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Passive Europe

It is not so bad in Europe. To us, it seems that we are much more free than in the US. We talk about abortion, homo's, sex and drugs in a different way than in the US (which seems so delicate to discuss over there, but has the biggest porn industry in the world).

Of course my observations are probably flawed, but I think our problem is more being passive and running after big daddy US without questions than lack of freedom (although there are exceptions, such as the hysteric approach of WWII-history and discussions in Germany).

In general, we have the same problem with stupid or uninterested people, mainstream media that definitely proves that the job title of journalist should now be 'whorenalist' (excluding the good onces of course) and politicians run by people in the dark, just discussing unimportant issues while never changing the major policies (such as relentless support of Israel).

I compare it with what I see and read about the US (mainstream and internet/blogs). Europe ain't that bad, its just a bit softer than the US. We'll keep running after the US for nuke-umbrella protection untill Russia finally cuts our power. Too bad that politicians don't openly admit that this is wat is being done.

Soon, the Dutch will start their mission in Uruzgan. I predict that it will take 10 Dutch deaths for an outcry of the media about this mission. If not, I will know that Europe has slid a bit further to the cliff the US is already almost falling in.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Here we can't do the sex but we can have talking veggies discussing the Bible while cross-eyed! Heh.

I lived in Europe for a while. Es war sehr schoen! I miss some of the things we did while there.

Europe is trying to piggy back on the American Empire. A fatal choice.


Not long ago France jailed a couple of bloggers for publishing pro-marijuana websites. I've noticed that Europe is less free than the U.S. in some ways even while being much more free in others.

The current marijuana hubbub involves the Dutch, their coffeeshops, and party-hearty Belgians crossing the border and trashing the place. The Dutch have responded by moving some coffeehouses out of vulnerable towns and next to the border, so these Belgians can party away uninpeded without making trouble for anyone else. Sensible, right? But Belgium is in an uproar because they see this as a plot to undermine their "zero tolerance" policies. "Zero tolerance"! Hard to believe that particular bit of stupidity crossed over into Europe, but it did. Hey Belgium, why don't you build a fucking wall.


"When America's revolutionaries wrote a Constitution they were most anxious to enshrine two major things: separation of Church and State and Freedom of Speech."

They weren't all THAT anxious to enshrine those things, considering they needed to amend the Constitution in order to enshrine them.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ah, but it was in the very first Constitution! And of course it made slave owners somewhat nevous, nervous to the point of repudiating it totally in 1860.

Chris Womak

Gee, I read your post and truth be told, I really couldn't find anything that you and I disagree on. I'm just a bit more blunt and unapologetic.

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