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Blunt Force Trauma

One thing, DrKrbyLuv, that I don't expect to see Obama do, ever, is to repeal any of what 'Decider Guy' has brought in as far Executive Orders that have stripped away people's freedoms, liberties and rights (Habeus Corpus as one example). If anything, I'd expect to see Obama strengthen those orders. After all, next June 1, 2009, you'll get WHTI, open borders; the next step to the North American Union.


Also, expect to see carbon taxes on everything from gasoline and electricity to natural gas usage (McInsane wanted this as well). You'll be 'allowed' a certain tonnage or alotment. After that, tax-a-mundo!

Think you're taxed now? Just wait. The cost to business in this regard (if any are left) will be huge. Meaning more job loss. Even in this service based economy.

Blunt Force Trauma

More on this 'carbon tax'.

McCain and Obama's green dream (CNN - June 30, 2008)



Ever watch Rollerball? I mean the original, not the stupid remake (which I did not bother watching).

In the movie, corporations control the world through monopolies on various aspects of world trade and resources, but not after a nasty war between them is settled somehow.

The dialogue between Jonathon and Bartholamew is priceless and is the whole point of the movie. It is one of my all-time favorites, and I have memorized much of the dialogue.


Notice how the "elections" come so close after Halloween? Accident?



Frankly, I don't see WWIII.

What I do see is American Revolutionary War II.

During the first ARW, the Brits supplied a Loyalist and Iroquois guerrilla force with the means to massacre patriotic Americans over an area stretching west from Cherry Valley (Albany) to Reading (PA) to Pittsburgh. All American farms in this vast area were burned to the ground and inhabitants driven off or scalped. Indians shipped these scalps to King George in bales.

Americans are again faced with a British guerrilla force of traitors and Indians looting our country.

We must cast these traitors and Indians out of our country.


These damn Indians have me really scared. Even though I'm a bit Pequot. (Most Americans are part Amerindian.) This is the big ultimate threat. They don't want your worthless dollars — they want your SCALP!!!

Pretty scary, huh?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I am part-Mohican. Before the 19th century, there were many intermarriages as well as raw sex between the natives on the invaders.

These were accepted since 'racism' was not developed yet. As slaves were brought in for work and sex, differentiating between 'blood types' became increasingly common and evil.

The dynastic rulers of Europe cynically exploited the native fury over this invasion. This is an interesting historical business that concerns me a lot since my family was one of the earliest invaders. This is why we have Indian genes in our family and one of my sisters looks so 'Indian' that she used to play Indian women on TV and in movies.


Blunt Force Trauma -

No doubt you are right about Obama not giving back any powers that Bush added to the imperial presidency. And, yes, the NAU is coming.

The NWO will grab more and more at every opportunity - chaos first, then solution (thesis-antithesis-synthesis).

I am beginning to have some doubts as to people ever really doing much to stop the tide. Pisses me off, the planet is on fire and everyone is going about their business - not sure if they aren't partially hypnotized.

I think it is time to consider moving to a relatively safe haven - Costa Rico? Panama? St Kit? Cuba has the most potential but also the most risk.

It is amazing to me how many people simply acquiesce to tyranny and financial ruin.


DeVaul -

Yesterday's sci-fi is looking more and more like today's reality.


DrKrbyLuv: "It is amazing to me how many people simply acquiesce to tyranny and financial ruin."

Once people sort through the lies and deceptions and identify the bad guys, well, Bob's Your Uncle.

Dutch Poet

Listen up! I will tell a true story!
Barack Obama is a Tory!

Obama is not coming to Washington with a shine box!
Just in case you were watching FOX!

While Barack was preaching medicare baloney!
America saw, McCain was a phony!

While democrats come to DC (the land with honey) republicans leave, with the munney!

Gay lovers SHOUT with utopian bliss! (searching for another with whom to kiss!)

As angry mobs search for a culprit in the great Wall Street heist!
the blame is passed.......TO JESUS CHRIST!

I leave you now with just one gem,
change, service, sacrifice,
Colin Powell wants to win!
The cup of Baal is filled with vice!


The prior establishment government, that is the neocon led government, together with the democrats in Congress, have "sold off" and "sold out" the US to the point where it is now a deindustrialized wasteland.

The bankers led by Trilateral Godfather David Rockefeller have had eight years of stunning success in implementing free trade under Bush via passage of NAFTA and CAFTA.

And the media has been fully supportive of the Trilateral Commission. The bankers hate a constitutional government, they want an oligarchy of elite ruling, so the best way to implement their governance has been an ongoing policy of reducing barriers to trade and transferring factories and technology to the emerging markets.

General Motors, GM, and Ford build more than half of their cars overseas, soon General Motors will be building no cars here or anywhere as it and Ford are both "walking dead" corporations.

During his campaign Obama criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, blaming it for the loss of jobs in the United States and was quoted by CNNMoney.com as promising to "Work to renegotiate NAFTA, the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico." But he sent a senior member of his campaign team to Canada to tell officials there not to take his criticisms seriously as reported in CTV.ca News Staff in article Obama Staffer Gave Warning Of NAFTA Rhetoric.

The supply chain needs to be shortened, must be shortened and will be shortened as free trade will become obsolete by a worldwide financial collapse

While the US has recently lowered it's central bank interest rate to 1%, the bond market place has been calling interest rates higher since a credit gridlock developed 9-11-2008, as is seen in the interest rate on the 10 year US government note going higher to today's 37.65

The chart of the yield curve interest rates steepened dramatically today, $TNX:$UST2Y, popped, this is highly inflationary. Richard the Resourceful Bear says: "Rising interest rates, and a steeping yield curve, are a bond killer and a gold thriller."

The chart of the US government bond ETF, TLT, courtesy of Jack Chan from JC's Buy and Sell Signals shows consolidation; and I believe it shows that a run on US government bonds is underway.

And the supply chain will be cut from the source, that is, at the manufacturing level as US Treasuries loose their value.

The real breakdown in the supply chain, and the re-direction of the supply chain to the North American Continent, will come from the occurrence of a systemic risk event, that is, an investment and economic collapse.

The breakdown is coming soon, and when it does occur, the civil security and emergency management provisions of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the SPP, will be enforced.

The North American Competitiveness Council, the NACC, through working groups, and appointed stakeholders will oversee the factors of production, and the institutions of finance, commerce, trade and investment. The supply chain for critical homeland security needs will be rerouted to select North American Continent sites.

The supply chain for non critical supplies will simply shrivel up and consumer spending and retail buying will evaporate like water in the desert: there will be very little imported from foreign countries, and thus no need to renegotiate NAFTA.

Buffalo Ken

Congratulations to Barack Obama seem in order. Politically speaking there is no doubt that he ran a smart and poised campaign. Two years ago who could have imagined that he had any chance.

I think we need more 3rd parties, but with that said, it will be nice to have a president who gives many hope for a better future (in contrast to the "tejas killer team" we've been stuck with for so long). I think so many are so tired of being hopeless, and at this juncture, I consider myself a Barack supporter - whats the alternative? But, like many others, I suspect my support will be gone in a heart-beat if all we get is more attempts at maintaining the status quo.

Time will tell if Obama is just another politician who makes promises he can't deliver or if he is able to rise to the occasion and be the kind of leader the country desperately needs. No matter what he has his hands full because the US of A has been so tarnished.

Here's to hope, but more importantly I pray for some remedy, and if you can imagine, I pray for Peace.



Hey "Blunt"

"Greedy Unions" my arse ! ! ! !

My uncle used to always say, "the fish rots from the head first"
He ought to have known. He owned a fish delivery business.

Evidently you belive biological and social laws work in reverse.
The Rot in GM started way back in the 50's when they bought out
most of the US politicians and became part of the military welfare
complex. And used that power to defeat the Tucker Motor Co. And then moved off to Grosse Pointe leaving behind the old
neighborhoods where they grew up making things.

Unions are only a reactive power. They can only react to, or imitate
the rot that starts at the top with bad management. If GM management stayed focused on delivering decently designed autos rather than
focusing on their own power and priviledge, the union would've
followed in their steps.

I ask you how to expect a union to behave in the face of gross
management greed, incest, and insulation ? You'd want a share
of that big fat pie as well. Put yourselves in their shoes, eh ?
Especially how would you expect union members to think and FEEL if, in the face of all that top greed, to have their jobs outsourced to cheap labor camps in Alabamey and Chinatown.

Get REAL eh. Be a little more acute than obstuse (ie, "blunt")

ys, Gary

Joy Matkowski

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Well what do you think now? Outsourcing labor is nuts and Obama is trying to save us. Can Republicans pull their heads out of their rears for a second please and try to agree that outsourcing is bad? Nope!


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