year. When any government drone talks about the fears of deflation this is what he is fearing, a situation where the inflation risk is born by the banks. In your role as a consumer, deflation in prices is a damn good thing, your dollar goes farther. In your role as a producer, deflation is a damn good thing your raw materials cost less and if prices are the least bit sticky or your processes are better than your competitors you make more money even as your product prices fall.
In your role as a wage earner,deflation is a mixed bag, if your wages fall more slowly than your consumption expenditures you are better off, if your efficientcy increases, your wages don't fall and you are even better off, if your wages fall faster than your expenditures fall you are worse off. In your role as a banker, deflation is terrible, it allows loans to be repaid faster, it makes borrowing much less necessary, and it frees producers from the clutches of the banks. Not a good thing from the bankers pov.


Wow! Hell of a lot of "Elaine bashing" regarding Ron Paul and Socialism. I think I will defend Elaine by asking these idiots some questions:

1) Has anyone opposed to socialism asked that the world's largest and most socialist organization, the United States Army, be dismantled and forced to embrace "rugged individualism" like the rest of us?

Why should soldiers get free meals, free medical care, free housing, subsidized food and household items, free transportation of their cars and personal possessions across oceans and continents, early retirements and generous pensions all on the taxpayers' dime?

Did you know that if a soldier dies, his widow or children are paid a bounty of something like $200,000? They don't pay premiums for this insurance either, which is not available to the rest of us. If we die in a war or by an act of God, our widows get nothing.

Did you know that an air force major (like my first cousin) can retire at 45 and build their own home right on the beach in Florida with their pension? They also get to work part time as "instructors" at naval and air bases for almost as much as, or even more than, their previous salary. And -- they still get free medical and health care for the rest of their lives! That is PURE socialism!!!!

There are no rugged individuals in the army, unless they are in the brig. There are only socialist wimps who expect Uncle Sam to bail them or their family out when the shit hits the fan -- for the rest of their lives! Holy Socialist Crap, Batman!

2) Why would someone like Ron Paul, who claims or allows to be claimed in his name that he leads a revolution, continue to be a member of a known criminal syndicate that has openly looted the country and the entire populace on behalf of a small number of wealthy elites?

As for him being "slaughtered" should he leave the fold of this criminal syndicate, then obviously he has no intention of following in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers, all of whom committed High Treason so that we could be free.

Why bother to quote from men whom you have no intention of following? The Declaration of Independance came first, not the Constitution. Breaking with the idea that one is born a loyal subject to the king and owes him allegiance from birth was a revolutionary idea 200 years ago. Asking that we return to a period of time in which most Americans were second-class citizens or even slaves is not revolutionary, it is known as "restoration".

Ron Paul wants a restoration of the old order. I don't want that. No person who would be deemed a nonperson under the old constitutional republic that existed 200 years ago should want that.

The lack of support from minorities for Ron Paul is a statement that they do not want to go back in time to the "good ol' days".

Martin Luther King is a better example of a true revolutionary. He knew that he would be killed if he went against the established order, and he was. But, his ideas live on and far from fading away, have continued to inspire millions of people all over the world. Like the Founding Fathers, he and other black leaders pledged themselves to one another for the common good and not just a few favored individuals.

Ron Paul will not pledge his life or his liberty to the common good. He will remain a member of a criminal syndicate until the day he dies, and he will fade fast from the minds of all men.

That is the price one pays for security over freedom.

Buffalo Ken

CK goes on to say: "In your role as a wage earner, deflation is a mixed bag, if your wages fall more slowly than your consumption expenditures you are better off, if your efficientcy increases, your wages don't fall and you are even better off, if your wages fall faster than your expenditures fall you are worse off."

I agree with pretty everything you said, and from the humble peasant wage-earners perspective, the key thing is to make sure that wages don't go down, or better yet, to demand a fair wage for fair labor.

As far as the bankers are concerned, who gives a flip. Let them flop around in the big red mess they made. I didn't contribute.


Buffalo Ken

DeVaul - I second that.


By remaining within the republican party, Ron gets a lot more air than he would if he ran again on a third party. Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKiney, Elaine Supkis getting any air?
Ron has called for the reduction of the military and a return to the states militia, a dismantling of our 800 bases in 170 countries and a return to diplomacy and trade with all who wish to trade and talk with the USA.


Is it any different that Joe Liberman was a
democrat now a Liberal sitting next to Mccain?
The philosophical ideology that his association
with the GOP ticket makes him a monster? Or is
every individual who runs for office is really
looking out for number one..themselves?

PK Scott

Hi Elaine,

I see the problem of racism more in terms of "classism." I am not arguing that racism and discrimination don't still exists, and for many reasons other than ethnicity and skin tone.

I don't think the elite give a crap what color their serfs are. Racial tensions are exploited to distract the "lower classes" from realizing that they have more in common than they are different. We are ALL ruthlessly exploited by the elites.

You could pick a group at random and give them a few more crumbs. They become vigorous supporters of the status quo to protect their "priviledge." The "have nots" are inflamed with resentment. It is HUMAN nature.

I will admit I am absolutely stunned by the blindness that people exibit to their "privilaged" status. (Based on whatever.)

I am female, a cur's mix with a big dollap of native American and Scandanavian on top. I am also middle aged and look it since I don't have the luxury of plastic surgery, personal trainers, and a bevie of stylists and cosmoloists at my beck and call. I am also smart, capable, and funny. I have been responsible for myself since I was 16 years old. I never traded on my looks (back when I had them.)

I am now virtually unemployable and pretty much invisible in the society we live in. That is the fate for many of being female and becoming middle aged in our society. DISPOSABLE. (Except to my incredible spouse.)

I'm not crying, just pointing out that there is more than one kind of priviledge and discrimination in our society. "Pretty" can be as arbitrary an attribute as skin color when the "rewards" are passed out and some are passed over. The same can be said for gender, sexual preference, and religion.

ALL of these differences are exploited to one degree or another because they can be used to divide us and controll us.


Ron is 73. He will not be running for pres again. He might run for another term or two as a rep from his district after he wins this one unopposed. The racist canard has been tried by far more professional folks than the inhabitants of this web site for many years and has never found any traction because it is baseless. He is a polite, honourable and honest gentleman. I worked to get him elected in 1988 and again this year. I expect I will write his name in on the ballot this year as none of the other candidates are acceptable.


About the German system that Elaine is so enamoured:
it did end up with 2 world wars, and untold destruction, shows what happens when the workers get a bit too confident.
The current German economy is lopsided and not free with enormous tax burdens yet still more social welfare costs.
I imagine this gets worse as the population there ages, a problem US fortunately does not have


McCain reminds me of nursinghome patient..

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The clash of empires in WWI and WWII were due to Britain being grossly over-extended in the quest of dominating the entire planet.

It reached the zenith, wobbled and while falling, all other rising empires attacked. This is why JAPAN attacked all those many British colonies in China, Indochina, Burma, Sumatra, etc, etc, etc.

Weakness led to wars! And of course, since all the nations that were not European were very weak due to technological differences, this mess was a long, long period of 500 years of Europe using ships, cannons, guns and other things to decimate, or in the case of the natives of the New World and Australia, nearly annihilate the natives.

As well as literally enslaving Africans. And moving them about the planet in the most cruel fashion, in literal chains.

German socialism meant that the average German soldier was taller and healthier and BETTER EDUCATED than the poor specimens picked up in London, for example.

It took the British another 75 years to catch up with the US and Germany in size, just for one shocking example.

If we want stunted poor people, well, we can choose the 'no socialism at all' route. But then, our society will collapse. Hard to run things if mobs of desperate people are attacking everything and anything they can get their hands on.

Remember: Britain's poor were as poorly armed as Japan's poor who have no guns, too.

But America's poor can and will have firearms.



'And China is going to save us. And they know what will happen next for this is part of their 50 year plan. One that I thought was thoroughly audacious back in 1986. Well, it is on track and will succeed.'
'HAHAHA. And who will chair this? China, the US or some Europeans? If it is Europeans, they will set up which currencies to be this tripod of power? And where is the yen in all this? And how on earth can they 'set bank capital ratios' when CHINA has the highest ratios and the US and Japan have virtually none? And then global interest rates: is it going to be the high Chinese/EU rates or the 0% rates of Japan and the US? And how to hash all this out?

This conference could be like the disarmament conference run by Britain from 1912-1914. Britain wanted to freeze Germany and Japan's naval build ups, not to mention, stopping the US ships. So they agreed to reduce their navy a tad if everyone stopped competing. Then WWI broke out. And the Brits needed the US to provide them with shipping and the US took over world shipping and the global naval power by 1945. Utterly. And then lost it all from 1974-2008 to the point that we have virtually no merchant marine and a very expensive navy that is forcing us to go to the true naval powers of Asia to fund our navy via loans which we must repay them with interest!'

Kinda of remind me of a Chinese fondness for lavish dinners whereby the guests are 'served' as main dish. Ha!Ha!Ha! If China doesn't get what it wants - G7 will be 'served' Ha!Ha!Ha! By the way, this tradition started after the First Emperor passed away (about 200BC) and the Empire was in the process of being divided up by 2 men. Story has it that one of the men invited the other for dinner to discuss division of the 'spoils' and the invited guest would be well 'served'. Half way through dinner, the 'guest' realized he is to be the main 'attraction' and make a quick exit.

Wonder who would be making the quick exit this time at this wonderful party thrown by G7 - China or Opec??


About world war I
German policy at the time was certainly not isolationist, but expansionary just like Britain.
Colonies in Africa, Asia, clashes in Egypt, the massive fleet program to catch up to the Royal Navy.
The 'socialist' industrial capability combined with aggressive foreign policy led to disaster
Both overplayed their hand, and the result is round two : WWII


The point of my last post
Just being socialist does not mean a nation will succeed or avoid external threats like wars, etc



Perhaps things are not going according to the Chinese plans - check out this website:


'What is also interesting is that there has been a very popular blog in China, discussing in detail a high level special interest group inside China SWF and banking system, using their relationship with top managers of Morgan Stanley and Blackstone for alleged corruptions, kickbacks, abusing power, questionable investments going sour, luxurious life style, etc. Usually Chinese government would have ordered the removal of such kind of “un-harmonized” blogs right away, but not in this case. There is wide speculation of anger by some government officials toward the China SWF fund investing in Morgan Stanley, Blackstone and all the US home mortgages and derivatives, decisions dictated by Morgan Stanley, for the purpose of nurturing their own personal relationship and self-interest but letting the whole country down. It is always a bad thing to make your investors angry by losing their money, especially this time it is their boss, the Chinese government which now realizes that they would never get any return and worse at the edge of getting wiped out on their investments.'

Wonder any of our viewers point out which blog is this?? For those of us who could read Chinese should check it out...

Dutch Idiot


1 want to cry about socialism for the military? Then JOIN! HAHAHAHA Beam me up!

2 The lack of support from minorities for Ron Paul is a statement that they do not want to go back in time to the "good ol' days".
Really? How do you know?
Beam me up!

Like the Founding Fathers, he and other black leaders pledged themselves to one another for the common good and not just a few favored individuals.
Really? HOW? Beam me Up!

If you have a problem with current US administration and want to be a "Che-Guarva 'revolutionary' then see number one!"
HAHAHA Beam me up!


To really understand what is going on one needs to understand who and what "Chateau" is, and its dominant and encompassing role in every financial aspect of the world.

"the BIS is central bank to central banks. The BIS has greater immunity than a sovereign nation, is accountable to no one, runs global monetary affairs and is privately owned."

If anyone thinks the Fed, the City or ECB are the power, think again.

Dutch Idiot

The rich do not love socialism, the rich love COMMUNISM. Nice try tho. Beam me up!


"I am now virtually unemployable and pretty much invisible in the society we live in. That is the fate for many of being female and becoming middle aged in our society. DISPOSABLE." PKScott

I believe you under-estimate your societal role in the scheme of "things." 76% of the GDP is consumerism. If everyone is working who has time to shop? Middle-age/nonchild bearing women are free of family responsibilities. At this point of their lives they are focused, energized, and at the zenith of their lives ready to do extraordinary life changing deeds. Government fears the Elaine's, Cindy Sheehan's, Betty Friedan's, Eleanor Roosevelt's....Therefore they must be marginalized and NOT ALLOWED in the hallowed halls and bring forth change. Rather, they have been left the task of mall shopping for useless, trivial, and inconsequential house crapola. Why?, to support the economy and spend, spend, spend and create an avalanche of debt.

Middle-age women have enormous power through their spending habits. To change the status quo, WOMEN MUST STOP BUYING other than essentials. The message is being heard loud and clear. United the women have the power to change the economic and political structure. You have been deliberately marginalized because the powers that be fear these women as they did their mothers;-) PKScott, they greatly fear your potential to change the status quo.


Top U.S. and Russian military officers meet in Finland

My guess is they are discussing the turnover of the US base and repatriation expense of US troops much like when the Germans paid for the Russian to go home from Eastern Europe. This after they first huddled amongst themselves (US, Britain, France, etc.) in the Adirondacks.

Conversation with Russians will go something like this, "You take base. We no money for bankrupt Finland. British will nuke them if they don't pay up, small potatoes. We no money, you pay for our trip home, okay?! Das vedanya!"

CEO Nutcracker

"Ron Paul will not pledge his life or his liberty to the common good. He will remain a member of a criminal syndicate until the day he dies, and he will fade fast from the minds of all men.

That is the price one pays for security over freedom."

DeVaul- Just curious. Who, currently, do you have in mind that would?

Dutch Trader

Assumptions are like assholes we all have one


Paul S

This just in: Al-Qaida has endorsed John McCain for US President.

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