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My mother's parents came over from Hungary, and settled in the old Hungarian colony of Bridgeport , Connecticut. I think they were Rom, though they never talked too much about it. They taught me how to use, or more precisely, taught me to use with great caution, a Ouija board, which they considered to be a kind of foolish, yet potentially troublesome thing. They could hardly get out of bed because they were so superstitious.

One big thing about all of that, though: The mystical stuff was to be known about and feared. They would never try to get it to accomplish any self-serving thing. They were not going anywhere near the likes of, say, Aleister Crowley. That was a go-to-the-other-side-of-street situation for them, These neocons are just lousy students, in general.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like with Tarot cards or yarrow sticks or cracked tortoise shells, people have used various tools going back all the way to the earliest years of the Ice Ages to see into the future and to communicate with the dead or spirits in the other world.

This seems hardwired into our brains, namely, it has given those who did this stuff some sort of evolutionary advantage. But it also is very perverse: in general, when people can see the future, they don't change course at all, they go straight into it even with eyes opened or worse, their attempts to avoid it without changing themselves means they actually make it more likely to happen.

The Greek myths are all about that, actually. Like Oedipus' father, fearful when the Delphic oracle told him his son was going to kill him, tried to kill his baby boy only was thwarted and his son ended up killing him.

Seven Star Hand

Hello Elaine,

Notice that the two tornadoes framing GW's ranch made a symbolic number 11, occurred on Dec. 29, and 2+9=11? Likewise, Hurricane Katrina was storm #11 and occurred on August 29. Read the following article (Eleven Roars Loudly !!) to better understand the symbolism of two such perfectly timed and placed cyclical storm clouds. Karma's a bitch when She's provoked and looks like She's been playing with GW and his cronies and handlers so they taste some of the fear they've been using against others. The grand finale should be interesting...

Notice that Gerald R Ford was the 38th president and 3+8=11, he took office in 1974 and 7+4=11 and he died on 12/26 and 1+2+2+6=11? Also, 12/26 was the day of the 2003 Bam Iran earthquake, the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthqauke and Tsunami, and the 2006 Taiwan earthquakes. Notice that there are also 11 letters in Gerald R Ford. Pay close attention to what he had to say about Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld and other topics in his 2004 interview and that this interview was not aired until after the 2004 presidential election, the 2006 mid-terms, and after his death. Much of the information surrounding Gerald R. Ford provides yet more keys to understanding the truth about the USA and the current administration.

Notice also that the sum of the digits in 1/1/2007=11...

May the New Year make you smile !!


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