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elaine meinel supkis

I'm showing a neighbor how comments work on blogs.

Oh no.


I used to live in this itty bitty railroad town called Patterson, NY, off Rt.22, just south of Pawling. We would sit and watch the bats rise as a cloud from the abandoned farmer's houses at night.

One year, (spring?) we ventured deep into the vast NY hilltowns, and were greeted by natives having this enormous, peculiar parade, for no discernible reason. The things that go on in this world!

I am still in love with the Drunken Santa tradition. Hundreds of Santas get very drunk (that big red nose is telling), and shoplift big box stores, and strew toilet paper around parking meters, blurt obscenities, etc. It works for me. I got arrested once for doing it on the Fourth of July, but I beat the rap on a technicality. This year I will carry a small bottle of Southern Comfort to further the mission of the first Drunken Santa who stumbles into me.


There is no blood in this game, just shoot them and they become a poof of dust. I wish someone would shoot all those giant balloon snow globes people are putting in their yards. My damned neighborhood looks like a war zone during the day with all these deflated pieces of crap. Every neighbor is trying to out do the other. Merppy New Christmakwanika year.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I know. They are uglier than those stupid trampolines that go flying around like the Wicked Witch of the East during tornadoes!

These things no longer even amuse. When a store has them, it can be avoided by not shopping there. But when they are all over the neighborhood, it is very annoying. Even up here, my neighbors have them and they can't afford the electric bills!

Last year, they kept them inflated most of the time, now they only inflate them when they want to see them. Which is increasingly not happening. So they leave them out with the old Halloween decorations which still are littering all over the place!


I believe that "Old Nick" as a nickname for Satan was derived from Nicollo Machiavelli. He was for a very long time anathamized by the vatican. It never pays to be too far ahead of the morality curve; and The Prince and The Discources on a History of Livy were a long ways ahead of the professed morality of their day.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I thought 'Old Nick' was Pitt the Elder.


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Elaine Meinel Supkis

Meglomania has some serious downsides. One of them is, you end up like Bush.

william longden

this is my church web site........

william longden

everyone needs to see and read this!!!

The Cheerio Lover

No one cares what your fucking church website is... and I don't need to see shit. :3
Anywhore, I thought that it was very interesting... definitely gives me a different outlook on Santa Clause.

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