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"33 Is A Magical Number..."

Aren't they all?

Given some number - any number - you can find some association with something that magically makes it "magical".

mark abbott

American Airlines flight 77 did not hit the WTC, it's the one that hit the Pentagon ... and the Pentagon/DC is on/Very Close to the 77th degree of longitude. (By design -- the Masons that selected the siting of DC and laid out its streets saw great significance in the geographical coordinates of the place.)

United flight 175 is the one that hit WTC 2 ... and its digits add up to 13. FWIW.

mark abbott

Also, DC lies almost exactly on the 39th degree of latitude ... i.e. 3 x 13.

Ah, such fun with numbers!


Does that mean Rove's October Surprise will take place on Oct. 5, 33 days before the election?


my youngest daughter is 23. 2+3 equals 5. My oldest daughter is 25. 2+5 equals 7. Put the 5 and 7 together and make 57. My age is 57. My god (or goddess), satan has taken over my family. I think you went overboard on this one.


There you go - that's how you do it! You guys have that "magic number" bit down really well!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I don't use magic numbers, the satanists use them. And Bush is a satanist and so is bin Laden! As Chavez correctly called it.

I come from a satanic lineage. This is why I am a bit different from the average person who finds all this mysterious stuff strange. The man who chose the spot to start laying out Washington DC was of my own family! He used his primitive telescope to do this. I was born next to an observatory and grew up in some of the most famous observatories on earth.

There is magic and then there is understanding the Heavens and Evolution: both are part of this scheme! The satanists want us to NOT understand either, they want the forces of Nature and the facts of the Universe OCCULT: hidden from view. The work of scientists are often perverted to the Will of the satanists to make thingies like nuclear bombs, for example.

I grew up around them, too! Hidden missile bases were also places I did stuff since they were not 'occult' to me but were prime 'occult' points of interest, (sigh, explaining this is difficult!)

Anyway, even today in a trial of antiwar protestors who poured blood on a missile site, the military testimony refused to say what was in the silo. Mum is the word, even today.

All occultist magicians love the Eye that Sees All. Ie; nothing is 'occult' to them, the are the ultimate know-it-alls. And they know when all the attacks will come, ALL OF THEM HAPPEN ON MAGIC NUMBER DAYS dear to our occultist leaders. This is why none of this is mentioned in the news.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And if all this sounds paradoxical, this is deliberate. The snake eating his tail is as important as the Evil Eye.

And about the flight numbers: I was tired when I wrote that piece at midnight and mixed up the Pentagon and the WTC flights. But it still stands, even stronger: the flights chosen were picked with deliberation due to the magic of the numbers and this magic was to start WWIII and it worked, to totally worked.

The choice of flights was not random any more than the choice of the day. And all the things going on within our government that morning were all schemes set up to happen on that day with I believe, full deliberation at the top.

The 9/11 conspiracy people don't look at this stuff. One would think they would happily latch onto these simple number facts but no! They fall for all sorts of crazy notions about bombs going off and hidden flights.

All of which were totally unnecessary. The physics of the basic attacks were sufficient. Flying passenger jets into buildings=buildings falling.

The WTC attack was remarkably like all those tarot tower cards of the major arcana.

Safdar Abbas

33 and 77 is the same MAGIC number when we join these figures its =100 , so its reaminder is always the same =1 . things that can be control thru 1 and lose by 0 . you are around the numbers ,linke stars, dates , days, years ,date of birth etc etc etc ..... what is MAGIC = see and hide ..or 1 or 0 ... you can fix all events figures in one Matrix and see the MAGIC before happened.... As correct as you provide figures around you think, and make a Matrix and play with your hiden future.

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