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A little satirical comic relief


Buffalo Ken

Below is poem of sorts I crafted for what its worth....Peace, Ken.


OK, so what you wanta say.....U mad. U bad. ya good.
ya goddogflog. yo ugly. yo ain't friendly
you sad little shoe -- busted up blue
crazy for nothing cept a few.....
well i say: get out of the way
Honestly. U no good for no-one & no-body.
U a nothing. A nutty nothing of no value.
Get a life why don't ya.
Quit pushing your way on us.....
We don't want it and we gonna start working
2-gethER: With or Without U....little baby w-one.....(& the rest of ya...)
yo Momma - yo real so real momma is mad & sad, & she ain't playing no more - not u "1 way"...it aint gone be yo way
cuz u b pushing yo way...pusha i gonna push u away....

Buffalo Ken

Here is another - not exactly reproduced, but best I could do...and since poetry was in the title, I think I have standing....anyhow..


A Poem that expresses my sentiment -- January 19, 2008

My will must be yelled the pompous who
Wield the strings for we are the elite few
They did as told and chuckled with spittle
Oh how stupid are the small and little
What a marvelous lot we are on top
Superior we are; we can’t be stopped
Pass the wine; the wine of blood
We’ll do as we please for the rest are but mud


Out in the field toiling away
A lonely voice cried out – there shall be a new day
A knowing wind blew coming from the east
It spoke of the pompous who as nothing but a beast
The lonely voice was picked up by the wind
And carried aloft across lands and ocean
Others chimed in and soon there was song
Music of harmony no longer lonesome

The numbers grew exponentially
The strings were cut discriminately
Flapping in the wind the strings wound together
The chuckles were hushed by the foul weather
Ropes had been formed in mysterious solution
The time had come for justified retribution
The few felt fear…it was all they knew
The ropes pulled them in; a solution so true.


end of poem

Buffalo Ken

I have a few others (poems) plus some other stuff at the site that you can get too if you click on my name!


P.S. I loved my weekend in Linville Falls, NC. I love NC with all of my heart - its in the south, I'm from the north, and I love North Carolina.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We laughed at your rapacious rap routine, Buffalo Ken!

And your other poem is much more civilized. What happened? Ran out of booze? hehe.


Egyptian Masons discover secret of building pyramid and controlling people.

This secret lives today.

The Da Vinci code or the Mason version of King Solomon control you.

You must obey. Back to Work now Slave.


"All the cultivated land in Egypt became the property of the crown, and the people farmed it for the king, giving him one-fifth of the produce. "

Buffalo Ken

Elaine - thanks. I've decided I'm going to try to mainly be an occasional poem poster when it comes to "Money Matters" - some of this stuff is out of my league. Poems are so much less tedious, and on occasion (especially if they are on topic) they can truly "capture" other perspectives without being too offensive and sometimes can help lighten the mood (we need this)!

Yes, I have been running out of booze a fair amount lately (probably for my own good), but I've got a batch of wine that is now clarifying in a glass carboy (I'm planning on bottling this wine Halloween week) plus I'm going to get started on a batch of "belated" Oktoberfest beer today!


P.S. I think I understood some of what you posted regarding "the south" on that other article. When I was young and moved to Charlotte from Buffalo, let me tell you, I was a fish out of water. It is a whole different world in some ways, but over time "the south" has grown on me, and even though some roots run deep, new roots are always getting established. Eventually the newer roots can become more vital than the older....

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As always, whenever I talk about reality and history, a huge number of readers go off in a huff.

So it is probably time to write deeper stuff about how racism created the New Republican Party.

This is what I call 'the great change-over' whereby all the Democratic racists migrated from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party with Nixon actively courting the racists even though he personally despised them all.

It is a very sad story as well as annoying. For this migration also killed the unions that protected many white workers who would far rather have social superiority over blacks than economic power over the Establishment Bankers who are the real powers within the Republican Party.

Reimund from Berlin

Elaine, maybe you should move to Germany. You will find strong unions, state funded health care, state controlled housing, state controlled media, and son on. I am sure Hillary would love it too.

Dutch Missionary

"Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! When the morning is light, they practice it, because it is in the power of their hand. And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage"

--- Micah 2:2

The end of the rainbow is on the last page (KJV respectively)


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This is truly intense stuff, Dynamite, Indeed!
The matter that facts is that I love to read Poems all over the NET


"Guarantees for 5 years, close scrutiny for 1 year
Yes, it's all crap, just crap we fear
Declaration, creep, scream and temporary crunch
It's definitely all of a bad, bad lunch"

that was just priceless...

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