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I do not see how this can end like Vietnam, with us escaping. I think it will be more like the French surrender in Vietnam. We are surrounded. We cannot fly our own troops out because the airport is shutdown.

This will be a staggering event for America.

I may be wrong about this, but the last time an American army had to surrender in the field was at the battle of Charlestown, over two hundred years ago.

Oh wait... I forgot about the American garrison in the Philippines during WWII -- followed by the Bataan Death March.



Support the troops? That would sure be nice. Learn to grow black-eye peas, Lima beans, lentils, pink beans, Potatoes, corn, sheep. Learn to scare people. Make friends with a warlord. You can't do nuthin' to help the poor troops. Sorry.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

If I had a loved one over there, I would be like Cindy Sheehan.

She is a hero, literally. But the lack of interest in copying here, the lack of support from the now huge number of people who lost loved ones clearly indicates to me that the families are really not that unhappy with the business deal they have with the devil.

Crying mothers recieve a big, fat check. Dabbing the tears away, the crying widows reconsider their situation, they are rolling in dough! The children, without fathers (OR MOTHERS!) get a bonanza of toys at Christmas and life goes happily on, off to the mall! A new car! Pay off the mortgage!


Hate to be a cynic but this is reality. Politicians don't talk about this, the support for this war is due to money being handed out like candy and this is why it is by far, the most expensive war compared to the bang for the buck, of any in our history.

Which is why we are going bankrupt with this stupid war.


Boy, that IS really sad. I have also wondered where all the weeping mothers are, especially since many lived through Vietnam and probably know their sons died in vain.

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